Each Way Or Win Only: What’s The Best Way To Bet?

If you have ever placed a horse racing bet then there is a good chance the age-old dilemma of to whether to bet win only or each way will have reared its head.

After all, there can be nothing worse than putting £50 down on a horse to win at 20/1, only to see it pipped in a photo finish for second place.

Yet if you backed the same horse at 20/1 each way and it duly obliged, chances are you might be wishing you went in for the kill and backed it to win.

Without a time machine, it’s impossible to know the right way to bet all the time, but today I have some stats to showcase some of the ways to judge whether to bet win only or each-way. In doing so, I can hopefully help shed some light on which way to tackle this perennial betting hot-potato.

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In Play Football Betting Explained In 3 Easy Steps

In this week’s column, I am handing over to Dave from the Goran’s Winners tipster service, who has penned a special piece on in-play football betting for us.

In-play football betting is this service’s speciality and Dave has some sagely advice to share on how you can use Asian Handicaps to transform even the toughest of games from a betting viewpoint!

The team at Goran’s Winners know a thing or two about making live betting pay and in a special deal they are offering all readers a special £2 trial of their in-play service, which will run from Friday the 15th to Tuesday the 19th. You can sign-up to this via http://www.goranswinners.net/promotions/trial.php *

*Note – even though their website states Sat & Sun, the SBC trial is a special 5 day offer*

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Football Betting Stats: Why This Season Has Been So Strange (& The World's Worst System!)

This weekend sees the start of the 1st round of the FA Cup, which is always a good point to reflect on the first few months of football betting action this season.

…And if you like a few other punters I have spoken to this season have had a tough start to the season betting-wise, today I have some really interesting stats that might well help you! (plus details on possibly the worst football betting system)

With the help of the Winbobatoo football service, I have compiled betting data for the season so far, which show a huge bias depending on whether you have been backing predominantly home or away football teams.

For example, if this season you had simply backed every single home side in the top 5 English leagues and the SPL, you would actually be showing a 21.93 pt profit (at single 1 pt stakes) and a Return on Investment of 4.01%!

This is because there have been 7% more home wins this season than last with 46% in 2013/14 compared to just 39% in 2012/13.

Conversely if only backing away teams, you will have made a 68.01 pt loss (-13.36% ROI) with the key stat that there have been 7% fewer away wins this season compared to last (27% compared to 34%). Continue reading

Free Report On The Best Football Bookmakers

Today I am on a man on a mission…and that mission is to help you improve the odds you get on your football bets.

For far too long, the majority of punters have been unaware of some of the very best (but often lesser known) bookmakers and just how they can help your betting profits.

So to change all that, I have teamed up with my friends at Progambler to put together a free report on the best football bookmakers and just how they work.

Download Your Free Report Now (link opens up a PDF file)

In total this free reports lists independent analysis on 7 different football bookmakers (none of whom are exactly household names) but who offer better odds than many big-name firms.

And as our guide goes on to explain by examing 5 of this weekend’s top fixtures, it can mean as much as a 15.5% difference to your profits.

The report is yours free to download and is available in PDF file.

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