🏀Demetrio Giotti: Walkthrough Video Guide 🎥

After we launched the Demetrio Giotti Premium Service last week, we fielded lots of questions about how the service works, getting bets down and the service’s performance at different time intervals.

Instead of answering these queries one-by-one, we decided to record a walkthrough video guide that you can watch using the link below or by visiting the Demetrio Giotti page.

In this video, Josh introduces the service, takes a look at historical results, discusses getting bets down and talks about who this service is for, answering all of the questions sent in along the way.

Demetrio Giotti is a remarkable service, providing the opportunity to make excellent profits for any advanced bettor.

P.s. Demetrio Giotti has got off to a fine start this season. Two of the first three bets of the basketball season (in the World Cup) won with 1 unit stakes on Germany (2.65) and Angola (3.42) both obliging. Details below:

27th Competition: World Cup
Match: Australia – Germany
Bet Type: Moneyline (FT including OT)
Bet: Germany @ 2.65 (Pinnacle)
WON +1.65 Units

27th Competition: World Cup
Match: Philippines – Angola
Bet Type: Moneyline (FT including OT)
Bet: Angola @ 3.42 (Pinnacle)
WON +2.42 Units

28th Competition: World Cup
Match: Georgia – Slovenia
Bet Type: Handicap (FT including OT)
Bet: Georgia +7.0 @ 1.88 (Pinnacle)
Lost -2 Units

🎧SBC Podcast #61 5 Stages of Profitable Betting: Your Questions Answered!

After SBC Podcast Episode #59 was so well received on the 5 Stages of Profitable Betting, I made a call for questions so that we could discuss this topic further and in this brand new podcast (Episode 61), myself, Josh and Rowan from SBC answer them!

Whether it be how to get started, bet brokers, bet tracking, using smaller bookmakers or even what sport was most profitable for each of us last year, we tackle all of that and more in this new podcast episode.

Each of you reading this email is at a different stage of your journey betting (just as each of Josh, Rowan and I have different setups) and so this podcast is there to give you more guidance and help on what you need to do wherever you are at!

You can listen to Episode 61 now via Apple / Spotify / Google / YouTube and all other major podcast directories (search Smart Betting Club)

An In-Depth Chat Answering Your Questions

In this episode Rowan, Josh and answer questions relating to:

  • Our past year of punting – highs, lows and what is working best
  • How to start out following tipsters or using +EV strategies
  • Bet Brokers – logistics, limits, recommendations and accessibility in different jurisdictions
  • Bankroll management at different stages of the betting journey
  • Tracking bets in a varied portfolio
  • How to get the best of the wide range of non-Oddschecker bookmakers

More Help? Here for Every Stage!

To accompany our podcasts, we also reference many SBC Resources that can help further available as a Smart Betting Club member.

Topics like our Bet Broker Guide, Major & Independent Bookmaker Guide, plus of course a full outline on each of the 5 Stages of Profitable Betting and the tipsters/tools to follow during each stage.

Whether this be the best tipsters with Soft Bookmakers (Stage 1 to 3) or the best with Exchange/Sharp Bookmakers (Stages 4 to 5) we can help you every step of the way of your journey.

So why not see what difference SBC can make to your betting with a subscription to our service today.

Latest SBC Magazine Out Now – 2 More Tipsters & The Expert Betfair Software Reviewed

The latest SBC Magazine – Issue 136 has it all. Two in-depth tipster reviews, an introduction to some very smart software and all with our commitment to helping bettors of all experience levels running through every sentence!

Inside, you can find:

  • Tipster Review #1: The European basketball expert who has made 16.33% ROI since 2016, all quoting Pinnacle prices! We break down his record & discover where (and when) to back his selections.
  • Tipster Review #2: The horse racing service specialising in the big Saturday races and festival meetings. We explore price sensitivity, exchange angles and much more in this deep dive.
  • SBC Member Review: An introduction to Betfair automation software with visual guides, tips and tricks to help you get your bets down on exchanges, even when you are not at your screen!



You can read all 3 of these reviews inside SBC Issue 136 (as well as our huge back catalogue of reviews and reports) with a Smart Betting Club membership.

Quarterly, Bi-Annual and Annual memberships are available and with so many verified and profitable tipsters available on the site, this is the perfect time to sign up!

All subscriptions come with a make money guarantee and other benefits that include:

  • Full access to all of our independent SBC publications and reviews of services
  • Access to 6 free verified tipsters who publish regular advice from a diverse set of sports
  • Discounts for numerous tipsters, including some of those from our famous ‘Hall Of Fame’
  • Tailored advice that meets your betting needs with practical help and guides

Subscribe here and take your betting to the next level

Another Free Tipster Delivers For Members!

697 bets.

A 47.92% strike rate.

218.83 points of profit.

A 16.33% ROI.

And all at Pinnacle prices!

Demetrio Giotti has been beating the European basketball markets since 2016 and for the last 3 1/2 years, he has been a SBC Free Tipster – whereby all his selections were available to follow free of charge if a member of the Smart Betting Club season.

Having proven his success and ability and made those following him some excellent profits, for the new season, he will become a Premium Service with a very limited number of members allowed to join.

Another Free Tipster Delivers For Members

Demetrio joins services such as No Foto Needed who have started out as Free Tipsters before progressing on to become Premium Tipsters.

Demetrio made 64.3 points profit for members during his free tipster spell – all at the sharpest lines that are accessible for every bettor, right through from beginners to those at Stage 5 of their betting journey.

Demetrio increased his exposure, demonstrating his consistent edge, whilst SBC Members made some serious profits – everyone wins!

Despite Demetrio’s selections now needing a subscription to access, we still have other top quality Free Tipsters that come with SBC Membership, such as:

  • Achievable Value – another system based horse racing service, with excellent returns at BSP
  • Kieran Ward 13/2 to 8/1 – the long-running (and very successful) service focussing on a price ‘sweet spot’
  • Kieran Ward Irish Racing – another service from Kieran where he uses his algorithms and specialist knowledge to find value in the Irish racing markets
  • The Betting Man – expert tips from a professional punter sent straight to your inbox


More On Demetrio: The Record & Getting On

Demetrio’s service is perfect for those of you who want a consistently profitable tipster to drive bank growth and best of all, there are many ways to make these tips pay!

The 16.33% ROI record is mainly based on advised prices with Pinnacle but these odds are beatable with soft bookmakers and even have an 8% edge over closing line prices with the sharp bookmakers.

Moneyline and handicap bets compliment each other perfectly, with longer-priced winners from the former producing large profits and shorter priced winners from the latter helping to turn over money and reduce variance.

All of this means that the P & L graph for Demetrio Giotti has been going in one direction, as you can see below!

If you would like to learn more about the service, how Demetrio finds his edge and much more (including a bet-by-bet record) you can do so here.

Exclusively Available With SBC

To protect prices and ensure maximum value for followers we are employing a membership cap for Demetrio Giotti, with just 50 places available.

This may change in the future, but this service’s popularity and the demand we anticipate means that taking this approach is necessary to protect members from significant price drops.

To sign up, all you need to do is visit this page and subscribe at the bottom of the page. Customers will be served on a first-come, first-served basis, so please be quick if you are interested!

5 Stages of Profitable Betting Follow-Up: Send Us Your Questions!

As an accompaniment to the launch of our brand new ‘5 Stages of Profitable Betting‘ resource, myself, Rowan and Josh recorded a recent podcast to talk about our betting journeys, sharing our knowledge about each stage along the way.

We have been delighted with the response to this pod and, as a result, we have decided to do follow up to answer the many questions that have come in since.

So far, we have had many queries, including:

  • The best tips on getting started as a total newbie?
  • What order (and how) to work on the ‘soft’ bookmaker platforms to delay restrictions and obtain as much profit as possible?
  • Which tipsters are best for those who want to pay for expert advice?
  • Recommended bankrolls for each stage?
  • Free tipsters at The SBC and how some of them are different from ‘the norm’?
  • Using Bet Brokers, How to choose the right one and accessing Pinnacle odds.

If you would like to listen to that podcast (for the first time, or again!), then please click here for a direct link.

We would love to have more questions to answer so if any of the things we talked about left you wanting to know more, then please get in touch. You can do this by Tweeting us @SBCInfo or by emailing josh@smartbettingclub.com.

We look forward to hearing from you!



🎧SBC Podcast #60 Jon Roberts – Professional Bettor & Trader

In the latest SBC Podcast I am joined by professional football bettor and trader, Jon Roberts.

Jon balances his own work betting professionally with running the Predictology football data website and is also an innovator when it comes to embracing AI and Automation for bet selection and placement.

In this chat he explains his methodology and strategies for both football betting and trading, the leagues and markets he bets in alongside how he gets on via Bet Brokers and Exchanges.

His love of football betting also shines through via his development of the Predictology football data and betting system website, which has grown to be a very popular resource and for good reason!

Jon has many useful pointers for bettors of all backgrounds – I learnt a lot from this chat and I hope that you do too!

You can listen to Episode 60 now via Apple / Spotify / Google / YouTube and all other major podcast directories (search Smart Betting Club)

An in-depth chat with a global football expert

In this episode, Jon and I discuss:

  • Jon’s working life and how he derives his income
  • Getting into betting & trading and a famous Grand National winner!
  • Data, numbers and Jon’s first foray into modelling
  • ‘Flying under the radar’ and adapting to get bets down
  • Jon’s process and the markets that he concentrates on
  • Model-led betting vs pre-match betting vs trading
  • Liquidity and betting markets for football around the world
  • How dynamics differ in certain leagues
  • Predictology, how it works and how it benefits subscribers
  • Automation and using software to place bets without human input
  • Using member feedback to improve tools
  • Why Jon likes betting at odds-on!
  • Placing bets in multiples and the advantages of this approach
  • Cashing/trading out and why Jon does this less than most of his counterparts
  • Data vs ‘The Eye Test’ and the advantages/disadvantages of both approaches
  • xG and its limitations
  • Bet brokers, sharp bookmakers and two services that Jon uses
  • Cryptocurrencies and how they are impacting the betting landscape
  • AI Football Tips and Jon’s partnership with SBC!
  • Future plans

Jon is a fountain of knowledge and it was fascinating to learn about his processes and how he makes his betting pay. This chat was one of my most enjoyable to date – I hope you get as much from it as I did!

Learn More About Jon’s Work

If you would like to learn more about Jon’s work, you can visit the Predictology website or follow them on social media @PredictologyBet.

Jon has also partnered with SBC to provide a Premium Service, AI Football Tips. To read about that, please visit the service’s SBC sales page.

Discipline & Diversification: Our Latest SBC Member Interview

In our latest SBC Member interview we spoke to Abel, an experienced bettor who has used various SBC services and advice to build a varied and profitable portfolio.

As with our other recent interviewees, Abel has plenty of practical pointers that can help others in their betting journey. Discipline, diversification, diligent record keeping and an understanding of variance have all been key to his successes and learning from his experiences can only help the rest of us in the SBC community!

Abel also shares his insight into some common issues that face our members, demonstrating why adapting as you move through the 5 Stages of Profitable Betting is so important!

How long have you been a SBC Member?

I’ve been a Smart Betting member for nearly 4 years.

What made you sign up?

I was into my betting for a while before I signed up. I used to make nice profits from Cheltenham but my betting was erratic and had no real structure to it which resulted in wasted profit. I knew it couldn’t continue so I started looking for tipsters online.  I stumbled across yourselves on Twitter and I am very pleased I did! It taught me the important principles of being a disciplined, successful bettor.

Did you do any betting or following of tipsters before you joined up?

I only really bet on horses and football before I joined. I would listen to podcasts and follow the big ‘main stream’ tipsters like Andy Holding. I never recorded results. My best mate is very astute with jump racing and taught me some tricks of the trade.

What sports do you bet on?

The majority of my bets are on horse racing and golf. I also have tipsters for football, dogs & basketball.

How much of your betting is your own/how much is following tipsters?

I’d say 95% is tipsters and 5% is me. I treat my betting as a side business and would rather follow the professional than my less informed choice!

What services do you use (both SBC & non-SBC)

From SBC, I follow Learn Bet Win (Dec is God!), Weekly Golf Value, Betting Man, Magic Multiples & 80/20 Racing.

I also use a couple of tipsters that haven’t been proofed by SBC. I’d back a lot more if I wasn’t worried about losing accounts.

How did you choose those services?

When choosing services, I read the info you provide in detail, and try and do a bit of my own research. I am now solely on the lookout for tipsters that can offer a decent ROI on the exchanges.

Do you have any favourite service(s) or memorable win(s)?

Learn Bet Win was one of the first tipsters I followed when I joined your service. Declan is a magical man who has provided me with consistent profit over the 4 years I’ve been with him and I can’t recommend him enough. I know that over a year I will always make a lovely profit.

I am also very keen on Weekly Golf Value who have given me some lovely pay days.

Which level of betting do you feel that you fall into in our 5 Stages? 

I still have a few soft bookmakers left but don’t think that will last too much longer. I’m moving more to the exchanges and thanks to you guys I’m finding a way to make it profitable. The restrictions are a massive headache –  without them I’d give up my day job!

Do you have any tips for new bettors who are starting out on their journey?

My tips would be to try and not look at the short term but look at the long term. Negative variance happens, trust the process. Even the best tipsters have losing runs – spread your bank widely and don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

What are your plans for the future?

My plans are too keep finding ways of profiting from the exchanges while keeping soft bookmakers on my side… some how… for as long as possible!!!

Sign Up Now

You can sign up to The SBC by clicking here.

All of the detailed reports, resources and free tipsters referenced above will be available to you immediately. If you have any questions, please get in touch by emailing pete@smartbettingclub.com or by Direct Message on Twitter @SBCInfo.


🎧Getting On With Sharp Bookmakers & Brokers: A Chat With Top Tipster, Skeeve

With our new 5 Stages of Profitable Betting, Bet Broker Guide and Exchange & Sharp Bookmaker Tipster resources all proving to be very popular, we have enlisted help from our community to provide further practical advice about maximising returns and accessing the very best platforms to place bets.

Earlier in August, this SBC Member article was penned, providing an introduction to using Bot Software to place personal bets or follow tipsters effectively on exchanges.

Skeeve Chat

To learn more about betting with Sharp Bookmakers, SBC, Editor Pete recently discussed this with the tipster, Skeeve, who has been making a profit for himself and his followers using the likes of Pinnacle for several years.

You can listen to this in full via the audio link below, where Pete and Skeeve talked about:

  • Waiting for team news and tipping in the hour before kick-off
  • Liquidity and price sensitivity
  • Skeeve’s fair odds policy and how it is central to his operation
  • Quoting Pinnacle prices and bettering those odds with soft bookmakers, exchanges and even in shops!
  • Beating the market with both advised prices and at the closing line
  • Skeeve’s record by different metrics & his own tissues’ accuracy

Betting & Tipping Via Sharp Bookmakers With Skeeve


Skeeve is an expert of lower league football, with a profitable record stretching back 17 years. A veteran of the SBC Hall of Fame, Skeeve discussed his process in detail in SBC Podcast Episode #16.

He has also written for us in the past, with this guide giving punters of all stripes some pointers about what to do (or not to do!) if you want to make betting pay.

New Service Tier & SBC Discounts

Skeeve is unashamedly setup for the bigger punters out there – those of you at perhaps Stage 4 or 5 of your betting journey. This is why most of Skeeve’s members stake quite heavily, making the 75 Euro monthly fee well worth their investment.

To make the service more affordable for a wider audience, Skeeve has now introduced a second tier at half the price, with the only difference being that tips are released slightly later.

With this service being profitable at the Pinnacle closing line there is still plenty of value to be had with this new tier.

In addition, SBC Members can get sizeable discounts with a 250 Euro saving on core packages (down from 750 Euro per season) and a 50 Euro saving on the new ‘half price tier’ available.

This means that with SBC Membership, you could save more than an the cost of annual subscription with this discount alone!

Skeeve has proven himself as the lower league football expert with over 17 years’ worth of tips. I hope that you enjoy our chat and (as his SBC HoF title indicates) his service is well worth a look too!

How To Automate Bet Placement On Betfair – Latest SBC Review Reveals All

Here at The SBC, our Tipster Reviews & Reports contain many metrics to evaluate services (please view our samples here and here if you haven’t already!).

With our increasing focus on Exchange based tipsters of late, Time To Post (or TTP) is one of the most important signposts for those looking to bet on the likes of Betfair.

Some services show excellent profitability when tips are first released, some prices are best taken 60 minutes before, some need a lot of liquidity in the minutes leading up to an event starting and some are just fine at Betfair SP (if betting on horse racing)

Whatever you bet on, Bot Software is an excellent way to automate your betting using your preferred parameters and with more and more bettors using exchanges, we have enlisted the help of one of the specialists in our community to introduce this technology!

BF Bot Manager

In a brand new report just published for SBC Members, Justin (a current SBC Member), introduces Betfair Bot Manager and how he uses it to bet more efficiently (and improve his profitability!).

Membership provides access to this full report, which outlines:

  • An explanation of what bot software is, how it works and what platforms it can be linked to
  • Practical examples of how to set up systems and upload selections with a visual walk-through guide
  • How Justin uses BF Bot Manager to follow the SBC Free Tipster Achievable Value and 80/20 Racing and how it has improved his returns compared to the services’ standard records
  • The additional parameters that are available to users based on their own preferences
  • How BF Bot Manager helps to record results in a clear and concise way

More Info & Offers

Betting on exchanges is becoming a bigger focus for us here at the SBC and technology like Bot Managers can help to boost profits in your own personal betting (or when following tipsters).

With SBC Membership you can read our new report in full, with the step-by-step guides, video links and useful tips to help you get started.

In addition we have secured a 10% discount off the cost of BF Bot Manager for a set number of our community that can be accessed before September 2023.

This dovetails perfectly with those services we have identified who have clear exchange edges, meaning that you can make serious profits, all without worrying about bookmaker restrictions!