SBC Horse Racing – Proven Ways To Profit

Welcome to the SBC Premium Horse Racing Section, where you can find the very best horse racing tipsters as handpicked by the SBC team.

Horse racing is a sport with so many nuances and opportunities to find profitable edges. Here, we present eight services with long-term records and impressive returns on investment (ROI).

Each of these services have been independently proofed and analysed in depth by the SBC team, so you can be sure that their records are genuine and that they have proven themselves to make a profit for those following them in.

The best thing about having several tipsters available is that you can find those that meet your needs. Whether you want to bet daily or weekly, with bookmakers or exchanges, at short odds or on outsiders, over jumps or on the flat, we are sure that there is a service here for you. For those of you limited to exchanges, we discuss each service with that in mind, as well as providing some guidance for you that can be found at the bottom of this page.

Performance and Results Tracking

Before detailing each tipster’s profile, it is worth looking at their cumulative profits in the following chart*:

*excludes The Value Machine due to subscriber selection model

You can find a full history for each of the SBC Racing services via our regularly updated SBC Racing spreadsheet with individual sheets available on each service page (linked on the tabs to the left-hand side and below).

As you can see, over the last 10 years, SBC Racing services have made sustained profits with impressive growth each year and an overall ROI of 12.80%. Staking at advised stakes during this period would have seen a profit of £5,864! 

Choosing The Right Service For You

Below, we have provided a snapshot of each of our Premium Racing services so you can make an informed decision on which tipster(s) suit your requirements. This table captures the key features of each of them to provide a starting point.

The Current 7 SBC Horse Racing Premium Services 

Irish Cash Consortium

Managed by Matthew Walton, ‘ICC’ is run by Aidan, who employs his ‘little black book’ of contacts to get the inside track on a market that many tipsters have tried (and failed!) to crack – Irish racing.

Simple to follow with a handful of single bets each day there is Irish racing, Irish Cash Consortium has built up an extremely impressive record since the service’s inception in 2021. Best of all, ICC is open to everyone as it has shown itself to be consistently profitable on exchanges, even at the sharpest of lines – BSP.

Bets are sent out by email once the markets have matured (normally by mid-morning), with low price sensitivity and a fair price recording policy making it perfect for anyone looking to add an Irish racing service into their portfolio.

Kieran Ward’s 13/2 – 8/1 Racing Service

Using Kieran Ward’s magnificent ‘Value Machine’, this service provides a curated service that takes selections from this price ‘sweet spot’ each day.

A simple list arrives by email at mid-morning and provides value propositions with a wide array of bookmaker odds available for each and every bet.

A double-digit ROI from over 10,000 bets demonstrates how consistent and solid this service is, with a record going back to 2011 a testament to its longevity.

No Foto Needed

Run by an industry insider, No Foto Needed is a relatively new service to the Smart Betting Club Premium Area after having his record proofed since the start of 2021 (and providing his service for free to SBC members between March and August 2022). This period saw No Foto Needed achieve a ROI of 17.43% and 393 points profit from only 1,461 bets.

By concentrating on higher class races, this service provides selections with obtainable prices that are unlikely to cause issues with bookmaker accounts. Furthermore, the bet release time (between 11am and 12:30pm) means that exchange markets normally have sufficient liquidity for more sizeable stakes.

To provide extra value to followers, No Foto Needed provides a detailed rationale for his selections alongside reflections on the previous day’s picks. A low volatility service, NFN is exclusively available to SBC members and has demonstrated a consistent edge against the market.

Optimum Racing

Run by Andrew Lowrie (co-host of the excellent Pro Bet Podcast), Optimum Racing is a specialist service with over 2 decades of providing positive returns for customers. Since proofing began in 2015, Optimum Racing has produced a ROI of 23.89% and 176 points profit, all from only 537 bets.

This selectivity is one core strength of the service, with another being Andrew’s experience of using sectional timings to evaluate races in different ways from the ‘racing crowd’ to gain his edge.

To supplement his recommended tips, Andrew also provides his thoughts on the day’s chasing races in his podcast email for subscribers. This service is low maintenance, consistent and has low volatility, making it a perfect addition to any betting portfolio.

If you are interested in the mechanics of following, the performance of ‘non account’ bets and other information (including exchange performance), The SBC’s Josh wrote this blog post about following Optimum Racing from the start of 2023.

Precision Value

A 2nd SBC Racing service run by racing expert, Kieran Ward. Using Kieran’s Value Method, Precision Value focuses on horses priced between 7/4 and 5/1 and has returned a solid 8.51% ROI for followers since proofing began in 2011, resulting in a staggering 926.69% Return On Capital (ROC).

By being selective and specialising on horses with shorter odds, this is a low to medium volatility service, with consistent and sustainable returns. This is demonstrated by the fact that a £2,000 bank would have generated profits of £18,553.70 since the service’s inception, with a positive return in 11 of those 12 years.

To add further credence to this record, Precision Value only settles at prices available with 2 or more bookmakers on the Oddschecker grid, meaning that account restrictions are less likely due to taking stand out prices.

Pricewise with PCB

A curated service run by the professional bettor Paul Chandler-Burns, Pricewise with PCB filters advice from the Racing Post racing guru, Tom Segal, making them easier to follow (and increasing profitability!).

Removing weaker suggestions, more blended staking to reflect Tom Segal’s confidence and employing each-way betting to lessen variance are just a few of the ways that Paul improves upon what you will find in the Racing Post and this approach is vindicated when comparing the profitability of the two sets of tips since the start of 2022 (-9.17% ROI for Tom Segal and 12.41% ROI for Pricewise with PCB).

Best of all, this service is profitable by every metric imaginable – advised prices, BSP and even ISP have been shown to return excellent results, making this a viable service for any bettor to follow.

The Value Machine

A unique service in the SBC Horse Racing Premium Area as you select your horses using a profitable system developed by racing expert, Kieran Ward. Results tracking for this system (for all bets) shows a strike rate of 15.96% with a ROI of 9.84%. Our proofing has shown that backing every one of the 41,113 recommended horses since July 2021 (without any filtering) would have returned £42,430 profit using £10 stakes.

The best thing about this service is that it is flexible and you can be selective. Instead of waiting for tips or recommendations to be delivered to your inbox, you can log on to the Value Machine at any time to find value bets. This is perfect for if you have a particular time of the day (or week) when you like to place your bets as the system constantly updates with live odds feeds to produce value propositions.

The system also allows customisation as you can filter by odds ranges, available bookmakers and single/multiple selections in a race and get notifications sent to you directly after setting up your filters.

Choosing the right service for you

We hope that this has provided a snapshot to help you to choose the perfect horse racing tipster to add to your portfolio. To find out more about each of these services, we have dedicated pages for each on the left of the page where you can find more detailed results reporting, statistical analysis, tipping methodologies, in-person interviews and much more!


With bookmaker restrictions rife, exchanges provide an alternative for many of us looking to bet on horses. This Betfair Racing Market Analysis provides analysis of how these markets work (and when and how to use them) and although it focusses on Betfair, is likely to be applicable to other exchanges too, even if they have less liquidity in general.

We now have a dedicated page for Exchange & Sharp Bookmaker tipsters that SBC Members can access here. If you are not a SBC Member and would like to know more about this section of the website, you can see examples of posts and a breakdown of what is inside here.