ūüö® NEW REVIEW ALERT: Andy Holding – The UK’s Most Well Known Horse Racing Tipster?ūüŹá

Andy Holding is one of the most well known and respected horse racing tipsters in UK betting circles.

William Hill Radio, regular podcast appearances and a daily Oddschecker column have propelled him into this position and as the feature review in the February SBC Magazine for February, we have published our findings from proofing his personal tipping service, Andy Holding Speed Figures.

Alongside our review, a unique and *considerable* discount has also been made available for all SBC Members, with subscriptions using our discount code costing just £25 Рa saving of £14 a month!

This means that if you¬†sign up with SBC today¬†and avail this offer to join Andy’s service, you will save the cost of an annual SBC subscription in just under 8 months – and that’s before you use anything else that we have to offer!

What Does The Service Do?

Tipping makes up a portion of what is on offer at Andy Holding Speed Figures, with the majority of our review looking at performance, odds movement, advanced analytics and how this all compares with what gets released for free on Oddschecker each and every day.

Alongside that, this service offers much more, including:

  • Speed Figure sheets that are a great source of information to find your own bets
  • A weekly blog that highlights horses of interest
  • The ‘Irish Racing Podcast’, where Andy discusses any racing from the Emerald Isle when there are meetings

We will be following up with a fresh SBC Podcast in the next month or so, which will give me a chance to quiz Andy about his methods, how he identifies edges and all things betting when it comes to the sport of kings.

For those of you who want a preview, in this interview, Andy joined friend of the show, Simon Nott, to talk about his betting and tipping:

Is This For Everyone?

Like with any tipster service, workload, variance, price sensitivity and access to bookmaker accounts are all questions that need answering when considering whether said service is suitable for you.

We discuss all of these issues in our review, with our advanced analytics and commentary making it very clear who this service will work for, who it won’t work for and how to maximise any subscription to benefit from what is on offer.

One thing I can share is this РAndy Holding Speed Figures is more than a tipster service Рthe wealth of information that comes with a subscription can help you find your own selections too!

Sign Up To Read This Review

To read our review of Andy Holding’s service and all of our expert content, you will need a¬†Smart Betting Club membership, with different subscription options available to view¬†here.

This will provide you with¬†instant access¬†to every report we have ever written, alongside a wealth of other benefits including discounts to services like Andy’s.

With Cheltenham approaching we will be as active as ever helping our members to profit from their betting, with some excellent offers and promotions already in the works.

ūüö®Golf Betting Club, Meet The Smart Betting Clubūüö®

We couldn’t have chosen a better week to introduce our newest Premium Service:¬†Golf Betting Club¬†as they struck early in 2024 with a¬†40/1 winner¬†from one of their in-play selections on Sunday!

The Sentry was a tricky tournament to open the year but one tipster service spotted something before the weekend started with an in-play write up and selection for the eventual winner, Chris Kirk:

Golf Betting Club

This is what you can expect from¬†Golf Betting Club!¬†‚Äč

The brothers who operate the service, Neil and Duncan Campbell, do things a bit differently, with ‘traditional’ pre-tournament bets accompanied by¬†3-ball selections¬†and¬†in-play value bets¬†to make this a ‘4 day a week service’!

This means that instead of getting just one email or notification on a Tuesday or Wednesday with bets, you can expect¬†several messages¬†with value bets throughout any given tournament at the end of each day’s play.

This unique approach is complemented by other good practice and offerings that set ‘GBC’ apart, including:

  • Only betting into¬†mature markets: there is no cherry picking of Monday afternoon prices here – bets are put forward when liquidity is available. Usually this is on a Wednesday, with occasional earlier bets.
  • Fair¬†‘Tracked Prices’¬†that are available with¬†multiple firms; standouts can be taken if you have accounts, but they are not used for record keeping.
  • Minimum Value Prices; if you don’t have the accounts or have missed bets before price cuts there is no need to worry. Minimum guide prices are provided.
  • Detailed write-ups and mentions. Neil and Duncan may highlight value that you may want to access to increase your betting bank turnover. If you want more bets, they are there to be had!

To learn more about this process, we have detailed how selections are arrived at, the Campbells’ inspirations and much more on the¬†GBC’s SBC page. In¬†SBC Podcast #25¬†you can listen to the brothers discuss their service with myself and a more up to date chat will be released soon!

The Record

GBC have been in operation since 2020 and over 4 years they have posted the following headline figures:

  • 3,471 bets have been advised
  • 5,359.5 points have been staked
  • Profit stands at 1,142.7 points
  • ROI stands at 21.32%

The unique in-play element of the service drives a lot of this profit, with spots like Chris Kirk adding to consistent and steady wins in the 3 ball and exotic markets. Here is what the ‘in-play’ returns look like:


As with the process,¬†GBC’s page¬†has more granular detail about this record and a¬†bet-by-bet results sheet¬†is available for you to study if you so wish.

SBC Members Get Discounts!

Monthly, Bi-Annual and Annual subscriptions are available for Golf Betting Club and as with many other tipster services, Smart Betting Club Members can obtain discounts!

Prices for Golf Betting Club are very generous already, but on top of some excellent value, you could save up to £50 with SBC membership as you can see below:

  • Monthly subscription: ¬£45 + VAT
  • 6 Month subscription: ¬£225 + VAT (usually ¬£249; saving of ¬£24 with SBC membership)
  • 12 Month subscription: ¬£399 + VAT (usually ¬£449; saving of ¬£50 with SBC membership)

To access any of these brilliant offers you will need¬†SBC Membership. Alternatively, you can sign up without membership and pay a slightly higher price. Details of all prices, alongside subscription links can be found by¬†clicking here.‚Äč

We will be releasing a new podcast with Neil and Duncan in the coming days where you will be able to hear more about this excellent sibling duo and how they make their golf betting pay.

In the meantime, please get in touch if you have any questions! You can do that by replying here or by messaging us @SBCinfo on Twitter (or X!)


Frankly, Excellent: 2023 End Of Year Update For Quentin Franks Racing

When the transfer window opened in January 2023, most managers were scrabbling around to find a replacement right back or a striker who could transform their fortunes.

Not us. Here at the SBC, we announced one of our biggest ever signings as ‚ÄčQuentin Franks‚Äč joined the SBC stable as one of our ‚ÄčPremium Tipsters‚Äč!

All Weather specialist with the results to prove it!

We say ‘one of our biggest signings’ as Quentin is approaching a decade of profitable tipping which has resulted in him being considered as one of the most respected judges in the industry.

Since he arrived, Quentin has delivered, with 168 points of profit and a 10.09% ROI recorded in 2023 up to the end of November.

As you can see from his long-term record, this is nothing out of the ordinary – there is a reason he is so highly thought of!

This remarkable level of consistent profits has led to 1040% Return On Capital (ROC) for those following Quentin in since he started his service, and when he joined SBC, we worked with him to make slight adjustments to the operation including:

  • a fair odds policy where prices are only cited if available with three major bookmakers
  • a fair recording policy where any dramatic early price drops are reflected in results sheets (along with Rule 4s and no BOG applied)
  • a membership cap to ensure that followers can get prices
  • a stipulation that followers cannot bet on exchanges in the 30 minutes following on from tip release

These policies have worked. Long-term followers (and Quentin himself) have commented that price sensitivity has dropped considerably, with members able to get advised prices with much more regularity than they could before.

We have increased the membership cap as the year has gone on, with small increments used to ensure that everyone gets a good deal!

End of year analysis

With 2023 nearly over, we have taken a deep dive into the statistics behind Quentin Franks Racing to provide extra detail for those considering whether it is for them.

This piece of analysis provides us with a large amount of insight as we take a look at the finishing position of Quentin’s selections, with their average prices:

Quentin Franks Racing: Finishing Positions & Average Prices* 

*99 denotes any data that was unmatchable in our databases

This year’s profits (168 points at 10.09% ROI) have been obtained from relatively ‘long-priced’ winners (0.2pts above the overall mean) and we can also see a higher overall average price for all selections in the table above.

The prices of those finishing 2nd and 3rd was also something that caught our eye. Both are longer than their respective means, with those finishing third being a full 1.56 points above the average.

With this being a win only service (where variance is inevitably high), this data tells us that the ‘close calls’ and ‘near misses’ this year were dramatic, with a much higher ROI (and profit level) very much within reach. For those of us who have followed Quentin’s selections’ race-by-race this year, this theory has definitely been borne out with so many long-priced runners coming close!

Find out more and sign up for 2024

Quentin Franks Racing’s service page expands on this analysis, providing information about the record, average prices, finishing positions and much more.

For a limited time only, another batch of membership places will be made available. You can sign up to this excellent service here.

We will keep this window open until the new spots are filled but please be quick, as previous opportunities to get signed up have been extremely popular!

As ever, if you have any questions, please get in touch.

Inside Information Tipster Review – Premium Racing Tips

Last Wednesday saw the release of the 2nd review from the latest SBC Magazine (Issue 137) which was our much-anticipated review of an ‘Inside Information’ led service and one that had attracted a lot of interest in recent weeks.

That interest was piqued by its mention on the recent SBC podcast and down to its quite frankly ridiculous sounding betting record with a 1204 point profit at 86.61% ROI from 696 bets since 2021.

The full record of this service up to Mid November 2023

In that episode, Josh and I discussed our take on the service to date and the fact that although we had proofed a large proportion of these bets (our proofing began in September 2022) we still had quite a few questions on its operation.

Yes, we had seen lots of these bets win and at big prices over the past 15 months, but exactly how sustainable are these profits?

Is it realistic to expect to make an ROI in excess of 86% year on year?

Could you also trust them with your money as you might a service that derives its profit from more traditional approaches to finding value, such as form study, market analysis or modelling?

Premium Racing Tips

Today I am happy to name the service in question – Premium Racing Tips, which you can find over at https://premiumracingtips.com/

I know a lot of you were keen to know their identity and to explore what they offer yourselves, and whilst I was loathe to share this information before we had published our 20-page review for SBC members, I am happy to do so now.

Now this blog post is not a recommendation of their service from us at SBC as the reality is that our review uncovered some issues that at this time, have raised enough concern for us to only post a ‘watch’ rating on this tipster.

Effectively this means to simply watch how the service develops before considering a subscription.

These issues were only uncovered when we really started to dig deep and perform our usual due diligence as we do on any tipster review.

Initially they focused on simpler things like what seemed to be sloppy results keeping, which actually understated their profits by a small degree. For example we found bets settled on the wrong date and an 11/1 winner actually missed off the results spreadsheet.

Yet then we raised questions about exactly what odds and terms bets were being advised and therefore settled at that didn’t get a straight answer. For example – the tipster recently advised a bet that you could take at 50/1 each way (first 4), 20/1 (first 6) or 14/1 (first 7). The horse ultimately finished 6th and was settled at 20/1 but we wanted to know what the official advice was as it wasn’t clear. If it had won, would that have been logged at 50/1? Or if 7th, would it have been logged at 14/1?

These type of scenarios didn’t happen all too often but it seemed the type of thing that needed clarity. Clarity that never came.

A Watching Brief Only

So with the SBC team having written the review, I then shared a near final draft with those at Premium Racing Tips who it is safe to say were not happy with it.

Exactly why has never been explained to me, but the upshot was that they were not keen for me to publish the review and asked me not to.

Nevertheless, I pushed ahead as I thought it was fair, accurate and representative and I also weighed up the level of interest in the service alongside the number of subscribers to it already (including several SBC members who were already part of it) and felt I had a duty to put it out.

All told, during the concluding process of the review itself, my team and I actually ended up adjusting the planned published review 7 times based on changes from the service at the 11th hour. This includes those named as operating the service and its operation moving forward, their desire to include and then exclude a written interview and the fact their previously detailed spreadsheet of results online was replaced by summary of bet performance.

My team and I didnt get a sense that this was the most professionally run or stable service and as we said in the podcast – that was the key question for us. How sustainable and reliable are these profits?

So that’s where we are today – our very detailed review was published last Wednesday and for those of you wanting to know more about this service and our forensic approach to overviewing tipsters, you can read it with an SBC membership.

Ultimately I believe that only time will tell on this service in terms of its sustainability as a profitable tipster you can consider long-term. During the latter stages of the review process we saw enough to be concerned as to suggest members only consider a watching brief at this time.

It might be my team and I being overly cautious but it’s safe to say that given the amount of high-quality, well run tipsters available right now, there is no need to take undue risks with your money. Albeit none of them have an 86% ROI but then I do know that the services they offer are sustainable and they can be used with full confidence.

Perhaps in time the same will be said for PRT. I am looking forward to seeing how things develop on this one.

Pete – SBC Editor




ūüďą A New Generation of Tipsters – Chasing Steamers In Depth Review out now!

A new generation of tipster services are doing something quite different.

Artificial Intelligence, the capacity to process large data sets and the facility to scrape odds and data from sites like Pinnacle make following market moves a viable betting angle for those looking for a considerable edge.

That is exactly what the latest service under the SBC review microscope –¬†Chasing Steamers – has done.

Chasing Steamers is a tipster we have been tracking all year and after building up a considerable bank of nearly 3,000 bets in a personal betting ‘snapshot’, we have been able to test out their their service and conduct our usual analysis in a full review.

This detailed review is out now and available instantly with an SBC Membership (You can also access a 15% SBC member discount on Chasing Steamers too!)

Chasing Steamers – How It Works

Although the technology behind Chasing Steamers may be sophisticated, the underlying principle is not.

When money arrives for a selection on the world’s largest sharp bookmaker, Pinnacle, you receive a Telegram notification informing you of everything you need to know, including:

  1. The selection name
  2. How much the odds have dropped
  3. What odds you need to beat
  4. The minimum odds required for a ‘10% value bet’


To profit from this information, all you need to do is back the selection with any bookmaker(s) who are a lot slower to update their odds.

So in the example above, Pinnacle have priced up this player at odds of 2.38, yet he is available with the likes of bet365 at 3.5 (Although Bet365 are used for comparison purposes Рthe reality is you can follow this service with a huge number of bookmakers)

Hundreds of varied betting records have been documented by Christian from Chasing Steamers and to add to the ‘evidence base’, both Josh and I had a period of profitably using the service in real time (with real money!) earlier on this year.

Sign Up For The Full Story (& A Discount!)

Chasing Steamers is a real way to grow a bank and with so many bets provided each day, week and month, it offers the opportunity to do this very quickly.

As with any service, you need to consider things like the amount of time you have available, the bookmaker accounts you have access to and how big your bankroll is before subscribing.

The full lowdown and our analysis of Chasing Steamers is available now with a paid SBC Membership in an 18 page review just published

Best of all, you can also enjoy a 15% discount on ALL Chasing Steamers subscriptions as an SBC member. Saving up to as much as £82.50 on a 12 month package with the service

Detailed reports, practical advice, member only content and considerable discounts are all examples of how we will help SBC Members assess this service but the benefits of membership don’t end there.

‚ÄčThis page¬†discusses everything that you can access with full SBC Membership – I would love for you to join us!

ūüéßGetting On With Sharp Bookmakers & Brokers: A Chat With Top Tipster, Skeeve

With our new 5 Stages of Profitable Betting, Bet Broker Guide and Exchange & Sharp Bookmaker Tipster resources all proving to be very popular, we have enlisted help from our community to provide further practical advice about maximising returns and accessing the very best platforms to place bets.

Earlier in August, this SBC Member article was penned, providing an introduction to using Bot Software to place personal bets or follow tipsters effectively on exchanges.

Skeeve Chat

To learn more about betting with Sharp Bookmakers, SBC, Editor Pete recently discussed this with the tipster, Skeeve, who has been making a profit for himself and his followers using the likes of Pinnacle for several years.

You can listen to this in full via the audio link below, where Pete and Skeeve talked about:

  • Waiting for team news and tipping in the hour before kick-off
  • Liquidity and price sensitivity
  • Skeeve’s fair odds policy and how it is central to his operation
  • Quoting Pinnacle prices and bettering those odds with soft bookmakers, exchanges and even in shops!
  • Beating the market with both advised prices and at the closing line
  • Skeeve’s record by different metrics & his own tissues’ accuracy

Betting & Tipping Via Sharp Bookmakers With Skeeve


Skeeve is an expert of lower league football, with a profitable record stretching back 17 years. A veteran of the SBC Hall of Fame, Skeeve discussed his process in detail in SBC Podcast Episode #16.

He has also written for us in the past, with this guide giving punters of all stripes some pointers about what to do (or not to do!) if you want to make betting pay.

New Service Tier & SBC Discounts

Skeeve is unashamedly setup for the bigger punters out there – those of you at perhaps Stage 4 or 5 of your betting journey. This is why most of Skeeve’s members stake quite heavily, making the 75 Euro monthly fee well worth their investment.

To make the service more affordable for a wider audience, Skeeve has now introduced a second tier at half the price, with the only difference being that tips are released slightly later.

With this service being profitable at the Pinnacle closing line there is still plenty of value to be had with this new tier.

In addition, SBC Members can get sizeable discounts with a 250 Euro saving on core packages (down from 750 Euro per season) and a 50 Euro saving on the new ‘half price tier’ available.

This means that with SBC Membership, you could save more than an the cost of annual subscription with this discount alone!

Skeeve has proven himself as¬†the¬†lower league football expert with over 17 years’ worth of tips. I hope that you enjoy our chat¬†and (as his SBC HoF title indicates) his service is well worth a look too!

SBC Magazine #134 is out now!

17.27%, 31.12% & 22.39% ROIs inside!

SBC Magazine Issue 134 has three very different services that have remarkable records.

Consistent double-digit returns are quite something and all of these services have just that – 17.27%, 31.12% and 22.39% ROIs are waiting for you inside. All three reviews can be read in full as a member of the Smart Betting Club.‚Äč

Inside SBC Issue 134 you will find:

Review 1: The tennis tipping service that has a 17.27% ROI, 2,530.54 points profit and 495% ROC from nearly 7,000 bets – with the majority of selections coming in the most liquid markets.

We discuss results, the practicality of following and how the service derives its edge alongside our usual detailed metrics. SBC Members can get 25% off all subscriptions!

Review 2: The daily ‘lottery’ horse racing multiple service which is perfect for those looking to land a big touch and make plenty of profit along the way.

Results without Best Odds Guaranteed currently stand at 31.12% from a sample that spans over 3 years. Those who have followed with the concession are currently sitting pretty on a spectacular 58.89% ROI!

We breakdown results, discuss the service’s viability without concessions and reflect on how smart bettors can mask their activity by acting like mug punters!

Review 3: The Irish racing specialist who uses a little black book of contacts to make consistent profits with both bookmakers and exchanges.

We examine a profit & loss record that has only travelled in one direction (up!), the 1,089 bet record and some of the intricacies of the service that add real value to the subscriber experience

Read NOW with a Smart Betting Club membership

You can read all 3 of these in-depth tipster reviews inside SBC Issue 134 (as well as our huge back catalogue of reviews and reports) with a Smart Betting Club membership.

Quarterly, Bi-Annual and Annual memberships are available here and with so many verified and profitable tipsters available on the site, this is the perfect time to sign up!

All subscriptions come with a make money guarantee and other benefits that include:

  • Full access to all of our independent SBC publications and reviews of services
  • Access to 7 free verified tipsters who publish regular advice from a diverse set of sports
  • Discounts for numerous tipsters, including some of those from our famous ‚ÄėHall Of Fame‚Äô
  • Tailored advice that meets your betting needs with practical help and guides

‚ÄčSubscribe here and take your betting to the next level‚Äč


ūüéßSBC Podcast #54: ūüéĺJames from Tennis Pilot on his service’s edge, building an AI system, bookmakers and more!

In the latest SBC Podcast I am joined by James, one half of the brains behind the recently reviewed tennis tipping service, Tennis Pilot.

English and Philosophy & Theology degrees at Oxford University may not be typical starting points for successful tipping services, but a shared love of tennis drove James and his partner Nicholas to bet using their combined expertise.

7 years, nearly 7,000 bets and a freshly built AI system later, we talk about the partners’ journey to success in a fascinating chat.

You can listen to Episode 54 now via Apple / Spotify / Google / YouTube and all other major podcast directories (search Smart Betting Club)

An in-depth chat with one of this service’s ‘Co-Pilots’

In this episode, James and I discuss:

  • Tennis Pilot’s inception, how the service has developed and what James and Nicholas have learnt along the way
  • Balancing working full-time with running a successful tipping service
  • Value – what is it and why is it so hard to identify?
  • Statistics and the different biases that can lead bookmakers to price matches incorrectly
  • How specialisation can provide an instant advantage over the market
  • Variables that help James to find expected value in matches
  • James’s masters thesis and building a machine-learning tennis betting system from scratch
  • Where to bet on tennis and the viability of different bookmakers and exchanges
  • Tennis Pilot’s 17% ROI from nearly 7,000 bets

Learn more

To learn more about Tennis Pilot, you can visit their website here or follow them on Twitter @TennisPilot.

In addition, we have recently published an in-depth review into the service’s performance that is available with a paid SBC membership.

Here, we go through Tennis Pilot’s 7 year betting record, assessing nearly 7,000 bets using our usual range of metrics including odds availability, performance in different markets, drawdown analysis and progressive reinvestment strategies (alongside many more!).

SBC Discounts

You can trial Tennis Pilot free for one month by visiting their website and following the link on their homepage.

Secondly, SBC Members can get a 25% discount on all of Tennis Pilot’s subscription options, saving you between ¬£35 and ¬£60 depending on the package that you choose.

This equates to up to 56% of your annual SBC subscription – another smart deal for our betting club!

‚ÄčJoin SBC Today to read the full Tennis Pilot review and access this discount‚Äč

ūüéĺ ACE! Let Tennis Pilot Guide You To Profit!

Today I am going to make a racket as I serve up a tennis service that you will love.

Now that I have run out of tennis-related puns, it is time to talk about Tennis Pilot.

As the name indicates, this is a tennis advisory service that provides bets across all of the major global tours. Run by two friends who met at Oxford University, Tennis Pilot has over seven years of results that we have analysed closely for an extended period of time, in order to write a brand new detailed review about their service.

The Numbers

Since 2016, Tennis Pilot have put forward 6,769 selections with the following headline figures:

  • Profits stand at¬†2,530.54 points¬†to advised variable staking
  • This return comes from stakes of 14,649 points, meaning that ROI stands at¬†17.27%
  • Odds average out at 8.25 (or 7.25/1) with a strike rate of 34.75%
  • Returns on the¬†best tours¬†with the¬†highest liquidity¬†are both approaching 20% (19.77% ROI for the ATP & 18.90% ROI for the WTA)
  • ROC for Tennis Pilot stands at¬†495%¬†with ¬£10 per point staking, returning profits of¬†¬£25,305

An average of 60 monthly selections makes this a ‘low workload’ service but to get the best returns, a wide selection of bookmaker and exchange accounts is advised (with access to Pinnacle being a considerable advantage).

SBC Discount & Full Review

Tennis is quickly becoming a leading source of excellent tipping services and a sport that more and more SBC members are turning to in order to make a profit betting.

You can read our detailed review of Tennis Pilot and all our other recommended services, be it Tennis related or otherwise with an SBC membership.

By joining you will get instant access¬†to a detailed report on Tennis Pilot’s performance, with profit breakdowns, price sensitivity analysis and Monte Carlo simulations making up just a fraction of what is inside.

In addition, a¬†25% discount is available¬†on all of Tennis Pilot’s subscription packages for SBC Members – meaning that the discount on an annual subscription would go a long way to covering your SBC membership costs!

ūüŹá Another Racing Service Beating Both Betfair SP & Bookmakers – The Latest SBC Review!

The latest SBC Tipster Review is out now featuring our deep-dive into the record of an Irish based racing expert with a profitable record with both bookmakers & Betfair SP.

The review explores how this tipster:

  • Provides simple & concise selections for Irish racing meetings
  • Requires a low workload to follow
  • Has a connected racing expert at the helm
  • Has made a 22.39% Return On Investment (ROI) to advised prices
  • Is also profitable on exchanges (with a 18.13% ROI on Betfair)

‚ÄčSBC Membership¬†will grant you¬†immediate access¬†to this report alongside an¬†exclusive discount¬†for this excellent service.¬†Another benefit¬†of SBC Membership!

Detailed SBC Review

With account restrictions becoming an issue for more and more bettors, we are placing a larger focus on service performance on exchanges alongside the more traditional ‘advised prices’ with bookmakers.

Inside this report you will find a detailed analysis of this tipsters performance using both key metrics.

Price availability at certain intervals after release, drawdown analysis, Monte Carlo simulations and a plethora of other tools are used to give you the full picture of what to expect following this tipster in.

Plus you can save on the cost of joining the tipster in question – all thanks to the unique discounts we offer SBC members.

Instant access is a few clicks away

To get instant access to this report (and all of our other SBC Magazines and reviews) all that you need is an SBC Membership.

9 free tipsters, thousands of pounds worth of discounts, detailed bookmaker guides and a library of easy-to-follow guides are just some of the other benefits to membership as we continue to grow and find the very best tipsters, just for you!