Why It Can Take Nearly 6 Years To Find A Good Tipster!

Recently the BBC ran a story about the increase in the number of social media based tipsters who make a profit when their tips lose.

Whilst unethical profiting from affiliate programs is nothing new – it seems that social media is a particular breeding ground for ‘dodgy’ tipsters promising untold riches via some deeply flawed betting strategies.

Without question, the vast majority are a waste of time and are a more harmful modern day equivalent of the ‘premium phone-line tipsters’ from days gone by. Because as bad as these phoneline tipsters were – they did actually want their tips to win! Thus it is with good reason we don’t include reviews on social media only tipsters in our reports.

As well as revealing the ugly truth about social media tipsters, this article also goes to the heart of another major problem – The constant search for better tipsters than those that realistically exist.

Perhaps it’s a tipster that will never suffer a losing bet or a tipster that will bang in regular 10-fold accumulators at massive odds. Or even a tipster that might make 50% + Return on Investment or hit an 80% strike-rate backing at evens.

The truth is that such tipsters don’t exist – and when it comes to choosing an expert to follow – very often the ‘boring’ well known and stable tipsters present your best option to make a profit.

Yes, they might not be particularly sexy, nor will they bang in acca after acca at big odds but what they will do is make a reliable return for your money.

And to prove this point, allow me to discuss some of the tipsters we track here at SBC and what you can realistically look to achieve if following a true expert.

The Best Tipster Guide - SBC

5 Years & 9 Months In The Making

The tipsters we rate as the very best are awarded a Hall of Fame rating – our marker of a quality service with a proven betting edge.

Yet to achieve a Hall of Fame rating is not easy and one of the key things we look for is longevity of service, coupled with a large betting history.

Consider these stats as per the 14 horse racing tipsters in the current Hall of Fame:

  • The average length of service is 5 years and 9 months;
  • The longest running tipster has been in operation for 12 years (during which time they have made 3417 points profit at 32% ROI);
  • The ‘youngest’ tipster has been in operation for 1 year and 11 months (although they have tipped up over 5000 bets at 21.3% ROI!);
  • The best ROI tipping record peaks out at 36.40%, whilst the average ROI across all 14 is around 21%.

All of this is a world away from a world of social media and the false promises of unrealistic profits you see from so many on Twitter or Facebook.

For Example – The Reliable Racing Tipster Profiting Since 2009

A classic example of the type of tipster you can find in our Hall of Fame is the racing tipster featured in the recently released Part 2 section of our 2016 Best Tipster Guide.

Around since 2009, this tipster has a clearly defined strategy tipping up 1 bet a day and long-term has hit a standard of 22.3% ROI and 429% ROC (Bank Growth).

Here is their long-term record of performance:


Certainly it’s not the sexiest of tipsters and they are vulnerable to the odd losing spell which does require patience at times (Something that is simply down to their low strike-rate of around 15.9%).

Yet ultimately this is a tipster that:

  • Has a clearly defined betting strategy;
  • Has a clearly defined edge over the bookmaker;
  • Makes consistent profits over the long-term;
  • Makes a realistic return on investment.

And for more proof of all that – check out their profit and loss graph below, which showcases steady growth over the lifetime of the service and all 2307 bets.


If Its Too Good To Be True…

The old adage of ‘if it’s too good to be true, then it probably is’ rings true for tipsters just as in any walk of life.

This is certainly the case when it comes to many tipsters on social media, who often ride a wave of likes, RT’s and positive comments to convince people to follow them in.

Yet ultimately they are deeply flawed, here today-gone tomorrow charlatans, who in many cases are profiting from bookmaker affiliate schemes designed to pay them if they put up bad tips.

Instead, turn your focus to those tipsters who have actually been around the block, have developed a long-term record and run a professional service.

They might not grab the attention in the same manner as their marketing-savvy counterparts but ultimately will be the only ones realistically able to help make you money betting.

You can find a full rundown on some of the very best tipsters in our Hall of Fame – featuring our independent advice and ratings based on over 10 years experience proofing tipsters.

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