No Foto Needed – Outstanding Daily Racing Tips that are Profitable on Exchanges!

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Following a HUGELY successful period as a FREE SBC Tipster, No Foto Needed is now charging a subscription fee to receive all of his outstanding daily racing tips.

So whether you have followed him in when his service was free between March and August 2022 or are brand new to his service, now is the time to sign-up!

The added bonus here is that this service is an option for everyone as it has been shown to be profitable to the Betfair Starting Price (BSP).

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New – Walkthrough Video on No Foto Needed & Fair Odds Policy

One of the key questions you need to ask on any racing tipster is how the odds on tips are 1) quoted and settled plus 2) if they move quickly after being advised or not.

In this new reaction video discussing the 5 tips advised by No Foto Needed on Thursday the 11th August, I show how the odds quoted held up in the market using live odds information available on Oddschecker.



Profitable, Realistic Racing Tips From A Racing Expert

The No Foto Needed service is the latest addition to SBC’s Premium Tipster range and features winning racing tips as supplied by a true racing expert.

Supplying an average of 3-4 tips most days and all at fair and realistic odds (as quoted at around 11am to midday when the markets are stable), No Foto Needed has developed a loyal following, thanks in large part to his performance when one of SBC’s very own free tipsters.

During this free 6 month period between the 14th of March 2022 and the 12th August – No Foto Needed made a profit of 138 points @ 22.79% ROI as a ‘Free Tipster’

With a longer-term record dating back to January 2021 of a similar level, he is undoubtedly a true expert to listen to on each day’s racing.

Now through this exclusive service, not only can you gain access to his tips but in his daily email, No Foto Needed will explain very clearly why he fancies the horse with a daily review about the previous day selections. Giving you insight into the mind of a profitable racing bettor.

The Insider Behind ‘No Foto Needed’

The tipster behind the ‘No Foto Needed’ service is somebody who currently works within the betting industry and is therefore hugely qualified to supply winning racing tips via this service.

This is an individual well known to us at the Smart Betting Club and somebody we have been aware of for several years as a true expert in his field.

Given his pedigree and standing within the betting world, he has to protect his identity as to reveal his real name could have implications for his current day job!

Thus the identity of ‘No Foto Needed’ was born – as a way for him to supply advice via this specially curated SBC ran service, without having to put his real name to its operation.

Here at SBC, we help oversee his operation and put our name to his service in order to leave him to what he does best – picking winners!


The Performance Of No Foto Needed’s Tips

No Foto Needed began proofing his advice to us in early 2021 as a means to showcase his expertise and over the course of his first 15 months (Jan 21 to March 22) he made such a profit that we setup his Free Tipster service for SBC members to follow.

This free service ran from March 2022 to August 2022 and was a resounding success, making a 138 point profit at 22.79% ROI over the course of 406 bets.

Then from August 13th 2022 onwards, No Foto Needed has been supplying his advice exclusively for members of his new paid-service, which you can subscribe via the links at the bottom of this page.

All combined, between January 2021 and the 13th January 2023, No Foto Needed has made a profit of 400 points @ 16.90% ROI from 1,540 bets in total. You can see the breakdown of these figures below:

For those of you wishing to explore these results further, you can access a Google Sheets spreadsheet via this link. This results spreadsheet will be updated on a regular basis with the latest figures.

No Foto Needed’s 28% ROI At Betfair SP

These excellent profits can also be achieved (and even exceeded) by using exchanges – as was recently illustrated in a special review of the service in SBC Issue 132.

Since proofing began, No Foto Needed’s selections have provided a 28.03% Return On Investment (ROI) at the Betfair Starting Price (BSP). Despite small fluctuations from month to month, the service has also shown a relative level of consistency with both years to date providing returns of over 25%.

You will note that we have less selections at Betfair SP than the service has advised in general and that is because we were only able to match 87.1% of the selections at Betfair SP. This is down to a few factors and usually just a name mismatch – for example Betfair might add an apostrophe in a different place in a horses name or spell it slightly differently. Additional a few double bets, which are rarely advised by No Foto Needed, yet can not be matched at Betfair SP.

If interested in following at Betfair SP or indeed live Betfair prices, you can simply follow the service as prescribed in the Betfair win market and split any each way bets between the Betfair win and Betfair place market. If for example No Foto Needed advises a 1 point each way bet, you would put 1 point on the horse to win and 1 point on it to place.

Further advice, information and guidance on how best to follow No Foto Needed on the Exchanges and at Betfair SP can be found in SBC Issue 132.

December 2022 Update: Due to demand, we are working on building up a full record of No Foto Needed performance at Betfair SP and keeping an ongoing log of results to this. We expect this to be available soon.


How These Tips Fared When Supplied Free To SBC Members

As part of a tie-up with SBC to help expose the quality of No Foto Needed’s advice, he supplied all advice free of charge to SBC members between the 14th of March and the 12th August 2022, during which time the service thrived.

All told, over the course of 406 bets advised during this free trial period, a profit of 138 points @ 22.79% ROI has been made.

Every single one of these bets was supplied free of charge to SBC members who signed-up to his free mailing list and enjoyed the fruits of his tipping success.








Service Nuts & Bolts

Here is more on how it all works as a member of No Foto Needed:

About: The tipster behind the service specializes in better class races usually from 0-120+ handicaps over the jumps and from 0-70+ handicaps on the flat along with all the graded contests in the U.K and Ireland. His prices average at around 13/2 over the year and are available at most of the top bookmakers that feature on Oddschecker and is very fair at what price is available. His edge is that he rarely selects favorites and is always looking for value. In his daily email, No Foto Needed will explain very clearly why he fancies the horse with a daily review about the previous day selections which is very informative going forward.

Bet Timing: Tips are sent at approximately between 11am-12am every morning unless stated otherwise. There will be occasional days and periods when bets might come earlier or later, especially on very busy racing days where there is a lot to examine.

Bet Type: Bets are advised from 0-to 3pts win or each way but generally the average bet is usually 1pt to 2pts win or each way with the occasional stronger investment at 3pts.

Bookmakers: Tips are available at all major bookmakers.

Number of Bets: The number of bets vary in line with the quantity and quality of racing but you can expect an average of between 45 to 60 selections in any given month. Sometimes more, sometimes less .

Betting Banks: We advocate a 150 point betting bank for this service.

Best Odds Guaranteed: For clarity, No Foto Needed has always kept a record of performance based on those bookmakers offering Best Odds Guaranteed uplift on winners. This pays out at a bigger price if the SP is larger then those advised. You can view a record of those bets whereby BOG was applied in the results sheet.


What You Get As A Member – Recap!

As a member of the No Foto Needed Premium Service, here is what you can expect:

  • Daily racing tips on the best value bets from a real expert – all supplied via email.
  • Analysis as per each selection and just why No Foto Needed sees it as a value bet.
  • Reflections and summaries on the previous days bets and what happened and why.
  • Realistic and fair odds quoting and settlement.
  • Sensible staking advice and a value strategy.
  • Insight into a true racing expert’s brain!

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