Read the detailed SBC review of the Wizard of Big Odds tipster service

Fresh off the press today at the Smart Betting Club is our detailed tipster review of the Wizard of Big Odds horse racing service.

Available via the Tipsters Empire network, the SBC team have been actively monitoring and tracking the Wizard of Big Odds service for some time in order to compile this most thorough and detailed review. Inside it you can read….

  • Analysis on the 264 points @ 26% ROI achieved so far and the likelihood of future profitability;
  • The results of our odds movement study – evaluating how quickly the advised odds change;
  • Betting bank and staking plan analysis;
  • Performance at Betfair SP;
  • The bookmaker accounts required to follow;
  • Exactly who the service is suitable for.

For those of you interested in joining the Wizard of Big Odds, you can also enjoy an exclusive 50% discount on all membership options. Just one more major tipster saving deal available to Smart Betting Club members.

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4 new tipster reviews, 4 different ways to profit – read the latest expert SBC Magazine

The very latest SBC Magazine (Issue 112) is now available and it features incisive reviews on 4 different winning tipsters including:

  1. Laying Profits – The football service up 219 points profit since 2016 laying away teams on the betting exchanges;
  2. South American Football Expert – The Latin America tipster with 3 seasons of profit betting in Asian Handicap & Over/Under goals markets;
  3. Betfair SP Winners – The horse racing guru up 14.25% ROI @ Betfair SP in the past 3 years;
  4. The Ideal ‘Newcomer’ Tipster – Our review of the Matchday Profits service – making big profits from small stakes for the past 4 seasons.

So whether it be football or racing that interests you or whether you prefer to bet with bookmakers, exchanges or bet brokers, there is something for everyone in this latest magazine.

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If you enjoyed our Free Sample Report last week, then I have good news as you can now download a SECOND Free Sample Betting Report, featuring 2 expert tipster reviews for you to read in full.

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The SECOND FREE Report – What’s Inside!

Here is a brief rundown of what you can find inside our second special free report…

Tipster Review #1: The Racing Tipster Expert With 29.6% ROI Since 2014

Check out our detailed review of this fantastic racing tipster and exactly how they made a 331% Bank Growth from their first 713 bets in 2014 and 2015. Profitable with both bookmakers AND at Betfair SP, you can view our odds analysis and subsequent results update on just why they made our ‘Hall of Fame’


Tipster Review #2: The Football ‘Loophole’ Tipster With £2302 Profit Last Season

Our second in-depth review focuses on this very unique football ‘loophole’ tipster taking a fresh approach to making money on the beautiful game. Different to anything seen before, we examine this service in-depth, the outstanding profits being made and just who it will appeal to!


The Bet Diary – Real Life Betting Experiences

Inside this second free report, you can also read the SBC Bet Diary, which is a real-life betting blog, dedicated to one man’s ongoing ability to make money following expert tipsters.

The idea behind the Bet Diary is to provide some real-life, genuine, experiences of just how the tipsters we rate and recommend can make you a realistic extra income stream.

You can read 2 of the most popular Bet Diary posts entitled “Why Betting is such a good investment…Part’s 1 & 2” below to give you a taste of what is on offer!

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The goal is to help you make money betting, whether that is to help you as a total newcomer or to help build on existing profits you are making.

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The Very Latest *Bumper* SBC Magazine (Issue 87)

The very latest Smart Betting Club Magazine has just been released and this month it’s truly a bumper edition, packed to the rafters with expertise to help you make money betting.

It contains independent reviews and analysis on a number of outstanding tipsters, an interview with a bonafide profitable punter and the lowdown on the bet broker software that can vastly improve your football betting.

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Expert Betting Report Part 2: The Ex-Bookie Turned Football Tipping Genius….

As promised, today we have released the second of our Expert Betting Reports, which have been specially designed to help you make money betting

Today’s report is our very latest SBC Magazine (Issue 86) and features a whole host of independent tipster reviews, interviews, expert analysis and pro gambler advice you won’t want to miss out on.

Coupled with the release yesterday of our 2014 Betting & Tipster Awards Report, which highlighted the very best tipsters & betting experts as voted for by our members, its a great time to join us at SBC.

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Read Our Review Of This Profitable Tipster Service

To help showcase the type of content you can expect to receive as a Smart Betting Club member, you can now download for free our recent review of the profitable GT Tips Rugby & Horse Racing service.

First published in SBC magazine #81 last month, you can read our complete independent analysis of just why we rated their service so highly.

It’s available as a PDF file to read online or download – click here to access

As our review indicates their mixture of free and paid for tips have generated excellent long-term profits, which we have personally tracked and proofed since September 2012. Indeed, since we penned this review 5 weeks ago, GT Tips have continue to thrive with over 80 pts combined profit from both their highlighted Racing and Rugby tips services.

Regular Reviews On Even More Profitable Tipster Services.

If you enjoy this free review, then you can find many more on countless other profitable tipsters in our regular Smart Betting Club magazines, available to all our members. Since we began back in May 2006 we have reviewed hundreds of tipsters, helping us to identify the best, most profitable services that you should follow to make money betting!

Don’t forget, the Smart Betting Club is 100% independent so when we say a tipster is worth following – it’s because its true and not because we have a vested interest.

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