Under The Microscope: 2017/18’s Best Football Tipsters

The new season is nearly upon us and to help you find the best football tipster(s), you must check out our fantastic new 2017/18 Season Football Tipster Guide!

Inside it features our take on 12 of the very best football tipsters we monitor with updated ratings, rankings and recommendations for the new season.

You can also read detailed interviews with several of the expert tipsters included on their strategies for the coming season and how best to maximise their advice.

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The 2017/18 Season Football Tipster Guide

SPR Cover Part 2

Significant SBC Member Discounts

Inside the 2017/18 Season Football Tipster Guide you can also read details on several significant discounts available on the cost of these tipsters – exclusively available to SBC members.

You can often save more than the cost of a Smart Betting Club membership with many of these discounts combined!

The discounts include:

  • 15% discount on a top rated South American tipster
  • 10% discount worth £34.90 on a major football league tipster
  • Up to £40 off the cost of one of the most popular system based tipsters
  • A 25% discount on the cost of the Matchday Profits service (worth £31.75)
  • £100 off the cost of a season with a well liked Scottish football expert
  • 60 Euros discount on the cost of a season with a non-league football guru

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Team Up With These 2 Other SBC Reports

An an SBC member you can also access two other reports to help provide you with the most comprehensive guide to the best tipsters: The latest Sports Tipster Profit Report AND Horse Racing Tipster Profit Report.

The Sports Tipster Report was released last week and features updates on 24 of the best sports betting experts we continually monitor. Including details on the new Hall of Fame Tennis tipster hitting a 10.5% ROI from 1480 tips AND the Baseball expert averaging 133% betting bank growth each year.

Secondly, our latest Horse Racing Tipster Profit Report was released in June and provides the complete rundown on the best 34 racing tipsters for you to follow. Including the on-fire racing expert averaging 6X betting bank growth annually AND the free tipster up £2713 since June 2016.

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Sports Tipster Profit Report: 24 Football, Tennis & US Sport Experts

To help you find the best, most profitable tipsters, here at SBC we have just released our latest Sports Tipster Profit Report, featuring everything you need to know about making money betting on the likes of Football, Tennis, NBA, NFL, Baseball & Darts.

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24 Of The Best Sports Tipsters Rated, Reviewed & Ranked Including….

Tipster 1: The highly recommended football tipster system up 17.1% ROI last season (Save up to £40 on joining them thanks to SBC savings)

Tipster 2: The Baseball expert averaging 133% betting bank growth each year.
(20% bonus membership available to SBC members)

Tipster 3: The new Hall of Fame Tennis tipster hitting a 10.5% ROI from 1480 tips (20% bonus membership available to SBC members)

SPR Cover Part 1

The release of this Sports Tipster Profit Report forms Part 1 of our 5-Part Essential Football Betting Compendium for the 2017/18 season – Parts 2, 3, 4 & 5 will be unveiled in coming weeks.

Plus: 34 Of The Best Horse Racing Tipsters Revealed!

Combine with our latest Horse Racing Tipster Profit Report for the complete rundown on the best betting experts

Full access to all Tipster Profit Reports available with your SBC membership

Unique Tipster Comparison Tables

Each Tipster Profit Report is designed to help you find the very best betting tipsters – those that have proven themselves to be successful over a long-term period of time.

To help with this we breakdown the 24 tipsters into different categories so you can easily compare and contrast them.

So for example you can find comparison tables detailing:

  • The best overall tipster
  • The most profitable tipsters
  • The best tipsters from the last 12 months
  • The best low cost tipsters
  • The best free tipsters
  • The best betting bank growth tipsters
  • The best ‘odds availability’ tipsters (those that quote realistic prices)
  • And much more besides…

We also know that its not just profits in theory that you want but in practice. Which is why you can also view:

  • The Best ‘Adjusted Profits’ Tipsters – how their profits stand up if betting often 15 to 30 minutes after a tip is supplied (ideal if worried about not getting the advised prices!)
  • Unique ‘Suggested Profits’ Tables – how much money you need to risk and how much you can make betting. Fully tailored to each tipster to be entirely realistic.

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Exclusive Interview: The Punter That Made $1M Using Tipsters

Back in April, I was lucky enough to be granted a detailed interview with one of our members, Billy McPherson about his significant betting success using tipsters. Today I am publishing the entire interview in full for you all to read.

The interview was given following the interest in Billy after his original shorter interview with me in February, where he outlined how he had made $1m dollars betting with tipsters in the past 5 years.

A quarter of these profits he attributed to Smart Betting Club rated and reviewed tipsters.

It also should make for fascinating reading for those of you unable to bet on horse racing because as Billy outlines, he doesn’t follow the sport. Instead he concentrates on sports such as Football, NFL, NBA, Golf & Tennis.

Alongside my own questions, several SBC members also put forward their own questions for Billy, which he answers throughout.

So here in full, is my interview with Billy on how he has made $1m dollars betting!

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How I Make Money Betting / Billy McPherson

SBC: Hi Billy, thanks for agreeing to be interviewed. Firstly, can you tell me a little bit about yourself and where you are based?

Billy: I am 52 years old. In my previous life, I was an oil trader for a large and very well-known bank. I left the firm around 15 years ago as I wanted a life with lower stress levels, and became a trader working from home using my own capital.

How does being based abroad impact your betting and the tipsters you follow?

Being based outside the UK, there is obviously a smaller choice of bookmakers due to regulations, and it is full of unmonitored tipsters which creates a big challenge in trying to find reliable and credible tipsters.

How exactly did you get started following tipsters and how long has it taken to build up to your current staking/profit levels? 

My full time profession is trading the stock market. I believe any investor should have a diversified portfolio, so I decided to create a sports investment portfolio over a decade ago, and allocated a 20% stake of my capital to this portfolio. At the beginning of each year, I reallocate my portfolio, and I place anywhere from 1% to 4% of my portfolio on my bets depending upon the sport and the tipster.

It’s a popular question and one posed by David and George to name just two SBC members. Can you reveal the names and identifies of the tipsters you follow? 

The tipsters I follow that SBC track are Football Investor (Combo), AH Edge (Jon Roberts), Football Elite, and Football Value.

How about tipsters that we don’t track here at SBC? Are there any you recommend and are willing to name?

A few of the non-SBC tipsters I would recommend are Swingform (UK based golf service), MG Tennis Tipster (European based tennis service), and AFLTipstar an Aussie Rules Football service on Twitter which is currently a free service to follow.  All three of these services have performed admirably for me and are a core of my portfolio.

You don’t follow any racing tipsters. Is that due to your location and the difficulties of betting on the sport or more a factor of the issues of bookmaker restrictions/closures on the sport?

I do not follow any horse racing tipsters, as due to where I am based, I know of only one bookmaker offering UK horse racing, and prices are settled on Tote payouts, so not of interest to me.

Which tipster(s) have made you the most money or the greatest Return on Investment or Return on Capital?

Out of the tipsters covered by SBC, Football Investor has made me the most money, and is my favourite service covered by you. Although now out of favour at SBC, and I can see the reasons why, Football Elite is still one of my best performing. I have been following Matt for almost 10 years, which has been very profitable even though the last few years have been lean. I only bet his 5 unit games, which continue to produce a good return.

BTG 570X207 Part 1_2

Are you happy to share some of the performance standards achieved by the tipsters we don’t yet track here at SBC?

My best performing ROI service is the golf tipster Swingform I mentioned previously with a ROI of just under 15%, however with the nature of large priced winners, a very patient long term strategy must be applied.

My best performing overall tipster isn’t a tipster but a source in a Las Vegas sports book, whose acquaintance I made over 5 years ago, so I wish him to remain nameless for obvious reasons.

I am currently monitoring the Golf Monthly tipster, Tom Clarke who is now in his second season, and to date has an outstanding record, so this is one I will be considering adding next year.

Do you have any preference for the type of tipster you like to follow?

I will only follow a tipster that has a long track and verifiable record. I do not like tipsters that release bets within an hour of a game starting.

In your first interview, you described how you follow an extensive portfolio featuring 22 tipsters across several sports.  Have you deliberately chosen as wide ranging a group of sports as possible to bet on or is it just a case of following any tipster that meets your requirements?

As a diversified investor, I believe this is important to any long-term success. Having all your eggs in one basket is never ideal, and as a stock market trader, asset allocation is important. This is the main reason for the wide range of sports I invest in.

Do you place every tip as it comes in? It not, what do you do if the odds move? Do you work to strict minimum value odds criteria?

Most of the tipsters I follow release picks while I am sleeping due so many times I am placing bets many hours or even the following day after release. Most markets are very liquid. With regards to odds movement, I have a strict criteria I follow with regards to placing bets. It is not uncommon though for odds to move in my favour too, especially when betting on totals.

How do you select the type of tipster you follow? Aside from using the SBC analysis of course on the tipsters we review!

SBC does all the hard work, and it is fairly easy to decide what tipsters to consider. I prefer low volume tipsters over a tipster that releases 10-20 selections a day. Of course, following many tipsters, mean I am a high volume trader, but the diversification is important to me. Following a tipster where odds move quickly after release is not my cup of tea, so I do not follow this type of tipster.

This is one reason I like the SBC football tipsters that I follow, as they release bets on Thursday or Friday and I like to wait until Saturday to place these bets are odds are normally better than when released, as the public loves to bet favourites and most of these selections are underdogs.

Another member, George, asked how do you identify and choose those tipsters that are not yet covered/reviewed by us here at SBC?

This used to be very much a trial and error process. With no regulation, there are many services with records that cannot be substantiated. This has changed in the past few years, where many tipsters release their plays once game starts so in effect you can follow and paper trade these tipsters to see how successful these tipsters really are. Whilst this can be time consuming, it is possible to identify successful tipsters.

How often do you review your tipster portfolio and add in new services?

I review my portfolio annually, and may consider a new service. For example, this year I have added one new service.

“Becoming A Better Punter”

“The Smart Betting Club helps you to become a better punter and simply make more money betting. My members have the numbers to prove it.”
Samuel – Bettin.gs


On a practical level, how do you juggle following so many tipsters? 

I dedicate 2 hours per day to my sports investment portfolio. This amount of time allows me opportunity to access the bets, check for best available odds, and place bets, and log them into my spreadsheet to enable easy analysis of sports, and tipsters themselves.

Do you ever take holidays or breaks from following tips? If so, do you switch off entirely or continue to bet when ‘away’?

I take holidays each year. Trading and sports betting in Summer months is much quieter, so our summer holiday will be time taken out of trading or sports betting. It is important to take time off, and relax and spend time with your loved ones. Betting should be investing and not an addiction.

How do you deal with bad runs and losing form? At such high stakes, do you find it adds more pressure?

I follow a strict money management system, never chase losses, and appreciate that there will be losing runs. I do not get stressed, and know that this is inevitable and wait and am patient as I know the tide will turn.

What’s the biggest loss you have experienced, what happened and how did you deal with it?

Earlier this year, I lost nearly $30,000 in a week. Was just a week where Lady Luck was not on my side. By following a strict money management practice, whether you have a bank of $1,000 or $100,000 is immaterial, adhere to your rules and never chase losses.

Do you watch games/races/matches of the bets you place? If so, how do you deal with the ’emotion of betting’?

Not very often. I will watch my favourite teams play.

Do you keep records of your bets? If so, how detailed are they?

Yes. This is a must. I have a detailed spreadsheet which tracks all bets, sports, tipsters, and type of bets. This is essential for analysing the entire portfolio.

You previously revealed that you look for at least a 5% ROI from any tipster and make ‘adjustments to the selections they provide to meet my own criteria’. Can you explain more as to how this works? 

Let’s say a tipster releases a bet on a NBA game where it is to bet the Over 200. If the line moves to Over 202 it will be a non-bet for me. If the total line moves by more than 1.5 points it is no longer a bet. However sometimes, the line moves by 3-4 points in my favour. In this instance, I will increase my bet size from 2% to 3% for example as the value has increased.

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You turnover more than $5m a year betting – what is an average stake for you? 

My average stake will be between $500 and $1500 depending upon the sport. Golf ante-post bets are much smaller ranging from $25 to a maximum of $500.

Do you set aside individual betting banks for each tipster or do you follow from one bank?

No, I follow from one bank.

Michael asked about your staking plan and how/when you make staking adjustments? 

I stake from 1% to 4% of portfolio per bet depending on sport and odds. I never change staking plan during a season.

Tom asked 2 questions, firstly about which bookmakers you use to place your bets? Are there certain firms you use more than others?

I use 10 different bookmakers, but the majority of bets are placed at 5Dimes, Heritage Sports, Betonline and Bookmaker.

Tom also wondered if you had suffered account restrictions and if so, how have you managed this or prevented it from happening?

No, this has never been a problem. Many of my bookmaker accounts accept bets of more than $10,000 and up to $50,000 on a NFL game, so my bets are quite small in comparison.

Given your stake sizes, do you split your bets up amongst several different bookmakers?

Very rarely.

Finally, George asked what advice you had for novices keen to repeat your success?

As I have already said, follow strict money management, and never chase losses.

Be Like Billy And Win With Tipsters

So there you have it – the full interview with Billy on just how he made $1million betting over the past 5 years through tipsters. My thanks go to him for answering all these questions so honestly!

Billy’s experience showcases what can be made with tipsters – especially when choosing the right ones…even if like him you are unable to bet on sports like Horse Racing.

With the right information on the best tipsters to follow and an understanding of the fundamentals of betting properly (staking plans, betting banks, mindset etc..) anyone can make a profit betting, regardless of experience or expertise.

If you want to try and emulate Billy, why not consider a Smart Betting Club membership, where we have over 20 recommended ‘Hall of Fame’ tipsters for you to choose from (several of whom Billy admits to following)

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10 Years, 20168 Tips & 19,638 Points Profit – Anatomy Of A Top Tipster

Earlier this week saw the release of Part 2 from the 2017 Best Tipster Guide, featuring our in-depth analysis on 3 expert tipsters we fully recommend.

To help illustrate just how good these experts are I wanted to showcase some of the analysis on one of the tipsters reviewed inside and the profits they have made.

With over 10 years of service, 19,638.15 points profit, achievable odds and a 20% discount on offer,  it ticks all the boxes for those of you looking for high quality tipster advice.

The 2017 Best Tipster Guide is available now to all Platinum SBC members. Subscribe now

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Ten Years, 20,000+ Tips

Anyone can fluke a profit over a few weeks or even a few months, but making money for 10 years straight is bloody difficult – yet that is exactly what this tipster has achieved.

This service has been going since 2007, during which time they have tipped up 20,618 bets and made just shy of 20,000 points profit. All at a Return On Investment (ROI) of 9.5%.


Best of all they have been very consistent, with only a few minor ups and downs along the way as the profit graph below proves.


Profitable At (Almost) All Odds Ranges

This particular tipster has a simple policy of only tipping up bets priced at 10/1 and above.

And as our analysis reveals in general, the higher the price you back at, the higher the profit and ROI you make.

They are exceptionally strong when it comes to backing those horses 15/1 and above. Especially those priced between the sweet-spot of 20/1 to 25/1, where they have racked up 7706 points of profit at 16% ROI.

Here is how the odds breakdown:


The only possible area for improvement comes in those bets priced either 10/1 or 11/1 which have made a marginal loss to date.

With this in mind, we provide guidance in the review on the different betting banks and profits you could make if following only those tips priced at 12/1 and above.

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Quoting Available Odds At A Convenient Time

One of my biggest complaints about racing tipsters are those who either tip up far too early the evening before racing (when it’s often impossible to get on) or quote unavailable odds.

This tipster ticks all the right boxes as tips are sent out at 2 convenient times each day at 12 noon and 1.15pm. As the racing markets have formed quite nicely by then, bookmakers are much more likely to take a bet and there are decent odds on the exchanges for you to snap up.

This is reflected in how their advised odds stack up as the detailed odds tracking we performed reveals.

We tracked how their advised odds held up when set against those available with our smaller panel of bookmakers either immediately, after 15 minutes or after 60 minutes

Here you can see how they stack up and the Estimated ROI differences compared to the advised odds:


So, whilst there is a small drop both immediately and after first 15 minutes – this for a racing tipster is actually very good indeed.

Those of you with access either to the exchanges or a wider group of bookmakers should be able to get closer and at times better odds on these tips.

Affordable With A 20% Discount

Last but not least, another major reason we rate this tipster is because their subscription fees are very reasonable – especially as all SBC members are eligible to save 20% on the cost of joining them.

With the discount applied, the average monthly fee for their service works out at between £26 and £38 (depending on the length of subscription you choose) which in comparison to the profits made are very reasonable.

Sticking a simple £10 each way on their tips over the past decade would have made you a profit of £39,277.

Dividing that by 10 for the years they have been in service, that equates to a £3,927.70 profit each year – not bad for as little as £26.33 per month!

Note – You can save up to £79 on this service thanks to the savings exclusively available to you as a Smart Betting Club Member. Considering our Platinum membership costs just £105.99 – it’s almost worth joining us for this reason alone!

BTG 570X207 Part 1_2

Read More In The Best Tipster Guide

You can read our full, detailed review on this tipster with access to Part 2 of the 2017 Best Tipster Guide.

Also inside Part 2, you can read similar reviews on the new Football Expert averaging 70% bank growth annually (With a profitable record of over 3000 bets since 2014) AND

the Festival Racing expert you can follow on the exchanges (Over the past 6 years, he has advised 2600 tips and made 429.6 points profit at 15.4% Return on Investment.)

Plus not forgetting you will get access to Part 1 of the 2017 Best Tipster Guide AND Parts 1 and 2 of the 2016 Best Tipster Guide, featuring another 8 tipster reviews in total.

All told, the Best Tipster Guide series provides everything you need to make your betting a success. Read all about the Best Tipster Guide via this link. 

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Parts 1 & 2 Of The 2017 ‘Best Tipster Guide’ Out Now!!

Part 2 of the 2017 Best Tipster Guide has just been released featuring detailed, independent reviews on 3 top tipsters to help you make money betting this year.

Compiled by the tipster experts here at the Smart Betting Club, its release coupled with Part 1 (published in January) contains everything you need to know to get started betting profitably (with 5 tipsters reviewed in total!)

With several significant tipster discount deals for you to enjoy worth £535, plus full access to the 2016 Best Tipster Guide – its our best ever value-for-money betting package!

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Here Is What’s Inside Part 2:

Expert Tipster Review 1

The New Football Expert Averaging 70% Bank Growth Annually – With a profitable record of over 3000 bets since 2014.

Expert Tipster Review 2

The Festival Racing Expert You Can Follow On The Exchanges
Over the past 6 years, he has advised 2600 bets and made 429.6 points profit at 15.4% Return on Investment.

Expert Tipster Review 3

The Racing Guru With A Talent For Picking Big Winners (For 10 Years!)
This tipster is exceptionally good at selecting big winners with 4,857 points profit coming from 3305 tips at over 25/1!

How The Best Tipster Guide Can Help YOU! – Click Here

PLUS 3 More ‘Best Tipster Guides’ Can Be Yours

Access to the Best Tipster Guide also provides you with 3 more must-read reports, including Part 1 of the 2017 Best Tipster Guide and Parts 1 and 2 of the 2016 Best Tipster Guide!

Inside these 3 extra guides you can also read about the likes of:

  • The Racing Tipster Up 1094% Bank Growth In 17 Months – Including 406% Growth Over The 2nd Half of 2016!
  • The Football Tipster With 110 Points Profit at 11.% ROI In The Last 5 Seasons
  • The Outstanding Racing Guru Up 1145 Points Profit Since 2013
    You only pay once you hit a guaranteed profit target – extremely punter friendly and hugely popular!1 Year of Bet Diary Pro Access;
  • The Free Tipster With 335 Points Profit From 1482 Bets  Including 79.6 Points Profit At 28.5% ROI In 2016!)
  • The Horse Racing Tipster With 1013.7 Points Profit From 9,987 Bets – All On Betfair (And 345% Betting Bank Growth in 2016!!!)

And many more tipsters besides – all available to you as a Platinum Smart Betting Club member.

Pro Gambler Expertise – The Complete Package

As well as gaining access to both Parts 1 & 2 of the 2017 Best Tipster Guide, a Platinum Smart Betting Club membership also grants you full access to our complete ‘Professional Punter’ package including:

  • 1 Year of SBC Magazines;
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  • Access to our 11-year Back Catalogue;
  • Access To The SBC Tipping Forum;
  • Gold Tipster Discounts & Trials;
  • Platinum Tipster Discounts & Trials;
  • All 4 US Sport Tipster Profit Reports;
  • Our Pro Betting Fundamentals Guides;
  • Full 90-Day Money Back Guarantee!

All told – it’s quite the package with a huge amount of expertise and information available to you and all from a genuinely independent source. Here is why we are different.

It’s fair to say that the expertise provided through both the Best Tipster Guide and the Platinum ‘Pro Punter’ package will give you every chance of making real money from your betting.

Read more on how the 2017 Best Tipster Guide can help YOU!

“Managed An Incredible Net Profit Of £11,595”..

“I managed an incredible net profit of £11,595 (after fees). I’m now free from credit card debt for the first time in years and planning a cruise with my long suffering wife for our Silver wedding anniversary – happy days!”

Actual SBC member testimonial Read More

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