Free Tips From A Proven Racing Expert

Earlier this week saw the release of the very latest SBC Magazine (Issue 97) featuring our in-depth reviews of an ‘Awesome Foursome’ set of tipsters.

All 4 of the tipsters have profitable records across a wide range of sports and betting markets – ensuring that you can find a tipster to suit your needs.

And if you are after a high quality tipster to follow for free, then 1 of the 4 certainly ticks a lot of the boxes as it comes from a genuinely profitable expert with a tremendous track record as I will explain further in todays blog…

Awesome Foursome - SBC97

Free Tips From A Proven Source

This particular tipster offers 2 kinds of service.

  • Firstly – his paid-for premium private service, which is extremely sought after due to the unbelievable profits accumulated over the years. At the last count, his record stood at over 1200 points profit from 1640 bets – all at a ROI of 26.1%. This service is a firm member of our Hall of Fame and many SBC members are currently racking up the profits following his advice in.
  • Secondly – and the focus of our review in SBC 97 is his additional FREE daily nap service, which since 2014 has been highlighting 1 bet a day and all at value prices. All bets are posted online and also via email for free for all to enjoy. Best of all they are only advised AFTER midday and at a time when the markets are fully settled and it is that much easier to get on.

This free service has picked up a remarkable record as illustrated by the profit table below. The key figures are the 140.6 points profit and 11.1% ROI.

Performance Table: All Free Tips Since 2013Nap Service Results

Yes, the service made a loss in 2015, but all of that and more has been accounted for in 2016 and if following long-term it will reap the dividends. It is worth pointing out as well that there isn’t a bet each and every day, which is sensible. Sometimes there is just no value around and he doesn’t tip for the sake of it. You can expect on average around 200 tips a year.

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Performance With Best Odds Guaranteed

If able to take advantage of bookmakers who offer you Best Odds Guaranteed terms on your bets, you can also increase your profits even further by following this tipster. BOG is a very common offer whereby if the SP of a horse is bigger than an early price you take, then your bet is settled at the higher SP figure.

E.g. Let’s say for example you placed a bet at 10am on a horse running in the 2.20pm race who is priced at 8/1. The horse drifts in the market and its SP is 10/1 – yet goes onto win. The bookmaker will pay you out at 10/1 if you are eligible for Best Odds Guaranteed.

Here is what the record of performance looks like if taking Best Odds Guaranteed – the key figures are the profit of 171 points and ROI of 13.5%. Nice work if you can get it!

Performance Table: All Free Tips Since 2013 With BOG IncludedNap Service Results BOG

Easy Profits For Just A Few Minutes Work

Alongside this fantastic record – one of the most pleasing aspects of this service is that it is from a bonafide tipster of the highest quality. His paid-for premium service might be out of the reach for some, yet as long as you have a few minutes each afternoon to place his nap of the day, you can easily start to turn a profit.

There are a LOT of free tipsters out there, many of whom are here-today, gone-tomorrow (especially on twitter) so it’s about finding not just those that are free, but those that are good.

This tipster certainly ticks all these boxes and we were delighted to review it in SBC 97 and showcase to our readers another simple and free way to improve their betting profits.

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