The Football Insider With A Unique ‘Laidback Betting’ Tips Strategy

Earlier this month saw our publication of the very latest SBC Best Tipster Guide review – our take on the outstanding football insider tipster with 12 seasons of profits behind him.

Since the start of the 2016/17 season alone, he has made a 87.6 point profit from 583 bets at 11.5% ROI and averaged 80% bank growth each season to outline just why he rate him so highly.

But its not just this recent record behind our recommendation, but several other key points ranging from his longer-term profitable record, his football & betting connections, his suitability for exchange or bet broker only punters and his laidback betting approach.

To help illustrate more on this, here are 6 key reasons as to why you need to read this review. (Immediate access to the review and the full SBC service can be obtained right now with a Platinum ‘Pro-Punter’ membership)

1. An exceptionally well connected ‘insider’

These tips come from a very well connected source indeed who holds a variety of roles in the football and betting world. Not only does he run this tipping service but he also works as a ‘Next Opponent Analyst’ – a role which takes him to any number of matches, each of which he will watch with an analytical eye and allow him to assess teams’ form and relative strengths and weaknesses.

His contact book is also very well stocked with connections in both the football world (scouts, coaches, ex and current professional footballers) and the betting world (traders, pro-punters, syndicates) that marks him out as a true ‘insider’ with a network that is second to none.

2. A profitable record dating back to 2006

This tipster is one of the longest running services we monitor here at the SBC. It opened its doors to paying customers back in 2006 and we first reviewed it way back in SBC issue #27, first released in July 2008, more than a decade ago.

Following sustained profitability this service was inducted into the ‘Hall of Fame’ in 2012 where it has remained since, which is testament to the consistency in profits produced over the years. It’s fair to say that to maintain an edge in the betting markets for twelve years, you must become a genuine expert within your chosen field.

3. Suitable for following with bookmakers or exchanges/brokers only for those restricted

Our research into the service revealed that 80% of the bets advised are best priced with either an Asian firm or a Betting Exchange, which suggests that this is a service you can follow without access to UK high street bookmakers.

This is also not a service quoting early, unavailable prices with little-known bookmakers as it focuses on the main betting markets (1X2, Asian Handicap & Over/Unders) when plenty of money is swishing around.

4. Laidback betting – easy to follow

The service works based on a theme titled ‘laidback betting’ which means easy instructions, available markets and a commitment to steady, incremental gains underpinned with an aversion to morale-sapping losing runs. This is also reflected in the number of bets each week, where you can expect between 3 to 5 as a average for each set of weekend fixtures and an outlay of between 4 to 7 points in total.

5. All tips come with detailed explanation as to their selection

Whilst you can simply place the bets and walk away as per the ‘laidback betting’ concept, for those of you after more detail on the reasons behind each tip, you can enjoy access to a informative write-up as to its selection.

Whether it be a tip on ‘Peterhead’ in the Scottish Cup or Real Madrid in the Champions League, the detail supplied is second-to-none and provides all the confidence needed that your bet is well researched.

6. Save £100 on joining this tipster with SBC

As an SBC member you can save £100 on the cost of a full season (pro-rata discounts also available for shorter periods) with this particular expert as part of the Tipster Savings we negotiate on your behalf.


Full details on this tipster plus a further 12 other recommended experts can be accessed now through the SBC’s Best Tipster Guide. Available now via the very popular Platinum ‘Pro Punter’ membership (our complete package).

What Is The Best Tipster Guide?

The Best Tipster Guide is a collection of 13 of the very best tipsters as uncovered by the Smart Betting Club since 2016 and it comes in three parts as follows:

  1. The 2018 Best Tipster Guide featuring 3 new top tipster reviews from this year
  2. The 2017 Best Tipster Guide, featuring reviews of 5 more top tipsters, who continue to make consistent profits;
  3. The original 2016 Best Tipster Guide, which featured our first 5 top-rated tipsters, each of whom have also continued to make a profit since inclusion.

By purchasing access to the Best Tipster Guide through a Platinum SBC membership, you will receive full access to all 13 detailed tipster reviews and unique tipster discounts.

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All told – it’s quite the package with a huge amount of expertise and information available to you and all from a genuinely independent source.

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See you on the inside.

Read more on how the Best Tipster Guide can help YOU!

Peter Ling

Smart Betting Club Editor

The ‘WOW’ Festival Tipster: 5 Days Tips For Free With SBC / Cheltenham November Meeting


Jockeys, pundits, bookies…you name it – everyone is an expert when it comes to picking out racing tips, yet the only voices you want to be listening to are those with proven records of making it pay.

Proven records like the expert tipster who throughout each day of 2 upcoming festivals and across 5 days of racing will be providing his winning advice totally for free to Smart Betting Club members.

The festivals in question are the Cheltenham November Meeting this Friday, Saturday and Sunday alongside the Ladbrokes Winter Carnival (Previously The Hennessy Meeting) on the 1st and 2nd of December.

The reason I know this tipster is good is simple – because I have been proofing his tips since 2011, during which time he has built up an outstanding record.

Over the past 7 years at both these upcoming festivals he has made a 70 point profit at a 18.10% Return on Investment from 194 bets. That is based on simply placing 1 point each way on every bet at easily obtainable odds.

At £10 a stake, that works out at a £702 profit, £25 stakes is a £1755 profit and at £50 stakes it would have returned £3511…and so on

Here is how it all breaks down..

Following Up Exceptional Cheltenham & Ebor Meetings

I ran a similar offer with this tipster during both the 2018 Cheltenham & Ebor Festivals (where he also has a fabulous long-term record) and the results were nothing short of sensational.

From 27 bets advised during the 2018 Cheltenham Festival, he made a 35.05 point profit at 64.90% ROI at 1 point each way level stakes.

He then followed this up during the 2018 Ebor Festival, where he made a 19.16 points profit (39.92% ROI) at 1 point each way level stakes.

Here is what a couple of SBC members had to tell me about their experiences following his tips:

“I have made a absolute fortune from your bets this week (had your three winners today in a small trixie)

“I have very recently joined the SBC community as I am looking for an additional income stream. I am a complete novice and although I would rate myself as fairly intelligent I was completely bamboozled by this world of sports betting (my thanks to SBC for being so patient with me and answering all my “ stupid” questions)…. Anyway it was on your suggestion that I signed up for these free tips during Cheltenham and despite having a normal job (8-5pm) with the clear instructions placing the Cheltenham bets took less than a few mins everyday… Thank you for such a great week!”


How To Gain Access To These Tips

As a Platinum Secret Betting Club member you can get his entire set of tips during both these upcoming festivals for free. All will be sent each morning direct to your email account.

It’s that easy – no fuss, no hype, just some simple easy-to-follow betting tips, starting this Friday, Saturday and Sunday the 16th, 17th & 18th November. You will also get 2 more days free advice on the 1st and 2nd December.

So to grab your free access to this tipster, simply register for a Platinum membership today and once signed-up, visit the Platinum members area of the SBC website. There you will find a simple form, where you can drop your email address in to ensure you get all of his tips free during each day.

Not only that but you will be able to access the whole SBC package – all of our current and past SBC magazines, Tipster Profit Reports, the Best Tipster Guide & much more besides. The full lowdown on what you can enjoy with a Platinum membership can be found here.