The Value Machine – with New & Improved Features (Including on Exchanges!)

Prices crashing seconds after tips are posted.

Account restrictions or closures for taking early prices.

Inconvenient release times that clash with family or work commitments.

Reliance on certain bookmakers and the use of concessions.

These are just a few of the issues that followers face when looking for tipster services and in an ever changing marketplace, betting with nous and using different outlets is essential.

All of this makes self selection services, where value can be identified all day, every day more attractive for those looking to make money from their horse racing betting.

Calculating true odds, finding value in both win and each-way bets and even strategies that are profitable on exchanges – there is a service that does all of this – it is called The Value Machine.

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Watch Our Video Guide To How The Value Machine Works

For an explanation of how The Value Machine works, you can watch this interview with the creator of the service, Kieran Ward, where he talks us through:

  • How The Value Machine finds profitable bets
  • Its long-term record of performance
  • Customising it to suit you!
  • Using Telegram for bet alerts and the practical usage of it
  • Options on how to follow with bookmakers and exchanges

Expert Racing Tips On DEMAND!

The Value Machine is a unique web based program from expert tipster, Kieran Ward, which allows you to replicate the betting results from his successful Value Method when it is convenient for you.

You can run The Value Machine whenever and wherever you like and it will pump out the best tips available at that time according to the current odds available and the bookmakers you hold accounts with.

The selections generated by the Value Machine are those based on Kieran’s successful Value Method – enabling ANYBODY (regardless of knowledge, experience or expertise) to access these tips.

The Value Machine is ideal for those of you:

  • Keen to follow a genuine proven tipster on your terms
  • Who want to be able to bet with flexibility at any time of the day
  • Who want to bet 7 days a week 
  • Restricted to using certain bookmakers
  • Who prefer to bet at specific odds ranges
  • Who want to develop strategies that work on exchanges

A Brand New Exchange Angle

With the edge at bookmakers well established, recent sampling has concentrated on exchange edges and how best to use The Value Machine at the sharpest end of the market.

Various strategies were fruitful but backing longer priced horses has proved itself to be extremely profitable, with a 11.53% ROI, all at BSP!

As you would expect with horses priced at 20/1 and over, this strategy has volatile ups and downs but the figures are as follows:

  • 7,320 value bets at 20/1 or higher were identified during this period
  • 4.59% of bets won
  • £10 per bet staking resulted in £8,438.91 profit
  • This represented a 11.53% ROI

The great thing about The Value Machine is that you can build up these strategies on your own. The filters in the software mean that back-testing results or testing new ideas is possible, all with just a few clicks!

We asked Kieran if the service is suitable for those who only have Betfair (or other exchanges) for their horse racing betting and he had the following to say:

‘The short answer is a resounding YES!

Just backing The Value Machine selections on the exchanges at advised prices (when identified) will return substantial profits in the long term.

For example, one subscriber bet 4,300 selections in the space of 4 months and made 370 points of profit at an ROI of 7.8% – and that was all just betting with SBK!

In addition, there are a number of strategies for betting The Value Machine selections at Betfair Starting Price which produce excellent long-term profits!’

How The Value Machine Works

The Value Machine is a simple, easy to use website with no download required – you can login to whenever you please find the best bets.

Each time you click the ‘Run’ button on The Value Machine, it applies a set of complex selection criteria to every runner on the given day before carrying out a detailed analysis of the live betting market to identify value bets.

The Value Machine then fires out the best selections with the odds to take and the bookmakers offering that price. All you have to do is put these bets on with the bookies at the advised prices.


You don’t have to download or install anything. You don’t even have to be on your PC – you can login to the site and run the machine from your tablet or even your mobile phone.

Let me repeat just how simple it is to use ‘The Value Machine’:

  1. Log in to the members site
  2. Click the run button
  3. Place your bets where advised
  4. Sit back and relax knowing that you have taken value!

You can also now get direct alerts to your phone and/or computer with the newly integrated Telegram notification service as well. Making it more usable than ever!

Why The Value Machine Is So Good

The Value Machine is based on the very same strategy that has made Kieran’s Value Method such a success since 2011.

It has stacked up the profits every year of operation, supplying tips at 10.30am every day for its loyal followers.

Where the Value Machine is different is that it allows you to run this strategy at a time that suits you.

Best of all, with the new Telegram alert system, you can actually get notified when a value bet appears – saving you the need to login and run The Value Machine itself!

Track The Performance of The Value Machine

To make it as easy as possible to track the performance of The Value Machine, Kieran has developed a central dashboard where you can view all the real life results as generated by those actually using it live!

View The Value Machine Results Dashboard

You can run reports to view all of the following:

  • Total Profit Backing ALL Value Machine Selections to a £10 Unit Stake
  • Total Profit Backing ALL Subscriber Telegram Alerts to a £10 Unit Stake
  • Actual Profit by Subscriber
  • The Raw Data Of Every Single Bet Logged: Win & Each Way Performance
  • Profit By Bookmakers (Each Way & Win At £10 Stakes)
  • And much more besides!

We have profiled some different filtered strategies below but to give you an idea of the service’s overall record we can look at these headline figures, which show returns for EVERY Value Machine selection since inception (up to 11/07/2023):

  • 64,042 bets have been identified
  • 15.99% of them won
  • £10 per bet staking would have returned £62,180 in profit
  • This translates into a 9.71% ROI

Sample Value Machine Results – 4 Different Approaches

The beauty of the Value Machine is that you can run it when you want and also choose the type of tips you want to back – all based on your personal preferences.

To showcase how you can tailor the tips to suit your requirements, below you can see the results if you had followed 4 different approaches as generated by the Value Machine since version 2.0 launched in July 2021. We trialled each strategy for fifteen months to build up a sizeable sample.

You can download a results spreadsheet that showcases each of the bets for all 4 options via this link.

Option 1: The Best Tips At All Prices! (+9.18% ROI)

If you really wanted to maximise your profits running The Value Machine, these are the results if you had backed every tip put forward – including several winners as high as 66/1.

The profit total from this approach stands at £38,690.00 to £10 stakes at 9.91% ROI

This method would have seen you place an average of around 104 bets per day! Clearly more than most people will manage, but it shows you the profit potential…

Option 2: The Best Tips Between 7/4 and 3/1

For those of you looking to bet on less tips every day and at the front end of the market, Option 2 displays the results if you backed each tip that was priced between 7/4 and 3/1.

The profit total from this approach stands at £3,340.00 to £10 stakes at 7.57% ROI

This method would have seen you place an average of around 12 bets per day.

Option 3: The Best Tips Between 7/4 and 5/1

For those of you looking to take on a few more tips each day, Option 3 displays the results if you backed each tip that was priced between 7/4 and 5/1.

The profit total from this approach stands at £11,990.00 points to £10 stakes at 10.60% ROI

This method would have seen you place an average of around 31 bets per day.

Option 4: The Best Tips Between 5/1 and 10/1

For those of you looking to take on more value, then Option 4 displays the results if you backed each tip that was priced between 5/1 and 10/1.

The profit total from this approach stands at £12,490.00 to £10 stakes at 9.02% ROI

This method would have seen you place an average of around 32 bets per day.

Customising The Value Machine To Suit You

There are several ways you might choose to customise The Value Machine to make it suit your own betting preferences, each of which adds extra value:

Choose the odds you want to bet at
If you prefer to bet at short or even long odds, you can tailor the Value Machine to identify the best tips inside a certain odds range only.

Choose the bookmakers you can bet with
If you don’t have an account available with a bookmaker – you can remove them from the list of firms included so only those bookmakers you want included appear when you run your value scan. For example – if you can’t bet with Ladbrokes, there is no point in being advised that they are offering a value price on a horse. The Value Machine enables you to remove any such bookmakers from appearing.

Choose bets available with a set number of firms
The Value Machine will also allow you to choose a minimum number of bookmakers offering a value price. Ideal for those of you who want to split your stakes on any bets so as to go under the radar.

Choose how many bets you place in each race
The Value Machine occasionally picks more than 1 tip in the same race. If you prefer, you can choose a maximum number of selections per race that The Value Machine will identify. Ideal for those of you who don’t like backing more than one tip in the same race.

That’s Not All – Yet More Reasons To Use The Value Machine…

Replicate the incredible results of the Value Method – if you secure access to The Value Machine, you will be able to replicate the results of the Value Method yourself at the click of a button.

Your Machine Doesn’t Need a Day Off  – It’s worth noting that Kieran has never sent out tips from the Value method on a Sunday – all the profits generated were produced during a 6-day week. The Value Machine, however, doesn’t need a day off – nor does it take holidays!   Again, in the long term, this means greater profits!

Bet when you want, where you want – With the Value Machine, there is no need to be available to place bets at particular times each day. You simply run the software when you have a few moments and you don’t need to be sat beside your PC – access the Value Machine direct from your tablet or even your phone.

The Value Machine is the perfect value-finding solution for users who are out of the house during the day and only get to grab a few minutes at odd times. Whenever you are available, The Value Machine will identify value price selections in seconds, at the click of a button.

As you can run The Value Machine whenever it suits you, you don’t face the issue of trying to secure a price at the same time as everybody else following a tipster. No more chasing a rapidly disappearing price!

Automate your record keeping – Another nifty feature that added to The Value Machine – Once you have backed a selection, you tick a box next to its name and it’s transferred to another record keeping area. That ensures that it won’t appear in subsequent Value scans and there is no danger of you backing it twice.

At the end of the day, The Value Machine, sorts those bets for you, works out the results and give you a running profit and loss total. You can then export your results to an excel spreadsheet, csv file or, on a big win day, even print them out if you like!

Detailed recording of all your bets is essential in putting your betting on a professional footing and The Value Machine has you covered.

This feature alone saves you a vast amount of time each month!

New & Improved Version 2.0 Now Available

To make The Value Machine even more usable, in July, Kieran rolled out version 2.0 of the service which features a wide array of enhancements all designed to help you maximise the profit you make.

Slicker, quicker odds feed!
One of the most difficult things to track are the actual real-time odds that a bookmaker is offering on a horse. Even websites like Oddschecker are often quickly out of date and it can lead to frustration that when you go to place a bet, the odds quoted are not accurate.

To get around this problem, Kieran invested a lot of time and money into developing a dedicated odds feed that provides him with very accurate odds at all times. This functionality is now fully live in version 2.0 and makes a massive difference to the simplicity of using The Value Machine as the odds quoted are almost always readily available.

New Telegram Alerts
Perhaps the best new feature in version 2.0 is the ability to get a notification on Value Machine bets via the instant messenger program – Telegram. You can get this app free of charge on both your mobile and laptop and you will receive a notification whenever there is a bet that meets your settings.

You can also customise Telegram alerts to only work with set bookmakers, odds ranges and at set times of the day to suit you. You can also turn it on and off as you wish!

Improved Results Logging & Tracking
This new version of The Value Machine also tracks the performance of your bets with improved automatic results settling so you can keep a track on performance. You can also see any rule 4’s that were applied, adjust stakes and bookmakers used, whilst you can also use Telegram to log the bets you have taken and the stakes placed.

Best of all you can see all these stats in the results section of The Value Machine and export them into a spreadsheet for further analysis.

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Currently Kieran is not accepting new members to The Value Machine, although you are welcome to register your interest for when they become available in the future by joining his waiting list by using the form below: