Value Betting Explained – How ‘Shrewd’ Gamblers Win

With the growing popularity of our Fink Tank Football System, over recent weeks I have been fielding a few questions on just how it (and many other tipsters and systems) actually make money betting.

So I thought today would provide a great opportunity to explain the concept of ‘value betting’ a little bit more and just how shrewd punters get one over the bookies regularly by using it.

As a great example of the type of question punters are asking, below is an email I received last week:

” Hi, I am a little confused as to your system and perhaps you could please clarify a point.

In your example of Arsenal v Norwich you refer to an away win by Norwich at odds of 8.0, and to back it with Totesport having the best odds.

Why would I back Norwich to win the match, when with virtual certainty Norwich will lose the match against Arsenal ?”

Well, this is a very logical question for many when starting off betting and it all revolves around the concept of ‘value betting’

In short, value betting basically means the bet you are placing is available at odds you consider to be too big. Continue reading

Why This Free Tipster Demands Your Attention!

It’s a common myth that when it comes to finding winning betting tips you need to spend a fortune to get hold of them. Because if you know where to look, it is easy to find some fantastic free and budget tipsters that can help you get started winning without breaking the bank.

In fact, as our independent proofing shows, many of them continue to make sums of money betting that put many expensive tipsters in the shade…So if you think you need to spend thousands of pounds in subscription fees for a good tipster…think again!

Free Winning Tips At 14/1, 10/1 & 8/1…

A great example of a profitable free tipster comes in the form of one long running SBC-recommended service, who has been flying this October. His results of late have been up there with the very best!

Tipping up one bet a day at big odds, he has picked up winners in the past 2 weeks at 14/1, 10/1, 8/1, 9/2 & 4/1 and is bang in form. Continue reading

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A Tale Of 3 Tipsters: The Good, The V.Good & The Downright Awful

Here at the Smart Betting Club, if we are known for one thing, it’s for getting to the bottom of just which tipster services actually make money betting (and also those that make a loss)

And this week I think it’s fair to say I have seen the best (and worst) of tipster services all laid bare…

Starting with the worst and earlier this week, I witnessed one of the funniest Twitter ‘Question and Answer’ sessions courtesy of the Racing Post who invited their followers to put forward questions to racing’s very own Derek ‘Tommo’ Thompson.

Whilst many will be familiar with Tommo as a racing presenter and commentator, he is also very well known in betting circles as one of the worst tipsters out there.  Perhaps most notorious for once being out-performed by a tortoise (Yes really!), this Observer article also recalls how Tommo managed to tip just 17 winners from 89 bets (all at very short prices) without a hint of shame. He also does a great line in unintentional Alan Partridge impressions as this now infamous video also proves.

Sadly that is where the joke ends as Tommo has run a much panned tipster line for years…the type of which has attracted plenty of ire over the years. You know the score – Expensive service with no listing of results, tipping up short priced loser after loser and generally being awful.

All of this led to a takeover of the Q and A session where the hashtag #RPQA seemed to be filled with more about his failed tipping than the book he was onto promote. Something I can’t imagine they will be repeating anytime soon either! Continue reading

How To Get 11.09% Better Odds Football Betting

One of the most important things you can ever do to help your betting profits, is to make sure you always, always get the very best odds that you can take on any bet placed.

It’s one reason that over the past year I have been highlighting what I call the ‘football odds conspiracy‘ that costs so many punters (and something the betting industry consistently turns a blind eye to). As that article outlines, the simple act of placing your football bets with a bookie such as Pinnacle Sports could increase your odds by as much as 25%.

I want to take this one step further today by illustrating how you can squeeze out even better football betting odds, by using a simple odds calculator. If betting on the Spurs – West Ham game in my example below, you can get 11.09% better odds through this simple method and it’s something repeated countless times every weekend. Let me show you how…

Find Your Own Best Odds – Quickly Continue reading