Inside Information from an Irish Racing Specialist: Profitable with Bookmakers, on Exchanges and even at Betfair SP!

Reports from trainers, yard informants and contacts all over the Emerald Isle – all available to YOU with this ‘Inside Information’ service.

Over 1,700 bets have yielded an 18.25% ROI to advised prices.

Best of all, this service is suitable for all. An 14.50% ROI has been recorded at BSP!

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Irish Expert Racing Tips – BSP & Bookmaker Edge

14/1 into 7/2, won.

10/1 into 2/1, won.

20/1 into 6/1, won.

100/1 into 18/1, won.

This is just a sample of some of the results posted by Irish Cash Consortium since it launched in March 2021 and they are not isolated incidents – from 1,774 bets this service has delivered 335.06 points of profit at a 18.25% ROI to advised prices as well as delivering 266.1 points of profit at BSP at a ROI of 14.50%.

Check out the results to both advised bookmaker prices and Betfair SP in the chart below:

Note: The Betfair SP figures discount 2% commission on any winners so are reflective of what is realistically obtainable.

The Irish Connection

Managed by Matthew Walton, a man behind many of the very best services we have dealt with over the years, Irish Cash Consortium is run by ‘Aidan’, a figure who keeps his identity secret to maintain his contacts.

Aidan has a priceless ‘little black book’ and he uses his connections to get an insight into a horses’ well-being and fitness along with reports directly from the people who work with them every day. This information is often reflected in the market close to the off, but with Irish Cash Consortium, you get the information first, allowing you to profit!

‘Steamers’ don’t tell the whole story. As you will see below, these bets have been profitable at the sharpest of lines, demonstrating how bets can be used by anybody looking for a profitable edge in Irish racing, whatever their circumstances!

Bets are sent out on the morning of racing (generally between 10am and 11:45am) and with the number of selections averaging out at around 50 bets per month, this is an excellent low-workload, high reward service for anyone looking to profit from the Irish racing markets.

If you would like to hear Matthew talk about the service, this page has a video of him introducing the key facets of how it works, with discussion around bookmakers, exchanges, Irish racing markets and much more!

Exchange Performance – A Handsome Profit at Betfair SP

As profitable Betfair Starting Price (or BSP) services with this kind of edge are so rare, this is the perfect place to start with Irish Cash Consortium as it has consistently beaten the sharpest of lines since 2021, as you can see here:

Although performance is very slightly inferior to the ‘advised price’ results, this is to be expected as these horses are generally well fancied and supported in the market.

Despite this contraction, these tips have generated 266.1 points profit at the off on Betfair, with a Return On Investment of 14.50%.

A more detailed look at the bet-by-bet results reveals that much of this profit is derived by winners who go off at bigger odds than the advised prices sent out earlier in the day. This is reassuring, as despite having a general expectation for these horses to ‘steam’ down in price, this quirk in the data reveals that even those who are fancied less by the betting public still deliver consistent profits for followers looking to use exchanges.

Despite the variance that can be expected when backing horses with an average BSP of 11.37, this line graph shows a relatively smooth upward trend, with profits arriving consistently:

*Note that all returns in this graph are calculated with 2% deductions on winnings

This translates into a service perfect for capital growth, as this table from our SBC Report in 2023 demonstrates:

A full, bet-by-bet record for ‘ICC’s’ performance at the Betfair Starting Price can be viewed here and for those of you looking to employ exchange betting to use this service, SBC Magazine Issue #134 (which can be read here, log-in required) has some further information about the best time to place bets and the average odds at different time intervals before ‘the off’.

The Results – Bookmaker Performance

We have over 2 and a half years of bet-by-bet proofing for Irish Cash Consortium in this detailed and regularly updated spreadsheet and it is worth noting that Matthew Walton also tested the service before it went live, adding to its demonstrable longevity.

You can review the granular detail in the spreadsheet for yourself but here is a snapshot of how the service has performed to advised bookmaker prices, with the monthly performance in 2023 and 2024 reviewed in finer detail so that we can observe more recent trends:

What is immediately apparent from this data is the consistency in both the number of bets and staking present in the record. 50 bets a month is the norm, with the amount of points staked only ever slightly higher than that total.

Prices during this period have averaged out at 9.52 (or 8.52/1) and a deeper look into the numbers reveals that ‘ICC’ tip at both ends of the market, with odds-on favourites and longer-priced outsiders contributing to this mean.

Advising selections with this average price means that profits can come in fits and spurts, but this line graph demonstrates a steady upward progress, reflecting how the service has made consistent profits over time:

We analysed Irish Cash Consortium’s full record in SBC Magazine Issue #134 which can be read here (log-in required) but some key ‘takeaways’ from our analysis showed that:

  • Longer priced selections account for the majority of profits, as is common with services that find value at all levels of the market
  • The ‘odds ranges’ that Aidan tips at are diverse, with odds up to 3.5 and those longer than 12.0 selected in equal measures
  • Performance on the all-weather is inferior to that on the flat (turf) and National Hunt races, albeit from a small sample
  • -39 points is the deepest drawdown that ICC has recorded since inception
  • A 125 point bank (our recommendation for this service) has yielded 202% Return On Capital (ROC) since the service started

Service Nuts & Bolts

Bet Notifications: All bets are sent by email.

Type of Bets: Bets are either win or each-way singles.

Bet Release Timing: Between 10am and 11:45am GMT.

Staking: All bets are advised with either 1 or 2 pts stakes.

Bookmakers/Exchanges: Can be used with all major bookmakers and exchanges; profitability has also been identified at the Betfair Starting Price (or BSP).

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