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How To Make Lucky 15s Even Better!

In this special article, guest author Thomas Randall talks us through how you can make your lucky 15 bets even better!

Online bookmakers hate taking Lucky 15s and here is why.

The bet was actually withdrawn from betting shops many years ago only to be reinstated when customers left chains in droves to go to independents that still accommodated it.

So wait a minute, I can hear a few of you saying ‘what is a Lucky 15 bet’?

A Lucky15 is a series of bets that covers 4 selections (usually on horses). It consists of 4 singles, 6 doubles, 4 trebles and an accumulator, 15 bets in total, hence the name.

Ok, so what’s so great about that? The beauty of this bet is the way it is marketed by the bookmakers. Because 15 bets is a lot of cash to lay out (especially if they don’t all oblige, most bookmakers offer a consolation of double the odds for one winner only in your 4 selections and some like Betfred even offer treble odds).

Exploiting A Lucky 15 Bet To Your Advantage

There are many shrewd ways of exploiting these consolations in the Lucky 15 bet to your advantage as a punter with an online bookmaker.

The first way which is quite well known is to do the Lucky15 each-way with all the selections in races where the place terms are weighted in the punters favour.

For example, a Lucky 15 where all the selections are second favourites in non-handicap races of 8, 9 or 10 runners where the favourite is a very skinny price (6/4 or shorter). The shorter the price the favourite is in fact the more advantageous the place terms become for the punter in that type of event.

Place the bet as late as possible checking which horses are likely to go off second favourite by monitoring Betfair. Also, make sure none of your selections are non-runners because you will not get a consolation (double/treble odds one winner or placed selection) if one or more of the four selections fail to take their chance.

Another Way To Maximise Your Lucky 15 Returns

There is another way of using Lucky 15s that is pretty ingenious as well and it works on slips that pay double odds for a consolation as well as treble (but treble is much better). It goes like this…

When you pick your four selections out try to find one more horse as well but instead of doing a Lucky 31 (A Lucky31 is similar to a Lucky15 but with 5 selections consisting of 5 singles, 10 doubles, 10 trebles, 5 four-timers and an accumulator) do 5 Lucky 15s permed in the following way.

Ok, You have picked 5 horses A,B,C,D,E. Next take 5 Lucky15 slips and write them out the following way

Slip 1- 4 selections A,B,C,D that’s 15 bets

Slip 2- 4 selections A,B,C,E that’s 15 bets

Slip 3- 4 selections A,B,D,E that’s 15 bets

Slip 4- 4 selections A,C,D,E that’s 15 bets

Slip 5- 4 selections B,C,D,E that’s 15 bets

Ok, that is 75 bets so far.

Let us suppose we had done a £1 Lucky 31 instead. That is £31 total outlay obviously, and if only one selection wins which is probably the ‘average’ result for punters on a typical day then you get treble the odds for that selection. If your winner was only say 4/1 then you’d of got treble odds making it 12-1 and your return £13.

However you could instead divide your original outlay of £31 by 75 and have 5 lucky 15s with a unit stake of 41.333 pence permed in 5 slips.

Now look what happens if you only get one winner. The 5 slip permutation with one winner will have that one selection in four of the slips. For example, if A is your only winner it appears in slips 1,2,3 and 4.

If A was a 4-1 winner then if you got double the odds a winner in your Lucky 15 you would get back 41.333 pence at 8-1 on 4 slips or £14.88 which is more than £13 is it not?

If the shop you go in pays treble the odds (such as Betfred) then you would of received 41.333 pence at 12-1 on 4 slips and that is £21.49, which is getting towards double £13 is it not?

There you are ladies and gents all you need now are the right selections and you can start hammering those bookmakers!

Thomas Randall is a professional sports trader and betting consultant. For more information from Thomas on how to get the better of your bookie contact

How To Grab These ‘No Brainer’ Tipster Discounts & Trials

If there is one thing that unites us all – its the love of a bargain or a freebie, which is why I want to highlight some of the mega deals now available via the our ‘SBC Discount Club’ off the cost of many tipster subscriptions.

You can save up to £188 on the price to access a variety of popular tipster services via these special deals and free trials – many of which are exclusive to our club.

In fact, so potent are some of these discounts, that they can easily save you more than the cost of joining us here at the Smart Betting Club!

Which, as Kevin Bacon would say – is a massive ‘no-brainer’.

Interested? Thought so – check out just some of the deals and offers you can take advantage of via the Discount Club below… Continue reading

Beating The Bookies Since 2006: One Winning Tipster Reveals All

Longevity is not usually a word readily associated with tipsters and with good reason, as many have a reputation for packing it in as soon as a bad run of form hits.

Therefore, one of the key qualities we look for in any tipster is their ability to stick around and be consistently good. To treat losing and winning runs as level-headed as possible and to offer a well run but most of all profitable service (Its one reason why the average age for a service we place in our Hall of Fame is well over 4 years!)

One notable long-running tipster service goes by the name of Winning Racing Tips and has been run by Paul Ruffy since July 2006. We have been tracking it ourselves since 2007 and updating SBC members on its ongoing profitable performance ever since then.

In recognition of this longevity, we recently sat down with Paul as part of our ‘How I Make Money Betting‘ series – to try and tap into just how he has been so successful for so long.

Below are a few excerpts from the interview…

Hi Paul, thanks for agreeing to be interviewed by us. Can you start off by telling us how you got involved in the betting world? Continue reading

Find The Best Tipsters With This Special Profit Report

The very latest Smart Betting Club Tipster Profit Report is out now and features the latest results for 53 of the very best betting tipsters we have uncovered in nearly 8 years of independent reporting.

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Are These The 4 Best Free Racing Tipsters Out There?

This week represents the calm after the storm for many gamblers after the craziness of Cheltenham..and if you lost out during the festival, I’m here to help with news on 4 FREE top racing tipsters you should check out.

After all, everyone loves something for free but never more so in the aftermath of Cheltenham – be it because you spent all your money on Guinness or simply because you backed a string of no-hopers.

For the all the Cheltfest buzz, it is after all only 4 days out of a full year you can make money betting and as many a shrewd man has said – a 10/1 winner at Southwell pays the same as a 10/1 winner at the festival. (It’s just a lot less exciting!)

My Quartet Of Freebie Racing Tipsters

So then, back onto the case in point and the 4 racing tipsters I mentioned at the top of this email. Continue reading

Cheltenham 2014 Tips: 4 of The Best Racing Experts Spill The Beans…

The greatest racing festival of all is now just a few days away and to further whet the appetite ahead of the start of Cheltenham this Tuesday, I have brought together a panel of 4 of the shrewdest racing brains to get their best Cheltenham 2014 Tips.

Fielding my questions were 4 times Racing Post naps champion and Easyodds columnist – Paul Jacobs, top racing writer and owner of the geegeez website – Matt Bisogno, SBC’s very own racing expert – Scott Armstrong and the highly-rated racing tipster – Rob from Pounds to Punters.

Below you can find out their 3 best bets for Cheltenham, their ‘darkhorses’ to watch, the short-priced faves they want to take on and much more besides…

Continue reading

Cheltenham 2014 Tips Profit Pack – Free Download Now Available

Our hotly anticipated Cheltenham 2014 Tips Profit Pack has today been published and is available for free download – perfect for those of you looking for tips, guidance and advice during the famous festival.

It is completely free to download and you can obtain your copy by visiting our special Cheltenham Tips 2014 website.

If features tips, advice and expertise from a range of proven betting professionals including…

  • Exclusive Tips From 4 Times Racing Post Naps Champion – Paul Jacobs
  • Cheltenham Analysis & Tips From Racing Guru Matt Bisogno
  • The Best Ante-Post Cheltenham Tips From Expert Scott Armstrong
  • Free Champion Hurdle Analysis & Tips From The ‘Value Bettor
  • 57 Pages Of Key Trends For All 27 Cheltenham 2014 Races From Pounds to Punters

Access your free Cheltenham 2014 Tips Profit Pack