Real-Life ‘Practical Punter’ Reports For Betting Profitably

If you are looking for real-life guidance on how to make a profit using tipsters, then the 2 latest ‘Practical Punter’ Reports published today will be right up your street.

Written by 2 different (yet ultimately profitable) semi-pro gamblers, both Practical Punter Reports explore everything from the sports they bet on to the exact make-up of their betting portfolio (namely the tipsters they follow!).

The idea behind these special reports is to provide both inspiration and encouragement to those trying to achieve the same goal – making money through tipsters.

After all, betting can also be a lonely game sometimes – and these reports are our way of trying to foster the most supporting ‘expert punter’ community possible here at SBC.

Access All 7 Practical Punter Reports

The Practical Punter Reports were first introduced back in November 2013 last year as a way to highlight some of the very real practical implications of following a range of tipster services.

Its one thing finding the best tipsters (which is where we come in) but there is simply no substitute to listening to those who have been there, bought the t-shirt and made cold hard profits.

Currently, there are a total of 7 Practical Punter Reports available to SBC members and you can expect to read at least 1 new report each month.

The Practical Punter series regularly tackles topics such as:

  • How to choose the right tipster
  • How to choose the right bookmaker
  • How and when to up or down stakes
  • How to deal with losing runs (and winning ones too)
  • How to build a winning betting portfolio

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To give you an idea of what it is like to be a Smart Betting Club member, we have put together a fresh new FREE SBC magazine, featuring lots of our recent content for you to enjoy.

It features 3 full tipster reviews as originally published in recent SBC Magazines, plus an interview with one of our most profitable members AND a sample article from our ‘Practical Punter’ series.

More On These 3 Tipsters…Plus 50 More!

This special free magazine should help to give an insight into the quality of content we produce for all Smart Betting Club members.

We go into detail on every tipster we review, taking our time to analyse all aspects of their service – with the goal of uncovering the best, most genuine tipsters out there.

Since the original reviews were published, all 3 of the tipsters included have gone on to make even more profits and showcase their ability further.  It’s one reason why 77.9% of SBC members reported a profit betting last year.

You can find the latest info on all 3 of these tipsters, plus details on 50 more we have reviewed in a similar vein, within our regular Magazines and Tipster Profit Reports.

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