New Podcast: Luke Paton On Life As A Professional Punter

In this latest SBC podcast episode I was joined by professional punter Luke Paton to talk about his 10 years betting for a living and his popular series of betting tweets.

Luke started out at Betfair for 8 years, before taking the leap to become a pro punter back in 2012 and in this interview he explains the evolution of his betting over time and what he bets on currently.

Many of you might also know Luke from his series of insightful tweets on betting which began with a plan to do 100 posts in a 100 days but have proven so popular he is now at 114 and counting!

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Luke is a bona-fide professional gambler and a guest I have long wanted to interview on the podcast about the reality of betting for a living.

His specialism is golf betting and these days, Luke bets heavily in-play on the sport, especially towards the end of each tournament where his expertise and experience allows him to cash in. He kindly shares plenty about his usage of this market and why he no longer bets before a tournament begins.

Luke also has plenty to say about the betting industry including his dislike of how it currently operates and his hopes and fears for the future.

It was an absolute pleasure to chat with Luke and I dare say this is an absolute must-listen episode for anyone with an interest in betting and what it takes to win!

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New Podcast: Exploring Tipsters & How To Choose The Right Ones To Follow

The latest SBC podcast is out now for download and its an ‘exploring tipsters’ special as Rowan and I discuss some key findings from our 2 recently released reports on horse racing and sports betting.

Using examples from each report, we discuss our work tracking and examining tipsters including how we weigh up those to recommend to you via our Hall of Fame ratings.

We get into topics like fair odds quoting and settlement, the importance of return on capital, the need for large sample sizes and why the average Hall of Fame service has been going over 4 years!

It’s a must-listen episode if you are looking for help and guidance on how to choose tipsters that suit you and that generate realistic profits

You can listen to this episode now via Apple / Spotify / Google and all other major podcast directories (search Smart Betting Club)


Whether you are a seasoned tipster user or completely new to the concept, this podcast should explain plenty on what you need to know about tipsters and how to find the service(s) that work best for you, whatever your circumstances.

Rowan and I discuss key concepts such as the importance of Return on Capital over Return on Investment and why we black mark tipsters that quote unrealistic or unsustainable prices that can kill your betting accounts.

We also chat about the popular golf tipster, Ben Coley and the need to not go overboard on recent form and why so many people are lured in with unrealistic expectations and how bookmakers take advantage of that.

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This latest podcast syncs up perfectly with the 2 recently released Tipster Profit Reports on Sports Betting and Horse Racing.

These reports are available the instant you join the Smart Betting Club and are the perfect solution to finding the best tipsters whatever sport or market you wish to target!

Horse Racing Tipster Profit ReportSports Betting Tipster Profit Report


Who are the best horse racing tipster experts? Latest report reveals all

The latest SBC Horse Racing tipster report is the odds-on winner when it comes to recommending the best horse racing tipsters on the market.

Independently complied by our experts, with no affiliation links or hidden commission, this detailed report will allow you to quickly make an informed choice, saving you time, stress & money.

No more stewards’ enquiries when it comes to choosing your next tipster, this report helps you find the first past the post winning service to suit you.

This report (and our entire back catalogue) is available for immediate download to all with an SBC Membership.


Finding a horse racing tipster is easy, any search engine will churn out hundreds of them, and we won’t mention twitter! But we know that SBC members are a lot savvier and expect us to go the extra furlong or two, so we have done just that.

This bumper edition, which took months to prepare, along with painstaking hours of detailed analysis, includes:

> Hall of Fame Ratings – find out which horse racing tipster services are on this exclusive list. Think the Oscars of the tipping industry, without the goodie bag.

> Find out which service returned £10,686 profit over the last 12 months.

> Quiz question – How much profit did all the Hall of Fame services return combined? (Clue: it’s a whopping 5 figures)

> Which service charges £14 per month fees but returned £4,794 profit over the past 12-months?

> Our Profit Adjustment Tables help to identify the best and worst tipsters when it comes to odds movement. A crucial question for all modern punters.

> A complete list of the best and worst performing horse service over the past 12 months. There are 3 new entrants in the top 10, with one of them returning a staggering 45% ROI.


If you are not an existing SBC member, gaining access to this report is simple and now is a great time to sign-up too as our memberships are currently at super low prices, starting from as little as £42.99 + VAT for 3 months.

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Real life betting stories: How one member made €1.012,24 last month with this recommended tipster

Back in SBC Issue 129 we published a very detailed review of the Tennis Tipster service, Winner Odds and its safe to say its been very well received by SBC members.

Including one shrewd member who made a €1.012,24 profit last month following the service (and all from a €1000 starting bank).

After he posted a tweet about his success, I asked him if he minded sharing a little bit more about his experience with Winner Odds and he was happy to answer my questions below.

If you are interested in this service, then you can read an exclusive 19 page review in SBC 129 and a €50 discount offer on Winner Odds as a Smart Betting Club Member.


When did you start with Winner Odds and what made you signup to their service? 

I signed up on 27th of July 2022. I already read about WinnerOdds some time ago, but wasn’t really sure to try it, because of the high monthly fee. After reading your new review (SBC Issue 129) I really wanted to try it and signed up with your €50 discount code.

How much have you made during your first month with them? 

In my first month I made a profit of 1.012,24€ from a 1.000€ bankroll dedicated to WinnerOdds.

You have taken a high volume of bets – how many times do you go online to place bets in an average day?

I login to WinnerOdds whenever a Telegram alert comes in. I think about 10-15 times per day. Sometimes when odds are released I have multiple games to place at once.

How about bookmakers. Which firms have you used to place your bets? 

My main bookmaker is bet365 who I have placed the greatest volume of bets with – I would say about 2/3rds of my bets so far. Other bookmakers I use are Interwetten, Bwin, and 10bet. I’m from Austria and sometime when I have the time i check some local bookies like tipico, tipp3 or admiral manually too. If I lived in a different country I might have more bookmaker options.

Have you placed any on the Betfair Exchange or with Pinnacle? 

Not yet, this will be my next step. I already opened an account with a brokerage firm (because Pinnacle and Betfair Exchange have no license in Austria) to use them, but I have not placed any bets yet.

Have you experienced any issues with bookmaker restrictions or closures because of your success?

I have small restrictions with Interwetten on ITF tournaments where I’m sometimes only allowed to place about 50-60€. Not all games though. No other restrictions yet elsewhere.

What is your overall impression of the WinnerOdds service and who would you recommend it to?

I’m very surprised how simple and easy everything works and the results are really impressive. I’m already excited how the next weeks and month will be and which challenges will come (Bookmaker restrictions etc) – at the moment it is almost too good to be true!

I I would recommend it to everybody who has the chance to use his mobile through out the day. I think it is essential to have the telegram alerts turned on to get the best results. And volume is key for value-betting!

Real-Life Experience Of Making It Pay

So there you go – real life, first hand experience of just one of the very many tipster services we rate and recommend to SBC members and the success it has brought.

If you want to learn more about Winner Odds and more tipsters just like that, then be sure to take up a Smart Betting Club membership.

Download SBC 129 and the entire SBC Back Catalogue of Reviews, Reports & More with a SBC Membership.


  • Review based on several years actively using and monitoring Winner Odds Tips
  • Explore our own real-life results and how we made €5678.49 over 2336 bets using Winner Odds
  • Detailed ‘average user’ results based on bets logged by all Winner Odds customers with an ROI of 5.61% since 2016.
  • Explore the strong betting bank growth stats and staking analysis for optimal returns
  • Full rundown on how the service works include how to customise it to the bookmakers you have available
  • Monte-carlo simulation results
  • Exclusive €50 SBC member discount on the cost of joining Winner Odds
  • Insight into its profitability at all odds ranges including its potency backing at very short odds!

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