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Introducing The Golf Insider

The ‘Golf Insider’ features advice from a proven golf betting expert who knows the sport inside out and most crucially of all he also knows exactly how to make a profit betting on it – as has been proven over the past 6 years.

At level stakes, he has made a profit of 535.05 points @ 22.97% ROI since 2014 since conception in April 2014 (all of which has been proofed to us) so you can understand why we recommend him.

Employed as a golf trader for a major bookmaker, the Golf Insider has a finely tuned ability to spot value bets in the golfing betting market and to target the ‘blindspots’ the odds compilers have when it comes to the sport.

Further driven by his own knowledge of Golf and his contacts within the professional game, the Golf Insider’s approach is also underpinned by his own, bespoke model that uses a complex set of inter-related algorithms to accurately predict the chances, and so correct value odds, of each player in the field.

Put simply – he is a bonafide Golf betting expert and he has the record to show it!

To allow the Golf Insider to concentrate on what he does best (picking winners!), he has teamed up with betting expert, Matthew Walton, who manages his service for him – sending out his tips and generally ensuring everything runs smoothly (well for punters at least, not the bookies).

Matthew is a familiar name to SBC members and having got to know him over several years – I can safely say he is one of the betting industries ‘good guys’.

He prides himself on offering a high quality and personalised service, with the focus on making it as easy as possible for you to get your bets on and most importantly of all – achieve a profit from your betting.

Here at SBC, we have been proofing the Golf Insider since 2014 and having watched him build up a fine record of performance over more than 2000 bets during this period, it’s clear this betting expert knows his stuff!

You can get signed-up right away via or read on for more on this exciting and unique offer.


Excellent Profits From Both Outright and 3-Ball Tips

The Golf Insider provides two main types of bets – outright tournament tips and 3 ball bets. The Outright bets are the main focus as this is where the majority of value lies with around 4-5 bets per Golf tournament. The 3 ball bets are advised less frequently but still have added a good proportion of profits.

Tips are sent on well in advance of each tournament starting each week, with all bets clearly and concisely listed with a full reasoning behind each outright selection.


What matters most though are the results and the main service bets – the Outright tournament selections which have made a £11,528.77 profit at 10.57% ROI from 2014 bets thus far.

With most Outright tips available at big prices – the average odds are 80/1, you don’t need many winners to turn a fantastic profit from these selections.


Alongside the Outright bets, you can also expect to receive regular 3-ball bets, which are less frequent, yet can be extremely lucrative as the stats prove. Over the course of 315 bets, these have made a £5,089.22 profit at 20.11% ROI.


Most Golf Insider members follow both the Outright and 3-ball bets to make the largest return possible and as a combination they have made a £16,617.49 profit at 12.36% ROI.

Here is how the combined results stack-up long-term:


All of the advised tips are quoted to achievable odds and via a sensible staking plan.

The majority of Outright bets are advised at sums as £10, £15, £20 or £25 each way, although you can simply follow to the stakes you prefer or feel comfortable with.

Stakes for 3-ball bets sit are either £50 or £100 to win, although given the much higher strike-rate at over 52%, these bets win more than they lose!


For those of you who prefer to bet at level stakes, then even greater profits and ROI figures have been achieved since day one.

Sticking a total of 1 point on each of the 2329 bets, would have made a huge profit of 535.05 points @ 22.97% ROI since 2014 as the table below attests to:

Following at level stakes does make for a greater ‘rollercoaster ride’ than at advised stakes as you end up risking more on some of the bigger priced bets. Yet for those of you happy to do this – the rewards are very clear indeed!


Bronze Award Winner – 2019 SBC Awards

To further highlight just how popular this service is with his subscribers, the Golf Insider was rewarded with the Bronze Award for the ‘Best Sports Tipster’ in the 2019 Smart Betting Club Awards.

Voted for by Smart Betting Club members in December 2018, these awards recognise those tipsters who have made a difference to punters lives through the quality of betting advice they supply.


Easy To Get Your Bets On

Of course, it’s not just the excellent performance witnessed during the past 5 years that makes Golf Insider so appealing but the relative ease of getting your bets matched.

This is because most bookmakers are willing to accept golf bets and you can often find great value prices available on many of the exchanges.

For example – the Matchbook Exchange has seen a tremendous amount of growth in their own Golf betting markets and they alongside their competitors – Betfair and Smarkets offer you the chance to get good sized bets on without issue.

Exclusive 60-Day Trial For SBC Members

Best of all, in order to showcase the service to as many of you as possible, Matthew has put together a special 60-day trial of the Golf Insider especially for SBC members.

This enables you to sign-up with him today and if for any reason you are not happy with the Golf Insider service, you can get a full refund within your first 60 days.

Effectively you can sign-up today, try the service out for size and if it’s not for you, request your money back and walk away. Even if you decide to do this on Day 59!

Should you wish to continue as a member after the 60-day trial ends, the cost stands at £44.40 per month.

PLUS A 10% Discount!!

Not only do you get a 60 day trial, but you can also save 10% on the usual cost of membership.

Again this is exclusively only available to you as an SBC member.

So rather than a total (inclusive of VAT) of £44.40 per month, it will cost you just £40 per month if you choose to stay as a member.

Matthew has put together a special Golf Insider page for SBC members over at where you can find out a lot more information and also sign-up for the 60-day trial.

Should you have any questions, you can also get hold of Matthew both via email and over the phone where he will be only too happy to discuss this offer with you.


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