Are These The 4 Best Free Racing Tipsters Out There?

This week represents the calm after the storm for many gamblers after the craziness of Cheltenham..and if you lost out during the festival, I’m here to help with news on 4 FREE top racing tipsters you should check out.

After all, everyone loves something for free but never more so in the aftermath of Cheltenham – be it because you spent all your money on Guinness or simply because you backed a string of no-hopers.

For the all the Cheltfest buzz, it is after all only 4 days out of a full year you can make money betting and as many a shrewd man has said – a 10/1 winner at Southwell pays the same as a 10/1 winner at the festival. (It’s just a lot less exciting!)

My Quartet Of Freebie Racing Tipsters

So then, back onto the case in point and the 4 racing tipsters I mentioned at the top of this email.

Each of these 4 are currently been tracked by us here at SBC as part of our ongoing rating and ranking of the best tipster services. To be completely frank, 3 of them have records that would make many a paid-for tipster blush! Check out this next table to see exactly what I mean by this…

I can’t reveal their names here (as I will explain why shortly) but in the above table you can view everything from the number of bets to the money made at £25 stakes profit.

In this table I have also included some other key stats namely..

  • Return on Investment – the higher the better here and a ROI of 27.18% effectively means that for every £100 you risk, you make £27.18 in profit
  • Return on Capital – again the higher the better and a ROC of 173.20% means your betting bank will have increased itself by 173% since they started advising bets
  • SBC Rating – the higher the better again as this represents our thoughts on the service (based on a scale of 1 to 5) which takes into consideration many different things from odds availability to consistency.

I should also mention here that these records are based on long-term historical records and not just a few weeks here and there. I.e. not just based on performance at Cheltenham!

What I Can’t Reveal…And Why

Sadly, whilst I can reveal all kinds of details on profit figures, our ratings and so on, what I can’t do in this email is reveal exactly who these services actually are.

Why you may ask?

Well, it’s quite simple as here at SBC we spend all day, every day, tracking hundreds of tipsters and their performance for us to report back to our members on. To suggest that some days we are drowning in spreadsheets would be quite the understatement!

It is all part of our quest to not only uncover the very best racing tipsters...but to also constantly track their ongoing performance to see how much they can realistically make for our members.

So, as part of our commitment to the subscribers to the Smart Betting Club, I can’t with good conscience reveal more on the identities to those not yet a member of our service (sorry!)

Not Just Any Tom, Dick or Hugh

What I can tell you is that each of the 4 tipsters above are some of the best, most consistent free racing tipsters we have come across in nearly 8 years.

What’s more, you won’t find a Hugh Taylor or Tom Segal from Pricewise Extra amongst them – the obvious names that everyone has heard of. Instead we dig a lot deeper to try and find the hidden gems.

If keen to find out more not just on the 4 free racing experts above but another 49 (yes 49!) top tipsters we continue to track, you can find a full dossier on them in our soon-to-be-released latest Tipster Profit Report.

This report will include full ratings, best buy tables and our Hall of Fame rankings on the very best tipsters and will be available to all SBC members in the next couple of days.

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