Video Diary – Alex takes us through his results from 4 months of his betting portfolio

Alex is back with the 2nd video in his Video Diary series and this time he’s got 4 months worth of results to show us.

Since he’s been using his 4 SBC recommended betting services for some time now, we thought it best he shows us how he’s getting on.

And having seen the video it makes very good viewing! Especially the results!

In this video he goes through each service and the results he has achieved for each one.

Plus he breaks down the numbers to show us things like numbers of bets, bet size, bank, growth, and most importantly…profits.

If you’ve been wondering how lucrative some of the most highly recommended SBC betting services and tipsters can be then this is your chance to see it in real-world action.

Watch the latest video here.

Best Regards

Pete – SBC Editor

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How much our betting portfolio made us since Jan 2020

Want to know how a betting professional makes his living by following some of the best recommended SBC tipsters? Then read this free Bet Diary report…

It reveals exactly how much SBC writer and professional bettor Rowan Day did with his betting portfolio since the start of 2020.

And it’s good news…it was another profitable period for him – in spite of all the challenges faced during this period due to the pandemic!

In our latest FREE to download report, we show you exactly how Rowan managed to navigate this difficult time and turn a significant profit during it.

Alongside details on the tipsters he follows, the report covers some important points that will help you with your own profitable betting.


  • Some of the key metrics Rowan uses to track his portfolio.
  • Exactly how much would have been made at various betting bank sizes.
  • How Rowan spotted potential danger signs with one service leading him to conclude it was time to stop following service. This was not just due to losses!
  • How betting stacks up against other traditional investments. Spoiler alert – very well is the answer!

Download the Bet Diary Profit Report

To download the free report, either click this link or the image below and you can access the full PDF file

About the Bet Diary

The SBC Bet Diary was introduced in 2015 with the goal of helping to communicate some of the practical realities of following tipsters to make money betting.

It’s penned by profitable punter, and SBC writer, Rowan Day who, each week, discusses his ongoing betting journey including the tipsters he follows, and his performance, using their advice (win or lose – he is always refreshingly honest!).

The idea behind the Bet Diary is to provide some real-life, genuine, experiences of just how the tipsters we rate and recommend can actually make you a realistic extra income stream.

Get The Bet Diary Pro

If the Bet Diary whets your appetite, then you can gain access to Rowan’s more detailed, professional betting blog (Bet Diary Pro) as a Smart Betting Club member.

The Bet Diary Pro details the exact name of each service the Rowan uses and provides exclusive extra analysis on his betting portfolio and his ongoing betting journey.

That means you will know every single profitable service Rowan is using and have all the insight required to replicate his profitable strategy.

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It’s all included in an SBC membership. Everything you’ll need to start turning a profit from betting.

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Smart Betting Club
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Free golf tips! Sign up to these 2 new golf tipsters for absolutely free!

We’re giving away free tips from 2 expert golf tipsters! All you have to do is sign up with your email address to start following free of charge.

That’s right – you can now sign-up to get tips from both ‘The Rainmaker’ and ‘Euro Tour Profit’ sent direct to your email address each week.

Links and how to sign-up follow below…

Firstly though, a little about why we are doing this as these 2 tipsters are part of the group of 14 tipsters available usually only to SBC members to follow (as part of our free tipster offering).

By making this duo free, it’s a way for you to sample the quality of the 14 free tipsters we offer as a part of SBC membership and get some excellent golf betting advice to boot.

New Free Tipster 1: European Tour Profit

The European Tour Profit service is run by Matt from the hugely successful and award winning PGA Profit service (which was voted the best sports tipster in the 2021 SBC awards so he is one of the best golf tipsters around).

After the European Tour recently upgraded their website to provide more detailed and in-depth statistical data, this is now allowing Matt to run his successful PGA Tour algorithms against it in order to find value selections in Europe.

The service has already landed its first winner!

Amazingly Matt correctly tipped the winner in his first week of tipping on the European Tour and then bagged a 3rd place the week after which means he is already over 100 points in profit.

His bets are available to follow at bookmakers AND the exchanges so ideal for those of you restricted at the bookies.

Do not sleep on this guy…he is one of the best to do it.

Sign up here, free of charge, just by entering your email address.

New Free Tipster 2: The Rainmaker

We’re also giving away free tips from the tipster known as The Rainmaker – A serious golf betting professional that makes a living from his full-time gambling.

He’s already come close to his first big winner after a 55/1 tip lost in a playoff despite trading at 1.1 in-play!

Not to be deterred the very next week he landed a monster 300/1 3rd place for a huge each way payout and only missed out on another 100/1 placed golfer by one shot!

Safe to say he is banging on the door for a big win.

The bets that The Rainmaker puts forward will be easily achievable with both bookmakers and betting exchanges so should appeal to all.

We’re expecting big things from a bettor with a big reputation.

Get his tips, absolutely free here.

Both services, completely free…

Just to reiterate, we are giving away the tips for these 2 services for absolutely nothing.

All you have to do is sign up to their mailing list.

But don’t hang around…they will not be free forever!

We expect these 2 tipsters to be very profitable in the long run and as you have seen, they are already returning healthy profits.

This means at some point they will stop being free… Likely months down the line and if you want to get in early, sample some quality golf betting expertise than make sure you check them both out!

Best Regards

Peter Ling

Smart Betting Club
Owner and Founder

Tipster Video Diary – Follow Alex’s journey using 4 SBC recommended betting services

Building a successful betting portfolio is not always straightforward and at SBC we try to give people the knowledge to succeed in this game.

That’s why we’re asking SBC team member and part-time bettor, Alex to document his betting journey using tipsters in a video series to show you exactly how it is done.

The first video is now live on our YouTube channel.

In it he details the 4 services he is using, all SBC recommended, in an attempt to turn a profit from betting this year. He goes through how each service works and the specific strategies he will be using for each.

If you want to know any of the following…

  • The strategies used for some of the best SBC recommend services
  • Bankroll management for building a successful portfolio
  • Real-world potential profits on offer

Then you’ll definitely want to watch this video diary.

This is the first video in the series which will be tracking exactly what Alex is doing and the results that come from each service. These are some of the most highly recommended services by us at SBC so it’s very likely that there will be some good profits along the way (in fact he has already recorded some healthy figures testing these services out).

Alex is going to show the precise strategy he uses to build a successful betting portfolio.

Watch the first video here

Best Regards
Peter Ling

Smart Betting Club
Owner and Founder

Your 3 top free tipsters & the expert with winners at 66/1, 45/1, 20/1, 12/1 & more this year already

Last month, we announced the winners (and losers) of the 2021 SBC awards as voted for by you.

If you missed it – you can download the free Awards Report via this link

One of our most popular categories in the awards was the Best Free Tipster award which, as the name suggests, rewards tipsters for services that are available completely free of charge.

And ever since the Awards were released, one of these free tipsters has fired in several winners at 66/1, 45/1 and 12/1 (Read on for more)!

First though is a breakdown on how you voted in the Free Tipster category with Mark O’Haire taking Gold, Andy Holding the Silver and Ben Coley the Bronze…

Mark O’Haire Podcast & Ben Coley’s Awesome 2021 So Far

Mark O’Haire of We Love Betting was crowned the best free tipster in the SBC 2021 awards and to celebrate I spoke to him on Episode #13 of the Smart Betting Club podcast.

In it we discuss the underlying process behind how he finds value and why he gives his advice out for free. If you’re looking for a new tipster then you can try out Mark’s tips for free.

Listen to our podcast with Mark via any of the following directories:


Bronze award winner, Ben Coley is Sporting Life’s resident golf expert and his free tips made a 38.7% ROI in 2020 for those following him in each week.

Already this year he has fired in several more winners including the likes of Smith/Leishman last week at 12/1, John Catlin at 66/1, Daniel Von Tonder at 45/1, Justin Thomas at 20/1 and Brooks Koepka at 45/1. He is currently up 136 points for 2021 alone!

Mindful of his expertise, we first analysed Ben’s service back in September 2020 and you can download this review in full to sample our forensic tipster analysis work via the following link:

Download Our Review of Ben Coley’s Golf Tips

How To Access The Expanded Awards Report

For those of you interested in reading more on the 2021 SBC Awards results, including who won the prizes for several vital ‘Best Tipster’ categories, you can also access all of this with our special expanded SBC-members-only Awards Report.

This includes details on the Gold, Silver & Bronze Award winners for:

  • The Best Horse Racing Tipster
    The Gold winner made a 33.4% ROI from all advice supplied last year
  • The Best Sports Tipster
    The Gold winner made a 22.20% ROI from all advice supplied last year
  • The Best Overall Tipster
    The Silver winner made a ridiculously good 63% ROI from all advice supplied last year. Best of all SBC members can enjoy a huge discount if joining them.
  • The Best Tipster Newcomer
    The Gold winner is free to follow to all SBC members and made a 8.24% ROI from 491 bets in 2020 alone.

If interested in reading this extended SBC members Awards Report, you can gain instant access with a Smart Betting Club membership – now available at the lowest ever prices for 2021.