Member Experience: How SBC Has Helped My Betting | Clive Jones

To best illustrate how a Smart Betting Club membership can help improve your betting, I have been conducting a series of interviews with real-life SBC subscribers on the difference our service has made to them.

Kick-starting this series today is Clive, who shares in his own words exactly how SBC has helped his betting and the success he has enjoyed since becoming a member.

What’s your name?

Clive Jones

When did you join the Smart Betting Club?

6th March 2015

What sports do you bet on?

Horse Racing, Football and Golf

How many tipsters do you follow?


Why did you join the Smart Betting Club?

I decided in 2014 that I wanted to have a go at second income level Sports Investment (I have always refused to call it betting) with £5k I had built up from a starting pot of just £100 following sporting life’s free tipsters over the previous three years. Once I mentally committed to doing so and knowing that I was risking my three years hard graft on the next step, in March 2015, my very first act was to join SBC. You are showing as the first ever expenditure on my daily records sheet!

Having initially read about you and followed up my interest looking for independent reviews I found nothing at all that ever questioned your integrity. Trust is critical to me and I had found someone that I could trust. You have to remember I didn’t even know if my aims could be met at this point. I knew of no-one earning money regularly this way and needed all the help I could get. And here it was, staring at me from my screen at about a tenth of what I had expected to have to pay!

How has the Smart Betting Club helped you?

My strength has always been analysis so I began my membership by looking at all the tipster reviews you have ever done, recording my notes copiously. How many selections a day? When would I need to be available? Could I get on at the prices quoted? What did they all cost? How good are they? I cannot begin to guess how long this would have taken me unaided.I wouldn’t even have known what questions to have asked let alone found the people to ask and I wouldn’t have trusted a single answer.

That was my starting point with SBC but things quickly evolved into much much more. Betting Banks, points, ROI, ROC all of this was new to me but once I had read everything I could get my hands on through SBC, I felt like an expert!

My confidence grew to new levels and my natural and inevitable self doubts about the whole venture vanished. It could be done and others were doing it and I knew that if I listened to the sound advice in SBC, it was mine for the taking too. Of course, as time has passed my needs have changed and I now pay much more heed to articles on account closures, Bet Brokers and VPNs than I do to my initial stopping points but that just goes to prove how SBC is here for all levels of investor.

What do you like most about the Smart Betting Club service?

Your integrity, your honesty and your tables – I love a good table, me.

How much have you made betting since you joined the Smart Betting Club?

Following a fantastic start to 2017 (awaiting some corrections!) so far its £35210 in 23 months. Thanks guys!!! Whilst things have moved on fantastically since Day One, SBC was undoubtedly the biggest single factor in setting me up for success at the outset. You gave me the confidence to get through a horrendous start where I lost £3776 of my opening £5k in the first 82 days. Without you, I would have lost my bottle completely.

What are your betting plans for the future?

On the profit front, I take it calendar year by calendar year but am at a stage where some stability is required. By the end of 2015 I had made a further £11498 and by the end of 2016 another £19363. I am aiming for £24000 in 2017 a round £2k per month.

On a wider scale, I would like to run set up courses for would be sports investors at beginners affordable prices, no more than £150 per day absolute maximum, I am developing my own micro system based selections that I hope will one day turn into a tipping service and would also like to start earning small sums from a weekly writing blog just recording the week’s unusual events e.g. This week your idea of backing successful tipsters in multiples hit off with a Bet Alchemist 73.75/1 double, last week my new golf tipster hit a 66/1 winner in week one, the week before I experienced a day of 15 selections, 15 losers – all things that I think people new to the game like to hear as it gives them the opportunity to empathise with the ups and downs of this game and enjoy realising that these things don’t just happen to them!

And finally, I am enjoying taking a member of my staff (I am self employed) on a roller coaster ride trying to turn £300 into a £15000 bank in two calendar years. All of this would have remained nothing but a pipe dream without SBC.

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Your Questions Answered: The 2017 Best Tipster Guide

Friday saw the release of our much-anticipated 2017 Best Tipster Guide and its publication has triggered a lot of questions from many of you exactly on how it can help you betting.

After all – we all want to know who the very best tipsters actually are!

So, to help answer some of your most common questions on its release and how it can help you, I have put together the following FAQ.

Hopefully it helps explain things a little more as to the power of the Best Tipster Guide!


Q1) What exactly is the 2017 Best Tipster Guide?

It’s a 2-part guide featuring detailed, new reviews on 6 top tipsters we recommend to follow during 2017 and beyond.

Part 1 is out now and features our reviews of the first 3 highly recommended tipsters we have tracked, monitored and reviewed for sometime.

Part 2 is scheduled for release later this year and will feature a further 3 top tipsters under the review microscope.

Q2) How will it help me make money betting?

Quite simply by showcasing 6 of the very best betting tipsters we recommend for you to follow.

In Part 1 you can read our expert analysis on 3 very different tipsters, each of which have a proven record when it comes to supplying tips.

For example – you can check out the racing tipster reviewed for the very first time with an exceptional record when it comes to betting bank growth.

Over the past 6 months alone, this tipster has made 406% growth – effectively growing your initial starting betting bank by 4 in no time at all.

Q3) What about the 2016 Best Tipster Guide. Will I gain access to that as well?

Yes, you will also receive both parts of our 2016 Best Tipster Guide, featuring similar expert reviews on another 6 top tipsters we recommended last year.

Many of these tipster continue to be recommended by us at SBC and make strong profits for those choosing to follow their advice.

For example, one free-to-follow racing tipster we recommended at the start of 2016 in Part 1 of last years Best Tipster Guide returned a fine 79.6 points profit at 28.5% ROI throughout 2016.

“Managed An Incredible Net Profit Of £11,595″……

“I managed an incredible net profit of £11,595 (after fees). I’m now free from credit card debt for the first time in years and planning a cruise with my long suffering wife for our Silver wedding anniversary – happy days!”

Actual SBC member testimonial  Read More

Q4) How much do the tipsters featured inside the Best Tipster Guide cost to subscribe to?

We do our best to focus in on those tipsters offering the best, most value for money service possible.

There are a wide range of tipsters featured with the Best Tipster Guide, including those free to follow (as referenced in the question above) although most fall into the category of between £20 to £40 average cost per month.

Some cost more, some less, but the key is always making sure you can return a fine profit long-term beyond a tipsters subscription fees.

Q5) How can I save on the cost of joining the tipsters featured within the Best Tipster Guide?

Due to our independent stance (see Q6) we are able to negotiate substantial discounts and deals for many of the tipsters within the Best Tipster Guide.

For example, one of the top tipsters from the 2016 Best Tipster Guide is offering a £39 discount on the cost of a 3 month subscription with his service.

There are many more deals like this available to you – at the time of writing there are 5 discounts with a total saving of up to £269 if taking them all up.

These savings often come to a greater sum than the cost of accessing the Best Tipster Guide in the first place.


“90-Day 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee”……

“I believe so strongly in SBC’s ability to help your betting, you can subscribe with a 100% cast-iron 90-day money back guarantee”.
SBC Editor – Peter Ling

Q6) How do I know your tipster reviews are genuine and to be trusted?

This is a very important question as whilst there are a plethora of ‘free tipster reviews’ available on the Internet, almost all of them are biased towards you buying into the service they are reviewing.

This is because they generate their revenue from a share of the subscriptions they help to sell on behalf of the tipster they are reviewing. Therefore its in their interests to show it in the best possible light.

Here at the Smart Betting Club, we have a different model.

Instead – all of our tipster reviews are 100% independent and we have no vested interest or financial gain from those tipsters featured in the Best Tipster Guide.

Therefore, when we say a tipster is good, it’s because it genuinely is, not because someone is paying us to say so!

Q7) Ok I’m in, How do I gain access to the Best Tipster Guide?

Simple – All you need is a Platinum ‘Pro Punter’ subscription, which also provides you everything else the Smart Betting Club service offers.

Including all our SBC Magazines, Tipster Profit Reports, Bet Diary Pro & Tipping Forum access PLUS it also comes with our 90-day money back guarantee.

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Best Of All – Save £35 Currently!

If you are ready to take the plunge and join our community of shrewd punters, then you can also save a whopping £35 on the usual cost of a Platinum ‘Pro Punter’ membership (which provides access to the Best Tipster Guide!)

This is because we have slashed the price of joining to ensure as many people as possible have access to our reports, magazines and guides.

We know we can make a difference to your punting – so why not sign-up right away and get started immediately. (There is a 90-day money back guarantee available after all!)

See you on the inside.

Gain Instant Access To The Best Tipster Guide

The 2017 Best Tipster Guide – Out Now (The Complete ‘Pro Punter’ Package)

Now Available: The 2017 Best Tipster Guide

Part 1 of the 2017 Best Tipster Guide has just been released featuring detailed, independent reviews on 3 top tipsters to help you make money betting this year.

Compiled by the tipster experts here at the Smart Betting Club, its release coupled with Part 2 (due for release later this year) contains everything you need to know to get started betting profitably.

With several significant tipster discount deals for you to enjoy (worth £269 in total) plus full access to the 2016 Best Tipster Guide – its our best ever value-for-money betting package!

Available now via the very popular Platinum ‘Pro Punter’ membership – by signing-up today you can also save £35 on the cost of a subscription.

Here Is What’s Inside Part 1:

Expert Tipster Review 1

The New Racing Tipster Up 1094% Bank Growth In 17 Months – Including 406% Growth Over The 2nd Half of 2016!
Exclusive Review – get in first as we expect this tipster to be very popular!

Expert Tipster Review 2

The Football Expert Up 13.6% ROI Since 2010!
Learn how to maximise your profits with our simple and sensible compounding options

Expert Tipster Review 3

The Outstanding Racing Guru Up 1145 Points Profit Since 2013
You only pay once you hit a guaranteed profit target – extremely punter friendly and hugely popular!

How The Best Tipster Guide Can Help YOU! – Click Here

Pro Gambler Expertise – The Complete Package

As well as gaining access to both Parts 1 & 2 of the 2017 Best Tipster Guide, a Platinum Smart Betting Club membership also grants you full access to our complete ‘Professional Punter’ package including:

  • 1 Year of SBC Magazines;
  • 1 Year of Tipster Profit Reports;
  • 1 Year of Bet Diary Pro Access;
  • Access to our 11-year Back Catalogue;
  • Access To The SBC Tipping Forum;
  • Gold Tipster Discounts & Trials;
  • Platinum Tipster Discounts & Trials;
  • All 4 US Sport Tipster Profit Reports;
  • Our Best Systems & Guides;
  • Full 90-Day Money Back Guarantee!

All told – it’s quite the package with a huge amount of expertise and information available to you and all from a genuinely independent source. Here is why we are different.

It’s fair to say that the expertise provided through both the Best Tipster Guide and the Platinum ‘Pro Punter’ package will give you every chance of making real money from your betting.

Read more on how the 2017 Best Tipster Guide can help YOU!

“Managed An Incredible Net Profit Of £11,595”..

“I managed an incredible net profit of £11,595 (after fees). I’m now free from credit card debt for the first time in years and planning a cruise with my long suffering wife for our Silver wedding anniversary – happy days!”

Actual SBC member testimonial  Read More

Best Of All – Save £35 Currently!

By joining the Smart Betting Club today you can also save a whopping £35 on the usual cost of a Platinum ‘Pro Punter’ membership (which provides access to the Best Tipster Guide!)

This is because we have slashed the price of joining to ensure as many people as possible have access to our reports, magazines and guides.

We know we can make a difference to your punting – so why not sign-up right away and get started immediately. (There is a 90-day money back guarantee available after all!)

See you on the inside.

Read more on how the 2017 Best Tipster Guide can help YOU!


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Vote For Your Best & Worst Bookmakers In The SBC Awards

Voting Now Closed – Thanks To All Who Took Part!

Your chance to name and shame the bookmakers you like or loathe the most!

Public voting has now opened for SBC’s Tipster & Betting Awards, and we want your help in deciding the best (and worst) of the betting world from the past year.

You can now vote for the following:

  • Your Best Odds Comparison Site
  • Your Best Betting Website 
  • Your Best Bookmaker 
  • Your Worst Bookmaker 

To vote simply click here – it should take you no more than 30 seconds of your time and best of all by doing so, you will enter a prize draw to win a years membership to the Smart Betting Club.

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Why Your Vote Matters!

There are several reasons why your vote is important, least of all the fact that by voting, you can enter a special prize draw to win a Platinum ‘Pro Punter’ SBC Membership (Worth £119.99).

Beyond this special prize, the SBC awards are your chance to help us highlight those websites and bookmakers doing something right by punters.

Perhaps it’s the bookie offering the best odds or accepting winners, or maybe it’s the odds comparison site you couldn’t live without.

This year you can also nominate your worst bookmaker (it promises to be a competitive category) to help us expose and shame the firm that peed you off the most!

Maybe they restricted your stakes, closed your account or simply offer the worst odds and worst service going. If so we want to know who they are!

Read The Full Award Results

We will be publishing the results from the awards next month and handing out special rosettes to the winners and losers. Although we don’t expect the winner of the Worst Bookmaker award to be too pleased about it!

Cast your vote now     (It will only take 30 seconds of your time!)

Best Regards,

Peter Ling



5 Do’s & Don’ts To Help Achieve Your 2017 Betting Goals

We are now almost halfway through January, a time of year that traditionally sees most new year’s resolutions start to unravel. Whether it’s missing a few gym sessions or nibbling on the chocolates you hid after Christmas, the chances are that now we are nearly 2 weeks into 2017, things might be starting to slip.

If your new year’s resolutions involved improving your betting profits for 2017, then mindful of how tough it can be to keep them up, I have some practical advice to share today with 5 Successful Punting Betting Do’s & Don’ts.

It’s particularly relevant for those of you looking for help with new year’s betting resolutions, although also useful advice for any time of year too!

Hopefully it can help make a difference for your own punting and keep you encouraged towards the goal of making money betting in 2017.

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1) Don’t watch or follow every bet live

One of the biggest emotional hits from betting can be found in watching a bet you have placed as it happens.

Whether it’s following a football game on TV or reading live commentary text on a horse race you have a bet on – nothing quite gets the heart rate going, especially when it’s a close run thing.

The problem here is that such emotions do nothing to help your rational thinking or your betting.

It can quickly become addictive to seek the ‘hit’ that a winning bet brings about and before you know it, rather than looking for value bets, you simply start to look for winners (whatever the odds). Never a good strategy for any punter!

Coupled with the fact that studies have found that a losing bet hurts you twice as much as the enjoyment gained from a winning bet and you have a recipe for disaster.

Yet if you follow a good tipster, then there is simply no need to watch every bet live as you are not the one selecting it.

Trust the tipster to select the tip, place it and check the result at the end of the day. At a stroke, you will find your betting is that much easier to handle – win or lose!

2) Don’t jump in at huge stakes!

It’s important to set rational, achievable goals from your betting and to not feel pressure to make huge gains immediately.

Let’s be realistic – you are not going to become a full-time professional punter overnight.

It takes time, experience and an understanding of just who the right tipsters are to follow to fit your lifestyle and preferences.

Yet, I still hear from the occasional new punter who jumps right in at big stakes with a new tipster. For them it’s all or nothing and they simply want to get rich quick.

Very often they got stuck in without proper preparation, whether it’s by setting up with the right betting banks, an understanding of how the tipster works or simply betting experience in how to handle winning and losing runs.

Their quest to get rich quick can easily unravel as they struggle to handle the pressure of betting at huge stakes as an inexperienced punter. It’s always very sad to see and as much as I try to help, sometimes my advice falls on deaf ears.

Instead, my suggestion is to start slowly, choose a few tipsters that suit your profile and to stake at affordable levels. The goal is to gradually build up your profits over time. Rome after all was not built in a day!


3) Don’t be fooled by quick-fixes

Every new year we see a whole host of new ‘gurus’ promising quick-fixes, cheats and easy solutions to help with our resolutions.

Whether it’s a new fad diet, new product to help stop smoking, or for those of us in the betting world – amazing new tipsters or betting systems. These so-called ‘gurus’ tout their wares using compelling sales material all designed to encourage us to think ‘Hey this quick-fix could actually work for me!’

Sadly, in 99% of all cases, these ‘gurus’ are touting nothing but hot air.

It’s a major problem for many punters, especially those following many social media tipsters who promote accumulator challenges. These tipsters often make their profits from a share of the losses you suffer with their recommended bookmakers. It’s in their interests for you to lose, not win. 

Instead, forgot all about quick-fixes. They don’t exist and these gurus prey on our vulnerabilities.

Betting wise – my advice is focus on the top tipsters as featured in our Hall of Fame and the latest Tipster Profit Report. They might not promise you a life changing 10-leg winning acca, but they will make you steady, reliable profits long-term.

4) Do get a friend to keep you accountable

Just as a good Personal Trainer will often act as your fitness sounding-board to keep you on track, so I firmly recommend having a ‘betting mate’ to do the same.

By this, I mean somebody trusted such as a good friend, relative or even partner who you are accountable to for your betting.

If you know you must run all your major betting decisions by somebody you trust and who has your best interests at heart, it will stop you making rash (and often incorrect) decisions. Not only this but they can also help keep you motivated in tough times.

I have my own ‘betting mate’ with whom we each honestly discuss our own punting and the key decisions we both make. Just the simple act of having another pair of eyes or somebody outside your betting bubble can at times be invaluable, even for the most experienced gambler!


5) Do switch off at the end of the day – stop checking bookmaker account balances and results!

Betting in the modern world can be all-encompassing with so many markets to bet on and so many ways to constantly check your progress.

With your mobile phone or tablet, it’s all too easy to keep checking your bookmaker accounts and bets every hour of every day just to see how much progress we have actually made. It might not be your bets but your twitter feed or live scores app – either way you are constantly ‘switched-on’ to betting.

Yet, this gives you no respite or breathing space to focus on something else instead and recharge your batteries. This is especially important at the end of the day when your brain gets tired and rational thinking becomes that much harder.

Coupled with the emotional strain if too heavily involved in checking each of your bets as they happen, it can be too much to handle for some.

My advice is to do whatever it takes to walk away from your betting once it’s done. Whether it’s simply turning your phone off or taking the dog out and playing with the kids….anything and everything to stop you thinking about betting.

After all your betting is going nowhere until the morning. Switch off, recharge, relax and come back to it fresh another day.

Expert Help Betting All Year Round

As helpful as my 5 tips might be, one of the best ways to make any new year’s resolution a success is in having proven experts to guide you along the way.

At the Smart Betting Club, we have over 11 years experience of helping people make money betting and have plenty on offer to help you make 2017 your best punting year yet.

So if looking for a betting ‘Personal Trainer’ why not give us a try as with our 90-day risk-free money back guarantee you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

After all, we might not be able to make you fitter or stop you eating too much chocolate, but we know a thing or two about making money betting!

Subscribe Now & Gain Instant Access!


Best Regards,

Peter Ling
Smart Betting Club Editor


10 Informed Tipster Ratings To Help You & Your Betting

Earlier this week saw the release of the very latest SBC Tipster Profit Report, featuring updated tipster league tables, tipster ratings and recommendations on the best betting experts to follow in 2017.

Did you know that for each of the tipsters we report back on, you can also find a dedicated ‘Key Facts’ tipster ratings page, which provide unique and informative ratings on everything they offer?

Whether it be the profits a tipster is making, how much they cost, how patient you might have to be if following or even just how achievable their advised odds might be – we regularly update these tipster ratings to keep you fully up to speed on just who the best (and sometimes worst) tipsters actually are.


Tipster Ratings & How They Can Help You

My team and I rate each tipster we monitor on 10 different aspects of the service they offer. This is based on a scale of 1 (very bad) to 5 (very good) and we constantly update these ratings to ensure they are relevant.

To help showcase how they can help you, here is a brief guide to the ratings we provide for each tipster and exactly what they indicate:

Returns (AKA Profits!): This is always the first rating we supply as ultimately a tipster is only as good as the profits it can make you. The greater the profit, ROI or betting bank growth, then the higher this rating will be!

Risk: There is always an element or risk in following any tipster, yet for some the level of risk is greater than others. For example, a tipster with only a 1-year history of profitable tips is in essence a riskier proposition than a tipster with a 5-year profitable record.
Equally a tipster that chops and changes strategy every few months is going to rate poorly compared to an expert with a more settled method. Our risk rating communicates exactly how ‘safe’ your money might be when following a tipster.

Cost: Exactly how much does a tipster charge and how does that compare with others offering a similar service? The cost rating rewards those offering the best value for money service and helps you find the best, more affordable expert.

Odds Availability: For many tipsters, especially those supplying racing tips, odds availability is a critical tipster rating. After all, if you as a potential customer of a tipster are unable to obtain the odds they claim, then there is little reason in following them.
We base our odds availability rating on the in-depth odds tracking we perform in each review we publish. This odds tracking gauges the individual price movements of any advised tip over time (e.g. after 15, 30, 60 minutes) and compare it to the results the service utilises. The easier it is to obtain or improve on the settled odds, the greater this rating and appeal to you as a potential member of their tipping service.

Transparency: With this rating, we relate just how open and honest a tipster is. For example – do they publish accurate and detailed results on their website or do they keep them hidden from view? Transparency and openness is key in the tipster industry.

Customer Service: We also keenly observe the customer service experience you might receive if a member of any given tipping service. How quickly do they reply to emails and how do they treat you as a customer? This rating outlines our experience and understanding of the quality of service on offer.

Suggested Portfolio Weighting: Should you choose to join a tipster, exactly how much money and what proportion of your betting bank should you apply to them? This rating outlines our recommendation, based on our overall confidence in the service and the strength of our ratings.

Patience: How long might you need assign in terms of time to ensure a clear profit from following any given tipster? Our patience rating outlines this and is based on the profile of the tipster, their historical record and the odds/strike-rate they operate to.

Points Betting Bank: For each tipster we analyse, we also suggest the size ‘points betting bank’ we advocate you use to maximise your profits. This is designed to cover potential losing runs and maximise winning runs without ever going ‘bust’! Its all part of the money management advice we provide to help you make the most from your betting.

Recommendation: Our final rating provides an overall guide to the recommendation we currently apply to any tipster. The higher a tipster rates and the longer it has been in service, then the greater the recommendation for you to purchase a subscription with them.

Currently we provide each tipster with one of the following 5 recommendations:

  1. Strong Buy – We fully recommend this service as one to follow.
  2. Speculative Buy – We recommend this service although with some noticeable caveats, which can be observed in their SBC review.
  3. Hold – If you have a current subscription to this service, we recommend you continue to follow. Those of you without a subscription to the service, should not start following.
  4. Watch – A tipster we need to observe further. We do not recommend anyone joins and if you do have a subscription, we recommend you proceed with extreme caution.
  5. Sell – We do not currently recommend. If you hold a subscription, we recommend you stop following.

SBC 98 468X60

Get A Fully Informed Tipster View

All the ratings when combined can help provide you with a fully informed view of just who the best tipsters might be to suit your preferences.

  • If you are looking for the most affordable tipster going – then the cost rating will help
  • Perhaps you are looking for the safest tipster out there – if so, the risk rating is your friend
  • Maybe you simply want to join the tipster with highest profits – the returns rating is what you need.

As we list 10 ratings for each of the 57 tipsters we currently track – in total you can currently access 570 different ratings as an SBC member. More than enough to help you find the right tipster for you!

Hall of Fame & Member Funded

To help you even further, we also put the very best tipsters in our ‘Hall of Fame’, which is our regularly updated list of top tipster recommendations.

Best of all, as the Smart Betting Club is 100% member funded, all our ratings and Hall of Fame recommendations are totally independent and affiliate/kickback free – unlike almost all other ‘tipster review’ websites.

We accept no payments or rewards for penning favourable tipster reviews. So if we say a tipster is good, it’s because they genuinely are, not because we have been paid to say so!

(And if you want to know more about this – feel free to search for other tipster review sites and see how they link to the tipsters they feature. Very often they will use affiliate links such as from clickbank or their own in-house affiliate programs, which pay the reviewer a share of income if you join the tipster services they recommend)

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Up To £35 On An SBC Membership!

You can pick up your copy of the latest Tipster Profit Report and access all of our tipster ratings, the instant you join our service at the Smart Betting Club.

You can also now join and save up to £35 as part of our specially discounted 2017 membership prices. 

Making it a great time to sign-up and see how we can help you and your betting!

Subscribe NOW to the Smart Betting Club

Best Regards,

Peter Ling
Smart Betting Club Editor


Recommended Tipsters For 2017: Handpicked Experts In Latest Report


If your new year resolution is to improve your betting in 2017, then make sure you check out the very latest Tipster Profit Report — available now for immediate download.

Inside this brand new report, you can read our independent rankings, reviews and ratings on the best betting experts recommended to you to make money betting in 2017.

And with our specially discounted 2017 prices (Whereby you can save up to £35 on the cost of an SBC membership), its a great time to see how we can help your betting!


The Best Betting Experts Recommended To Make Money In 2017 Including:

• The Best ‘All Time Profits’ Tipster

• The Best Tipsters Of 2016

• The Best ‘Odds Availability’ Tipster

• The Best ‘Betting Bank Growth’ Tipster

• The Best Tipster By Longevity

• The Best Tipster By Betting Market
(Horse Racing & Sports Specific Tables)

TPR_Jan_17_Cover (1)

Key Facts Pages, Tipster Discounts & 11 Year Back Catalogue

A Smart Betting Club membership doesn’t only provide you with access to the Tipster Profit Report but also all of the following:

Detailed Ratings On Every Tipster: Each of the tipsters we track has its own designated Key Facts Page with 10 different ratings on everything from cost to customer service and profitability.

Massive Tipster Discounts: You can save £££’s on the cost of joining many popular tipsters through the special deals we negotiate on your behalf. Many of which are exclusive to the Smart Betting Club.

Back Catalogue Access: As 2017 is our eleventh year of service, you can access our entire back catalogue of past reports and tipster reviews. If we haven’t reviewed a tipster, it probably isn’t worth knowing about.

And all from the only 100% independent tipster source!  Yes, that’s right as whilst all other review sites use affiliate links or make money referring sales to the tipsters, all SBC tipster reviews and ratings are 100% independent and affiliate-free.

So when we say a tipster is good, it’s because it genuinely is!

Save Up To £35 On An SBC Membership!

You can pick up your copy of the latest Tipster Profit Report, the instant you join our service at the Smart Betting Club with full access to our exclusive members-only area.

Best of all, you can now join and save up to £35 as part of our specially discounted 2017 membership prices.

Making it a great time to sign-up and see how we can help you and your betting!

Subscribe NOW to the Smart Betting Club

Best Regards,

Peter Ling
Smart Betting Club Editor


Your 3rd Free SBC Report – Comparing The Best Tipsters


Register for your FREE SBC Membership and access this THIRD FREE report PLUS:


Following on from the 2 Free Betting Magazines I have shared with you over the past week, I have now also prepared a FREE sample ‘Tipster Profit Report’ for you to enjoy, simply sign up for a free membership to download this report.

My team and I produce a new Tipster Profit Report several times every year to help keep our members on top of just which tipsters they should follow to make money betting.

This is because once we review a tipster, our work does not end there. Far from it.

Instead, we continually proof, track and monitor the best tipsters we review and feedback on their ongoing performance in each Tipster Profit Report.

With around 55 tipsters featured in each report,  you can view how they compare against each other, who is in form, what kind of profit is being made and most crucially of all – who to follow with your own money!

Because when it comes to reporting back on the results from genuinely profitable tipsters – we have you covered!

Best of all – as an SBC member you can enjoy access to several Tipster Profit Reports each year.

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Exactly How Each Tipster Profit Report Can Help You

Each Tipster Profit Report is designed to help you find the very best betting tipsters – those that have proven themselves to be successful over a long-term period of time.

To help with this we breakdown the tipsters into different categories so you can easily compare and contrast them.

So for example you can find comparison tables detailing:

  • The best Horse Racing & Sports tipsters
  • The most profitable tipsters
  • The best tipsters from the last 12 months
  • The best low cost tipsters
  • The best free tipsters
  • The best betting bank growth tipsters
  • The best ‘odds availability’ tipsters (those that quote realistic prices)
  • And much more besides…


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Track The Best Tipsters In Each Profit Report

The Tipster Profit Report is incredibly unique as its the only place you can read about the best betting tipsters and just how they continually perform.

Reviewing tipsters is one thing, but understanding how and if they are able to maintain a profitable record, plus how they compare to other tipsters is absolutely vital.

All of which is why my crack team of SBC analysts verify and ‘proof’ hundreds of different tipsters every month and keep detailed records of their results to help compile each Tipster Profit Report.

After all, any tipster can pick a few winners by luck, but those tipsters that make profits year-in, year-out are the ones to follow and can be found in our Tipster Profit Report.

The goal as ever is to help you make money betting, whether that is to help you as a total newcomer or to help build on existing profits you are making.

So, if you enjoyed this sample Tipster Profit Report, you can pick up a copy of the latest report with a Smart Betting Club membership.

All of which comes with a risk-free 90 day money back guarantee.

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Peter Ling
Smart Betting Club Editor