Another Betfair SP tipster to follow in – the latest in our Betting Exchange Tipster series reveals all….

The 3rd review from the very latest SBC Magazine – Issue 117 is out now and focuses on yet another tipping service with a profitable record at Betfair SP.

It’s the latest review from our Betting Exchange series dedicated to helping you turn a profit following tipsters on the likes of Betfair, Betdaq & Smarkets. Ideal for those of you blocked and limited by bookmakers for winning!

You can access this latest review and our entire 15 year strong back catalogue of tipster reviews and articles the instant you join the Smart Betting Club.

Profitable at both Betfair SP & With Bookies

This latest racing tipster under our review microscope makes a profit to both bookmaker prices AND at Betfair SP, so you can simply pick and choose the approach that suits you best.

At level stakes, here is how their record compares over the course of the near 4000 bets advised since 2012:

  • Placing all bets with bookmakers: 3961 bets. 526.75 points profit @ 13.30% ROI

  • Placing all bets at Betfair SP: 3961 bets, 400.16 points profit @ 10.10% ROI

So whilst there is an edge if you have the ability to bet with bookmakers, there is still a decent profit to be made if only taking Betfair SP (results are also after 2% commission has been deducted).

Many SBC members who still retain some access to bookmaker accounts are also mixing up the placement of bets. Some with bookmakers, some with Betfair SP to ensure they get the highest profit possible.

Betting Only On Big Races!

The other very appealing fact surrounding this tipster is that they only advises bets during major race meetings and festivals – when bookmakers are less reactive or suspicious of winning bets struck.

In fact, the bookies are often falling over themselves to encourage you to bet with them during the likes of Cheltenham, Royal Ascot or Glorious Goodwood or during the big Saturday and Sunday race meetings.

The amount of money traded and bets placed during these races is also much larger, making it much easier to get your bets down AND much easier for any winnings made with a bookmaker to go under the radar

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Including this extremely popular racing tipster (possibly our most popular review ever!), which has made a 16.51% ROI at Betfair since March 2019.

See you on the inside!

Peter Ling
Smart Betting Club Editor

Is this our most popular racing tipster review ever? 🔥 🔥 🔥 Major Betfair SP edge

Monday saw the release of the very latest SBC Tipster Review and it’s safe to say it might well be one of the most popular pieces we have ever published!

Speaking to the tipster behind it all on Wednesday, he told me that already more than 60 SBC members had signed-up to be on the restart list for the service – which is due to begin advising tips again on the 20th June.

This re-start delay is simply to ensure they only advise tips when they have enough solid recent racing form to go off, since the sport itself only began behind closed doors on the 1st June.

The reason for the popularity is easy to understand as this tipster ticks a lot of boxes such as…

  • Betfair & Betdaq Friendly – It can only be followed on Betfair and/or Betdaq and so is ideal for those of you suffering from bookmaker restrictions.
  • Automated Bot Placement – The service uses a simple betting bot to automatically place down all bets a few minutes before each race. Getting you the best odds & saving you lots of time!
  • Major Exchange Profits – Perhaps the most important factor is the profits made as to betting exchange prices, the service has made a 16.51% ROI from 2661 bets since March 2019.
  • Profitable at Betfair SP – Not only this but if following at Betfair SP, the profits rise to 19.14% ROI (and as always, this is after commission is deducted).
  • 10% Discount For SBC Members – On top of the fact this tipster costs just £29.99 per month, you can also save a further 10% as an SBC member as part of the discounts we negotiate on their behalf.
  • 5 Years in the making – This is also a tipster service that is based on 5 years worth of development and uses 6 different AI prediction models to generate the advice supplied.

This review is also the first in our forthcoming special on Betting Exchange Profits with several other tipsters profitable on Betfair or at Betfair SP to be published in coming weeks and months.

You can read more on the existing Betfair Exchange assistance we provide here.

For those of you interested in finding out more – you can download this review and access the 10% discount the instant you become a Smart Betting Club member. Once joined, simply visit the ‘Betting Magazine’ members section to find the review in question.

See you on the inside!

Peter Ling
Smart Betting Club Editor
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The ‘Pro Betting Fundamentals’ to guide you towards long-term betting success

With racing just a week away from returning and several football leagues gearing up for their resumption, the sporting and betting world is about to get really busy very soon.

All of which means that right now it’s a great time to you lay the foundations for REAL betting success whilst you have the time to do so (i.e. with no sporting or betting distractions!)

This might be by getting to grips with the betting banks and staking plans they use or by learning how to adopt the psychology of a winner and understanding the key value betting concept all successful punters use.

These foundations are not difficult or time consuming to put in place – yet you would be surprised how much of a difference to your profit and loss figures they can make!

SBC’s EXPANDED Pro Betting Fundamentals Section

So with the above in mind, during the past few months, the SBC team have been hard at work expanding the ‘Pro Betting Fundamentals’ and ‘Betting Insight’ section of the SBC service we provide to members to give them everything they need to lay these foundations for long-term success.

This includes unique articles on developing your risk profile, how safe and secure bookmakers are, if you should bet each way or win only AND the release of our updated 65-page Pro Gambler Blueprint Guide.

Join SBC today & gain INSTANT access to a world of help for winning bettors.

Our Updated 2020 Pro Gambler Blueprint

First off, all SBC members get a copy of our Pro Gambler Blueprint, which is an exhaustive 65 page guide to put you firmly on the path to becoming a full time betting professional and ensure you have the fundamentals for success in place.

Freshly updated for 2020, this guide will help you transform your approach to betting and explain to you the fundamentals behind making it a success.

The Pro Gambler Blueprint is split into eight easy to follow sections:

Part One: Getting Started – The Fundamentals of Betting Success – The building blocks of what makes a consistent winner.

Part Two: The Nitty Gritty – 7 Pro Tips – Practical tips and advice on the tools, websites and resources to use when betting.

Part Three: Setting Realistic Expectations – How often you can expect to win and lose explained in both odds and percentage terms.

Part Four: The Pro Betting Mindset – Understanding the value betting concept and how to change your thinking to be a winner

Part Five: Betting Banks & How To Set Them Up For Success – A simple guide on how to setup a betting bank for each tipster you follow. Very easy to follow indeed and essential for EVERY bettor.

Part Six: Building Your Own Tipster Portfolio – Want to follow more than one tipster and run a ‘portfolio? Everything you would ever need to know is explained in this extremely detailed section

Part Seven: What To Bet On – Backing, laying, horse racing & football betting – all the main markets explained and explored

Part Eight: Producing Your Own Prices – Understanding how bookmakers work and how to compile your own odds.

There is also a handy appendix and glossary to help explain betting terms such as Laying, Yankees and Asian handicaps, alongside a comparative odds table for American, Fractional and Decimal odds.

The Unique Betting Insight Section

Those of you looking for even more expert advice will love our expanding SBC Betting Insight section, which covers in great detail key topics you need to understand to bet profitably.

Covering topics ranging from handling losing runs, to understanding value betting, through to the psychological issues at play when we bet, it is designed to help you build the best platform for sustained betting achievement.

Here are just a few recent SBC Betting Insight articles:

  • Should You Bet Each Way or Win Only?
    An in-depth look at this perennial question on the how and why you might like to bet each way or to win – specifically when following tipsters. Exploring topics such as the differing size losing runs each method brings, betting bank growth, bookmaker and exchange comparisons plus the very important psychology aspect, it’s a detailed examination of what you need to know about the best way to bet for you.
  • Understanding Risk and how it can shape the tipsters we follow and the bets we place
    A special article on the topic of risk, including 2 simple tests to work out your own risk profile and tolerance levels. Understanding your approach to risk is absolutely vital when betting as if you have the wrong setup for your risk personality then there is every chance you will fail.
  • How safe is the money you deposit with bookmakers?
    Given the closures of several bookmakers recently and their inability to pay out customer balances, this article explains the varied levels of protection offered by bookmakers to the funds you deposit with them.
  • What’s Better? Strike-rate or Profit?
    Delving into the battle between strike-rate and profit and the real-life mental challenges that occur when using tipsters, especially those that select bets at big odds and to low strike-rates. Important insight for all punters.
  • Lessons we can learn from this legendary winning gambler
    Bill Benter is the man who cracked the horse racing code and a legendary gambler to boot. Yet much of what informed Bill, informs us as punters, especially when it comes to understanding ‘value betting’. These are the lessons we can learn from him.
  • Overnight Racing Markets – A Changed Betting Landscape
    The current state of play in the horse racing market, especially those betting overnight and how this impacts those following tipsters.

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Answered: Your questions on getting started with tipsters…how much it costs, what you can realistically make and more..

Last week, I revealed details on the new Getting Started With Tipsters section now available to SBC members and how it can help you if unsure of exactly how to begin on your profitable betting journey.

It’s release actually prompted a few emails from those of you keen to know more about the process of betting for profit with tipsters, so I thought I would answer a few of the most prominent queries below

I tackle everything about how much you need to get started, what you can potentially make through to how to deal with bookmaker limits when winning….

Why you should I bother with tipsters? I can pick my own betting tips!

Almost everyone when they start betting thinks they know more than the bookmaker. At some point, usually after a few losers, the penny starts to drop that it is really hard to win money betting. It’s one thing having an opinion about the outcome of a race, game or event, yet it is another entirely to turn a profit from these opinions in the betting market.

That is why only a tiny proportion of bettors are long-term winners (estimated to be between 1% and 2%) and even fewer yet make significant sums doing so.

This is where tipsters come in – they know how and what to bet on (and when) in order to make a profit. They put in the time and effort, yet most importantly also have the skill most people don’t have at picking value betting opportunities.

How much do I need to get started?

You can get started with a small amount, yet you just need to be prepared to be patient to let this grow over time.

In fact, I would go so far as to say it’s better to start small and build up rather than go in with a big amount and learn the ropes when any rookie mistakes can be very costly indeed.

So whether you have £250 or £25,000 – you can get started and build from there as you feel comfortable

How much can I realistically make?

Again, it’s about being realistic. Anyone that says you can make £20,000 in your first year or quit your job within a few months is selling an impossible dream.

Some of the punters we interviewed in our ‘Getting Started With Tipsters’ guide started out following just 1 tipster and often a free or very cheap one at that to boot.

For example, Dave, who now makes a 5 figure profit each year told us

“My first goal was very simple – to make money betting, which is something I managed to do …. I began with just one tipster and then moved to follow around half a dozen as that went well.”

It took him 3 years to go from following this one tipster and proving he could make a profit to where he is now – making this 5 figure annual return.

Can I expect to make a certain profit every month? How does this all work?

One of the biggest challenges many punters face is learning to deal with losing, including paying for tips that lose and go on short-term losing runs.

This is because betting for profit isn’t like having a weekly wage or fixed amount of profit week-in, week-out. It doesn’t work like that in the real world.

You might make £2000 over the course of 3 months, yet it could be you make £1000 in month 1, lose £500 in month 2 and then win £1500 in month 3.

As Dan, one of our interviewed panel of experts put it:

“Don’t let your betting be dominated by whether you have won or lost in the last few weeks or months as it will always turn in time. Just let it all play out over the weeks and months and stay level-headed at all costs.

Too many people judge their success based on what they made last week, last month and so on. Don’t fall into that trap. Look at what you will make over 12 months and longer”

Can you follow any good tipsters for free? I am worried about spending a lot when starting out?

Absolutely – it’s a little know benefit of SBC membership that you can access several free tipsters to follow via email that have excellent track records. You can find details on them here and a breakdown of past performance figures achieved here.

Many SBC members get started out following a handful of these experts first and foremost. They help to get you accustomed to simple practices – such as staking plans, how betting banks work and the bookmaker or exchange accounts you might need.

What about other tipsters that charge fees – such as those in your Hall of Fame, how much do they cost?

The key thing to be aware of in terms of those tipsters that achieve a Hall of Fame recommendation is that the fee charged has to be judged in the context of the profits you can make following.

It is therefore very hard for a more expensive tipster (e.g. at £75 a month) to achieve this recognition and they only do when you can make considerably more at reasonable stakes if following. In reality, those more expensive tipsters advise a lot more bets and are more suitable to more experienced punters – often those with a fair bit of spare time to commit to following.

Having said that, the average cost for some of the best tipsters work out at around £30 per month and again the quality of each service is judged against what you can look to make following at reasonable stakes.

So for a £30 monthly outlay, you might expect to average between £100 and £200 per month profit at smallish stakes.


What about bookmakers who limit or restrict winning punters? Won’t they stop my betting once I become profitable?

Yes, this has to be a consideration and this is why we advice a series of different scenarios in our ‘Getting Started With Tipsters’ guide which depends on your circumstances.

If you are totally new, then there is less concern about this issue, yet as profits build, we advise you on the sports, markets and tipsters to focus on. All the way through to the advice we provide full-time professionals on how to profit on the exchanges or with Asian firms/bet brokers.

In a nutshell, your betting and the tipsters you focus on will need to evolve over time. This is easily achievable simply by adding in more experts that you can follow on the betting exchanges or with firms that don’t restrict you.

OK, sounds great, how can I get started?

As soon as you like – already we have several tipsters active in the German Bundesliga markets (this is nothing new – they tipped up in these leagues prior to the pandemic) and with racing due back on the 1st June and other football leagues and sports to follow soon, then things are starting to return to normal.

Given this comparative lack of sport to bet on, it does allow you to ease yourself in and so making it a good time to start with a couple of tipsters, learn the fundamentals of success (everything from your risk profile to betting banks and the advanced tipster analytics we provide) and start building up gradually.

Whenever you join, there is also a money back guarantee available with SBC membership, so if you find what is on offer isn’t suitable to you, then request a refund no questions asked!

Get Started With SBC Right Away!

You can read more on the new Getting Started With Tipsters section in this blog post, yet for those of you with additional questions to ask, please feel free to send them to me via

There is no such thing as a stupid question as we all had to start somewhere, so if I can help you in anyway, let me know!

So, why not give it a try and sign-up today for instant Smart Betting Club access.

Getting Started With Tipsters. Walkthrough guides and interviews with 4 winners on how they began…

If you are daunted by the prospect of exactly where to start when it comes to betting profitably using tipsters, then a new section of the SBC members website is here to help you get going with confidence.

Cunningly titled our ‘Getting Started With Tipsters’ section, it begins by outlining 5 different scenarios from beginner to expert punter and how to get going based on where exactly you stand.

The 5 scenarios cover all bases and are as follows:

  • Scenario 1: If you are brand new to betting for profit
  • Scenario 2: If you are working to a tight budget
  • Scenario 3: If you are an experienced punter with some prior success
  • Scenario 4: If you are a profitable punter experiencing bookmaker restrictions looking for exchange options.
  • Scenario 5: If you are a full-time winning punter looking to build on existing profits

Wherever you fit into the above and the individual circumstances that surround your betting then it will give you the tools and links on how best to get started and to build from there.

Tailored To Your Specific Betting Needs

We have put together this Getting Started With Tipsters section as we recognise that everyone has different needs based on where you are currently in your betting journey.

Whether you are a total beginner, somewhat experienced punter or even established full-time winner, your requirements will be fundamentally different on what you are looking for from a tipster service.

This is because the tipster(s) that suit each of you will differ based on things like:

  • Budget
  • Experience
  • Time available
  • Schedule
  • Bookmakers available
  • Exchanges/brokers available
  • Risk preferences
  • Patience levels
  • Expectations
  • Sporting preferences

So if you are unsure of exactly where to get started – don’t be put off as SBC is here to help you!

Also Now Available – The Getting Started With Tipsters Interview PDF

To further help you get going betting profitably, we have also published a new interview PDF with 4 different punters on how exactly they got started betting with tipsters.

All 4 have a detailed betting background and level of experience in the betting world, whether it be trading, building their own strategies or a time worn approach to following tipsters that works for them.

Providing inspiration into 4 different ways to make your betting a success from those actively involved in following tipsters.

One such interview is with ‘Dave’ (not his real name) who has been an SBC member since 2014 and currently makes a five figure sum annually by betting with tipsters.

I have previously grilled Dave on how he makes this profit each year (click here to read that), but in this new interview, I specifically wanted to know about how he got started.

Dave told me:

  • His humble beginnings and initial goal to simply make a profit
  • How he scaled up to following the dozens of tipsters he uses now
  • The sports & markets he focused on initially and now
  • How he chooses the tipsters to follow
  • The red flags that make him wary about tipsters unsuitable to him
  • How and when he increased stakes along the way
  • His advice on what to do if looking to imitate his approach!

You can read the full chat with Dave and those with 3 other similar punters using tipsters in this new ‘Getting Started With Tipsters’ Interview PDF – available now to Smart Betting Club members.

Start Small Today, Win Big In The Future…

If you are interested in the concept of learning how to make a profit betting using tipsters, as an SBC member, we give you all the tools, information and advice you need to get going.

Whatever your budget or background, there is something for everyone and remember… from little acorns do mighty oaks grow.

So even if you are starting small (like Dave did!) over time this process can reap dividends. I’m not going to insult your intelligence and say you can turn £500 into £10,000 overnight, but we have seen that with the right guidance and tools, over time you can build up to making significant sums.

With the return of several sports on the horizon in the next few weeks, it is also a great time to join, explore the information we provide and get going yourself.

Best of all, you can also join and take advantage of our money back guarantee, where you can request a full, no-quibble refund within 30 days (quarterly & bi-annual memberships) or 90 days (annual memberships) once you join the Smart Betting Club.

This money back guarantee is there to give you the confidence that what we offer can genuinely make a difference to your betting.

So, why not give it a try and sign-up today for instant Smart Betting Club access.

Best Regards

Peter Ling

Smart Betting Club Owner and Founder

The racing tipster up 87% ROI from 1035 bets (25% ROI at Betfair SP!) Can they continue this form? Latest SBC review out now

Although it remains a very uncertain time across the world in many facets of life, here at SBC we are mindful of the fact that many of you are looking for interesting content to both occupy and inform you from a betting perspective.

So with that in mind, we are pressing ahead with the release of a large number of reviews, reports and special features we have lined up in coming months, starting today with the publication of our latest horse racing tipster review.

Given that horse racing continues in the UK and Ireland and that the racing tipster reviewed in question has made a 87% ROI from 1035 bets over 2 years, it’s an ideally timed release!

Although the 87% ROI headline figure is rightly attracting a lot of attention, in our review we delve deep beneath the surface of this tipster and explore:

  • Performance on the 2 different strategies employed by this tipster;
  • Performance based on yearly and seasonal trends;
  • A full odds movement study – how quick are the advised prices available?;
  • Betfair SP analysis – we estimate a 25% ROI has been made to this metric;
  • Betting bank and losing run analysis;
  • Monte Carlo simulation results and key variables such as p-value, capital & risk ratios


£10 Monthly Memberships Thanks To SBC Discounts

For those of you keen to join this racing tipster, you can also enjoy a 50% discount as an SBC member and join them for just £10 a month. There is equally a very large discount available for those of you wishing to join for a full year.

This is just one of many discounts on top tipsters we offer as a perk of Smart Betting Club membership. Very often you can find yourself saving more than the cost of joining the Smart Betting Club with some of these discounts!

Explore The 14-Year Strong SBC Back Catalogue

As an SBC member, you can access your own copy of this new review and our entire back catalogue of magazines and reports – dating back a full 14 years!

From as little as £27.99 + VAT per quarter, you can get started immediately and enjoy all our SBC Magazines, Tipster Reviews, Tipster Profit Reports, Pro Betting Guides, Betting Interviews, Monte Carlo Simulation Guides & a whole lot more.

It’s our best ever SBC membership deal and with our amazing money back guarantee offer you have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

Sign-up today and see how we can help you.

Peter Ling

Smart Betting Club Owner and Founder



Part 2: Odds Availability & How It Impacts Your Real-World Betting Profits

Last week in part 1 of my article on why odds availability is so important when judging a tipster, I discussed the help that odds tracking can bring when figuring out how much real world profit you can actually make.

Today, I want to take this a step further and showcase some of the easy comparison tables that put these odds tracking studies into the context of £££’s!

We do this at SBC via 2 different Profit Adjustment Tables – one for racing and one for other sports based tipsters, which compare just how the claimed profits by each tipster stand up after a minimum of 15 minutes have elapsed from the time a tip was advised.

Allow me to show an example of how each Profit Adjustment Table works from a positive perspective for 3 different sports tipsters.

Before we get into the examples, it’s important to be clear that we use something called Annualised Profit for comparison purposes. This is simply the average yearly profit you would make if using a £2000 betting bank to follow each tipster. You don’t need a £2000 figure to get started betting, it is simply a good measure to compare and contrast with. Don’t get hung up on the need for £2000!

To explain this table, in the original SBC review of Service 1, we found there to be an actual increase of 2% ROI when compared to the quoted odds settled by the tipster. In a nutshell – you could easily beat their claimed profits if betting within the first 15 minutes after they are advised.

Based on this 2% ROI jump – an projected Annualised Profit of £2,956 for Service 1 could well increase by as much as £771 to £3,726, simply by taking better odds.

It’s a similar story for Service 2, whereby the increase was found to be 2.5% – which would turn the Annualised Profit from £1958 to £2576. An increase of £618.

Service 3 is very interesting as whilst there was a 0.5% reduction in odds within 15 minutes, the difference is just £809 less. Taking the Annualised Profit from £12,766 to £11,957.

When Odds Are Odd

Where these Profit Adjustment Tables are equally vital is when they illustrate the changes on the negative side – i.e. tipsters who quote odds that get smashed in very quickly. Those tipsters who claim a profit you are unlikely to match in the real world.

I have copied 3 examples from the Horse Racing Profit Adjustment Tables below that show this in play below:

Starting off with Service 4, we noticed a swing of -4.5% ROI within 15 minutes of the bets being advised. That is reflected in the drop of £1020 if waiting 15 minutes to get your bets on, which takes the profit from £4216 to £3196. It isn’t the biggest move but still its enough to be of concern.

Service 5 raises this up a notch and the 10.82% change within 15 minutes is huge and represents a £2472 swing against you. This would take a profitable service on paper (£982) to a losing one (-£1490) in reality.

Finally, the biggest extreme we have found is Service 6, which continues to quote completely unrealistic odds. That takes a supposed profit of £2,688 down to a loss of £307 due to the 24.5% ROI swing!

The reason for this big swing is that this Service 6 is a racing tipster who continues to take very early, big prices in the racing market which get quickly hammered in. It is for that reason we do not currently recommend Service 6 to SBC members and won’t do so until they start quoting fairer odds.

Red-Flags That A Tipster Is Quoting Unrealistic Odds

In the 6 examples above you can see the two sides to the need for odds tracking – highlighting those tipsters quoting both fair and unfair prices.

Far too often I see too many tipster reviews and recommendations, which do not tackle this issue and simply look at the claimed profit level or ROI without giving it a second thought. It is a genuine problem and it upsets me no end as they are not being straight with you on the real world profit figures.

Whilst I can’t advise you on every tipster out there and how their prices stack up, you can read the odds tracking results for the majority of the 60 tipsters included in each Tipster Profit Report and in every SBC review now published.

Yet for those of you concerned about this area – here are a few ‘red-flags’ that a tipster might be quoting unfair odds:

  • They are regularly backing already well supported bets. Effectively they are highlighting ‘steamers’ or those shorter in price on the exchanges than with bookmakers and hoping to jump on the back of a move in price.
  • Racing tipsters who put up bets the night or evening before the race itself takes place. There is very little trading money around at this time and you often see huge moves downwards for even the slightest amount of support for a horse.
  • Tipsters in very niche markets where it takes not a lot of money to move the odds down. Bookies get spooked if you win large sums in sports or markets where they can’t lay off their liabilities.

This is by no means is that an exhaustive list and ultimately the only real way to get a handle on this is to track the odds and work the data. All of which we do in each review.

Want To See More?

Over the past 14 years, the SBC team have reviewed hundreds and hundreds of tipster services – with the very best and most profitable tipsters listed in the Hall of Fame and featured in our Betting Magazines.

We also report back on their ongoing form of each service in our Tipster Profit Reports.

Most importantly – our Hall of Fame listing section is based on those tipsters we feel make a clear edge in the real world. I.e. Not those quoting imaginary prices.

You will hear me say that phrase regularly ‘Real World Profits’ as we won’t recommend a tipster to you that we don’t feel can make a realistic return for you.

So, if you want to know and see more, including the fair tipsters with proven long-term records of making a profit, you will want to join us at the Smart Betting Club.

Sign-up today and get started on your profitable betting journey.

The most important, yet overlooked fact when judging a tipster (part 1)

After 14 years working at the coalface of monitoring, tracking and reviewing tipsters, I like to think I have learnt a thing or two about what exactly a genuine, winning tipping service looks like.

Firstly, it needs to be profitable and showcase a winning record going back a decent amount of time. That is a given.

On top of that it needs to be well run, have a solid consistent strategy, send bets at reasonable times, use a workable staking plan and of course to be affordable after any subscription fees are deducted.

Speaking of which – I heard about one scam recently in the States where a guy was charging $100 to get tips priced at odds of 1.08. The mind boggles!

Yet, one vitally important point that many people overlook – including all other ‘review’ websites (at least as far as I can tell) is the question of odds availability.

Can you match the odds a tipster quotes and settles at?

  • If they quote 10/1 on a tip – how long does that 10/1 stay available for?
  • Is it 9/1 in seconds and 8/1 within 5 minutes?
  • OR does the 10/1 stay widely available for a while with even some 11/1 or 12/1 on offer elsewhere?

Because if you keep taking 8/1 when a tipster is claiming 10/1 – you need to know if that is an approach that will make or lose you money.

Understanding odds availability of a tipster is also critical in today’s age of bookmaker restrictions whereby if you consistently beat the market, you will find yourself closed down.

It doesn’t matter if your bets win or lose – simply the fact you are taking ‘sharp prices’ will see your account red flagged on a regular basis.

SBC’s Solution – Odds Tracking & Profit Adjustment Tables

To tackle this problem head on, in each SBC tipster review, you can also read the results of our detailed odds tracking study exploring the movement in odds.

This compares the average odds quoted by the tipster against:

  • The best odds available if placing the bet immediately
  • The best odds available if placing 15 minutes later
  • The best odds available if placing at 10am
  • The best odds available at kick-off (if a football tipster)
  • The odds available at Betfair SP (if a racing tipster)

The goal with this analysis is to help identify the best and worst tipsters when it comes to odds movement.

Highlighting those you can follow in the real world and not just in theory.

A Recent Odds Tracking Example

Allow me to show exactly how this works by using an example from a recent SBC Magazine, where my team and I tracked the odds from a popular racing tipster, who put up tips each morning at 9am by email and SMS.

In total we tracked the odds movement from a random collection of 200 bets supplied.

As part of this tracking we compared the advised odds by the tipster against those available with a panel of bookmakers (Bet 365, Betfair Sportsbook, Bet Victor, Black Type, Coral, Ladbrokes, Paddy Power, SkyBet, Tote and William Hill) at the time received, after 15 mins and at 10am.The exercise also encompassed both Industry and Betfair SPs.

Below you can see the results with the important figures the ROI difference in the far right column, as this highlights the drop in ROI at the different time periods.

Please ignore the P/L figures and fact this service made a loss during this random collection of 200 bets. What is of most importance is the ROI difference!

A 4.09% ROI Boost Immediately Available!

From the above we can see that getting on as quickly as possible is advised with this tipster. If able to bet as soon as the tips are released, then with a fair set of viable bookmaker accounts you stand a chance of bettering the official ROI figures by 4.09% ROI. This clearly demonstrated to us that this tipster is putting up fair odds at the time of advice.

However, as time passes the quoted prices come under pressure as within 15 minutes there is a drop of -6.19% ROI against the advised prices. The average odds went from 13.71 to 12.22 – a major move and this is reflected by the drop in points profit. Instead of losing just 27.48 points, you would have lost 39.85 points.

Furthermore, if betting just an hour after release at 10am, the impact on ROI is significant at -13.5% ROI and you would be 27 points worse off.

The average odds at 10am are just 11.07, so they have gone from a little under 13/1 to a little over 10/1 in 60 minutes.

You will notice as well that at Betfair SP, the ROI difference bounces up to -4.18%, which is better than the -6.19% ROI after 15 minutes. This is despite the average odds rising up to 15.74 – better even the average odds available when the tips are advised. It hints at some potential following at Betfair SP.

Bet365 The Go-To Bookie

As part of our odds tracking study, we also provide details on which bookmaker accounts you need to maximise your time with each service.

In terms of the accounts needed to follow this tipster – Bet365 are essential with the Stoke-based bookmaker either offering top price or equal top price on just over half of the selections.

Paddy Power, Bet Victor & Betfair Sportsbook all were required for more than 40% of bets as well.

Look Out For Part 2 Next Week

Odds availability is a huge topic so look out for Part 2 of this article coming next week.

In this second article I will explore how to use ‘Profit Adjustment Tables’ to work out exactly how the odds movement study above impacts the real world money you might make with any tipster.

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