4 Top Performing Tipsters Of Late (Each Free With SBC Membership)

Did you know we have a free tipsters section on site that has been absolutely crushing it recently?

Over in the Free Tipsters section of the SBC website there are 13 free tipsters that are available to SBC members at no extra cost to your membership.

And some of these tipsters had a great September to add to their long-term profitable stats!

So much so that I thought it was worth highlighting some of their recent records in order to bring your attention to some possible profitable betting opportunities.

Here are 4 of the top performing tipsters of late…

Euro Tour Profit

This golf tipping service is run by the tipster behind PGA Profit which has been a successful SBC service for nearly 3 years now. The European service focuses purely on European Tour golf events and has been running since April. In that time there have already been 3 winners and the overall ROI sits a whopping 76.07% ROI.

A huge 69 points profit was made in September after a 28/1 winner and several places. That was equal to a 122.63% ROI!

The Rainmaker

The Rainmaker is another golf tipster who’s been having a great time of things lately. The service provides tips for both of the major golf tours and it’s been running as a free service since March this year.

September was its biggest month yet as a number of big priced places meant 94 points profit was recorded in the month. This included a 2nd and 4th at 300/1 in the last week of the month and a string of shorter priced winners.

The tipster has had rotten luck and close calls go against him since he began, yet is still in profit. It’s due to come together really soon – Just imagine if the 300/1 shot that came 2nd had won – he only lost by 1 shot!

Kieran Ward 13/2 to 8/1

This horse racing tipping service is run by expert tipster Kieran Ward who has been turning a profit for over a decade now on the sport!

The 13/2 to 8/1 free service tips solely in these odds brackets but uses a similar algorithm to his other successful services such as The Value Machine.

The free service had a great September returning a 17 points profit which took its 2021 ROI to a very healthy 15% ROI.

Serious long-term profits.

Magic Multiples 

Magic Multiples is another SBC Free Tipster that has been recording a very profitable record since its beginnings in June last year.

There have been some huge winning bets in the past and although no big multiples have landed recently (a few close calls) the service is still running at 64% ROI!

This is due to a constant flow of winning bets that have been steadily increasing the profits of the service. For example September saw a 25.67 point profit which equalled a 108.54% ROI!

Available at no extra cost to your SBC membership!

Remember, all these mentioned tipsters plus 9 other free tipsters are available at no-extra cost to your SBC membership.

This means you can sign up to SBC at our current low membership prices and get instant access to winning, profitable tipsters, and start betting right away.

Some of the tipsters are so good that their time in the SBC Free Tipsters section will be limited.

Often we do not charge for tipsters when they are new and first began to showcase their expertise Once they start making money over a long period of time, they quite rightly want to charge a fee for their winning advice.

This means now is the best time to get into them and start betting. They may not be free forever!

Find out about SBC membership subscriptions here – and start your profitable betting journey today!