Take SBC’s 2016 Restrictions & Closures Bookmaker Survey

Take SBC’s 2016 Restrictions & Closures Bookie Survey

In my regular conversations with punters, one of the biggest issues often raised is the level of stake restrictions and account closures faced by many of them when betting.

For those unaware – certain bookmakers do operate a policy of either restricting the level of stake allowed or simply closing accounts from those punters they deem as ‘unprofitable’ – especially those betting on horse racing only. Some bookies are worse than others but after years of denying this problem exists, it is these days widely accepted as fact.

To get a handle on the depth of this problem, the Horseracing Bettors Forum (created by the BHA in August 2015 to represent punters interests) published their own findings recently which claimed that as many as 20,000 accounts had been closed in the past 6 months alone.

As useful as HBF’s survey was, I want to take this a step further and am inviting as many as you as possible to fill in our own 2016 Bookmaker Restrictions & Closures Survey, which I believe will uncover a lot more on this problem – including naming and shaming the very worst offenders.

Take SBC’s 2016 Restrictions & Closures Bookie Survey

All who fill in the survey can also enter a free prize draw to win a brand new
Toshiba Chromebook Laptop


This survey features 11 simple questions, should take you no more than 2-3 minutes to fill in and your answers will help us to reveal:

  • The best & worst bookmakers when it comes to restrictions and closures;
  • Which sports and markets suffer the most restrictions;
  • The type of punters being restricted and how your staking amounts, bet frequency and method of betting impacts this;
  • The best & worst bookmakers as rated by you;
  • What tactics you can employ to help avoid betting restrictions

Why you should answer the survey (Plus how you can win a Toshiba Computer for doing so!)

First of all, be assured that you can fill in the survey completely anonymously – thus allowing you to say exactly what you think and share your experiences honestly. Most bookmakers view the Smart Betting Club as a major nuisance given our work helping punters make money betting (and consequently help the bookies lose it!) so you can be assured no details will be shared with them.

The complete findings from this survey will be revealed in a special FREE Report due to be released later on this year. Granting you full access to all of these results PLUS exposing the truth about bookmaker restrictions and closures to a wider audience. We ran a similar survey back in 2013 although this time we will be publishing our entire findings for free on the SBC website for all to view.

As the Smart Betting Club is 100% bookmaker independent, we are happy to name and shame the worst culprits (as well as highlighting those offering a good service) and will do so in this forthcoming report.

All who complete the survey can also enter a free prize draw to win a brand new Toshiba CB30 Chromebook. A superb laptop computer with a 13.3” screen, Celeron 2.16 GHZ processor and 9 hours of battery life – ideal for betting with!

Once you finish the survey you will be invited to enter the prize draw with the lucky winner to be revealed once the survey closes.


Help Spread The Word!

To make the survey is as impactful as possible, we want as many punters as possible to fill it in so your help in getting the word out on this will be essential!

The simple truth is that the more punters taking part, the greater the interest level will be from the powers that be in its results.

I also have held discussions with journalists from a number of major publications and broadcasters who are very interested in what this survey might uncover.

So once you fill it in, please feel free to share the survey link with your friends via Text, Email, Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp – however and whichever way you choose to do so!

Take SBC’s 2016 Restrictions & Closures Bookie Survey

All who fill in the survey can also enter a free prize draw to win a brand new
Toshiba Chromebook Laptop

‘Getting On’ – Free Report Tackling This Huge Issue

This survey is the pre-cursor to the release later this summer of a specialist SBC Report ‘Getting On’, which will be published for free.

The goal of the ‘Getting On’ report is not only to raise awareness of this issue but to tackle it from all angles including:

  • Behind Enemy Lines – An exclusive interview with a bookmaker representative on restrictions, why they impose them and how it looks from their side of the fence;
  • The bookmaker ‘profiling’ software IEsnare AKA ‘Reputation Manager’, what it is, why it impacts you and how you can remove it from your computer;
  • Interviews with major movers and shakers in the betting and bookmaking industry – their views on the issue and its potential solutions;
  • Legislation and the Australian minimum bet laws explained – How you can demand a similar model is introduced in the UK;
  • Guidance from expert punters on the tactics they use to enable them to get their bets on despite restrictions and closures.
  • The sports & markets you need to focus on for profit in today’s betting world.

Look out for more details on the release of this report later and the findings of this survey later this year.

You can also check out more on my take on this issue via a number of articles and interviews in which I have been involved previously using the following links.

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