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As Editor of the Smart Betting Club, my goal is very simple – To help you make money and improve your betting through our independent reporting on tipster services.

One of the ways my team and I do this is through our regular ‘Tipster Profit Reports‘ which compare and contrast around 60 different tipsters to help you choose the right ones for you.

Because, unlike other ‘review sites’, our work investigating a tipster does not simply end once we publish our detailed review. It’s where it all begins…

So to help showcase how each Tipster Profit Report can help you, today I have put together a free sample report for you to download and explore more on how this all works.

Download Your Free Tipster Profit Report Sample

(Link opens up a free PDF file – if for any reason it doesn’t work, email me at and I will fire you over a copy!).

This free PDF is a simple 11-page outline of how we feedback to you on the best tipsters and their ongoing performance figures. You can view samples from our most recent Tipster Profit Report including our ratings pages, best buy tables and more.

It should give you an insight into how a Smart Betting Club membership can help you improve your betting and profit from using the right tipsters.

That link again to download your free copy.


Get The Latest Tipster Profit Report

If this sample report whets your appetite, then you can get our most recent Tipster Profit Report (and our entire back catalogue) with a Smart Betting Club membership.

Within this report you can unlock the best betting tipsters we have discovered since 2006 – those with the best profit figures including key metrics like Return on Investment and Betting Bank Growth.

Each Tipster Profit Report is designed to help you find the very best betting tipsters – those that have proven themselves to be successful over a long period of time.

Anyone can pick a few winners every now and then but it takes REAL SKILL to beat the bookmaker over the long-term – which is exactly what this report reveals.

So you can expect to read about the best tipsters with a record dating back on average more than 4 years and with thousands of proofed and verified bets behind them.

You can pick up your copy of this latest Tipster Profit Report (and all future ones) with a Smart Betting Club membership.

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Pete Ling

10 Informed Tipster Ratings To Help You & Your Betting

Earlier this week saw the release of the very latest SBC Tipster Profit Report, featuring updated tipster league tables, tipster ratings and recommendations on the best betting experts to follow in 2017.

Did you know that for each of the tipsters we report back on, you can also find a dedicated ‘Key Facts’ tipster ratings page, which provide unique and informative ratings on everything they offer?

Whether it be the profits a tipster is making, how much they cost, how patient you might have to be if following or even just how achievable their advised odds might be – we regularly update these tipster ratings to keep you fully up to speed on just who the best (and sometimes worst) tipsters actually are.


Tipster Ratings & How They Can Help You

My team and I rate each tipster we monitor on 10 different aspects of the service they offer. This is based on a scale of 1 (very bad) to 5 (very good) and we constantly update these ratings to ensure they are relevant.

To help showcase how they can help you, here is a brief guide to the ratings we provide for each tipster and exactly what they indicate:

Returns (AKA Profits!): This is always the first rating we supply as ultimately a tipster is only as good as the profits it can make you. The greater the profit, ROI or betting bank growth, then the higher this rating will be!

Risk: There is always an element or risk in following any tipster, yet for some the level of risk is greater than others. For example, a tipster with only a 1-year history of profitable tips is in essence a riskier proposition than a tipster with a 5-year profitable record.
Equally a tipster that chops and changes strategy every few months is going to rate poorly compared to an expert with a more settled method. Our risk rating communicates exactly how ‘safe’ your money might be when following a tipster.

Cost: Exactly how much does a tipster charge and how does that compare with others offering a similar service? The cost rating rewards those offering the best value for money service and helps you find the best, more affordable expert.

Odds Availability: For many tipsters, especially those supplying racing tips, odds availability is a critical tipster rating. After all, if you as a potential customer of a tipster are unable to obtain the odds they claim, then there is little reason in following them.
We base our odds availability rating on the in-depth odds tracking we perform in each review we publish. This odds tracking gauges the individual price movements of any advised tip over time (e.g. after 15, 30, 60 minutes) and compare it to the results the service utilises. The easier it is to obtain or improve on the settled odds, the greater this rating and appeal to you as a potential member of their tipping service.

Transparency: With this rating, we relate just how open and honest a tipster is. For example – do they publish accurate and detailed results on their website or do they keep them hidden from view? Transparency and openness is key in the tipster industry.

Customer Service: We also keenly observe the customer service experience you might receive if a member of any given tipping service. How quickly do they reply to emails and how do they treat you as a customer? This rating outlines our experience and understanding of the quality of service on offer.

Suggested Portfolio Weighting: Should you choose to join a tipster, exactly how much money and what proportion of your betting bank should you apply to them? This rating outlines our recommendation, based on our overall confidence in the service and the strength of our ratings.

Patience: How long might you need assign in terms of time to ensure a clear profit from following any given tipster? Our patience rating outlines this and is based on the profile of the tipster, their historical record and the odds/strike-rate they operate to.

Points Betting Bank: For each tipster we analyse, we also suggest the size ‘points betting bank’ we advocate you use to maximise your profits. This is designed to cover potential losing runs and maximise winning runs without ever going ‘bust’! Its all part of the money management advice we provide to help you make the most from your betting.

Recommendation: Our final rating provides an overall guide to the recommendation we currently apply to any tipster. The higher a tipster rates and the longer it has been in service, then the greater the recommendation for you to purchase a subscription with them.

Currently we provide each tipster with one of the following 5 recommendations:

  1. Strong Buy – We fully recommend this service as one to follow.
  2. Speculative Buy – We recommend this service although with some noticeable caveats, which can be observed in their SBC review.
  3. Hold – If you have a current subscription to this service, we recommend you continue to follow. Those of you without a subscription to the service, should not start following.
  4. Watch – A tipster we need to observe further. We do not recommend anyone joins and if you do have a subscription, we recommend you proceed with extreme caution.
  5. Sell – We do not currently recommend. If you hold a subscription, we recommend you stop following.

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Get A Fully Informed Tipster View

All the ratings when combined can help provide you with a fully informed view of just who the best tipsters might be to suit your preferences.

  • If you are looking for the most affordable tipster going – then the cost rating will help
  • Perhaps you are looking for the safest tipster out there – if so, the risk rating is your friend
  • Maybe you simply want to join the tipster with highest profits – the returns rating is what you need.

As we list 10 ratings for each of the 57 tipsters we currently track – in total you can currently access 570 different ratings as an SBC member. More than enough to help you find the right tipster for you!

Hall of Fame & Member Funded

To help you even further, we also put the very best tipsters in our ‘Hall of Fame’, which is our regularly updated list of top tipster recommendations.

Best of all, as the Smart Betting Club is 100% member funded, all our ratings and Hall of Fame recommendations are totally independent and affiliate/kickback free – unlike almost all other ‘tipster review’ websites.

We accept no payments or rewards for penning favourable tipster reviews. So if we say a tipster is good, it’s because they genuinely are, not because we have been paid to say so!

(And if you want to know more about this – feel free to search for other tipster review sites and see how they link to the tipsters they feature. Very often they will use affiliate links such as from clickbank or their own in-house affiliate programs, which pay the reviewer a share of income if you join the tipster services they recommend)

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Up To £35 On An SBC Membership!

You can pick up your copy of the latest Tipster Profit Report and access all of our tipster ratings, the instant you join our service at the Smart Betting Club.

You can also now join and save up to £35 as part of our specially discounted 2017 membership prices. 

Making it a great time to sign-up and see how we can help you and your betting!

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Free Tips From A Proven Racing Expert

Earlier this week saw the release of the very latest SBC Magazine (Issue 97) featuring our in-depth reviews of an ‘Awesome Foursome’ set of tipsters.

All 4 of the tipsters have profitable records across a wide range of sports and betting markets – ensuring that you can find a tipster to suit your needs.

And if you are after a high quality tipster to follow for free, then 1 of the 4 certainly ticks a lot of the boxes as it comes from a genuinely profitable expert with a tremendous track record as I will explain further in todays blog…

Awesome Foursome - SBC97

Free Tips From A Proven Source

This particular tipster offers 2 kinds of service.

  • Firstly – his paid-for premium private service, which is extremely sought after due to the unbelievable profits accumulated over the years. At the last count, his record stood at over 1200 points profit from 1640 bets – all at a ROI of 26.1%. This service is a firm member of our Hall of Fame and many SBC members are currently racking up the profits following his advice in.
  • Secondly – and the focus of our review in SBC 97 is his additional FREE daily nap service, which since 2014 has been highlighting 1 bet a day and all at value prices. All bets are posted online and also via email for free for all to enjoy. Best of all they are only advised AFTER midday and at a time when the markets are fully settled and it is that much easier to get on.

This free service has picked up a remarkable record as illustrated by the profit table below. The key figures are the 140.6 points profit and 11.1% ROI.

Performance Table: All Free Tips Since 2013Nap Service Results

Yes, the service made a loss in 2015, but all of that and more has been accounted for in 2016 and if following long-term it will reap the dividends. It is worth pointing out as well that there isn’t a bet each and every day, which is sensible. Sometimes there is just no value around and he doesn’t tip for the sake of it. You can expect on average around 200 tips a year.

Save £16 - SBC 10 Year Anniversary

Performance With Best Odds Guaranteed

If able to take advantage of bookmakers who offer you Best Odds Guaranteed terms on your bets, you can also increase your profits even further by following this tipster. BOG is a very common offer whereby if the SP of a horse is bigger than an early price you take, then your bet is settled at the higher SP figure.

E.g. Let’s say for example you placed a bet at 10am on a horse running in the 2.20pm race who is priced at 8/1. The horse drifts in the market and its SP is 10/1 – yet goes onto win. The bookmaker will pay you out at 10/1 if you are eligible for Best Odds Guaranteed.

Here is what the record of performance looks like if taking Best Odds Guaranteed – the key figures are the profit of 171 points and ROI of 13.5%. Nice work if you can get it!

Performance Table: All Free Tips Since 2013 With BOG IncludedNap Service Results BOG

Easy Profits For Just A Few Minutes Work

Alongside this fantastic record – one of the most pleasing aspects of this service is that it is from a bonafide tipster of the highest quality. His paid-for premium service might be out of the reach for some, yet as long as you have a few minutes each afternoon to place his nap of the day, you can easily start to turn a profit.

There are a LOT of free tipsters out there, many of whom are here-today, gone-tomorrow (especially on twitter) so it’s about finding not just those that are free, but those that are good.

This tipster certainly ticks all these boxes and we were delighted to review it in SBC 97 and showcase to our readers another simple and free way to improve their betting profits.

Smart Betting Club

You can read our full analysis on this tipster plus the other 3 experts featured in the latest magazine with an SBC membership.

You can also sign-up today and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with our risk-free 90 day anytime money back guarantee if at any time unhappy with the service we offer.

If you don’t think we can help you make or improve the money you make betting – then you can get your money back (We are that confident we can help you – very few people ever request this!!)

Sign-up today and gain instant access to the Smart Betting Club.

Which Tipster Turned £2k into £4,900 in 12 months?

Smart Betting Club
members are now absorbing the feast of tipster statistics contained in our latest Tipster Profit Report.



In this quarterly report we reveal the very latest profit figures from the 50+ tipster that we proof. Our easy to follow tables and editorial recommendations make it simple for you to find out not only who the best tipsters are, but who the right tipster is for you!

Highlights this month include:

The niche football specialist who turned £2k into £4,900 in 12 months.

The FREE racing tipster who grew his bank by 105% last year.

The sports AND racing service who gave subscribers a 250% Return on Capital.

How to double your money in 12 months

The Top Tipsters From The Past 12 Months

One of our most popular reports is the top overall tipster from the past 12 months. This is AFTER subscription fees have been deducted.


We have blanked out the names of the tipsters as this is for full members only (after all, it’s a secret!), but as you can see – the top tipsters are making an excellent profit based on a £2,000 starting bank.

This month there has been a shakeup at the top, with two new entries in the top four. Few of these tipsters are household names and we pride ourselves on focusing on the bottom line of tipster results rather the quality of someone’s website.

We also show other metrics such as ROC which stands for Return on Capital as a percentage – For example 100% ROC means you have doubled your original betting bank. ROI represents your profit on turnover – For example, 20% ROI means you profit 20 points for every 100 you stake.

We slice and dice the tipster data in lots of different ways so you can find the best tipster to suit your needs. This means you can quickly and easily find the most profitable services out there.

If a £2,000 betting bank is a problem, then don’t worry we also highlight the best low cost and free tipsters. Our various tables and comments include:

  • The top 25 tipsters overall since inception
  • The top 25 tipsters in the last 12 months
  • The best low workload tipsters
  • The best tipsters for odds availability
  • The best tipsters for yield and volume
  • The best low cost tipsters
  • Separate analysis for racing vs sports tipsters

Our service is funded by our paying membership, which means we are free to make independent reviews of tipsters without any conflict of interest.

Grab Your Copy of the Latest Tipster Profit Report Immediately

You can pick up your copy of this latest report, the instant you join our service at the Smart Betting Club with full access to our exclusive members-only area.