In Play Football Betting Explained In 3 Easy Steps

In this week’s column, I am handing over to Dave from the Goran’s Winners tipster service, who has penned a special piece on in-play football betting for us.

In-play football betting is this service’s speciality and Dave has some sagely advice to share on how you can use Asian Handicaps to transform even the toughest of games from a betting viewpoint!

The team at Goran’s Winners know a thing or two about making live betting pay and in a special deal they are offering all readers a special £2 trial of their in-play service, which will run from Friday the 15th to Tuesday the 19th. You can sign-up to this via *

*Note – even though their website states Sat & Sun, the SBC trial is a special 5 day offer*

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How To Lock in Profit For Real Madrid v Dortmund With Bet365

The generous guys at Bet365 are offering a FREE in-play bet up to £50.00 on tonight’s match in Madrid (Full details can be found HERE) and we have an easy to follow guide to help reveal how to lock in a profit, whatever the result.

Before kick off find a bet that you can closely match on the exchanges, i look for one that will give you as close to zero loss as possible. In the Over/Under, and Match odds markets, you should be able to find one that is close.

To work out your stakes it is best to use a custom made calculator such as this one:

You can use this calculator to calculate your qualifying bet stakes, ticking the Normal bet / Qualifier / Arb as the Bet Type.

Here is an example of a qualifying bet that shows a back of Real Madrid with Bet365 @ 1.65 and a Lay of Real Madrid on Betfair @ 1.67

This shows a loss on the qualifying bet of £1.62

All you need to do then is place your in play bet and it is best to wait until half time (safe as no goals can be scored to ruin the bet)

Look for a reasonably high odds bet such as correct score (odds in the region of 6-15 are ideal but you can go higher or lower).

Make sure you tick the Free bet SNR (Stake Not Returned) button as the Bet Type, fill in the numbers, you can then place your back bet on Bet365 and then the Lay bet on the exchanges.

Here is an example of an in play bet using the correct score 1-1, backing this at 9.0 with Bet365 and a Lay on Betfair @ 11

This shows a profit whatever the result of £34.70

You can play around with different markets/odds on the calculator. You can Underlay, Standard Match or Overlay, you can choose, I generally Standard Match for this type of offer.Sit back and wait for your money to arrive – Simples.
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How To Avoid Odds-On Losers In-Running

If you’ve ever gambled on a few horses, then at some point I’m sure you will have experienced the agony of your bet failing at the final hurdle. Your horse might be two lengths clear and you find yourself mentally counting the winnings, only for it to hit the last fence or run out of gas completely. You go from elation to defeat in a matter of seconds.

Is there anything you can do about it?

One popular option is to leave a lay bet in running on your horse via Betfair. For example, if you back a horse at 11.0 pre race, you might take some solace having your stake returned if the horse trades as low as 1.50 but doesn’t win.

Easy peasy right?

Unfortunately, like most things in life, it’s not that simple. The fact is that a horse going 1.50 or below in running on Betfair is more likely to win than it is to lose. If you simply hedge every horse you bet on by laying it on Betfair at around 1.50, you might find you are simply knocking off 0.5 points from all of your winners, which in the long run will cost your money not save it.

So when it comes to knowing when to hedge your bets on Betfair, there’s no substitute for doing your research. Continue reading

The Latest SBC Sports Betting Magazine Out Now

If you are keen to take your own betting to the next level, then our latest Sports Betting magazine (Issue 64) might well be right up your street.

It includes our three part essential guide to in play football betting, which we have been showcasing samples of in recent blog posts, as well as a host of tipster reviews, interviews and profitable strategies to follow.

    • Part 1 of the in play guide tackles the brave new world of in-play betting, featuring strategies, practical advice and analysis on every part of sports betting’s biggest growth area.

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    The SBC Interviews: Goran Trpevski

    Goran Trpevski is the creator of Goran’s Live Bets, one of the few tipster services that takes advantage of in play football betting, where he has a superb track record of making money.

    Here, in an exclusive interview extract, he gives us the low down on his approach to betting live and in play and how he makes it work. Continue reading

    How To Bet: An Expert Guide To In Play Football Betting

    Our latest SBC Sports magazine is out now (Issue 64) and to showcase the benefits of a Smart Betting Club membership we are giving you a sneak peak at an extract from this month’s essential In Play special. It features strategies, practical advice and analysis on every part of sports betting’s biggest growth area – betting live and in running.

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