🎧SBC Podcast #69: Exclusive Interview With Matchbook & Social Media Affiliate Danger Revealed

In the latest SBC Podcast I am joined by SBC’s Josh as the Betting Clever podcast returns to tackle a whole host of important topics in the betting world, including an in-depth chat with Matchbook on the rise of their betting exchange.

As a follow-up to this article from Sunday on Matchbook’s growth, we were joined by Head of Exchange, Ronan McDonagh to talk about how and why their betting volume has grown and their plans to take it even further. We also get into topics such as affordability checks and the possibility of a Matchbook SP to compete with Betfair SP!

Its an action packed episode as we also explore a very important topic on the dangers posed by popular social media tipsters (some of whom you might follow!) and the questions posed by their affiliate relationship with several large bookmaking firms.

We also get into booming tipsters, an intriguing new free SBC service on extending the life of your bookmaker accounts, golf betting frustration and bet brokers!

You can listen to Episode 69 now via Apple / Spotify / Google / YouTube and all other major podcast directories (search Smart Betting Club)


If you would like to learn more about Matchbook and access the 150 day introductory offer then click here for our analysis and the relevant sign-up links.

As ever, if you have any topics or areas of the gambling world that you would like us to discuss, please get in touch!


New SBC Magazine Format: Your Questions Answered!

Earlier this week, we released SBC Magazine Issue #138 – the first publication in a brand new format for 2024.

Instead of solely containing a collection of tipster reviews or special reports, issues now include much more so that everything we publish on profitable betting in any given month can be found all in one place.

Here, we will answer a few questions about this change to explain how it is different from what has gone before!

Why has the format changed?

Our SBC Magazines have always been central to what we do as this is where we collect our tipster reviews. We felt that monthly releases would improve things for members as they allow for plenty of time to digest each review and we can also include so much more content. Emails, blogs, reviews and reports can still all be read as they arrive but this way, everything is collected in one place.

How will the content be different?

Each magazine will still contain at least one headline review . in addition, we will also include key emails we have shared, new services (e.g. our new free service, Account Agent ) and an overview of the month’s news in the gambling world.

A monthly magazine also provides us with a great opportunity to tackle and answer key questions on betting that our members have.

For example this month we explored topics like banking and the practical reality of which banks to use and how to try and avoid being flagged for ‘too much betting’ by your bank.

How can it help me?

Our in-depth reviews will be the same as ever, with detailed results analysis, betting bank recommendations and more complex mathematical modelling all feeding into a conclusion.

This month’s golf special is a case in point – we cover every angle, from each-way betting and following tips through to more complex modelling and playing win only on exchanges. Whatever your circumstances, reviews make it very clear how (or if!) a service is suitable for you.

Alongside this, our articles, analysis, member questions and news will give you a well-rounded document to read, each and every month!

What is in the first new issue? Can I still read old ones?

As previously mentioned, golf takes centre stage in January’s edition, with a well known free tipster and MMA reviews also pencilled in for the first half of 2024.

All of our past publications can still be accessed in the member area as we have a back catalogue where everything is stored to be read whenever you want to.

It is worth noting that if you sign up today, you can instantly access everything we have ever published.

Can SBC really help my betting & is it possible to make money betting with tipsters?

This is a regular question and quite rightly too. It’s important to ask about just how realistic it is to make money betting using the information we publish.

What I can tell you with the upmost certainty is that those of us who work at SBC live and breathe betting profitably.

We have real life skin in the game and long-term profitable records that allow us to run SBC and also bet extensively.

The reviews, information and expertise we gather operating the Smart Betting Club feeds directly into our own betting, which in turn feeds into how we can help our members with our content.

Of course, it’s not as easy as joining SBC today and making a fortune tomorrow.

It takes time, patience, resilience, expert advice and a bankroll of sorts to win at betting but if you are looking for the right kind of professional help, give us a try!

Further Questions & Sign Up Options

If you have any further questions about our new magazines (or anything else we do) then you can get in touch by replying to this email or by reaching out to use on social media @SBCInfo.

We have multiple sign up options, with quarterly, bi-annual and annual subscriptions all available for you to choose from here.

With our brand new magazine format and plans afoot for even more excellent content in 2024, we would love for you to join us. We are so confident that you will love SBC Membership that we also offer a no questions asked money back guarantee!

Like I said, if you have any questions, please get in touch!

SBC Magazine Issue #138: Bigger & Better Than Ever!

For 2024, we have decided to make a major change to how we deliver our SBC Magazines, starting with the release of SBC 138 today, which is our biggest EVER issue!

This is because it includes not just our major reviews and feature articles, but also important news, podcasts, videos, tweets and a section dedicated to answering your questions.

Effectively Issue 138 collates everything of interest from a smart betting perspective into one easy to find PDF.

So you can download each monthly PDF and be fully informed on what you need to know to make money betting.

Sign-up for membership today for instant access to SBC 138 and our full back catalogue!

Clocking in at 73 pages long, SBC 138 includes:

  • Our Golf Betting Special Report that provides services, tips and tricks to make profits with both bookmakers and exchanges
  • A guide to ‘Account Agent‘, our new free service that helps maintain bookmaker accounts.
  • Links to all podcasts, videos, articles and blogs from SBC in January
  • ‘Your Questions Answered’ section as the SBC Team provide support for members who have queries or issues with their betting
  • News, as we profile the key goings on in the gambling world over the last month
  • Tweets of interest – all the important posts on ‘X’ from the last month


This new monthly magazine format will make SBC more interactive than ever and each issue will serve as the perfect place to read everything you need to know about the gambling world, all in one place!

To gain instant access SBC Magazine #138 and all of our back catalogue of reviews and reports, you will require SBC Membership. To sign up as a paid SBC member, just click here and follow the registration link.

This Tuesday @ 4.30PM – Miguel From Winner Odds LiveStream Q&A

At 4.30pm GMT this Tuesday afternoon the 16th January, I will be hosting a special livestream event with Miguel Figueres from the fantastic Winner Odds Tennis Service.

Miguel is the developer of the AI based model that Winner Odds uses to identify value tennis bets and his service is very popular based on his consistent ability to beat the bookmaker.

He is also the co-founder of the Spanish Association of Sports Betting Players – AEJAD, which seeks to represent the interests of bettors, including fighting back against unfair bookmaker practices.

To explain more about his Winner Odds service, his work at AEJAD, Miguel will be joining me to answer YOUR QUESTIONS on the Smart Betting Club YouTube Channel from 4.30pm on Tuesday the 16th January.

For those of you unable or unsure if you will be able to make the Livestream, you are also welcome to email or tweet your questions to me ahead of 5.30pm. You can email me your questions by replying to this email or Tweet/DM via @sbcinfo for those of you on Twitter.

We will publishing the video after the event for all to watch.

Note – to answer questions, you do need to be a follower of the SBC YouTube Channel.


Winner Odds is a service I use personally and as I explained in this special video recently had made me over £39,000 profit over the space of a few years.

In this video I introduce the Winner Odds service, using the context of our process at SBC to show how and why it has become central to my portfolio.

I will be back on Tuesday shortly before 4.30pm to share the link for the Livestream! I hope you can join us.

Pete – SBC Editor

🎧SBC Podcast #68: Pre-Event & In-Play Golf Edges ⛳

In the latest SBC Podcast I was joined by some returning guests who I last hosted on SBC Podcast #25 over 2 years ago.

Duncan and Neil Campbell are the sibling duo whose expertise makes up Golf Betting Club, the fantastic tipping service that has been going strong since its inception in 2020.

2 years is a long time in the golf world so I had lots of new things to talk to the Campbells about! Tours, markets and media coverage are all quite different from our last chat in 2021 so we covered lots of new ground.

Tipping ‘etiquette’, exotic markets, finding value in play and odds availability were some of the other topics that we focussed on.

With ‘GBC’ and SBC sharing a philosophy when it comes to betting, we have ‘partnered up’ for 2024. We love the way that GBC do things, think their in-play angle is a really strong USP and are delighted to welcome them to our Premium Tipster Stable.

We talk a little about that in this chat, alongside everything touched on above and so much more.

You can listen to Episode 68 now via Apple / Spotify / Google / YouTube and all other major podcast directories (search Smart Betting Club)

An In=Depth Chat With Hardened Golf Punters

In this episode, Duncan, Neil and I discuss:

  • Duncan & Neil’s dynamic, how they balance betting & tipping with other work and managing time with such an all-consuming business
  • Watching tournaments to find value and keep abreast of player performance
  • Getting on, exchanges and the challenges of backing value once you have found it
  • Place terms, the timing of bets and balancing value with attainability for members
  • Tipsters betting on Mondays and how GBC’s approach is different with ‘Best’, ‘Tracked’ and ‘Minimum’ prices all provided for their subscribers
  • Betting in-play and why the Campbells often prefer it over pre-tournament action
  • Exotic markets, 3-balls and the edges available outside of the core markets
  • How player profiling can help with in-play betting, especially for those players consistently disrespected by the markets
  • Reflecting on performance, planned improvements and changes in the golf betting markets
  • LIV, The PGA Tour, The DPWT and how the politics of golf may well offer up betting opportunities
  • Statistics, popular metrics and how the Campbells have their own approaches to assessing players, especially when they play on different tours
  • Pre-event vs. in play & using the first round to gauge whether a player makes the shortlist
  • Variance, losing runs and dealing with this (as both tipsters and punters)
  • Where to find GBC and how to access their content (much of which is free!)
  • Predictions for 2024 and beyond

It is great to speak to tipsters who take so much care in how and when they release tips, with attainability at the forefront of their mind with every message they send out.

This chimes with our ethos at the SBC and with so much else on offer, I can recommend following Golf Betting Club on social media (@golfbettingclub) or visiting their website if you have an interest in the sport (and betting on it!).

You can also learn more about ‘GBC’ on their SBC page, with sign up options for SBC members (and non-members) available at the bottom of the page.


🚨Golf Betting Club, Meet The Smart Betting Club🚨

We couldn’t have chosen a better week to introduce our newest Premium Service: Golf Betting Club as they struck early in 2024 with a 40/1 winner from one of their in-play selections on Sunday!

The Sentry was a tricky tournament to open the year but one tipster service spotted something before the weekend started with an in-play write up and selection for the eventual winner, Chris Kirk:

Golf Betting Club

This is what you can expect from Golf Betting Club

The brothers who operate the service, Neil and Duncan Campbell, do things a bit differently, with ‘traditional’ pre-tournament bets accompanied by 3-ball selections and in-play value bets to make this a ‘4 day a week service’!

This means that instead of getting just one email or notification on a Tuesday or Wednesday with bets, you can expect several messages with value bets throughout any given tournament at the end of each day’s play.

This unique approach is complemented by other good practice and offerings that set ‘GBC’ apart, including:

  • Only betting into mature markets: there is no cherry picking of Monday afternoon prices here – bets are put forward when liquidity is available. Usually this is on a Wednesday, with occasional earlier bets.
  • Fair ‘Tracked Prices’ that are available with multiple firms; standouts can be taken if you have accounts, but they are not used for record keeping.
  • Minimum Value Prices; if you don’t have the accounts or have missed bets before price cuts there is no need to worry. Minimum guide prices are provided.
  • Detailed write-ups and mentions. Neil and Duncan may highlight value that you may want to access to increase your betting bank turnover. If you want more bets, they are there to be had!

To learn more about this process, we have detailed how selections are arrived at, the Campbells’ inspirations and much more on the GBC’s SBC page. In SBC Podcast #25 you can listen to the brothers discuss their service with myself and a more up to date chat will be released soon!

The Record

GBC have been in operation since 2020 and over 4 years they have posted the following headline figures:

  • 3,471 bets have been advised
  • 5,359.5 points have been staked
  • Profit stands at 1,142.7 points
  • ROI stands at 21.32%

The unique in-play element of the service drives a lot of this profit, with spots like Chris Kirk adding to consistent and steady wins in the 3 ball and exotic markets. Here is what the ‘in-play’ returns look like:


As with the process, GBC’s page has more granular detail about this record and a bet-by-bet results sheet is available for you to study if you so wish.

SBC Members Get Discounts!

Monthly, Bi-Annual and Annual subscriptions are available for Golf Betting Club and as with many other tipster services, Smart Betting Club Members can obtain discounts!

Prices for Golf Betting Club are very generous already, but on top of some excellent value, you could save up to £50 with SBC membership as you can see below:

  • Monthly subscription: £45 + VAT
  • 6 Month subscription: £225 + VAT (usually £249; saving of £24 with SBC membership)
  • 12 Month subscription: £399 + VAT (usually £449; saving of £50 with SBC membership)

To access any of these brilliant offers you will need SBC Membership. Alternatively, you can sign up without membership and pay a slightly higher price. Details of all prices, alongside subscription links can be found by clicking here.

We will be releasing a new podcast with Neil and Duncan in the coming days where you will be able to hear more about this excellent sibling duo and how they make their golf betting pay.

In the meantime, please get in touch if you have any questions! You can do that by replying here or by messaging us @SBCinfo on Twitter (or X!)


⛳2024 Golf Betting: Watch Our 4 Golf Strategies Play Out LIVE In January⛳

Golf has been our main focus over the festive and New Year period, with a detailed 28-page report release being accompanied by a special podcast, where Tom Brownlee from Bookie Bashing joined Rowan, Josh and I to discuss how we bet on golf using Weekly Golf Value and the Bookie Bashing Golf Tracker.

To follow up, we will each be posting all of our golf selections in the month of January (with a possible extension if this goes well!).

There will be no after timing here! Once tournaments have started on Thursday, we will reveal our selections on social media and in this blog post, with the odds we have taken for both win and each-way bets detailed for anyone who wants to see our strategies play out in real time.

It’s going to be less about bragging about winners (or sulking about losers!) and more about outlining how each of the 4 us take a slightly different approach to golf betting based on our preferences, time and of course bookmakers or exchanges available.

For all of this week’s bets, just scroll down!


Our Bets For The Dubai Desert Classic & The American Express

As discussed in our podcast, we all employ slightly different strategies using the tracker and the other facets of the Bookie Bashing service to arrive at our selections.
This week we have two tournaments with both the Farmers Insurance (PGA) and Ras Al Khaimah (DP World). Here is who we have each selected: