Free golf tips! Sign up to these 2 new golf tipsters for absolutely free!

We’re giving away free tips from 2 expert golf tipsters! All you have to do is sign up with your email address to start following free of charge.

That’s right – you can now sign-up to get tips from both ‘The Rainmaker’ and ‘Euro Tour Profit’ sent direct to your email address each week.

Links and how to sign-up follow below…

Firstly though, a little about why we are doing this as these 2 tipsters are part of the group of 14 tipsters available usually only to SBC members to follow (as part of our free tipster offering).

By making this duo free, it’s a way for you to sample the quality of the 14 free tipsters we offer as a part of SBC membership and get some excellent golf betting advice to boot.

New Free Tipster 1: European Tour Profit

The European Tour Profit service is run by Matt from the hugely successful and award winning PGA Profit service (which was voted the best sports tipster in the 2021 SBC awards so he is one of the best golf tipsters around).

After the European Tour recently upgraded their website to provide more detailed and in-depth statistical data, this is now allowing Matt to run his successful PGA Tour algorithms against it in order to find value selections in Europe.

The service has already landed its first winner!

Amazingly Matt correctly tipped the winner in his first week of tipping on the European Tour and then bagged a 3rd place the week after which means he is already over 100 points in profit.

His bets are available to follow at bookmakers AND the exchanges so ideal for those of you restricted at the bookies.

Do not sleep on this guy…he is one of the best to do it.

Sign up here, free of charge, just by entering your email address.

New Free Tipster 2: The Rainmaker

We’re also giving away free tips from the tipster known as The Rainmaker – A serious golf betting professional that makes a living from his full-time gambling.

He’s already come close to his first big winner after a 55/1 tip lost in a playoff despite trading at 1.1 in-play!

Not to be deterred the very next week he landed a monster 300/1 3rd place for a huge each way payout and only missed out on another 100/1 placed golfer by one shot!

Safe to say he is banging on the door for a big win.

The bets that The Rainmaker puts forward will be easily achievable with both bookmakers and betting exchanges so should appeal to all.

We’re expecting big things from a bettor with a big reputation.

Get his tips, absolutely free here.

Both services, completely free…

Just to reiterate, we are giving away the tips for these 2 services for absolutely nothing.

All you have to do is sign up to their mailing list.

But don’t hang around…they will not be free forever!

We expect these 2 tipsters to be very profitable in the long run and as you have seen, they are already returning healthy profits.

This means at some point they will stop being free… Likely months down the line and if you want to get in early, sample some quality golf betting expertise than make sure you check them both out!

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