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Follow several profitable tipsters for free with a Smart Betting Club membeship.

As a Smart Betting Club member you can gain access to tips as provided by a series of profitable tipsters – all hand-picked by the SBC team.

Providing you with several, ready to follow experts that have a proven record of making profits as part of your membership.

These free tips are supplied both via email and also through access to the SBC members-only tipping forum. As a member you can pick and choose those free tipsters you wish to follow and tailor it to your preferences.

All told, it’s an ideal solution for those of you not sure where to start OR wary about spending money on large tipster subscriptions.

Here are some of the top tipsters currently supplying their advice free to SBC members:

1. Lay The Draw Football Strategy – Ideal For Betting Exchange Punters

If you are looking for a profitable football strategy to follow on the betting exchanges, then look no further than the tips supplied by the Lay the Draw service – all available to you free of charge as a Smart Betting Club member.

This strategy first started proofing in January 2018 and after the first 14 months, the first 431 tips have produced a profit of 44.59 points to 1 point level stakes. This is a strike-rate of 79% and after deducting 2% commission on all profitable lays.

The service itself provides straight lay the draw tips with no in-play trading across a range of leagues. As its based on laying, its ideal for those of you limited to exchange betting.

Midweek selections are advised the night before with weekend selections advised the morning of the matches. All prices will are widely available on the exchanges when advised.

You can pick up ALL Lay The Draw tips FREE as a Smart Betting Club member


2. The Poacher Football Tips – Free Football Tips
– Now also supplying free in-play tips!

You can now follow advice from well connected football tipster – ‘The Poacher’ for free as a Smart Betting Club member.

The service is named ‘The Poacher’ because it is overseen by a true ‘Poacher turned Gamekeeper’ who has been working for bookmakers in a variety of roles since 1996 and has decided to operate his service from ‘behind enemy lines’.  Over the years he has primarily managed bookmaker shops, however much of his work these days is focused on profiling winning customers and the application of restrictions to their accounts. This is a true bookmaker insider.

As a Smart Betting Club member you can follow all of The Poachers football bets which focus on the Spanish leagues with additional bets in the major European Leagues.

You can also now follow The Poacher’s unique in-play football tips free of charge as a SBC member – where he supplies his expert tips via the Telegram messaging App during live games!

You can pick up ALL The Poachers tips FREE as a Smart Betting Club member


3. The Inside Man’s Football Tips – Free Football Tips

You can now follow advice from football tipster, The Inside Man for free as a Smart Betting Club member.

So named The Inside Man as for the last 20 years, this tipster has worked in a number of football roles at professional clubs and for leading betting syndicates including scouting and match analysis.

His role at a Talent ID and development consultancy brings him into contact with a vast array of players, scouts, managers and coaches at professional clubs. It is here, with a focus on specific teams, that he concentrates his betting efforts.

As a Smart Betting Club member you can follow all of The Inside Man’s football bets, which feature a mixture of single and double bets on all major leagues.

You can pick up ALL The Inside Man’s tips FREE as a Smart Betting Club member

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More Profitable Tipsters Available On The SBC Forum

As well as the tipsters above, you can also find several other profitable tipsters who regularly post all of their tips up on the SBC Forum.

At any given moment there are dozens of tipping threads on the SBC Forum for you to check out, with many of them providing effectively free tips to go alongside your SBC membership!

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