ūüö® NEW REVIEW ALERT: Andy Holding – The UK’s Most Well Known Horse Racing Tipster?ūüŹá

Andy Holding is one of the most well known and respected horse racing tipsters in UK betting circles.

William Hill Radio, regular podcast appearances and a daily Oddschecker column have propelled him into this position and as the feature review in the February SBC Magazine for February, we have published our findings from proofing his personal tipping service, Andy Holding Speed Figures.

Alongside our review, a unique and *considerable* discount has also been made available for all SBC Members, with subscriptions using our discount code costing just £25 Рa saving of £14 a month!

This means that if you¬†sign up with SBC today¬†and avail this offer to join Andy’s service, you will save the cost of an annual SBC subscription in just under 8 months – and that’s before you use anything else that we have to offer!

What Does The Service Do?

Tipping makes up a portion of what is on offer at Andy Holding Speed Figures, with the majority of our review looking at performance, odds movement, advanced analytics and how this all compares with what gets released for free on Oddschecker each and every day.

Alongside that, this service offers much more, including:

  • Speed Figure sheets that are a great source of information to find your own bets
  • A weekly blog that highlights horses of interest
  • The ‘Irish Racing Podcast’, where Andy discusses any racing from the Emerald Isle when there are meetings

We will be following up with a fresh SBC Podcast in the next month or so, which will give me a chance to quiz Andy about his methods, how he identifies edges and all things betting when it comes to the sport of kings.

For those of you who want a preview, in this interview, Andy joined friend of the show, Simon Nott, to talk about his betting and tipping:

Is This For Everyone?

Like with any tipster service, workload, variance, price sensitivity and access to bookmaker accounts are all questions that need answering when considering whether said service is suitable for you.

We discuss all of these issues in our review, with our advanced analytics and commentary making it very clear who this service will work for, who it won’t work for and how to maximise any subscription to benefit from what is on offer.

One thing I can share is this РAndy Holding Speed Figures is more than a tipster service Рthe wealth of information that comes with a subscription can help you find your own selections too!

Sign Up To Read This Review

To read our review of Andy Holding’s service and all of our expert content, you will need a¬†Smart Betting Club membership, with different subscription options available to view¬†here.

This will provide you with¬†instant access¬†to every report we have ever written, alongside a wealth of other benefits including discounts to services like Andy’s.

With Cheltenham approaching we will be as active as ever helping our members to profit from their betting, with some excellent offers and promotions already in the works.

New SBC Magazine Format: Your Questions Answered!

Earlier this week, we released SBC Magazine Issue #138 Рthe first publication in a brand new format for 2024.

Instead of solely containing a collection of tipster reviews or special reports, issues now include much more so that everything we publish on profitable betting in any given month can be found all in one place.

Here, we will answer a few questions about this change to explain how it is different from what has gone before!

Why has the format changed?

Our SBC Magazines have always been central to what we do as this is where we collect our tipster reviews. We felt that monthly releases would improve things for members as they allow for plenty of time to digest each review and we can also include so much more content. Emails, blogs, reviews and reports can still all be read as they arrive but this way, everything is collected in one place.

How will the content be different?

Each magazine will still contain at least one headline review . in addition, we will also include key emails we have shared, new services (e.g. our new free service,¬†Account Agent¬†) and an overview of the month’s news in the gambling world.

A monthly magazine also provides us with a great opportunity to tackle and answer key questions on betting that our members have.

For example this month we explored topics like banking and the practical reality of which banks to use and how to try and avoid being flagged for ‘too much betting’ by your bank.

How can it help me?

Our in-depth reviews will be the same as ever, with detailed results analysis, betting bank recommendations and more complex mathematical modelling all feeding into a conclusion.

This month’s golf special is a case in point –¬†we cover every angle, from each-way betting and following tips through to more complex modelling and playing win only on exchanges. Whatever your circumstances, reviews make it very clear how (or if!) a service is suitable for you.

Alongside this, our articles, analysis, member questions and news will give you a well-rounded document to read, each and every month!

What is in the first new issue? Can I still read old ones?

As previously mentioned, golf takes centre stage in¬†January’s edition, with a well known free tipster and MMA reviews also pencilled in for the first half of 2024.

All of our past publications can still be accessed in the member area as we have a back catalogue where everything is stored to be read whenever you want to.

It is worth noting that if you sign up today, you can instantly access everything we have ever published.

Can SBC really help my betting & is it possible to make money betting with tipsters?

This is a regular question and quite rightly too. It’s important to ask about just how realistic it is to make money betting using the information we publish.

What I can tell you with the upmost certainty is that those of us who work at SBC live and breathe betting profitably.

We have real life skin in the game and long-term profitable records that allow us to run SBC and also bet extensively.

The reviews, information and expertise we gather operating the Smart Betting Club feeds directly into our own betting, which in turn feeds into how we can help our members with our content.

Of course, it’s not as easy as joining SBC today and making a fortune tomorrow.

It takes time, patience, resilience, expert advice and a bankroll of sorts to win at betting but if you are looking for the right kind of professional help,¬†give us a try!‚Äč

Further Questions & Sign Up Options

If you have any further questions about our new magazines (or anything else we do) then you can get in touch by replying to this email or by reaching out to use on social media @SBCInfo.

We have multiple sign up options, with quarterly, bi-annual and annual subscriptions all available for you to choose from here.

With our brand new magazine format and plans afoot for even more excellent content in 2024, we would love for you to join us. We are so confident that you will love SBC Membership that we also offer a no questions asked money back guarantee!

Like I said, if you have any questions, please get in touch!

SBC Magazine Issue #138: Bigger & Better Than Ever!

For 2024, we have decided to make a major change to how we deliver our SBC Magazines, starting with the release of SBC 138 today, which is our biggest EVER issue!

This is because it includes not just our major reviews and feature articles, but also important news, podcasts, videos, tweets and a section dedicated to answering your questions.

Effectively Issue 138 collates everything of interest from a smart betting perspective into one easy to find PDF.

So you can download each monthly PDF and be fully informed on what you need to know to make money betting.

‚ÄčSign-up for membership today for instant access to SBC 138 and our full back catalogue!‚Äč

Clocking in at 73 pages long, SBC 138 includes:

  • Our Golf Betting Special Report that provides services, tips and tricks to make profits with both¬†bookmakers and exchanges
  • A guide to ‘Account Agent‘, our new¬†free service¬†that helps maintain bookmaker accounts.
  • Links to all podcasts, videos, articles and blogs from SBC in January
  • A¬†‘Your Questions Answered’¬†section as the SBC Team provide support for members who have queries or issues with their betting
  • News, as we profile the¬†key goings on in the gambling world¬†over the last month
  • Tweets of interest – all the important posts on ‘X’ from the last month


This new monthly magazine format will make SBC more interactive than ever and each issue will serve as the perfect place to read everything you need to know about the gambling world, all in one place!

To gain instant access SBC Magazine #138 and all of our back catalogue of reviews and reports, you will require SBC Membership. To sign up as a paid SBC member, just click here and follow the registration link.

ūüďą Our Process: How We Assess Tipster Performance To Find You Winners

Last week I shared my personal near-40k profit betting record for Winner Odds, the remarkable tennis betting service.

For those who haven’t watched it, you can do¬†so here¬†as I also touch on some tips and tricks, where to place bets and the software behind the success.

This work on Winner Odds is a great example of how we research, uncover and report back on the best tipster services – those you can follow in the quest to make a profit betting.

The SBC Process

In the above video, I also touch upon the SBC process of finding winning tipster services and tools.

Winner Odds is a ‘typical example’ as it has gone through these stages:

  1. Proofing: When we are first introduced to a service we start by proofing until we can build up a comprehensive picture of how the service works and performs over time. Depending on bet volume and regularity, this can take up to 2 years as we require large samples to help us analyse performance and draw conclusions. The main requirement is having a LARGE set of data to analyse.
  2. Independent Review:¬†Once we have this data, we put together a detailed¬†independent¬†SBC review that explores all aspects of the service, its performance and our recommendations. ‘Standard’ metrics such as ROI, ROC and performance on exchanges are contextualised using statistical analysis such as Monte Carlo simulations. Very often we also add in our own real-world experience and practical advice on using a tipster, such as with Winner Odds.
  3. Ongoing Monitoring: As time wears on, we regularly update about the ongoing performance of each tipster in our Sports Tipster Profit Reports¬†and Horse Racing Tipster Profit Reports, with the very best performers entering our¬†Hall of Fame. Our ‘Tipster Ratings’ (see below) give you contextual information on how each service compares.

How We Can Help You

The above outlines in brief just some of the work that goes on behind the scenes to profile the very best tipsters and Winner Odds just one of a large number of services that we track, profile and recommend.

Yet the best thing about our bank of knowledge is how easy it is to find a service that suits you.

For example –¬†for those of you who have no bookmaker accounts available to you.

In your case you want to view our Exchange & Sharp Bookmaker tipsters where we have profiled dozens of services that are suitable.

If you have bookmaker accounts but want a low-workload service that is easy to follow?

We cover the time needed to follow a service in every report.

Are you looking to bet on a specific sport or market?

In this case, you can easily find what you are looking for in our tipster ratings and SBC Magazine directories.

Get Started Immediately

You can get instant access to all of this information, data and support with a SBC Membership.

To top it all off, we have negotiated over 40 tipster trials and discounts so that you can recoup your membership fee many times over!

More member content will be released in the coming weeks and we would love for you to join us so that you can use all of what we offer to make more money from your betting!

ūüé• ¬£39,852,26 Profit! SBC’s Story Of Using A Service That Serves Up Serious Returns

A thing of terrifying beauty!’.

That is how one of our members described the service I would like to introduce today,

I agree wholeheartedly Рit has made over £39,000 profit and in a special video, today I explain how.

With this service lining up in our latest¬†Sports Tipster Report¬†(where it is a holder of our ‘Hall of Fame’ award),¬†now is as good a time as any to tell you about my use of it.

In the video below (click here to watch), I introduce the service, using the context of our process at SBC to show how and why it has become central to my portfolio.

Press play to listen to me talk about:

    • The profits I have made
    • The software behind the site & simple results tracking
    • Bookmakers, Exchanges and Sharp Bookmakers
    • Tips and tricks to add extra value to the service’s offering

2nd ‘Advanced Video’ Guide To Maximise Profits

As I touch on in the video, SBC Membership offers so much value when it comes to services such as this one.

As well as being able to read our detailed reviews on the service in question, members also have access to a 30 minute advanced video guide on maximising profits.

This second video contains:

  • More advanced tips for how to maximise profits using the service
  • Practical advice on bet placement and notification
  • How to find little known (or connected) bookmakers to use
  • How to extend the length of your bookmaker accounts using some expert tips if following this service
  • How to compound profits using multiple bet strategies – both on this sport and others
  • How to stay strong mentally and understand the pros and cons of using

Paid members also get access to:

  • Tipster Reviews¬†where we take a deep dive into performance by every metric, discussing historical records, bookmaker availability, exchange viability and using a service practically (alongside so much more!)
  • Ongoing Performance Analysis¬†in the form of our regular¬†Tipster Profit Reports¬†where we revisit services and monitor their short, medium and long-term performances with rankings, tables and explainers
  • Detailed Practical Support¬†in the form of videos, FAQs, email correspondence and reports from the SBC Team
  • Discounts¬†that often cover (or exceed!) the cost of SBC Membership in one go!

If you are interested in this service (or any of the other of the services that we review) then signing up will provide you with instant access to all of the benefits outlined above. My deep-dive video will be added to an extensive library of first-hand accounts of using the very best services from the SBC team.

As ever, if you have any questions please get in touch, either by email or at @SBCInfo and I will get straight back to you!

ūüŹÄDemetrio Giotti: Walkthrough Video Guide ūüé•

After we launched the¬†Demetrio Giotti Premium Service¬†last week, we fielded lots of questions about how the service works, getting bets down and the service’s performance at different time intervals.

Instead of answering these queries one-by-one, we decided to record a walkthrough video guide that you can watch using the link below or by visiting the Demetrio Giotti page.

In this video, Josh introduces the service, takes a look at historical results, discusses getting bets down and talks about who this service is for, answering all of the questions sent in along the way.

Demetrio Giotti is a remarkable service, providing the opportunity to make excellent profits for any advanced bettor.

P.s. Demetrio Giotti has got off to a fine start this season. Two of the first three bets of the basketball season (in the World Cup) won with 1 unit stakes on Germany (2.65) and Angola (3.42) both obliging. Details below:

27th Competition: World Cup
Match: Australia – Germany
Bet Type: Moneyline (FT including OT)
Bet: Germany @ 2.65 (Pinnacle)
WON +1.65 Units

27th Competition: World Cup
Match: Philippines – Angola
Bet Type: Moneyline (FT including OT)
Bet: Angola @ 3.42 (Pinnacle)
WON +2.42 Units

28th Competition: World Cup
Match: Georgia – Slovenia
Bet Type: Handicap (FT including OT)
Bet: Georgia +7.0 @ 1.88 (Pinnacle)
Lost -2 Units

Latest SBC Magazine Out Now – 2 More Tipsters & The Expert Betfair Software Reviewed

The latest SBC Magazine РIssue 136 has it all. Two in-depth tipster reviews, an introduction to some very smart software and all with our commitment to helping bettors of all experience levels running through every sentence!

Inside, you can find:

  • Tipster Review #1:¬†The European basketball expert who has made 16.33% ROI since 2016, all quoting¬†Pinnacle prices! We break down his record & discover where (and when) to back his selections.
  • Tipster Review #2:¬†The horse racing service specialising in the big Saturday races and festival meetings. We explore price sensitivity, exchange angles and much more in this deep dive.
  • SBC Member Review:¬†An introduction to Betfair automation software with visual guides, tips and tricks to help you get your bets down on exchanges, even when you are not at your screen!



You can read all 3 of these reviews inside SBC Issue 136 (as well as our huge back catalogue of reviews and reports) with a Smart Betting Club membership.

Quarterly, Bi-Annual and Annual memberships are available and with so many verified and profitable tipsters available on the site, this is the perfect time to sign up!

All subscriptions come with a make money guarantee and other benefits that include:

  • Full access to all of our¬†independent¬†SBC publications and reviews of services
  • Access to¬†6 free¬†verified tipsters who publish regular advice from a diverse set of sports
  • Discounts¬†for numerous tipsters, including some of those from our famous¬†‚ÄėHall Of Fame‚Äô
  • Tailored advice that meets¬†your betting needs¬†with practical help and guides

‚ÄčSubscribe here and take your betting to the next level

One of the very best horse racing tipsters – New SBC review you won’t want to miss!

Like the words ‚Äėgenius‚Äô, ‚ÄėWorld class‚Äô and ‚Äėgreatest‚Äô, the word ‚Äėshrewd‚Äô is used too much in the racing and tipster worlds. I use it sparingly and only in circumstances like today when describing the man who is covered in the very latest in-depth SBC Tipster Review.

I am talking about an SBC Hall Of Fame veteran of 7 years that ticks the following boxes:

  • A service that has racked up 5,000 bets over the last decade with a¬†16.9% return on investment (ROI);
  • A service that is profitable year after year, in all race codes and at all odds ranges
  • A service ranges that¬†records results fairly¬†and provides¬†excellent customer service;
  • A service that has seen a¬†694% return on capital (ROC)¬†since 2013.

I would go so far as to say that this tipster is one of the very best horse racing judges I have had the pleasure of monitoring since launching the Smart Betting Club in 2006. I, and so many SBC members, cannot recommend his service highly enough.

So when I say ‘shrewd’ – I think that is fully justified in this instance!

For those of you interested in learning more, SBC is releasing our full in-depth report on the service today with odds analysis, historical records, detailed data breakdowns, customer service insights and so much more.

You can read it, in full, with a Smart Betting Club membership.

With membership, you will unlock independent analysis on this tipster and¬†hundreds¬†more alongside practical resources, insight articles, ‚ÄėPro Betting‚Äô guidance and interviews that can improve¬†your betting¬†and¬†boost your profits.