Pricewise With PCB

Make The Most Of The Racing Post’s Top Tipster With This Refined Strategy

Anyone who has tried to follow the country’s leading racing tipsters will no doubt have come across a very common problem…

Seconds after the likes of Andy Holding, Hugh Taylor or Tom Segal release their tips, the prices crash with bookmakers, any small amount of exchange liquidity disappears and getting the quoted price is nigh on impossible.

The records cited by the likes of Oddschecker, At The Races or The Racing Post are therefore ‘fanciful’ at best and to compound this problem, these tipsters have to produce content, with a ‘No Bet Day’ likely to be met with consternation from their bookmaker-sponsored employers.

Despite all of this, for one of these leading tipsters, there is a service that offers a profitable solution…

Pricewise With PCB

That service is Pricewise With PCB –  a refined methodology that curates The Racing Post’s Tom Segal’s tips to make profits with both bookmakers AND exchanges, outperforming the star’s selections along the way!

Tom Segal has a stellar reputation as a source of valuable racing information via his Pricewise column yet at times, operating profitably has required filtering, both in terms of reading between the lines for ‘best bets’ and staking optimally to ensure a smoother ride.

Professional bettor Paul Chandler-Burns has been doing this for years (with a large portion of this period including proofing with The SBC) and, with this service, you can too!

Paul analyses Tom Segal’s columns and tips and uses his experience to work out the strength of the tipster’s confidence and whether backing any selection is advisable.

To do this, he:

  • Uses a more blended staking strategy to reflect these confidence levels
  • Employs each-way/place betting to smooth out variance
  • Filters bets using data such as RPRs (Racing Post Ratings) and his own expertise as a professional bettor

All of this helps to refine the service in comparison to what readers of The Racing Post have access to and, as you will see below, the results are quite spectacular.

A more detailed overview of the strategy that PCB uses was outlined in the ‘SBC Pricewise Strategy’ article, which was first published in SBC 122. You can read more about that via this link or, if you are an SBC Member, you can access the full report in the SBC Magazine back catalogue.

To hear from the man himself, scroll down to the bottom of the page, where you will find SBC Podcast 32 and Paul Chandler-Burns discussing his service with SBC Editor, Pete Ling.


From February 2021 to May 2023 Pricewise With PCB was a free tipster with here at SBC, meaning that members were able follow Paul Chandler-Burns in every time that Tom Segal had a bet that met the service’s criteria.

From that period up to now, Paul has put 682 bets forward and these selections provided an 5.08% Return On Investment with 62.88 points profit from 1,238 points staked as you can see below:

A bet-by-bet record for this period can be viewed here but some headline statistics from our 2023 deep dive into ‘PWWPCB’ to consider include:

  • 14 of the 25 months in this period were profitable, with 11 losing months
  • The worst drawdown that the service suffered was -30 points
  • Medium-term returns vindicate the less aggressive staking plan employed by Paul Chandler-Burns; annual returns have a low 4.04% range (between 8.42% ROI & 12.46% ROI) and the service has been remarkably consistent since the start of 2021

Performance At The Sharpest Of Lines

A deep dive into the service’s results in May 2023 revealed the extent of the service’s edge by different metrics, including at Betfair Starting Prices (BSPs) and even Industry Starting Prices (ISPs) as you can see in the graphs below:

This performance at BSP is a drop off from advised price returns (9.49% ROI on matched bets vs 11.18% for advised prices) but this difference is only marginal and can be explained by a considerably inferior performance in the place part of each-way bets when compared to bookmaker prices and fractions.

This is a trend that we see consistently in horse racing markets (better win prices and worse place prices) and could be negated by either playing win only, adjusting staking or taking fewer places on Betfair or the other exchanges (please see the SBC Pricewise with PCB review for a more detailed look at exchange performance and the most efficient ways to place bets).

One remarkable set of numbers that came from our in-depth analysis was performance at the Industry Starting Price (or ISP). A 16.19% ROI is actually 5.01 percentage points better than the returns achieved at advised prices.

With a relatively small sample, this could just be variance but a viable explanation for this is a drift back to earlier prices after dramatic contractions (that a column like Tom Segal’s can cause) subside.

Results Compared to Tom Segal’s Pricewise Column

An obvious question that any follower of this service would ask is ‘Why shouldn’t I just follow Tom Segal’s advice in his Pricewise column?’

This is a fair question, but as discussed above, there are some issues with following advice like this without any filtering or adaptation, namely:

  • Tom Segal has to produce content for his column; some selections will be stronger than others and ‘reading between the lines’ is a skill that can help to separate out the best bets from those that might best be left
  • After the Pricewise column is released prices often crash; having a service to help guide you towards profit with more realistic prices is essential to making Tom Segal’s expertise pay
  • Staking in the Pricewise column is very aggressive, meaning that long losing runs are common; having a curated service helps to remedy this, with each way betting and more flexible staking helping to ‘smooth out the ride’ and take bigger risks for more tangible edges whilst leaving marginal bets to one side

As you can see from the table above, Tom Segal has actually had a relatively poor period since the start of 2021, with an overall loss of -9.17% to his advised prices.

Despite this, Pricewise with PCB has made a 12.41% ROI in this time showing how his refined approach can help to maximise Tom Segal’s expertise.

Filtering selections, placing more each-way bets and curation from a professional bettor takes a historically excellent service and makes it better. Pricewise with PCB is a great way to profit from one of the most respected tipsters around!

Learn More About This Service And Paul In This SBC Podcast Episode

Paul Chandler-Burns was the guest in Episode #32 of the SBC podcasts, where he discussed not only his life in betting but also how he filters Tom Segal’s Pricewise tips.

You can listen to this episode now via Apple / Spotify / Google / YouTube and all other major podcast directories (search Smart Betting Club)

Service Nuts And Bolts

About: This is a service that aims to refine and improve the bets put forward by Tom Segal as part of his Pricewise column published in the Racing Post. Tom is a profitable tipster, yet he often has to provide tips to fill column inches and knowing when to take his bets on and when to leave them is important. Equally, a slightly different approach to staking and the type of bets taken (win and each-way) can help smooth out the ride when following Tom in. Paul also puts up some of his own bets when he sees value.

Bet Timing: Bets are always supplied on race day from 9am onwards with regular messages and updates in the Telegram group. Anytime that Tom has a bet, Paul Chandler-Burns will be providing his own thoughts and betting advice.

Bet Type: A mix of bets to be backed to win and each way with occasional double bets thrown in too.

Bookmakers: Bets will be available to take at all major bookmakers and can be taken on the exchange. This angle has made a profit at both SP and Betfair SP previously

Number of Bets: In a normal month, you can expect between 20 and 30 bets. Sometimes more, sometimes less with a lot more to be expected during major race meetings like Cheltenham Festival!

Staking: Staking varies between 0.5 and 2 points.

Betting Banks: We advocate a 100 point bank to begin with for this service.


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Six handpicked tipster services to consider for your portfolio – SBC Racing goes live!

What are you looking for in a horse racing tipster?

  • Pure profit?
  • Bankroll growth?
  • Low risk?
  • Minimal workload when placing bets?
  • Achievable odds?
  • Betting Exchange options?

Well, on the brand new SBC Racing Page launched today, we are sure that there is service for you, whatever your needs.

SBC Racing sees us assess all of our Horse Racing Premium Tipsters from the customer’s point of view and this new page helps you to answer the question ‘Which racing tipster(s) would suit my portfolio and which ones wouldn’t?’

For example, we have 3 tipsters that are profitable using exchanges, one with a historic ROI of over 30% and another that provides access to a system where you choose your own bets at any time you like.

We also have those that quote realistic and fair odds with no price pressure and those that bet several times every day through to those that take the plunge more selectively.

So whilst all 6 are different, they do share one thing in common: Long-term profits as the following image suggests:

Via the SBC Racing section you can explore dedicated pages detailing each tipster’s record bet-by-bet alongside detailed data analysis, guides, interviews and more!

You can also find a full history for each of the SBC Racing services via our regularly updated SBC Racing spreadsheet with individual sheets available on each tipsters page.

Head over to the SBC Racing Page to find out more about these specially selected services and find one that matches what you are looking for.


Reading this, some of you might be asking the question – what exactly is a Premium Tipster?

Simply put, it’s a tipster that SBC works with and helps operate in order to provide a platform for success.

They work with us in partnership as it allows them to focus on what they do best in picking winning tips, whilst the SBC team helps ensure their service runs smoothly.

As we have this involvement in each Premium Tipster, we keep them separate to our Hall of Fame and other ratings so as to be completely fair and transparent.

We are also VERY selective as to what service becomes a Premium Tipster to focus on quality, not quantity – hence why you will only find 6 racing tipsters at this time.

SBC Racing

Special new podcast on the fantastic racing tool reviewed in SBC 127

To explain more about the potency of the profitable racing service reviewed in the latest Smart Betting Club magazine (Issue 127), I have published a special new podcast today to reveal all!

As well as sharing the name of the service in question, I also outline the value strategy behind it all, some of the filters to generate even more profit and just why the SBC team use it every day.

In part two of this special podcast, I also touch on the major Golf Betting Report also published recently and the significant profits being made on this sport.

Just yesterday, one of the top tipsters we recommend backed both the winners on both tours – Ryan Fox at 55/1 and Scottie Scheffler at 25/1.

You can listen to this episode now via Apple / Spotify Google and all other major podcast directories (search Smart Betting Club)

Watch out for the return of the SBC Podcast Interview Series next week with a very special guest lined up!

Bookmaker Profits +2165 Points

The racing tool reviewed within SBC Issue 127 is something those of us who work at the Smart Betting Club use every day, hence why we so strongly recommend it.

This recommendation is based on the real-life profit it has made for us over the past 18 months and the knowledge that if followed as we outline, it can be profitable for anyone.

Here are the headline figures from the sample of 19975 bets taken across 6 bookmakers since August 2020 as featured in the review:

As you can imagine, a profit of 2165 points @ 10.84% ROI is not too shabby at all from this – based on 0.5 point each way level stakes on every bet.

Boosting The ROI To Nearly 30%!

As good as the 10.84% ROI undoubtedly was, we found that by applying some sensible filters we were able to hone in on the very best performing bets.

For example – the table below showcases the best filters all applied together, which over the course of 4943 bets boosted the ROI to 29.58%.

Its worth making clear that these filters (as explained in the review) are all logical and based on things like the odds and level of value assigned to a bet.

Betfair SP Profits +313 Points

For those of you looking for an easier solution, the review (and podcast) also outlines how it fares at Betfair SP after 2% commission was deducted.

Although the baseline profits from all 19975 bets only made a small edge at Betfair SP, we found that by applying some logical filters, based on odds and value, then we could really build a much bigger profit.

Below you can see how by focusing on just 4508 bets, we were able to make a 6.94% ROI over the course of the same 18 month period.


Available in PDF format, you can download SBC 127 right away with a Paid Smart Betting Club membership.

Best of all, we have negotiated a £66.75 discount on the cost of joining the service reviewed in SBC 127 if you are a Smart Betting Club member

When you consider you can join SBC for as little as £37.99 per quarter, you can effectively SAVE money if joining both services for a 3 month period!

And don’t forget about our money back guarantee which guarantees you your money back up to 90 days (dependent on subscription) if you are not satisfied.

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Racing Profit Alert: The racing service with an edge with bookmakers, Betfair SP & on the exchanges

Today has seen the release of the very latest SBC Magazine, Issue 127, featuring a major review of the Racing Tool that has generated a significant profit in our real-life tracking and usage of it over the past 18 months.

This unique product is not so much a tipster service, but a simple to use tool that highlights where value can be found each minute of the racing day.

In our investigations and judged over 20,000 bets, we discovered a profit with bookmakers, Betfair SP and if betting in the exchange live markets.

All told, there is an angle for everyone to enjoy and profit from!

You can read our extensive 30 page review in SBC 127, which is available to download now as a Smart Betting Club member.


Our massive review of this service leaves no stone unturned in how to best profit from its usage and includes details such as:

  • The 10.84% ROI and 2164 points profit made with bookmakers by backing the value bets it highlights.
  • Simple filters that can boost this to 29% ROI by focusing on the best performing bets.
  • The edge at Betfair SP showcasing a 6.94% ROI after 2% commission
  • How to use it to make a profit betting into the live Betfair or other Exchange markets away from Betfair SP
  • The amazing Algorithm introduced in 2021 which has only served to further boost profits.
  • Why we use it day-in, day-out as a crucial weapon in our betting armoury.


Best of all, we have negotiated a £66.75 discount on the cost of joining the service reviewed in SBC 127 if you are a Smart Betting Club member

When you consider you can join SBC for as little as £37.99 per quarter, you can effectively SAVE money if joining both services for a 3 month period!

Membership will also provide with all the other great aspects of joining the Smart Betting Club including…

  • SBC Magazines & Independent Tipster Reviews
  • Tipster Profit Reports
  • Bet Diary Pro – Real life tipster portfolio reports
  • Free Tipster Access
  • Pro Betting Fundamentals Guides & Insight Articles
  • Back Catalogue Access
  • Unique Tipster Savings & Trials
  • Bookmaker Restrictions Help
  • How I Make Money Betting Interviews

And don’t forget about our money back guarantee which guarantees you your money back up to 90 days (dependent on subscription) if you are not satisfied.

So why not join today and see what a difference an SBC membership can make to your betting.

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A Deep Dive Into The Value Machine 2.0

Version 2.0 of The Value Machine has now been released and the new version comes with a whole host of nifty upgrades that have improved an already very successful service.

The horse racing betting service is founded by one of the best racing tipsters around, Kieran Ward. I recently interviewed Kieran which you can view here.

It’s also available exclusively to SBC members with some time limited discount offers, including a 14 day trial for £7. More on that later on in this post.

Anyway, back to The Value Machine 2.0, and some of the upgrades to the service include…

Slicker, quicker odds feed – a dedicated odds feed that provides very accurate odds at all times.

New Telegram Alerts – fully customisable Telegram alerts that will notify you of value bets in real time, on the go.

Improved Results Logging & Tracking – The new version of The Value Machine also tracks the performance of your bets with an improved automatic results settling so you can keep a track on performance.

Plus, Kieran has developed a central dashboard where you can view the real-life result by those who are using the service.


The TVM Results Dashboard

I thought I would delve a little deeper into the new results dashboard and sift through the thousands of horse racing bets that have been placed by followers of The Value Machine 2.0.

This is the full history of the service since version 2.0 went live in early July and I’ve broken it down into the sections that make up the centralised dashboard.

You are welcome to explore this yourself via the results dashboard of course!

Stakes are set at £10 win or a £5 each-way where relevant.

First of all, an overall look at every bet placed using The Value Machine

A lovely upward curve here with total profit at the time of writing at £11,210. That’s going back to the start of July this year.

With the new addition of Telegram alerts, the dashboard also has a selection showing the results of these alerts.

Profit for this table is well over the 50k mark as it showcases the results of every Telegram alert sent to every user. So you will find there are often instances of the same bet being recorded multiple times.

Since July there have been 46180 Telegram alert bets for a profit at the time of writing of £54120.

And the final dashboard I wanted to pick out was the profit by bookmaker section. 

Looking at the results, every single major bookmaker is showing a profit, apart from Paddy Power and Betfair Sportsbook.

That means the following bookmakers were all in profit when using the TVM tool.

  • Bet365 – £6,330.40
  • Bet victor – £3,255.80
  • Betfred – £1,267.20
  • William Hill – £1,178.10
  • Skybet – £1,112.50
  • 888sport – £891.50
  • Unibet – £700.10

Some big profits are being made here!

Membership Options

The only way you can join The Value Machine is through SBC as public membership has been closed by Kieran to protect the service and how many people have access to it.

Not only this – but we also have some time-limited discounts available for members of the Smart Betting Club.

This includes a special 14 day trial of both the Monthly and Quarterly membership options for just £7, followed by discounted rates.

There is also a special low annual price at £347 (over 28% saving)

But please note – these prices are time limited and will be coming to an end soon! This is not a marketing gimmick but a chance for early users of the Value Machine 2.0 to get the best deal possible!

My Final Thoughts

The Value Machine is a service that I’ve been using myself so it is one of the betting services that make up my portfolio.

I can certainly vouch for all aspects of this newly revamped service especially as it’s backed by Kieran Ward who, as mentioned earlier, is one of the best racing tipsters out there.

His betting history is well vetted by the team at SBC and his profitable record goes back many years.

This tool puts Kieran’s strategy, knowledge and experience in the hands of the user to access high quality value bets whenever they feel like it. 

Which is something I’m very excited about going forward.

Learn more about TVM including subscriptions options here

All the best

Magic Multiples: How This £42.75 bet returned £8652.83!

Are you like one of the many successful gamblers that have faced restrictions from bookmakers due to your success?

Has this derailed your attempts to make some serious profit before you’ve even got started?

And maybe you’re looking for a solution but haven’t come across anything that can help yet?

If so then the Magic Multiples betting service (Currently 100% FREE to follow with SBC) might be the answer to your account restriction problems.

Especially given that just a few weeks back, it tipped up all 6 of these selections on the same day! Yes that’s a £42.75 bet returning £8652.83!

Check out this 9.9 points profit from an advised Super Yankee bet as well.

It was SO close to the 5 out of 5 as we explain below.

He’s how the bet went that was advised for racing on Monday this week:

  • 3.15 Lingfield – Faustus 5-2 generally. Won at 3/1
  • 5.30 Windsor – Secret Shadow 2-1 generally. Won at evens
  • 6.30 Windsor – Ooh Is It 7-4 generally. Won at 11/8
  • 7.30 Windsor – Patient Dream 9-4 generally. Won at 5/2
  • 8.15 Musselburgh – Silver Shade 2-1 generally. Pulled Up

You can see that we actually got quite unlucky on the last leg as the selection pulled up with a bad injury once being released out of the stalls. Advised at 2/1 it was well backed into evens and with his main challenger at 6/4 being beaten by a 12/1 shot you would have had to fancied its chances of winning. Some bookies even voided the bet, although our immediate concern was for the welfare of the horse following the injury suffered.

More on Magic Multiples

Magic Multiples is a service that tips value bets on horse racing and advises the bets in a multiple format designed to help with your betting in 2 main ways…

  1. The multiple bets compound the value found by the expert tipster behind the service meaning you’re making great bets
  2. Multiple bets are more ‘bookmaker friendly’ meaning your shrewd action is hidden from traders and your betting account will last longer

Not only does this strategy have these 2 huge benefits that can really help your betting but the service is massively profitable and is having an absolute stormer of a 2021.

This year alone, Magic Multiples has made a 166.81 point profit at advised prices, which works out at a huge 240.92% ROI.

If your account has Best Odds Guaranteed applied then your profit would have increased to 313.1 points profit at 126.63% ROI!

Here’s another benefit…

…this service is absolutely free to SBC members! You don’t need to pay a penny extra on top of a Smart Betting Club membership to get these tips!!

Our memberships are currently the lowest price they have ever been and come with the many other benefits and free tipsters included in the subscription.

Find out more about SBC memberships and Magic Multiples here

Best Regards

Peter Ling

Smart Betting Club
Owner and Founder

A 26.6% ROI in 23 weeks betting – this winning strategy in action

Last week I told you about the SBC member who made £8,402.02 through the amazing new racing strategy we have been recommending for sometime and in this post I have even more profitable stats to share.

And this one actually beats it for profit with a full £11,979.02 made!

This amazing profit was made by a SBC team member over a period of 23 weeks using the strategy and in the updated review we just released on it, we show you exactly how he did it!

This updated review outlines:

  • The full week-by-week breakdown on how he made this profit over a 23 week period.
  • The stakes he used, his strike-rate and more.
  • The full lowdown on the strategy he used and the type of bets struck.

Basically it’s a full explanation on how it works and how you can run it yourself.

Here’s a taster of some of the results from the 23 week period to give you an idea of just how potent this strategy is.

All told over the full 23 week period and 717 bets placed – a ROI of 26.6% has made. Don’t forget, these are actual real-life profits made by one team member using this strategy.

Discover More with an SBC membership

You can read the full lowdown on this strategy and how you can follow it with a Smart Betting Club membership.

Membership grants you access to each of our SBC Magazines, including Issue 122 which includes a full 27 page report on the potency of this winning strategy and how you can use it yourself.

We go into great detail on all aspects of how it works, the theory behind its success and our real-life profits from using it ourselves. We also put forward several different ways and options for those of you keen to use it yourself.

Now is also a great time to join us at the Smart Betting Club with membership prices extremely low (starting at just £29.99 per quarter).

Not only can you access winning strategies like the one above from SBC 122 but an SBC membership also grants you access to:

  • All our SBC Magazines & Independent Tipster Reviews (over 120 issues)
  • Tipster Profit Reports
  • Bet Diary Pro Access
  • Free Tipster Access (14 in total currently!)
  • Pro Betting Fundamentals Guides & Insight Articles
  • Back Catalogue Access
  • Unique Tipster Savings & Trials
  • Bookmaker Restrictions Help
  • How I Make Money Betting Interviews

Plus all our memberships our 30 day and 90 day no quibble money back guarantees.

Learn more about SBC memberships here

Kind regards

Smart Betting Club
Owner and Founder

£8,402.02 in 4 months – One bettors journey with this recommended racing strategy

Would you be happy with a £8,402.02 profit in 4 months from betting on horse racing?

OK well it’s a bit of an obvious answer for most of us I imagine, but the reason I pose it is because that is exactly how much one bettor has made following a winning strategy as reviewed and recommended by the team here at the Smart Betting Club.

Starting with a £2000 bankroll in late November 2020, by the start of April 2021, this strategy had turned it into £10,402.02 using just 3 bookmakers.

Hence the £8,402.02 profit!

Sounds too good to be true?

Well let me explain more and outline how you can discover more in-depth stats and evidence it is not (and why I use it myself)…

His Betting Journey Since November

The truth is that the bettor in question is actually a friend of mine who, having lost his job during the Covid-19 pandemic had time on his hands and a small bankroll to bet with.

It was at this point I spoke to him about the potency of this strategy, explained how it all worked and advised on how best to make it work for him. Even as a relatively inexperienced bettor he soon got to grips with it.

Starting with relatively small stakes as he familiarized himself with it all in action, as his profits accumulated, he then raised them long-term to an average of around £40 to £45 per bet.

In early April 2021 and as part of the updated SBC review just released, I asked him if he would mind sharing his profit figures and overall progress since he began, which he was only too happy to do so.

Especially as he is 8.5k up in a little over 4 months from using it and pretty pleased with proceedings!

A Strategy The SBC Team Uses

The only reason I put forward this strategy to my friend is that I personally knew it to work following my own tracking and usage of it for several months previously.

Since late November, his own success with it has only backed this up further and given more confidence were it needed (it wasn’t!) that this is a winning strategy.

All of which has led to the updated review of this strategy as recently published and available now to all Smart Betting Club members.

In it you can read…

  • The exact stakes and strategy my friend used to make the £8,402.02 profit since November.
  • Detailed results from other users and members of the SBC team who have had similar success using it
  • Walk-through video and guide on how it all works so you can copy it like many others are.
  • Full results analysis and breakdown of why this method is so profitable.

Read with an SBC membership

You can read full details on this strategy and how you can follow it the instant you join the Smart Betting Club.

Membership also comes with several other benefits including major discounts on top tipsters, all our independent reviews and reports as well as access to several top quality free tipsters.

Sign-up today and get started immediately.

When exactly should you place your racing bets & why Betfair SP isn’t always the answer. New report reveals all.

As part of our recent focus on exchange betting, today we have published a special report exploring the Betfair racing market and exactly when you should bet to get the best value odds.

Examining the live market odds for 30,861 horses that have run so far in 2020, we have compared the best prices at several time points before the race starts and Betfair SP itself.

This analysis has identified several trends and patterns that can help you time the placement of your bets for the greatest possible profit. Ensuring you get the highest odds possible.

For example, one clear pattern was found at short prices, whereby a 9.3% increase in odds could be obtained simply by betting early.

Another trend came at larger odds where there is a clear edge simply by taking Betfair SP above a certain threshold. Yet it was also clear that Betfair SP is not always the optimal way to bet and knowing when and where can make a difference to your bet returns.

This report also threw up several other findings of note and if you bet on horse racing on the exchanges, whether it be at Betfair SP or in the pre-race Betfair market, this guide is for you

Part of our Exchange Betting Racing Special

This special report forms part of our recent focus on exchange betting, specifically surrounding horse racing tipsters who make a profit on Betfair or at Betfair SP.

Tipsters such as this extremely popular racing tipster with a 16.51% ROI on the betting exchanges or this Betfair SP tipster with a 10.10% ROI since 2012.

You can gain full access to this special Betfair racing report AND all of the tipsters we recommend for usage on the exchanges with a Smart Betting Club membership.

Sign-up now and get started immediately!

Racing Not Your Thing??
If you are not interested in horse racing – don’t worry. In the next SBC Magazine, we are beginning a very special series focusing on golf betting including 2 fantastic tipsters we fully recommend! Keep your eyes peeled for information on this coming soon.

Best regards,

Peter Ling
Smart Betting Club Editor

If you have any questions on this email or a Smart Betting Club membership in general, you can contact me directly via I respond to all emails as quickly as I can!

We Hear You Paddy: £5229.20 Profit From A £80 Bet

If you like reading about betting success stories, then you must check out the bet below whereby one punter (and SBC member) took Paddy Power for £5229.20…And all from a simple £80 Trixie!

The member in question was kind enough to share with me his bet slip (reproduced with permission below) where you can see just what a fantastic profit he made:


Of course – highlighting big winners is all well and good but how exactly did he pick out these bets?

And more importantly – how could you potentially do the same?

Well the the reason he contacted us about this success is because 2 recent Smart Betting Club reports inspired him to place this bet. Here is what he told me:

“Having recently read about the effect of multiple tips for the same horse AND also the ideas on multiples, I decided to combine the two ideas. On just my second day, this trixie came in.”

He is referring here to our Racing Profit Maximiser and Magic of Multiples Reports – both of which are available now to all Smart Betting Club members.

Firstly – The Racing Profit Maximiser outlines a simple strategy that can help you focus on the best, most effective bets. Enabling you to bet less and make more.

Secondly – The Magic of Multiples Report showcases how you can increase your profits by utilising some very effective multiple betting strategies.

Combine the two and you have an excellent strategy to identify the best bets and them combine them into multiples that potentially can reap huge rewards.

Just as this SBC member found out on Friday with his £5229.20 winning bet! Although I am actually doing him a dis-service as he actually did even better, telling me: “Given the singles and within tipster multiples, I was £8000 up on the day”

It is also worth pointing out that this success is no flash in the pan – as proven by the punter up 46.5k from his own multiple betting I discussed a few weeks back. You can read about him here.

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The Magic Of Multiples

Learn how you can increase your profits by utilising some very simple multiple betting strategies including:
  • The theory behind successful multiple betting.
  • How betting in multiples can keep you under the bookies’ radar.
  • The best multiple bet strategies to follow (how and why they work).
  • Real-life evidence of when multiple betting works

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Racing Profits Maximiser

Learn how to bet less and make more in our ground-breaking report including:

• How to easily identify the most profitable racing tips using the RPM Strategy.

• Discover how this strategy turned a 11.9% ROI into 22.9% (11% increase).

• Understand how you can use it to make a profit betting at Betfair SP.

• PLUS view 6 ready to use Racing Profits Maximiser ‘Tipster Portfolios’ for you to get started with…

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