5 Do’s & Don’ts To Help Achieve Your 2017 Betting Goals

We are now almost halfway through January, a time of year that traditionally sees most new year’s resolutions start to unravel. Whether it’s missing a few gym sessions or nibbling on the chocolates you hid after Christmas, the chances are that now we are nearly 2 weeks into 2017, things might be starting to slip.

If your new year’s resolutions involved improving your betting profits for 2017, then mindful of how tough it can be to keep them up, I have some practical advice to share today with 5 Successful Punting Betting Do’s & Don’ts.

It’s particularly relevant for those of you looking for help with new year’s betting resolutions, although also useful advice for any time of year too!

Hopefully it can help make a difference for your own punting and keep you encouraged towards the goal of making money betting in 2017.

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1) Don’t watch or follow every bet live

One of the biggest emotional hits from betting can be found in watching a bet you have placed as it happens.

Whether it’s following a football game on TV or reading live commentary text on a horse race you have a bet on – nothing quite gets the heart rate going, especially when it’s a close run thing.

The problem here is that such emotions do nothing to help your rational thinking or your betting.

It can quickly become addictive to seek the ‘hit’ that a winning bet brings about and before you know it, rather than looking for value bets, you simply start to look for winners (whatever the odds). Never a good strategy for any punter!

Coupled with the fact that studies have found that a losing bet hurts you twice as much as the enjoyment gained from a winning bet and you have a recipe for disaster.

Yet if you follow a good tipster, then there is simply no need to watch every bet live as you are not the one selecting it.

Trust the tipster to select the tip, place it and check the result at the end of the day. At a stroke, you will find your betting is that much easier to handle – win or lose!

2) Don’t jump in at huge stakes!

It’s important to set rational, achievable goals from your betting and to not feel pressure to make huge gains immediately.

Let’s be realistic – you are not going to become a full-time professional punter overnight.

It takes time, experience and an understanding of just who the right tipsters are to follow to fit your lifestyle and preferences.

Yet, I still hear from the occasional new punter who jumps right in at big stakes with a new tipster. For them it’s all or nothing and they simply want to get rich quick.

Very often they got stuck in without proper preparation, whether it’s by setting up with the right betting banks, an understanding of how the tipster works or simply betting experience in how to handle winning and losing runs.

Their quest to get rich quick can easily unravel as they struggle to handle the pressure of betting at huge stakes as an inexperienced punter. It’s always very sad to see and as much as I try to help, sometimes my advice falls on deaf ears.

Instead, my suggestion is to start slowly, choose a few tipsters that suit your profile and to stake at affordable levels. The goal is to gradually build up your profits over time. Rome after all was not built in a day!


3) Don’t be fooled by quick-fixes

Every new year we see a whole host of new ‘gurus’ promising quick-fixes, cheats and easy solutions to help with our resolutions.

Whether it’s a new fad diet, new product to help stop smoking, or for those of us in the betting world – amazing new tipsters or betting systems. These so-called ‘gurus’ tout their wares using compelling sales material all designed to encourage us to think ‘Hey this quick-fix could actually work for me!’

Sadly, in 99% of all cases, these ‘gurus’ are touting nothing but hot air.

It’s a major problem for many punters, especially those following many social media tipsters who promote accumulator challenges. These tipsters often make their profits from a share of the losses you suffer with their recommended bookmakers. It’s in their interests for you to lose, not win. 

Instead, forgot all about quick-fixes. They don’t exist and these gurus prey on our vulnerabilities.

Betting wise – my advice is focus on the top tipsters as featured in our Hall of Fame and the latest Tipster Profit Report. They might not promise you a life changing 10-leg winning acca, but they will make you steady, reliable profits long-term.

4) Do get a friend to keep you accountable

Just as a good Personal Trainer will often act as your fitness sounding-board to keep you on track, so I firmly recommend having a ‘betting mate’ to do the same.

By this, I mean somebody trusted such as a good friend, relative or even partner who you are accountable to for your betting.

If you know you must run all your major betting decisions by somebody you trust and who has your best interests at heart, it will stop you making rash (and often incorrect) decisions. Not only this but they can also help keep you motivated in tough times.

I have my own ‘betting mate’ with whom we each honestly discuss our own punting and the key decisions we both make. Just the simple act of having another pair of eyes or somebody outside your betting bubble can at times be invaluable, even for the most experienced gambler!


5) Do switch off at the end of the day – stop checking bookmaker account balances and results!

Betting in the modern world can be all-encompassing with so many markets to bet on and so many ways to constantly check your progress.

With your mobile phone or tablet, it’s all too easy to keep checking your bookmaker accounts and bets every hour of every day just to see how much progress we have actually made. It might not be your bets but your twitter feed or live scores app – either way you are constantly ‘switched-on’ to betting.

Yet, this gives you no respite or breathing space to focus on something else instead and recharge your batteries. This is especially important at the end of the day when your brain gets tired and rational thinking becomes that much harder.

Coupled with the emotional strain if too heavily involved in checking each of your bets as they happen, it can be too much to handle for some.

My advice is to do whatever it takes to walk away from your betting once it’s done. Whether it’s simply turning your phone off or taking the dog out and playing with the kids….anything and everything to stop you thinking about betting.

After all your betting is going nowhere until the morning. Switch off, recharge, relax and come back to it fresh another day.

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Peter Ling
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