Your 2016/17 Season ESSENTIAL Football Betting Compendium


Parts 1 & 2 of SBC’s 2016/17 Season Essential Football Betting Compendium are out now featuring everything you need to know on making a profit betting on the beautiful game!

The new football season starts in just 10 days’ time and our 6-part guide will help you find the best tipsters, systems, bookmakers & exchanges to make it a success for you.










  • The Best All Time Sports Tipster;
  • The Best Sports Tipster Of The Past 12 Months;
  • The Best ‘Betting Bank Growth’ Sports Tipster & several more ‘Tipster Tables’










  • Exclusive Interviews With 13 Top Rated Football Tipsters;
  • Detailed Individual Tipster Ratings;
  • Our ‘Hall of Fame’ New Season Recommendations;

Both Parts 1 and 2 are out now, whilst parts 3, 4, 5 & 6 of the Essential Football Betting Compendium will be released in the next fortnight.

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What’s Coming In Parts 3, 4, 5 & 6!

Parts 3, 4, 5 & 6 of the Essential Football Betting Compendium will be released in the next few weeks and cover all bases. Here is what is inside each:

Part 3: Tipster Review 1: Our exclusive review of the fantastic Brazilian Football Tipster we have been tracking for 18 months – during which time he has scooped a 7.5% ROI from more than 750 Asian Handicap bets.

Part 4: Tipster Review 2: Another exclusive review, this time of the FREE Football Tipster with a fantastic 12% ROI record in the European Leagues – especially in the Correct Score markets. We have a full interview with him plus details on how you can follow for free during the whole of the 16/17 season.

Part 5: Tipster Review 3: Our third and final review hones in on the amazing Football ‘Loophole’ Tipster, who made £2302 profit from just £3006 staked in 2015/16. He utilises bookie specials, accas and shrewd low-risk bets to make easy profits. It’s an ideal service for new SBC members and for those of you looking for something different.

Part 6: Best Bookmaker Report: Read about the betting exchanges and brokers you need to use – those that offer the best, most competitive odds and lowest commission rates. Includes exclusive interviews, reviews and analysis on each option.

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Best Regards,

Peter Ling
SBC Editor



Follow These 4 Top Tipsters Free With SBC

Everyone loves GOOD free tips – which is why you can now follow a whole host of expert tipsters on the Smart Betting Club Forum to help you make money from your betting.

At any given moment there are numerous tipping threads on the SBC Forum run by professional tipster services simply keen to prove themselves.

Right now you can find some outstanding tipsters on the Forum including the racing team up 33% ROI in the last 12 months or the ‘Back & Lay’ system up over £3000 in 2016 already.

Below I have highlighted just 4 experts making big dents into the bookies profits that you really need to check out!….

Gain Instant Access To The SBC Forum With A Smart Betting Club Membership

1. Rooster Tips: +37% ROI From 729 Bets

Newly introduced on the SBC Forum last month was the top performing racing tipster ‘Rooster Tips’ who has an outstanding set of stats with a 37% Return on Investment from his first 729 bets.

Agreeing to share all of his bets on the SBC Forum for the foreseeable future, he got off to a good start with a 32.6% ROI from 23 bets in June and so far in July a 17.6% ROI. This is without question a tipster worth checking out!

As an SBC member you can pick up ALL Rooster’s tips FREE via access to the SBC Forum

2. Pilelist Racing: 24.02% ROI From 579 Bets

The latest tipster agreeing to share all of their tips for free via the SBC Forum is Pilelist Racing, who have a tremendous track record, having made 24% ROI from 579 tips over the past 2 years.

The great news with this service is that all bets are advised either later morning or early afternoon ensuring you can get on easily at the odds quoted!

Earlier this week, Pilelist also put up a string of profitable each way bets with Charava (1st at 5/1), Le Chat D’or (2nd at 33/1), Faintly (2nd at 20/1), Dovils Duel (2nd at 11/1), Tatawu (3rd at 14/1) to get things going nicely.
As an SBC member you can pick up ALL Pilelist Racing’s tips FREE via access to the SBC Forum.

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3. Chasemaster +33.03% ROI Last 12 Months (267 Bets)

This proven racing tipster has made a significant profit each year dating back to 2008 and since the 1st May 2016 have been sharing all bets for free with SBC members.

During the last 12 months alone, they have made 112.79 points profit at 33.03% Return on Investment from 267 bets so are in a rich vein of form.

Going all the way back to 2008, Chasemaster have made a 12.06% ROI from 2857 bets so they certainly know how to make a profit!

After all – how many tipsters do you know that have turned a profit for 9 years?

As an SBC member you can pick up ALL of Chasemasters tips FREE via email or through access to the SBC Forum

4. Prize Lay & Back System: £3626 Profit In 2016

For those keen on following betting systems, then the unique Prize Lay & Back system will be right up your street. Putting up a selection of tips every day to both back and lay, this year alone they have made £3626 profit from 320 selections.

They also enjoyed a fantastic 2015 with £17,605 profit from 390 lays and £9.419 profit from 190 backs (all at £100 stakes)

The biggest angle of attack for the system is laying and they have a clear edge as their 90.36% strike-rate of success at average Betfair SP odds of 5.42/1 indicates.
As a member you can pick up all of the Prize Lay/Backs Systems Tips FREE via access to the SBC Forum

Smart Betting Club

Follow All The Above With A Risk-Free SBC Membership.

All of the tipsters mentioned above are now available to follow each day as part of a Smart Betting Club subscription. This provides you with access to our members-only forum where you can pick up each tip as they are posted.

So, if you are looking to get started betting with tipsters and don’t want to splash the cash on expensive subscriptions, why not consider following some of these free tipsters as part of your Smart Betting Club membership.

Best of all, you can now sign-up totally risk-free thanks to our 90-day money back guarantee, which ensures if you find our service (and these free tipsters) not for you, then you can get a full refund. Meaning you have everything to gain and nothing to lose from joining our exclusive club!


5 Simple Tips To Help Avoid Bookie Restrictions & Closures

Earlier this month I announced the launch of our 2016 Restrictions & Closures Survey – where you can help share your experiences as per unfair bookmaker limitations on your betting.

(If yet to take this – please do so as it should only take a few minutes of your time and you can enter a prize draw to win a brand new laptop computer once its complete!)

The results of this survey will be published next month as part of a major FREE SBC Report ‘Getting On’, which will be tackling the issue. First of all, in terms of unravelling the depth of the problem but also talking to those involved (both punters and bookies) and most crucially of all putting forward some solutions for you as punters impacted by it.

Because whilst bookie account restrictions are a fact of life – there are plenty of punters out there still able to get on, especially on sports such as horse racing where the biggest issues lie.

And as part of this quest to understand some of the ways you can get on, I have been talking to a number of experts on just what they do and their tips to avoid unwanted bookmaker interest.

Below you can read a cross section of some of the advice being put forward so far by this panel of experts so far with 5 tips to share…

Take SBC’s 2016 Restrictions & Closures Bookie Survey

Help us to highlight the issue of bookmaker restrictions/closures and name and shame the very worst culprits for limiting how much you can win betting. Our survey takes just a few minutes to fill in and once complete you can also enter a free prize draw to win a brand new Toshiba Chromebook Laptop


1. Try to build up an account history gradually

“If you are opening new bookmaker accounts, it isn’t ideal if you hit the jackpot straight away and go steaming in and maxing out your stakes and winning big. On the flip side, I would try avoid suddenly ramping up stakes if you have maintained a previous level of staking. If you are normally a £20-a-bet punter and suddenly you have £200 on a 33/1 shot and it wins, there is the possibility that the result may arouse suspicion. Some traders are scared of their own shadow and may think you have access to inside information that means you are a risk to them. If you are fortunate they might think you just got lucky and let you off.”

2. Laying off on the Exchanges 

“There is one stand out bit of advice I would offer anyone looking to prolong an account: After you make a profit on one bet, you should consider laying the money made off on the exchanges.

I do this and look for bets at odds of around 1/2 to evens to place with the bookmaker and lay off. I might take a tiny hit on the trade but it’s a great way to move profits from the bookmaker to your exchange account. Of course sometimes trying to find losers at short prices can be hard and I once had a run of 5 winning bets on the bounce – I just kept going until I lost the lot in one go.  If you have any historically solid accounts, the above method should help preserve them.”

3. Spread stakes about as much as possible.

“This is one of the key things for me. I try and not have a liability of any more than a few hundred pounds with any one firm. It isn’t always ideal if there is a busy punting day and it takes time to get all the bets on, but, generally speaking, the more stakes can be spread (even if it means taking a point or two less or forsaking BOG at times), the better. If you can lower your liabilities with any one firm, you become less risky to traders. I guess it is finding the balance between coming across as low risk and also spreading stakes to a practical level for yourself as many punters have jobs and other commitments and don’t want to be sat at their PC all day placing bets.”

Awesome Foursome - SBC97

4. Be wary of each way doubles on two short priced selections.

“Bookies hate taking these bets and consider them to be ‘bad’ bets. For example, if you back two 5/2 shots, both probably have strong chances of winning and they also have excellent chances of placing. Even if one gets beat you stand a good chance of getting two placers and covering the bet. I would back such bets away from any sensitive online accounts. “

5. Be careful with bonuses & use shops.

“In terms of bonuses and promotions (e.g. enhanced prices and enhanced places) if you use them too often or more often than normal bets you’ll get flagged up straight away. Bookies hate bonus abusers with a passion. If you want to play bonuses get to BetFred shops on big race days and use Paddy Power shops for enhanced places if there is something you really fancy.

When placing bets in shops keep the liability of your stake to under £500. Shop staff should accept bets that do not pay out more than £500 without referring said bet to the trading team. If you get referred 3 times and beat the odds 3 times then there is a good chance they will refuse your custom.”

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More Advice On The SBC Site Now

The 5 tips posted above are extracted from a series of expert interviews available to read now in the Smart Betting Club members area. In the run-up to the release of our special report on this topic, we are publishing one new interview each Friday full of content like this on how to ‘Get Your Bets On’!

If interested in learning more on this topic, you can access all of these interviews with a Smart Betting Club membership.

Look out for a lot more from myself and the SBC Team on this topic in coming weeks and months, including the release of our special ‘Getting On’ Report.

P.s. You can also check out more on my take on the issue of Restrictions & Closures via a number of articles and interviews in which I have been involved (links below).

BBC Radio 5 Live
BBC News
Gambling Insider Magazine

Why It Can Take Nearly 6 Years To Find A Good Tipster!

Recently the BBC ran a story about the increase in the number of social media based tipsters who make a profit when their tips lose.

Whilst unethical profiting from affiliate programs is nothing new – it seems that social media is a particular breeding ground for ‘dodgy’ tipsters promising untold riches via some deeply flawed betting strategies.

Without question, the vast majority are a waste of time and are a more harmful modern day equivalent of the ‘premium phone-line tipsters’ from days gone by. Because as bad as these phoneline tipsters were – they did actually want their tips to win! Thus it is with good reason we don’t include reviews on social media only tipsters in our reports.

As well as revealing the ugly truth about social media tipsters, this article also goes to the heart of another major problem – The constant search for better tipsters than those that realistically exist.

Perhaps it’s a tipster that will never suffer a losing bet or a tipster that will bang in regular 10-fold accumulators at massive odds. Or even a tipster that might make 50% + Return on Investment or hit an 80% strike-rate backing at evens.

The truth is that such tipsters don’t exist – and when it comes to choosing an expert to follow – very often the ‘boring’ well known and stable tipsters present your best option to make a profit.

Yes, they might not be particularly sexy, nor will they bang in acca after acca at big odds but what they will do is make a reliable return for your money.

And to prove this point, allow me to discuss some of the tipsters we track here at SBC and what you can realistically look to achieve if following a true expert.

The Best Tipster Guide - SBC

5 Years & 9 Months In The Making

The tipsters we rate as the very best are awarded a Hall of Fame rating – our marker of a quality service with a proven betting edge.

Yet to achieve a Hall of Fame rating is not easy and one of the key things we look for is longevity of service, coupled with a large betting history.

Consider these stats as per the 14 horse racing tipsters in the current Hall of Fame:

  • The average length of service is 5 years and 9 months;
  • The longest running tipster has been in operation for 12 years (during which time they have made 3417 points profit at 32% ROI);
  • The ‘youngest’ tipster has been in operation for 1 year and 11 months (although they have tipped up over 5000 bets at 21.3% ROI!);
  • The best ROI tipping record peaks out at 36.40%, whilst the average ROI across all 14 is around 21%.

All of this is a world away from a world of social media and the false promises of unrealistic profits you see from so many on Twitter or Facebook.

For Example – The Reliable Racing Tipster Profiting Since 2009

A classic example of the type of tipster you can find in our Hall of Fame is the racing tipster featured in the recently released Part 2 section of our 2016 Best Tipster Guide.

Around since 2009, this tipster has a clearly defined strategy tipping up 1 bet a day and long-term has hit a standard of 22.3% ROI and 429% ROC (Bank Growth).

Here is their long-term record of performance:


Certainly it’s not the sexiest of tipsters and they are vulnerable to the odd losing spell which does require patience at times (Something that is simply down to their low strike-rate of around 15.9%).

Yet ultimately this is a tipster that:

  • Has a clearly defined betting strategy;
  • Has a clearly defined edge over the bookmaker;
  • Makes consistent profits over the long-term;
  • Makes a realistic return on investment.

And for more proof of all that – check out their profit and loss graph below, which showcases steady growth over the lifetime of the service and all 2307 bets.


If Its Too Good To Be True…

The old adage of ‘if it’s too good to be true, then it probably is’ rings true for tipsters just as in any walk of life.

This is certainly the case when it comes to many tipsters on social media, who often ride a wave of likes, RT’s and positive comments to convince people to follow them in.

Yet ultimately they are deeply flawed, here today-gone tomorrow charlatans, who in many cases are profiting from bookmaker affiliate schemes designed to pay them if they put up bad tips.

Instead, turn your focus to those tipsters who have actually been around the block, have developed a long-term record and run a professional service.

They might not grab the attention in the same manner as their marketing-savvy counterparts but ultimately will be the only ones realistically able to help make you money betting.

You can find a full rundown on some of the very best tipsters in our Hall of Fame – featuring our independent advice and ratings based on over 10 years experience proofing tipsters.

Sign-up today and gain instant access to the Smart Betting Club service.

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Matchbook’s New Horse Racing Markets (0% Commission)

Dear All,

There was some good news for horse racing punters today from the betting exchange Matchbook, as they have officially launched their new horse racing markets for all to use.

They are offering markets on all UK and Irish races alongside a smattering of Antepost races and perhaps best of all – are charging 0% commission on all bets placed in these markets until the end of Glorious Goodwood on the 30th July. After this date, their usual low commission rates will take effect.

If anything like their very popular football markets, which offer some of the most competitive odds around then this is a fantastic development for all punters interested in betting on Horse Racing.

If you don’t yet have a Matchbook account, then you can also open one today and enjoy a £30 welcome bonus (once you have placed 1 X £15 Back and 1 X £15 Lay).

Certainly if fed up with bookie restrictions or if simply looking for better value and more options for your racing bets – Matchbook and their new racing markets are well worth checking out.

Best regards,

Peter Ling
SBC Editor



Take SBC’s 2016 Restrictions & Closures Bookie Survey

Help us name and shame the very best and worst bookmakers by > on betting account restrictions and closures and how it has impacted you.

Results from this survey will be released as part of our forthcoming special FREE-TO-ALL ‘Getting On’ Report

All who fill in the survey can also enter a free prize draw to win a brand new
Toshiba Chromebook Laptop (Worth £220)


Take SBC’s 2016 Restrictions & Closures Bookmaker Survey

Take SBC’s 2016 Restrictions & Closures Bookie Survey

In my regular conversations with punters, one of the biggest issues often raised is the level of stake restrictions and account closures faced by many of them when betting.

For those unaware – certain bookmakers do operate a policy of either restricting the level of stake allowed or simply closing accounts from those punters they deem as ‘unprofitable’ – especially those betting on horse racing only. Some bookies are worse than others but after years of denying this problem exists, it is these days widely accepted as fact.

To get a handle on the depth of this problem, the Horseracing Bettors Forum (created by the BHA in August 2015 to represent punters interests) published their own findings recently which claimed that as many as 20,000 accounts had been closed in the past 6 months alone.

As useful as HBF’s survey was, I want to take this a step further and am inviting as many as you as possible to fill in our own 2016 Bookmaker Restrictions & Closures Survey, which I believe will uncover a lot more on this problem – including naming and shaming the very worst offenders.

Take SBC’s 2016 Restrictions & Closures Bookie Survey

All who fill in the survey can also enter a free prize draw to win a brand new
Toshiba Chromebook Laptop


This survey features 11 simple questions, should take you no more than 2-3 minutes to fill in and your answers will help us to reveal:

  • The best & worst bookmakers when it comes to restrictions and closures;
  • Which sports and markets suffer the most restrictions;
  • The type of punters being restricted and how your staking amounts, bet frequency and method of betting impacts this;
  • The best & worst bookmakers as rated by you;
  • What tactics you can employ to help avoid betting restrictions

Why you should answer the survey (Plus how you can win a Toshiba Computer for doing so!)

First of all, be assured that you can fill in the survey completely anonymously – thus allowing you to say exactly what you think and share your experiences honestly. Most bookmakers view the Smart Betting Club as a major nuisance given our work helping punters make money betting (and consequently help the bookies lose it!) so you can be assured no details will be shared with them.

The complete findings from this survey will be revealed in a special FREE Report due to be released later on this year. Granting you full access to all of these results PLUS exposing the truth about bookmaker restrictions and closures to a wider audience. We ran a similar survey back in 2013 although this time we will be publishing our entire findings for free on the SBC website for all to view.

As the Smart Betting Club is 100% bookmaker independent, we are happy to name and shame the worst culprits (as well as highlighting those offering a good service) and will do so in this forthcoming report.

All who complete the survey can also enter a free prize draw to win a brand new Toshiba CB30 Chromebook. A superb laptop computer with a 13.3” screen, Celeron 2.16 GHZ processor and 9 hours of battery life – ideal for betting with!

Once you finish the survey you will be invited to enter the prize draw with the lucky winner to be revealed once the survey closes.


Help Spread The Word!

To make the survey is as impactful as possible, we want as many punters as possible to fill it in so your help in getting the word out on this will be essential!

The simple truth is that the more punters taking part, the greater the interest level will be from the powers that be in its results.

I also have held discussions with journalists from a number of major publications and broadcasters who are very interested in what this survey might uncover.

So once you fill it in, please feel free to share the survey link with your friends via Text, Email, Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp – however and whichever way you choose to do so!

Take SBC’s 2016 Restrictions & Closures Bookie Survey

All who fill in the survey can also enter a free prize draw to win a brand new
Toshiba Chromebook Laptop

‘Getting On’ – Free Report Tackling This Huge Issue

This survey is the pre-cursor to the release later this summer of a specialist SBC Report ‘Getting On’, which will be published for free.

The goal of the ‘Getting On’ report is not only to raise awareness of this issue but to tackle it from all angles including:

  • Behind Enemy Lines – An exclusive interview with a bookmaker representative on restrictions, why they impose them and how it looks from their side of the fence;
  • The bookmaker ‘profiling’ software IEsnare AKA ‘Reputation Manager’, what it is, why it impacts you and how you can remove it from your computer;
  • Interviews with major movers and shakers in the betting and bookmaking industry – their views on the issue and its potential solutions;
  • Legislation and the Australian minimum bet laws explained – How you can demand a similar model is introduced in the UK;
  • Guidance from expert punters on the tactics they use to enable them to get their bets on despite restrictions and closures.
  • The sports & markets you need to focus on for profit in today’s betting world.

Look out for more details on the release of this report later and the findings of this survey later this year.

You can also check out more on my take on this issue via a number of articles and interviews in which I have been involved previously using the following links.

BBC Radio 5 Live
BBC News
Gambling Insider Magazine

SBC 97_468X60

Magical Multiples: £54 Staked Over 3 Bets = £1600 Profit

The latest in a series of special Smart Betting Club Reports has just been published and this time out we are looking at how you can increase your profits by utilising some very simple multiple betting strategies.

Using similar multiple betting strategies helped me make £1600 from just £54 staked on 3 bets earlier this year (more on this shortly) and partly inspired by this, the team at SBC have put this special report together.

Entitled ‘The Magic of Multiples’ – this special report reveals the following:

  • The theory behind successful multiple betting & how you can utilise it to good effect;
  • How betting in multiples can keep you under the bookies’ radar and extend the longevity of your accounts;
  • The best multiple bet strategies to follow (how and why they work)
  • Real-life evidence of how multiple betting has worked for us at SBC (and the tipster tearing it up with a simple doubles strategy)

£54 Staked Over 3 Bets = £1600 Profit

I know that multiple betting is a strategy that works as I utilise it myself personally (As I know several other shrewd punters do as well)

To prove this success, I have copied some screenshots from my bookmaker accounts that highlight a few recent big ‘multiple bet’ winners.

First of all, you can view the simple £10 Trixie (3 Doubles and 1 Treble) bet from the end of March that returned a £778.20 profit when all 3 horses won.


Secondly, here is another Trixie from the 28th May where once again all 3 horses won to return a £374.07 profit from just £20 staked.


And finally, yet another Trixie from the 16th June, which returned £448.50 from £24 staked.

All 3 of these screengrabs are taken from my own betting accounts and are 100% correct (I would be happy to put together a video showcasing this should anyone be in any doubt!!)

The Best Tipster Guide - SBC

All told – for £54 staked over these 3 bets, I made a £1600.77 profit.

Now of course, not every multiple bet I have placed has won and there have been losses during this period as you would expect. Still I remain hugely in profit overall from this strategy so far in 2016 alone.

It is a method that requires patience at times but ultimately if willing to think strategically and be disciplined, it does reap the rewards.

Best of all you don’t need huge stakes to make a good return in this fashion, making it ideal if some bookies have limited how much you can stake.

Don’t Miss Out On Multiple Betting Profits

If you are looking to add another string to your betting bow then you must check out ‘The Magic of Multiples’ report and see how it can help you.

It could well be that you are missing out on some easy extra profits – simply by considering some of the multiple betting strategies we outline.

You can access The Magic of Multiples Report the instant you sign-up for a Smart Betting Club membership.

Awesome Foursome - SBC97