Free Tipping Report: The Racing Post 'Big Kick-Off' Football Guide

This Tuesday the 30th July sees the release of the Racing Post’s new football season pull-out ‘The Big Kick-Off’, which features fresh analysis and ante-post football tips from many of their in-house tipping experts.

Although bundled for free with tomorrows Racing Post, the 2 key questions that you need to ask before following their tips are…

  • Just how good are the Racing Post’s football tipsters?
  • Will following their tips make you a profit?

Find out all this and more with the Smart Betting Club’s Racing Post Football Tipster Report‘ – which explores the performance of their tipsters from the 2012/13 football season.

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2 Top Tipsters Revealed, A Winning Racing Strategy & Expert Secrets Uncovered…

The very latest Smart Betting Club magazine is due for release tomorrow (Saturday the 27th of July) and is an absolute must-read for those of you keen to find more on what makes money betting.

It has something for everyone, from our exclusive reviews of a 2 profitable racing & football tipsters plus the latest in our ‘How I Make Money Betting’ interviews with a pro gambler.

We also have a unique risk-free guide for use with the bookie Bet365 plus a rundown of how the Racing Post’s football tipsters fared last season.

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The full contents of our latest mag includes…

1) Our independent review of an excellent new Horse Racing tipping service with over 1250 previous tips and a profit of £5,662.50 at £25 stakes. The majority of these profits have come from tips advised at Betfair SP – although greater returns can be made if using other bookmakers too.

Easy to follow and with over 17 months results behind them, we think we may have uncovered another top tipster. Read our in-depth 6 page review to find out more. Continue reading

Top 8 Betting Articles From 2013 So Far!

In this week’s column, we have rounded up the most popular blog articles from the first 7 months of the year so far…

1. The Bookie Tricks To Watch Out For!
Bookmakers love to pretend to be on your side, although the reality is often quite different…After all – they only make a profit when you lose! So to help you understand them better, here is a list of 6 bookie ‘tricks’ to watch out for.

2. Yet More Bookie Tricks Uncovered & Why They Hate Us!
The second part of our ‘bookie tricks’ series with even more secrets revealed…plus why they hate us at the Smart Betting Club.

3. How To Find Winners (And Avoid Losers)
Betting successfully is about being skilful not just lucky (although a bit of luck is always welcome!) and it’s the same for tipsters. Check out the results of our tipster ‘luck simulator’.

4. The Diamond Racing Tipster With 290.1% Bank Growth
Extracts from our review of the GT Tips service and how it achieved nearly 3 times betting bank growth in a 2 year period.

5. Rocket Scientists Look Away – Football Betting Made Easy
The deliciously easy to follow football tipster and their 2 very profitable football systems. Combined, both systems have made over 550 pts profit from 4300 bets.

6. Interview With Pro Gambler Peter Green
An exclusive interview with profitable gambler – Peter Green and how he went from mug punter to perennial winner by following the right tipsters.

7. Are You A Victim Of The Betting Odds Conspiracy?
Most punters don realise they are victims of a betting conspiracy where they bet with the wrong bookmakers and miss out on the best odds. Find out how you can change this…

8. The Best & Worst Racing Bookmakers
Check out the results from our Independent Bookie Guide, where we reveal the top 7 and worst 3 racing bookmakers out there.

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Free Tipster Report: Download Your Copy Now

Here at the Smart Betting Club our main goal is very simple…to help you make money betting through our independent reporting on tipster services.

We help do this in a number of ways, one of which is through our regular Tipster Profit Reports, which compare and contrast over 50 different tipsters to help you choose the right ones.

…And so to help showcase the power of access to these reports, we have prepared a sample for you to download totally for free!

Click Here to Download Your Free Tipster Profit Report

This free Tipster Profit Report features details on our tipster ratings, key facts pages, tipster commentary and tipster best buy tables plus much more.

It should provide you a real insight into how our Tipster Profit Reports can help you and your betting!

The Ideal Companion For Any Serious Bettor

If you like this free issue, then you might like to consider picking up our latest full Tipster Profit Report (released last week), which is available to all Smart Betting Club members.

It features full details on all 50+ tipsters we currently monitor plus best buy tables, reports, ratings and analysis plus our full list of recommended ‘Hall of Fame’ tipsters.

The instant you join our community of like-minded punters, you can download your copy of the full report and begin your quest to making more money betting with tipsters.

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Free & Budget Tipsters That Will Change Your Betting For The Better…

It seems like everyone fancies themselves as a tipster these days!!.

It’s fairly easy to understand why – start a twitter account or blog advising tips, pick a few early winners and soon enough, you can start charging for your advice.

So the key question for any punter is ‘how do I find good quality free (and budget) tipsters when there are so many so-called tipsters around’?

Well, that’s where we at the Smart Betting Club can help.  It is our role to monitor and proof hundreds of tipsters for the benefit of all our members. We sift through the good, bad and the ugly of the tipster world to reveal to you which of them are genuinely profitable and worth following.

And today with the help of our latest members report, I want to showcase details on some of the BEST budget and low-cost tipsters we recommend.

Some of them are so good, that they put many more expensive tipsters firmly in the shade. Continue reading

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Why The Bookie Is NOT Your Friend

This week I did something I promised I would never do…… I got into a twitter ‘spat’.

Well it was probably more of a ‘strong debate’ than a spat, but it was on a subject that matters a lot to me: bookmakers and how they treat punters.

The bookie in question was Stan James and my ‘opponent’ their head of PR – Rory Jiwani. Now for all intents and purposes, Rory is a nice bloke and he deserves credit for being one of the few people to actually try and discuss issues that few other bookie reps actually will.

My challenge to Rory was how can he defend his bookmaker (Stan James) who are routinely one of the most complained about bookmakers amongst our members. This is backed up by stats whereby they were ranked 26th out of 27 major football bookies and 16th out of 19 major racing bookies, according to 2 large recent SBC members surveys.

Part of the reason for their lowly rating is their apparent clampdown on winning punters accounts as 52.29% of respondents in our recent horse racing survey had their Stan James account closed down. This was by far the worst stat for closures and I was keen to find out why Stan James had so little time for anyone making a semblance of profit! Why were they so different from many other bookies and not keen to lay a bet?

Ultimately, my quest for answers was not fruitful (no big surprise!), but it helps raise a very serious topic once again…that the bookie is not your friend.

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Why Exactly Should You Join Us At SBC

It really has never been a better time to join us at the Smart Betting Club, here are a few reasons as to why we can help you with your betting… Continue reading