🏀Demetrio Giotti: Walkthrough Video Guide 🎥

After we launched the Demetrio Giotti Premium Service last week, we fielded lots of questions about how the service works, getting bets down and the service’s performance at different time intervals.

Instead of answering these queries one-by-one, we decided to record a walkthrough video guide that you can watch using the link below or by visiting the Demetrio Giotti page.

In this video, Josh introduces the service, takes a look at historical results, discusses getting bets down and talks about who this service is for, answering all of the questions sent in along the way.

Demetrio Giotti is a remarkable service, providing the opportunity to make excellent profits for any advanced bettor.

P.s. Demetrio Giotti has got off to a fine start this season. Two of the first three bets of the basketball season (in the World Cup) won with 1 unit stakes on Germany (2.65) and Angola (3.42) both obliging. Details below:

27th Competition: World Cup
Match: Australia – Germany
Bet Type: Moneyline (FT including OT)
Bet: Germany @ 2.65 (Pinnacle)
WON +1.65 Units

27th Competition: World Cup
Match: Philippines – Angola
Bet Type: Moneyline (FT including OT)
Bet: Angola @ 3.42 (Pinnacle)
WON +2.42 Units

28th Competition: World Cup
Match: Georgia – Slovenia
Bet Type: Handicap (FT including OT)
Bet: Georgia +7.0 @ 1.88 (Pinnacle)
Lost -2 Units

Latest SBC Magazine Out Now – 2 More Tipsters & The Expert Betfair Software Reviewed

The latest SBC Magazine – Issue 136 has it all. Two in-depth tipster reviews, an introduction to some very smart software and all with our commitment to helping bettors of all experience levels running through every sentence!

Inside, you can find:

  • Tipster Review #1: The European basketball expert who has made 16.33% ROI since 2016, all quoting Pinnacle prices! We break down his record & discover where (and when) to back his selections.
  • Tipster Review #2: The horse racing service specialising in the big Saturday races and festival meetings. We explore price sensitivity, exchange angles and much more in this deep dive.
  • SBC Member Review: An introduction to Betfair automation software with visual guides, tips and tricks to help you get your bets down on exchanges, even when you are not at your screen!



You can read all 3 of these reviews inside SBC Issue 136 (as well as our huge back catalogue of reviews and reports) with a Smart Betting Club membership.

Quarterly, Bi-Annual and Annual memberships are available and with so many verified and profitable tipsters available on the site, this is the perfect time to sign up!

All subscriptions come with a make money guarantee and other benefits that include:

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  • Discounts for numerous tipsters, including some of those from our famous ‘Hall Of Fame’
  • Tailored advice that meets your betting needs with practical help and guides

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One of the very best horse racing tipsters – New SBC review you won’t want to miss!

Like the words ‘genius’, ‘World class’ and ‘greatest’, the word ‘shrewd’ is used too much in the racing and tipster worlds. I use it sparingly and only in circumstances like today when describing the man who is covered in the very latest in-depth SBC Tipster Review.

I am talking about an SBC Hall Of Fame veteran of 7 years that ticks the following boxes:

  • A service that has racked up 5,000 bets over the last decade with a 16.9% return on investment (ROI);
  • A service that is profitable year after year, in all race codes and at all odds ranges
  • A service ranges that records results fairly and provides excellent customer service;
  • A service that has seen a 694% return on capital (ROC) since 2013.

I would go so far as to say that this tipster is one of the very best horse racing judges I have had the pleasure of monitoring since launching the Smart Betting Club in 2006. I, and so many SBC members, cannot recommend his service highly enough.

So when I say ‘shrewd’ – I think that is fully justified in this instance!

For those of you interested in learning more, SBC is releasing our full in-depth report on the service today with odds analysis, historical records, detailed data breakdowns, customer service insights and so much more.

You can read it, in full, with a Smart Betting Club membership.

With membership, you will unlock independent analysis on this tipster and hundreds more alongside practical resources, insight articles, ‘Pro Betting’ guidance and interviews that can improve your betting and boost your profits.

















3 Brand New Tipster Reviews In SBC 131. Issue Out Now!

The latest Issue of the SBC Magazine is out now with 3 new tipster reviews to explore in full.

Our headline review this month is our exploration of the insider information based racing tipster with a ROI close to 17% since 2020!

We also have detailed profiles of a pay-as-you-win tennis tipster and a long-shot horse racing service. All three reviews can be read in full as a member of the Smart Betting Club

Inside SBC Issue 131 you will find:

Review 1: The racing tipster who uses industry contacts and has made over 800pts profit & a ROI of 16.89% since 2020.

Bets are profitable across both bookmakers and exchanges and we discuss odds availability, the practicality of using the service and betting bank advice alongside the key data from the 2,228 bets verified so far. SBC members also get a 33% discount on their first subscription purchase!

Review 2: The tennis tipster who only charges you when you are profitable! Using their betting experience and expertise of the major tours, this service has shown a consistent edge against bookmakers with a 9.19% ROI from over 2,000 bets! We discuss staking strategies, performance in different sub-markets and odds availability alongside how this tipster’s Fair Odds Policy adds value for the customer.

Review 3: The ‘Long-Shot’ horse racing tipster who provides daily tips that are profitable with both bookmakers and exchanges. By using form study, this service focuses on horses with double-digit prices and has shown a 15.91% ROI against advised odds and a 14.45% ROI against BSP since verification began. We discuss variance with longer priced horses, bankroll management and strategies to increase profitability by placing bets at the right time.


You can read all 3 of these in-depth tipster reviews inside SBC Issue 131 (and our huge back catalogue of reviews and reports) with a Smart Betting Club membership.

Quarterly, Bi-Annual and Annual memberships are available here and with so many verified and profitable tipsters available on the site, this is the perfect time to sign up!

All subscriptions come with a make money guarantee and other benefits that include:

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  • Access to 8 free verified tipsters who publish regular advice from a diverse set of sports
  • Discounts for numerous tipsters, including some of those from our famous ‘Hall Of Fame’
  • Tailored advice that meets your betting needs with practical help and guides

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Twin Racing Experts – 2 fantastic new racing tipsters explored in SBC 128

Betting on horse racing is one the most popular sports for all kinds of punters – and for good reason – as with the right expert(s) to guide you, there is a serious edge to be made!

To back this up, in the latest SBC Magazine (Issue 128) the SBC team reviewed 2 very promising racing experts, both of whom have showcased a long-term profit betting not just with bookmakers, but also at Betfair SP.

Allow me to explain more with a brief rundown on what you can read in each review:


The first review features our deep dive into Hanbury Racing – a service we featured in our latest podcast episode and one that has an impressive betting record dating back 2 years now.

The service’s current record stands at 42% ROI over a 1,450 bet sample to bookmaker odds.

Better still, profits increase when comparing the results to Betfair SP – who will never close you down for winning (unlike modern day bookies!)

This means you’d be able to make money at the exchange, all the while avoiding any account restrictions from the bookmakers.

Win win!


Tipster 2 is a service we are keeping the identify of a secret for SBC members only!

What I can tell you is that it is another horse racing service that has a winning track record at both the bookmakers and at Betfair SP.

This is a service that takes a selective approach and specialises in selections during the flat season, an approach that has meant a 35.82% ROI since 2016.

And as mentioned the strategy is also profitable at Betfair SP. Over the same betting history, the ROI at BSP is a very healthy 32.77% ROI.

So for those of you with less time on your hands and with less bookmaker accounts, this could be the perfect service for you.


To read the full reviews of both tipsters as included in SBC 128 and also our huge back catalogue of past issues and reports, a Smart Betting Club membership is required.

It’s a great time to sign-up too as our memberships are currently at super low prices, starting from as little as £37.99 + VAT for 3 months.

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At our low cost membership fees, you can often make back what you pay to join the SBC with the numerous exclusive discounts and free trials we have available.

Plus we’re so confident that you’ll love our subscription that we’ll give you your money back, no questions asked for up to 90 days, depending on your membership term.

If you have yet to make a profit betting OR if you are looking to add more profit on top of what you already make, then the time to get started is right away.

As soon as you sign-up you are given INSTANT access to the Smart Betting Club members area and all of our expert betting content.

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SBC 126 Out Now – 3 New Betting Exchange Friendly Tipsters Reviewed

The latest SBC Magazine – Issue 126 is out now and available for immediate download to all Smart Betting Club members.

It’s a ‘Betting Exchange Tipster’ special with 3 services you can follow on Betfair or other exchanges – ideal if you have been stake restricted/closed or are worried about it in the future

Review 1:
 The Free PGA Golf Tipster Up 44% ROI since 2019. Best of all – the tips can easily be followed and backed on the betting exchange as our review outlines the better performance achieved when backing these in real-life on Betfair.SBC 126 contains detailed reviews on three very profitable, yet very different tipsters as follows:

Review 2: The fantastic Golf Betting Club service and the profits made both from their pre-tour and in-play bets. The ‘Odds Movement’ section of our in-depth review outlines the better odds available on their tips if using betting exchanges. Note – SBC members can save £50 on the cost of joining GBC.

Review 3: The winning football tipster advising bets to obtainable Betfair exchange odds only! He has turned a steady profit over the course of 3 years and more than 1400 bets betting in major European Leagues and cups. Bets are only advised when markets are liquid on Betfair and thus ensuring everyone can get on and at least match, if not beat the quoted odds.


To read SBC 126 and the entire back catalogue of reviews and reports, a Smart Betting Club paid membership is required.

Memberships are currently at super low prices with subscription starting from as little as £32.99 + VAT.

Not only can you read our independent review of this service, you will get all the other great aspects of joining the Smart Betting Club including…

  • SBC Magazines & Independent Tipster Reviews
  • Tipster Profit Reports
  • Bet Diary Pro – Real life tipster portfolio reports
  • Free Tipster Access
  • Pro Betting Fundamentals Guides & Insight Articles
  • Back Catalogue Access
  • Unique Tipster Savings & Trials
  • Bookmaker Restrictions Help
  • How I Make Money Betting Interviews

And don’t forget about our money back guarantee which guarantees you your money back up to 90 days (dependent on subscription) if you are not satisfied.

So why not join today and see what a difference an SBC membership can make to your betting.

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The Latest SBC Magazine – Issue 125 Is Out Now

The latest SBC Magazine – Issue 125 is out now and available for immediate download to all .

SBC 125 contains detailed reviews on two very profitable, yet very different tipsters as follows:

Review 1: Explores the Tennis Tipster, Aidan and his long-term edge beating that sharpest of bookmakers – Pinnacle Sports. His record to date stands at 12.7% ROI from 1092 bets and in this detailed review we perform a full investigation into his service, performance to date and our recommendations on how to follow.

Review 2: Another brand new review delving into the racing tipster service in operation since 1999 with a long-term ROI of over 25%

Run by bonafide racing expert, Andrew Lowrie, we analyse all aspects of the profits made, the merits of his approach and just whom his service suits.

Exclusive SBC Member Deals

As well as full access to the reviews inside SBC 125, as an SBC member you can also enjoy exclusive priority deals on both tipsters.

For the tennis tipster, you can enjoy a 30% bonus on all purchases, whilst for the racing tipster you can save £300 on the cost of a 6 month membership.

In both cases – you can save MORE than the cost of joining the Smart Betting Club if also joining either tipster!

Get Instant Access….

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Betting in bookmaker shops strategy: A solution to online restrictions in the latest SBC Magazine

I opened my email inbox the other week to another dreaded email from a bookmaker – this time from Betfred

It was titled “Important account info”

And it read…

“Following a review of your account we are no longer able to offer you the concessions of “Best Odds Guaranteed.”

“Your account will also be restricted from any other sports promotional bonus, free bets and cash enhancements ” etc etc – blah blah

You can see a screengrab from the email below

What they really mean by this is the fact I am effectively unable to bet with Betfred at anything beyond a few pounds.

To prove the point I tried to back Rory Mcilroy in running at 33/1 and was offered a max bet of 60p!

Now the reason this account was ultimately closed is because I won too much on it – fair enough you might say, yet such account closures/restrictions are a problem faced by winning bettors at online bookmakers every day. And sometimes it happens even when accounts are not profitable.

Hence why getting round these restrictions and account closures is key to getting money down and succeeding at this game.

It’s a game of cat and mouse and finding a solution is half the battle when beating the bookmaker.


In SBC 124, our latest SBC magazine, we review one strategy that gets around this problem almost completely.

And it’s based on betting on football coupons in actual bookmaker shops – potentially a value betting strategy that you’ve not thought of using.

But yes you can turn a profit at bookmaker retail locations – and a big profit at that!

And you guessed it – I have been able to get my bets on for this strategy with Betfred themselves. They might have banned me online, but I can still bet in their actual shops!

This strategy is proven to work as well having made one bettor using it (and featured in the magazine) over £60,000 @ 25% ROI since 2017.

All whilst staying under the radar of online bookmaker restrictions.

I have been using it myself for a while now and based on my real life experience have added 12 key pieces of advice for the optimal way to carry it out in practice.

It’s a genius strategy and as is available for you to read in SBC 124 as part of an extensive 25 page review!

Gain access to this review (and a lot, lot more besides) the instant you join the Smart Betting Club

Best regards,

Peter Ling

SBC Editor






Questions or feedback? Email me via pete@smartbettingclub.com

SBC 124 Magazine Contents


My Email From Betfred!


Special SBC Golf Tipster Report

This week we’ve launched SBC Golf, a new area dedicated to one of our most profitable betting sports.

To celebrate the launch and to take a closer look at why Golf is fast becoming the number 1 sport for serious, winning bettors we’ve released a brand new Special Golf Report covering everything we love about betting on the sport.

If you were thinking about betting on golf or are looking for a new tipster then this report will show you…

  • A full breakdown on the profitable performance from the 3 tipsters that make up SBC Golf.
  • How you can bet on the sport at the bookmakers AND the exchanges.
  • Why bookmakers offer great odds and concessions to make betting on golf so lucrative.
  • How you can scale up your stakes as you win with our progressive reinvestment plan.

Remember: As a combination, the trio of SBC Golf Tipsters have made an outstanding 37.90% ROI from 4891 bets going back as far as April 2014.

Access The SBC Golf Special Report

This must-read report on golf betting is available with a Smart Betting Club membership.

Once you get SBC membership access, you’ll have all the information at your disposal that you’ll ever need for betting on golf, including major discounts on all 3 of our SBC Golf expert tipsters.

All SBC memberships also now come with our Cast-Iron Money Back Guarantee meaning money back, no questions asked for up to 90 days.

Don’t miss this opportunity – join today!

Kind Regards


Smart Betting Club
Owner and Founder

P.S…The Masters Amazing Value

The US Masters starts this Thursday and bookmakers are falling over themselves to provide punters with the best offers.

Just under 90 golfers are teeing off and some firms like Skybet are offering each way payouts on the first 11. Paddy Power/Betfair and Boylesports pay out the first 10, William Hill the first 9 and even Bet365, Betfred and Betway the first 8.

When you consider of those golfers taking part, approximately 12 of them are over 1000/1 (the likes of Vijay Singh and Sandy Lyle have no chance) then you can see how good these each way terms are.

Usually on golf you can expect to get paid out on the first 8 golfers home from a field of 140. Yet here you are getting up to 11 on a field of realistically about 75 golfers. Only half of them have anywhere near a realistic chance of victory as well at the famous old course.

All told, this means there will be A LOT of great value bets around and a GREAT time to start betting on golf.

Our Lucky 15 Winning Betting Strategy

If you’re looking for a solution to keep your value bets ‘under the radar’ with bookmakers then the remarkable Lucky 15 strategy we outline in the very latest SBC Magazine Issue #122 might be the perfect solution for you!

Not only can it help you win money betting BUT best of all, does so in a way whereby bookies think you have got lucky and so can easily extend the life of your betting accounts.

Sounds too good to be true?

Well I thought you might think that, which is why in todays email I have some real betting slips with big payouts to prove otherwise, plus details of how it works and the numbers behind it all.

Its safe to say this has been a real gamechanger for members of the SBC team and could easily be for you too.

So if you only ever read one Smart Betting Club review – you might want to make it this one!

This review and strategy is available to read now with a Smart Betting Club membership

Lucky 15 Winners

The strategy itself is based upon Bookie Bashing’s exceptional Horse Racing tracker tool (as featured in SBC 122), which does all the work in finding value horse racing bets for you to back.

When you use this tool with a simple Lucky 15 strategy (as we outline in our review) then you have a seriously powerful betting strategy to add to your portfolio.

In this special review we outline some of the attractive features and benefits of it including…

  • How Lucky 15 bets are looked at more favourably by bookmakers even when you win.
  • How Lucky 15s reduce variance when compared to other accumulators meaning losing runs are less severe. The more risk averse of you will find this much easier to handle!
  • The neat trick that occurs when you compound multiple value bets together.
  • The 10 rules to consider to get the most from the strategy meaning you will give yourself the best chance to profit.

The Lucky 15 Strategy in Action

To put this all into action, in the review we outline the performance obtained using this Lucky 15 strategy during the last few months with real betting accounts and real stakes.

During a 10 week period, we placed 405 Lucky 15 bets and achieved a profit in 99 of these (24%).

Staking a total of £22,740 across these 405 Lucky 15 bets, it returned a clear profit of £6198.33, an impressive ROI of 27.26%!!

Check out some of the winning tickets generated by it below:

Lucky 15 Lucky 15

Lucky 15Lucky 15

What People Say…

To further back up the performance of this strategy, here are a couple of quotes from two people using it:

“The Racing Tracker offered by Bookie Bashing is one of the best tools that I’ve used in my betting career so far. It is very easy to use and the value it provides is quantifiable, the longer and longer I used it I began coming up with different tailored approaches to what type of horses I select as part of my Lucky 15’s which has increased my ROI Leveraging the Lucky 15 strategy has provided me with an ROI of 20% so far over a sample size of 500+ Lucky 15’s but it also gives you lots of entertainment value and action where you have some action on almost every single race of the day”

S . Long-term SBC member


“I was directed towards using the racing tracker a few months back by Pete, the editor of SBC who is a friend of mine. I had time on my hands and he told me it could be a fantastic way of making some extra cash betting on horse racing. Safe to say he was right and after he explained how to best use it by placing Lucky 15’s, I got to work. I have made over £3500 profit since then and using the tracker forms part of my normal morning betting routine these days. I can’t wait to use it during the Cheltenham Festival especially!

M – SBC Member & Bookie Bashing Member


Save 50% on your first month with SBC

You can read the full lowdown on this strategy in the full review now available in Issue 122 of the Smart Betting Club magazine.

For those of you looking to give it a go then Smart Betting Club members can save 50% on your first month with Bookie Bashing – enjoying a saving of £34.50!

Given that SBC membership itself can be snapped up for as little as £29.99 + VAT per quarter, then you can effectively sign-up now and save overall if also interested in joining Bookie Bashing.

To access this fantastic discount and our comprehensive review on the service you need to hold a Smart Betting Club Membership.

All memberships are at our lowest ever prices and are backed up by our 30 day and 90 day money back guarantees.

Sign-up to gain instant access

Peter Ling
Smart Betting Club Editor


P.s. There is no better time to sign up with Cheltenham just around the corner. We expect this racing tracker to really come into its own that week!