New Podcast: Luke Paton On Life As A Professional Punter

In this latest SBC podcast episode I was joined by professional punter Luke Paton to talk about his 10 years betting for a living and his popular series of betting tweets.

Luke started out at Betfair for 8 years, before taking the leap to become a pro punter back in 2012 and in this interview he explains the evolution of his betting over time and what he bets on currently.

Many of you might also know Luke from his series of insightful tweets on betting which began with a plan to do 100 posts in a 100 days but have proven so popular he is now at 114 and counting!

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Luke is a bona-fide professional gambler and a guest I have long wanted to interview on the podcast about the reality of betting for a living.

His specialism is golf betting and these days, Luke bets heavily in-play on the sport, especially towards the end of each tournament where his expertise and experience allows him to cash in. He kindly shares plenty about his usage of this market and why he no longer bets before a tournament begins.

Luke also has plenty to say about the betting industry including his dislike of how it currently operates and his hopes and fears for the future.

It was an absolute pleasure to chat with Luke and I dare say this is an absolute must-listen episode for anyone with an interest in betting and what it takes to win!

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