The Latest SBC Magazine – Issue 125 Is Out Now

The latest SBC Magazine – Issue 125 is out now and available for immediate download to all .

SBC 125 contains detailed reviews on two very profitable, yet very different tipsters as follows:

Review 1: Explores the Tennis Tipster, Aidan and his long-term edge beating that sharpest of bookmakers – Pinnacle Sports. His record to date stands at 12.7% ROI from 1092 bets and in this detailed review we perform a full investigation into his service, performance to date and our recommendations on how to follow.

Review 2: Another brand new review delving into the racing tipster service in operation since 1999 with a long-term ROI of over 25%

Run by bonafide racing expert, Andrew Lowrie, we analyse all aspects of the profits made, the merits of his approach and just whom his service suits.

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As well as full access to the reviews inside SBC 125, as an SBC member you can also enjoy exclusive priority deals on both tipsters.

For the tennis tipster, you can enjoy a 30% bonus on all purchases, whilst for the racing tipster you can save £300 on the cost of a 6 month membership.

In both cases – you can save MORE than the cost of joining the Smart Betting Club if also joining either tipster!

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Our latest tipster review looks at a service with a 12.7% ROI at Pinnacle!

The latest SBC tipster review is out now and focuses on a tennis tipster with a ROI of over 12% taking on one of the sharpest bookmakers around – Pinnacle.

Beating a sharp bookmaker like this is one of the hardest things to do in betting so when someone has done it for nearly 3 years and achieved such a high % ROI then it really makes you pay attention!

The tipster in question is called Aidan and he is a tipster available on the Pyckio website.

He has been seeking out value in the tennis markets since he wrote his dissertation on the efficiency of tennis betting markets at university.

Since then he has come a long way and now has a profitable public record of bets dating back to 2019.

His overall record now reads as follows…1092 bets, 139 points profit @ 12.7% ROI.

Looking at this in terms of bank growth, your bank would have grown a healthy 231% since 2019!

Impressive stuff seeing as all his bets are advised at Pinnacle.

Explore in full via the SBC Tipster Review

In this detailed review of his service we explore what is on offer including:

  • Overall performance figures analysis
  • Performance by bet type. E.g. Moneyline, Handicaps and Set betting
  • Performance by circuit – compare results from the ATP vs the WTA.
  • Betting bank advice and how to increase profits via a progressive reinvestment strategy
  • Monte carlo simulations on the risk/reward analysis of this service
  • Odds movement monitoring
  • Bookmaker requirements and suggestions

Its a deep dive into all aspects of this service, both from a theoretical and practical perspective and is exclusively available to Smart Betting Club members.

Get a 30% bonus with an SBC membership

Aidan’s service is hosted on the tipster site Pyckio and there is a special bonus offer available to Smart Betting Club members who take up a subscription with them for the first time.

Those of you keen to sign-up to any PRO Pyckio tipsters (such as Aidan) can enjoy an extra 30% in credits when making your first subscription to them.

For example, if you purchase 1000 credits, you will get a further 30% (300 credits) added to your tally.

You’ll need an SBC membership to gain exclusive access to this discount.

You’ll also need a Pinnacle account if following Aidan, so, as always, make sure this service fits your circumstances.

If interested in reading this review and getting hold of this exclusive discount, why not sign-up for an SBC membership today – and start your profitable betting journey right away!

4 Top Performing Tipsters Of Late (Each Free With SBC Membership)

Did you know we have a free tipsters section on site that has been absolutely crushing it recently?

Over in the Free Tipsters section of the SBC website there are 13 free tipsters that are available to SBC members at no extra cost to your membership.

And some of these tipsters had a great September to add to their long-term profitable stats!

So much so that I thought it was worth highlighting some of their recent records in order to bring your attention to some possible profitable betting opportunities.

Here are 4 of the top performing tipsters of late…

Euro Tour Profit

This golf tipping service is run by the tipster behind PGA Profit which has been a successful SBC service for nearly 3 years now. The European service focuses purely on European Tour golf events and has been running since April. In that time there have already been 3 winners and the overall ROI sits a whopping 76.07% ROI.

A huge 69 points profit was made in September after a 28/1 winner and several places. That was equal to a 122.63% ROI!

The Rainmaker

The Rainmaker is another golf tipster who’s been having a great time of things lately. The service provides tips for both of the major golf tours and it’s been running as a free service since March this year.

September was its biggest month yet as a number of big priced places meant 94 points profit was recorded in the month. This included a 2nd and 4th at 300/1 in the last week of the month and a string of shorter priced winners.

The tipster has had rotten luck and close calls go against him since he began, yet is still in profit. It’s due to come together really soon – Just imagine if the 300/1 shot that came 2nd had won – he only lost by 1 shot!

Kieran Ward 13/2 to 8/1

This horse racing tipping service is run by expert tipster Kieran Ward who has been turning a profit for over a decade now on the sport!

The 13/2 to 8/1 free service tips solely in these odds brackets but uses a similar algorithm to his other successful services such as The Value Machine.

The free service had a great September returning a 17 points profit which took its 2021 ROI to a very healthy 15% ROI.

Serious long-term profits.

Magic Multiples 

Magic Multiples is another SBC Free Tipster that has been recording a very profitable record since its beginnings in June last year.

There have been some huge winning bets in the past and although no big multiples have landed recently (a few close calls) the service is still running at 64% ROI!

This is due to a constant flow of winning bets that have been steadily increasing the profits of the service. For example September saw a 25.67 point profit which equalled a 108.54% ROI!

Available at no extra cost to your SBC membership!

Remember, all these mentioned tipsters plus 9 other free tipsters are available at no-extra cost to your SBC membership.

This means you can sign up to SBC at our current low membership prices and get instant access to winning, profitable tipsters, and start betting right away.

Some of the tipsters are so good that their time in the SBC Free Tipsters section will be limited.

Often we do not charge for tipsters when they are new and first began to showcase their expertise Once they start making money over a long period of time, they quite rightly want to charge a fee for their winning advice.

This means now is the best time to get into them and start betting. They may not be free forever!

Find out about SBC membership subscriptions here – and start your profitable betting journey today!

NEW VIDEO – SBC Golf, how it works, the profits made and which tipsters suit exchange only punters!

My latest video for SBC is out now!

In it I overview SBC Golf which is the area on the Smart Betting Club website dedicated to betting on one of our favourite sports.

This video is nicely timed as 2 out of the 3 tipsters picked the (comfortable) winner of the PGA Tour event on Sunday, Sung Jae Im at 35/1.

And it was nearly even better as the 3rd tipster had two 2nd placed finishers, including Adri Arnaus at 50/1 who lost in a playoff on the European Tour. So close to a hat-trick!

The winners this weekend have taken the SBC Golf profit tally to a new high (See results here) and I talk about each of the 3 tipsters in this video.

I cover the differences between each one, how they can benefit you and of course their betting records.

The 3 tipsters are as follows:

  • Golf Insider
  • PGA Profit
  • Weekly Golf Value

Each one has its own benefits, for example, 2 of them you can use to bet on the exchange.

I share the results for each one so you can see just how lucrative each service could be if you were a follower.

You can watch the video on YouTube via this link or below

A Deep Dive Into The Value Machine 2.0

Version 2.0 of The Value Machine has now been released and the new version comes with a whole host of nifty upgrades that have improved an already very successful service.

The horse racing betting service is founded by one of the best racing tipsters around, Kieran Ward. I recently interviewed Kieran which you can view here.

It’s also available exclusively to SBC members with some time limited discount offers, including a 14 day trial for £7. More on that later on in this post.

Anyway, back to The Value Machine 2.0, and some of the upgrades to the service include…

Slicker, quicker odds feed – a dedicated odds feed that provides very accurate odds at all times.

New Telegram Alerts – fully customisable Telegram alerts that will notify you of value bets in real time, on the go.

Improved Results Logging & Tracking – The new version of The Value Machine also tracks the performance of your bets with an improved automatic results settling so you can keep a track on performance.

Plus, Kieran has developed a central dashboard where you can view the real-life result by those who are using the service.


The TVM Results Dashboard

I thought I would delve a little deeper into the new results dashboard and sift through the thousands of horse racing bets that have been placed by followers of The Value Machine 2.0.

This is the full history of the service since version 2.0 went live in early July and I’ve broken it down into the sections that make up the centralised dashboard.

You are welcome to explore this yourself via the results dashboard of course!

Stakes are set at £10 win or a £5 each-way where relevant.

First of all, an overall look at every bet placed using The Value Machine

A lovely upward curve here with total profit at the time of writing at £11,210. That’s going back to the start of July this year.

With the new addition of Telegram alerts, the dashboard also has a selection showing the results of these alerts.

Profit for this table is well over the 50k mark as it showcases the results of every Telegram alert sent to every user. So you will find there are often instances of the same bet being recorded multiple times.

Since July there have been 46180 Telegram alert bets for a profit at the time of writing of £54120.

And the final dashboard I wanted to pick out was the profit by bookmaker section. 

Looking at the results, every single major bookmaker is showing a profit, apart from Paddy Power and Betfair Sportsbook.

That means the following bookmakers were all in profit when using the TVM tool.

  • Bet365 – £6,330.40
  • Bet victor – £3,255.80
  • Betfred – £1,267.20
  • William Hill – £1,178.10
  • Skybet – £1,112.50
  • 888sport – £891.50
  • Unibet – £700.10

Some big profits are being made here!

Membership Options

The only way you can join The Value Machine is through SBC as public membership has been closed by Kieran to protect the service and how many people have access to it.

Not only this – but we also have some time-limited discounts available for members of the Smart Betting Club.

This includes a special 14 day trial of both the Monthly and Quarterly membership options for just £7, followed by discounted rates.

There is also a special low annual price at £347 (over 28% saving)

But please note – these prices are time limited and will be coming to an end soon! This is not a marketing gimmick but a chance for early users of the Value Machine 2.0 to get the best deal possible!

My Final Thoughts

The Value Machine is a service that I’ve been using myself so it is one of the betting services that make up my portfolio.

I can certainly vouch for all aspects of this newly revamped service especially as it’s backed by Kieran Ward who, as mentioned earlier, is one of the best racing tipsters out there.

His betting history is well vetted by the team at SBC and his profitable record goes back many years.

This tool puts Kieran’s strategy, knowledge and experience in the hands of the user to access high quality value bets whenever they feel like it. 

Which is something I’m very excited about going forward.

Learn more about TVM including subscriptions options here

All the best