Why you should be betting on golf if restricted to the exchanges (and 2 tipsters to follow)

Prior to Christmas, I penned an email to the SBC mailing list, highlighting just how Golf betting was a sport to be focusing on in 2020 and discussed the extra strong-form shown by one such golf tipster who bagged winners at 175/1, 200/1 and 150/1 during 2019.

Alongside this tipsters amazing run of form, my email also explained why betting on golf ticks a heck of a lot of boxes as….

1) It’s easy to get your bets on either with exchanges or bookmakers


2) golf betting can make you a very strong ROI if patient enough to reap the rewards.

Evidence of this came once again for SBC members just last week when another golf expert – the free SBC tipster – PGA Profit made a superb profit backing a couple of big priced golfers in the form of Lanto Griffin and Kevin Kisner during the Sony Open.

Griffin was tipped in 3 markets – each-way at 100/1, to finish in the top ten at 15/2 (won) and in the top twenty at 4/1 (won).

Going one better – Kevin Kisner was also tipped in the same 3 markets and made a profit in all 3. Each-way at 50/1 (placed), top ten at 9/2 (won) and top twenty at 2/1 (won)

Best of all the bets on both Griffin and Kisner could also have been placed on the betting exchanges, where better prices could often be found.

For example, you could have got 110/1 on Lanto Griffin on Betfair rather than the 100/1 that PGA Profit quoted – which was available with 3 different bookmakers.

All of which highlights just how a tipster like PGA Profit and sport like golf is is one to consider adding to your portfolio for 2020.

Especially if you are fed up with bookmaker restrictions betting on other sports!

Follow PGA Profit With A SBC Membership

If you want to follow PGA Profit and gain access to their regular golf betting tips each week, then you can currently do exactly that with a Smart Betting Club membership.

Not only are these tips ‘betting exchange friendly’ but they come with a tremendous record as PGA Profit has made a 606 point profit @ 29.36% ROI from over 700 bets since 2018.

You can see a rundown on each bet by viewing the ‘PGA Profit’ results sheet here.

The reason we supply free access to tipsters like PGA Profit to SBC members is to provide you with several, ready to follow experts with a proven record of making profits to get you going.

Removing the need or worry that you have to stump up large sums of money in tipster subscription fees.

And for those of you that missed my email from the 12th December, I have copied it for you below. It also includes details on another exchange friendly golf tipster who fared extremely well in 2019.

Best regards,

Peter Ling
Smart Betting Club Editor



My Original Email: Why so many punters are missing out on this outstanding betting angle

Let me ask you a simple question about your betting

Are you doing it for fun and to make watching what you bet on more interesting?


Are you betting to make money?

Because whilst there is absolutely nothing wrong with the former (if betting sensibly of course) it is only if you are interested in the latter – betting to make money, that SBC can actually really start to help you.

Because when you are betting to win, to a certain extent it matters not what you are actually betting on.

Ultimately it is the profits in your betting account that determine everything and not whether you like watching the sport itself. After all – a winning bet on Arbroath at 3/1 still pays the same as a winner on Man Utd at 3/1.

Which is why today I want to talk about the sport everyone should be betting on, yet many people keep criminally overlooking!

It’s a sport that allows big winners, has several high quality tipsters available and best of all – most, if not all bets can be placed on betting exchanges and often at great odds.

Providing access to quality tipsters you can follow without restrictions at a stroke.

Winners at 200/1, 175/1 and 150/1

One high quality tipster from this sport continues to prove evidence of its worth by firing in regular big priced winners and a consistent profit for the past 6 years.

On Sunday he picked up a 200/1 winner – to add to others at big prices such as 175/1 and 150/1 this year alone.

More than that – since 2014, this tipster has made some stunning profits long-term, with a 643.40 point profit (at 1 pt level stakes) as made over 2355 bets and all at a ROI of 27.32%.

At simple £25 stakes, that equates to a profit of £16,085.00 since 2014.

Many, if not all of these bets can also be placed on the betting exchanges, with usually some very competitive odds available too. You can usually beat the odds he quotes.

The Sport…Revealed!

OK so enough of the teasing – what exactly is the sport?

It’s Golf.

Some label golf as a ‘good walk spoilt’ or a sport only worth watching during the Majors or the Ryder Cup.

The reality is for shrewd punters, the enjoyment factor of the sport matters not a jot.

Because as a betting proposition – it really ticks all the boxes.

So why do so few people bet on Golf especially in comparison to other sports?

Well there are a few reasons, but it seems one of the biggest is the low strike-rate of success for your bets.

Take the aforementioned high quality golf tipster for example – as the average odds of the outright tournament winner tips he puts forward are a shade under 80/1.

With the very best will in the world, you aren’t realistically going to back 80/1 winners every week or even every month and it is this low strike-rate that puts off many punters.

Even when betting each-way and getting a strong payout when your golfer places, this for some isn’t enough and the need to see winners on a regular basis finds them bailing out when things get tough.

Which of course is the worst thing you can do – like anyone who bailed out before the 200/1 winner, Rasmus Hojgaard struck last weekend for this golf tipster at the Mauritius Open will testify.

Make Golf Betting Great Again

SBC’s goal is to help as many people make money betting and with that in mind, I want to challenge you today to consider betting on golf next year.

As I mentioned earlier, you can bet on the exchanges and there are several quality tipsters including the aforementioned expert up 643 points at 27% ROI since 2014.

In fact, this golf tipster has also just agreed to a very special 2020 membership deal for SBC members interested in following him in – which saves 33% on the cost of joining him for a full year.

Savings you can put in your back pocket and help you commit towards following this proven golf tipster during 2020 and beyond and to see what all the fuss is about!

At simple £25 stakes, this golf tipster made a profit of £4,600 in 2019 alone. The cost of this discounted annual subscription comes to less than 7% of that figure.

This special saving of 33% is available exclusively via the Smart Betting Club as part of the discounts we negotiate on our members behalf.

So if interested in betting on golf, sign-up for SBC today to discover more on this very special offer and take advantage of one of the very best sports to bet on and tipsters to follow in 2020.

Once you have signed-up, drop me an email (pete@smartbettingclub.com) and I will send you details on how to sign-up to this fantastic Golf tipster with the 33% discount.

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The tipsters to follow in 2020 and beyond. Special report out now

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Best Regards

Peter Ling

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Get Betting Fit For 2020: My 5 Point Guide To Success

Get your betting in shape for 2020 with the help of my Personal Trainer Punting Plan.

5 days into the New Year and if you are anything like me, chances are you have already taken yourself off to the gym to try and burn off the many mince pies and chocolates consumed over the festive period.

January is always a bumper month for gym owners, but the sad reality is that most people signing-up to get fit will never stick it out and give up within the first few weeks, out of pocket, out of shape and out of breath!

Yet, one of the best ways to stick at a fitness regime is to sign-up with a Personal Trainer, somebody who has the expertise, accountability and motivation to get you fit.

And this is where the parallel with betting comes in, because if your New Year’s Resolutions involve making more money betting, you can really benefit from an expert betting ‘Personal Trainer’….someone to help get you Bet-Fit!

So whilst I can’t be there to place each bet for you or shout at you to do that difficult 75th sit-up, here is my simple 5-Step Betting Profits ‘Personal Trainer’ Punting Plan for 2020 to get you started…


1) Hire The Right Experts

Why exactly do people follow tipsters?

It’s a question I am regularly posed and the answer is quite simple:

Shrewd punters follow winning tipsters because they have the expertise they need to make a profit betting.

Just as most people would call a electrician to rewire a house or a plumber to fix a leak, so too it makes sense to hire a good tipster for betting advice.

Yet whilst most of us wouldn’t think twice about hiring a electrician or plumber for their specific expertise, some people do when it comes to betting advice.

For me that makes no sense, especially given the wide range of tipsters with proven track records of beating the bookmaker year-in, year-out within our expert reports.

If you don’t have the time or expertise needed to know more than a bookmaker on your chosen sport or market, then there is no shame in hiring someone who does.

Especially if they can add a few zeros onto your bookie account balance!

Top Tip: Keep a record of your own bets so you can honestly assess just how good (or not) you are at betting and if you could benefit from hiring experts to guide you.

2) Don’t Be Deterred When You Lose – You Will Make It Back

Despite what some may say, successful betting is not about making a guaranteed profit every day or week. There should never be any ‘lucky last race’ to try and turn a bad day around.

Real success betting comes to those who DON’T worry about short-term bad runs of form. After all losing runs happen to EVERY punter and its how you deal with them that matters most.

One quote in a book on trading I read recently jumped out at me, where one successful stock market expert explained how he handled losing:

“It never bothered me to lose, because I always knew that I would make it right back”

So, if you have a profitable method or tipster that works, then look at what they make over the long-term – which often means evaluating their performance over months and years (and not days or weeks)

Just as you wouldn’t join a gym on January 1st and expect to have a body like Cristiano Ronaldo on February 1st, so too must you do the same when betting. Be realistic and look for steady gains, not instant results.

Top Tip: Read Rowan’s Free Bet Diary throughout 2020 on the tipsters he has followed profitably for the past few years. Not all of the tipsters he follows win every month, yet over a longer-period, they have continued to make him a tidy profit.

3) Start Slowly & Build Gradually

Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither should you expect to make huge profits immediately when betting.

Yet, I still hear from the occasional ‘newbie’ punter who jumps right in at big stakes. For them it’s all or nothing and they simply want to get rich quick.

Such a quest can easily unravel as many inexperienced punters struggle to handle the pressure of betting at huge stakes.

It might be down to not following a recommended staking plan, becoming unnerved after hitting a few losers or simply because the tipster in question doesn’t suit the way you like to bet.

My advice is to start slowly, choose a few tipsters that suit your needs and to stake at affordable levels.

Don’t run before you can walk when betting. Winning is a marathon not a sprint

Top Tip: Look to follow some of the free tipsters you can follow with your SBC membership. An ideal solution to get started with.

4) Watch For So-Called Guru’s & Fads

Every new year sees a whole host of ‘gurus’ come out of the woodwork promising quick-fixes, cheats and easy solutions to supposedly help you achieve your goals.

Whether it’s a new fad diet, wonder product to help stop smoking, or for those of us in the betting world – amazing new tipsters or betting systems. These so-called ‘gurus’ tout their wares using compelling sales material all designed to encourage us to think ‘Hey this quick-fix could actually work for me!’

Sadly, in 99% of all cases, these ‘gurus’ are touting nothing but hot air. There is no quick fix when betting, just as there isn’t with a diet or plan to stop smoking.

Scam tipsters are a major problem on social media, especially amongst those who promote accumulator challenges. The majority of them make their profits from a share of the losses you suffer with their recommended bookmakers. It’s in their interests for you to lose, not win.

Instead, forget all about betting quick fixes which promise the earth, but deliver little. Concentrate on the boring, genuine experts with track records of success dating back several years.

REMEMBER: If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

Top Tip: My advice is to focus on the top tipsters as can be sourced in our regular Tipster Profit Reports. They might not promise you a life changing 10-leg winning acca, but they will make you steady, reliable profits long-term.

5) Are You Betting For Kicks Or To Make Money?

One of the biggest emotional hits for any punter comes in watching a bet you have placed as it happens.

Whether it’s following a football game on TV or a horse race you have a bet on – nothing quite gets the heart rate going, especially when it’s a close run thing.

The problem here is that such emotions do nothing to help your rational thinking or your betting.

And it begs the question: Are you betting for kicks or to actually win money long-term?

It can quickly become addictive to seek the ‘hit’ that a winning bet brings about and before you know it, rather than looking for value bets, you simply start to look for winners (whatever the odds). Never a good strategy.

Coupled with the fact that studies have found that a losing bet hurts you twice as much as the enjoyment gained from a winning bet and you have a recipe for disaster.

Yet if you follow a good tipster, then there is simply no need to watch every bet live as you are not the one selecting it.

Top Tip: Trust a quality tipster to advise the best tips – then place the bets & walk away – only checking the results at the end of the day. By not watching your bets unfold live, you will find your betting is that much easier to handle – win or lose!

Expert Help Betting All Year Round

As helpful as my 5 tips might be, one of the best ways to make any new year’s resolution a success is in having proven experts to guide you along the way.

At the Smart Betting Club, we have over 14 years experience of helping people make money betting and have plenty on offer to help you make 2020 your best punting year yet.

So if looking for a betting ‘Personal Trainer’ why not give us a try as with our 30 and 90 day money back guarantee you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

After all, we might not be able to make you fitter or stop you eating too much chocolate, but we know a thing or two about making money betting!

Discover more on how the SBC team can help your betting.

See you on the inside.

Peter Ling
SBC Editor