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Everyone loves GOOD free tips – which is why you can now follow a whole host of expert tipsters on the Smart Betting Club Forum to help you make money from your betting.

At any given moment there are numerous tipping threads on the SBC Forum run by professional tipster services simply keen to prove themselves.

Right now you can find some outstanding tipsters on the Forum including the racing team up 33% ROI in the last 12 months or the ‘Back & Lay’ system up over £3000 in 2016 already.

Below I have highlighted just 4 experts making big dents into the bookies profits that you really need to check out!….

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1. Rooster Tips: +37% ROI From 729 Bets

Newly introduced on the SBC Forum last month was the top performing racing tipster ‘Rooster Tips’ who has an outstanding set of stats with a 37% Return on Investment from his first 729 bets.

Agreeing to share all of his bets on the SBC Forum for the foreseeable future, he got off to a good start with a 32.6% ROI from 23 bets in June and so far in July a 17.6% ROI. This is without question a tipster worth checking out!

As an SBC member you can pick up ALL Rooster’s tips FREE via access to the SBC Forum

2. Pilelist Racing: 24.02% ROI From 579 Bets

The latest tipster agreeing to share all of their tips for free via the SBC Forum is Pilelist Racing, who have a tremendous track record, having made 24% ROI from 579 tips over the past 2 years.

The great news with this service is that all bets are advised either later morning or early afternoon ensuring you can get on easily at the odds quoted!

Earlier this week, Pilelist also put up a string of profitable each way bets with Charava (1st at 5/1), Le Chat D’or (2nd at 33/1), Faintly (2nd at 20/1), Dovils Duel (2nd at 11/1), Tatawu (3rd at 14/1) to get things going nicely.
As an SBC member you can pick up ALL Pilelist Racing’s tips FREE via access to the SBC Forum.

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3. Chasemaster +33.03% ROI Last 12 Months (267 Bets)

This proven racing tipster has made a significant profit each year dating back to 2008 and since the 1st May 2016 have been sharing all bets for free with SBC members.

During the last 12 months alone, they have made 112.79 points profit at 33.03% Return on Investment from 267 bets so are in a rich vein of form.

Going all the way back to 2008, Chasemaster have made a 12.06% ROI from 2857 bets so they certainly know how to make a profit!

After all – how many tipsters do you know that have turned a profit for 9 years?

As an SBC member you can pick up ALL of Chasemasters tips FREE via email or through access to the SBC Forum

4. Prize Lay & Back System: £3626 Profit In 2016

For those keen on following betting systems, then the unique Prize Lay & Back system will be right up your street. Putting up a selection of tips every day to both back and lay, this year alone they have made £3626 profit from 320 selections.

They also enjoyed a fantastic 2015 with £17,605 profit from 390 lays and £9.419 profit from 190 backs (all at £100 stakes)

The biggest angle of attack for the system is laying and they have a clear edge as their 90.36% strike-rate of success at average Betfair SP odds of 5.42/1 indicates.
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