The SBC Interviews: Goran Trpevski

Goran Trpevski is the creator of Goran’s Live Bets, one of the few tipster services that takes advantage of in play football betting, where he has a superb track record of making money.

Here, in an exclusive interview extract, he gives us the low down on his approach to betting live and in play and how he makes it work.

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Goran Trpevski In Play Betting Interview Extract (as taken from SBC Sports Magazine #64)

SBC: Why is live betting such an important betting medium? What opportunities do you get during a game that you don’t get prematch?

Live betting is about truly reading and understanding this game. Pre-match betting is often  an educated guess about who will play and how they will play – even when you can get the line-ups in advance.

Live betting is in the ‘here and now’, we can see how the teams are playing and who is in the starting line-ups, our eyes tell us if the game is closed and defensive or open etc, etc. And that is a massive advantage if you know what you are watching and can relate that to the prices on offer.

In fact it is impossible to compare pre-match and live betting directly. It is like you are almost betting on different sports.

SBC: Do you feel the in play markets are less efficient than pre match?

In general novice punters will prefer and be safer betting in the pre-match markets. If we speak about professional punters specifically then I am not so sure. I know professional punters that absolutely kill the bookies in sports like skiing and these types of sports (sports that just don’t exist on the map for me) but when we sit down and analyse how we bet (I speak about football and they speak about their ‘strange’ sports), we come up with the same conclusion. It is impossible to compare pre-match with live betting, live betting exists on another level for professional punters. It is somewhere we’d expect to do very well in.

SBC: What practical things would you recommend e.g. which sports channel to watch? or live internet streaming? Are there issues with live feeds? Have you noticed any bookies being particularly fast or slow to react?

A Dream Box (a kind of super powerful set top box) is a must for every professional punter, there is simply no debate here as you can watch almost any games you want. Al Jazeera cover most of the Champions League ties live, Serie A in Italy and all of the Spanish games. Sky gives you the Bundesliga and everything else in between. The Premiership is also very well covered around the world and also the other important leagues are covered somewhere with a Dream Box.

You can find more info on the Dream Box here:

SBC: Why do you focus on in play Asian Handicap and not 1×2 betting? Are there any in play markets you should basically avoid as too risky?

It really all depends on what value you get. People should not worry too much about whether they’re backing Asian Handicap or if it’s basic 1X2. You either have value or you don’t. Period.

The main reason why people are losing punters is not because they play on Asian or 1X2 markets. They lose because they don’t understand how to find value.

Any idiot can say that Real Madrid will beat Getafe at home (the sides played two weeks ago). But is there ever any value in playing at 1.08?

Here most people go wrong. My motto is ‘Don’t chase winners chase profit.’ And that holds true no matter if your betting long term (antepost), pre-match or in live play.

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