Our Lucky 15 Winning Betting Strategy

If you’re looking for a solution to keep your value bets ‘under the radar’ with bookmakers then the remarkable Lucky 15 strategy we outline in the very latest SBC Magazine Issue #122 might be the perfect solution for you!

Not only can it help you win money betting BUT best of all, does so in a way whereby bookies think you have got lucky and so can easily extend the life of your betting accounts.

Sounds too good to be true?

Well I thought you might think that, which is why in todays email I have some real betting slips with big payouts to prove otherwise, plus details of how it works and the numbers behind it all.

Its safe to say this has been a real gamechanger for members of the SBC team and could easily be for you too.

So if you only ever read one Smart Betting Club review – you might want to make it this one!

This review and strategy is available to read now with a Smart Betting Club membership

Lucky 15 Winners

The strategy itself is based upon Bookie Bashing’s exceptional Horse Racing tracker tool (as featured in SBC 122), which does all the work in finding value horse racing bets for you to back.

When you use this tool with a simple Lucky 15 strategy (as we outline in our review) then you have a seriously powerful betting strategy to add to your portfolio.

In this special review we outline some of the attractive features and benefits of it including…

  • How Lucky 15 bets are looked at more favourably by bookmakers even when you win.
  • How Lucky 15s reduce variance when compared to other accumulators meaning losing runs are less severe. The more risk averse of you will find this much easier to handle!
  • The neat trick that occurs when you compound multiple value bets together.
  • The 10 rules to consider to get the most from the strategy meaning you will give yourself the best chance to profit.

The Lucky 15 Strategy in Action

To put this all into action, in the review we outline the performance obtained using this Lucky 15 strategy during the last few months with real betting accounts and real stakes.

During a 10 week period, we placed 405 Lucky 15 bets and achieved a profit in 99 of these (24%).

Staking a total of £22,740 across these 405 Lucky 15 bets, it returned a clear profit of £6198.33, an impressive ROI of 27.26%!!

Check out some of the winning tickets generated by it below:

Lucky 15 Lucky 15

Lucky 15Lucky 15

What People Say…

To further back up the performance of this strategy, here are a couple of quotes from two people using it:

“The Racing Tracker offered by Bookie Bashing is one of the best tools that I’ve used in my betting career so far. It is very easy to use and the value it provides is quantifiable, the longer and longer I used it I began coming up with different tailored approaches to what type of horses I select as part of my Lucky 15’s which has increased my ROI Leveraging the Lucky 15 strategy has provided me with an ROI of 20% so far over a sample size of 500+ Lucky 15’s but it also gives you lots of entertainment value and action where you have some action on almost every single race of the day”

S . Long-term SBC member


“I was directed towards using the racing tracker a few months back by Pete, the editor of SBC who is a friend of mine. I had time on my hands and he told me it could be a fantastic way of making some extra cash betting on horse racing. Safe to say he was right and after he explained how to best use it by placing Lucky 15’s, I got to work. I have made over £3500 profit since then and using the tracker forms part of my normal morning betting routine these days. I can’t wait to use it during the Cheltenham Festival especially!

M – SBC Member & Bookie Bashing Member


Save 50% on your first month with SBC

You can read the full lowdown on this strategy in the full review now available in Issue 122 of the Smart Betting Club magazine.

For those of you looking to give it a go then Smart Betting Club members can save 50% on your first month with Bookie Bashing – enjoying a saving of £34.50!

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Peter Ling
Smart Betting Club Editor


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Exclusive Review & Discount For This Powerful & Profitable Racing Tool

The 2nd review from SBC Magazine #122 is out now and it focuses on a hugely profitable horse racing tool from the ‘Bookie Bashing’ service that you simply must check out!

This review is available to read now with a Smart Betting Club membership

Bookie Bashing is a unique website designed for ‘Advantage Players’ with a series of tools, strategies and guides on how to make a profit betting.

One of their best tools is the ‘Racing Tracker’ that looks for horses that offer value if betting with a bookmaker each-way.

It’s exceptionally easy to use once you know how and we have been using this tool for several months as part of our review process, during which time it has made some very substantial profits.

So much so, that it now forms an essential part of our betting portfolio each day – and we imagine it might well do the same for you too!

Read the Comprehensive SBC review

We are HUGE fans of their Racing Tracker and in this review we outline both the theoretical and practical reasons as to why we firmly advocate it for those of you with the time and bookmaker accounts available to make it pay.

This major review (6000+ words) explores the many features and benefits of the tracker including…

  • How it finds value bets and doing all the hard work for you, meaning you’re finding betting opportunities in seconds rather than minutes.
  • How it follows value betting principles so you can be sure you are making good bets designed to be profitable in the long term.
  • How the selections are available at all major bookmakers meaning you will have plenty of options for where to place your bets.
  • The powerful Lucky 15 strategy which ‘hides’ your value bets from bookmakers, protecting you from restrictions meaning viable long term prospects.

Below you can see the baseline profits made by this service in the last 5 months of 2020 alone to help illustrate its power:

Needless to say you can explore a whole world of stats, information and evidence of its profitability within the full review. The table above really doesn’t do it justice!

Save 50% on your first month!

Not only can you explore all aspects of this service in our review, but Smart Betting Club members can save 50% on your first month with Bookie Bashing – enjoying a saving of £34.50!

Given that SBC membership itself can be snapped up for as little as £29.99 + VAT per quarter, then you can effectively sign-up now and save overall if also interested in joining Bookie Bashing.

It’s a Win-Win Deal!

To access this fantastic discount and our comprehensive review on the service you need to hold a Smart Betting Club Membership.

All memberships are at our lowest ever prices and are backed up by our 30 day and 90 day money back guarantees.

Best regards,

Peter Ling

Smart Betting Club Editor

P.S. There is no better time to sign up with Cheltenham just around the corner. We expect this racing tracker to really come into its own that week!

P.P.S In SBC Magazine 122 you can also read about our extremely powerful Pricewise strategy. Explore more on this here.

How To Make Lucky 15s Even Better!

In this special article, guest author Thomas Randall talks us through how you can make your lucky 15 bets even better!

Online bookmakers hate taking Lucky 15s and here is why.

The bet was actually withdrawn from betting shops many years ago only to be reinstated when customers left chains in droves to go to independents that still accommodated it.

So wait a minute, I can hear a few of you saying ‘what is a Lucky 15 bet’?

A Lucky15 is a series of bets that covers 4 selections (usually on horses). It consists of 4 singles, 6 doubles, 4 trebles and an accumulator, 15 bets in total, hence the name.

Ok, so what’s so great about that? The beauty of this bet is the way it is marketed by the bookmakers. Because 15 bets is a lot of cash to lay out (especially if they don’t all oblige, most bookmakers offer a consolation of double the odds for one winner only in your 4 selections and some like Betfred even offer treble odds).

Exploiting A Lucky 15 Bet To Your Advantage

There are many shrewd ways of exploiting these consolations in the Lucky 15 bet to your advantage as a punter with an online bookmaker.

The first way which is quite well known is to do the Lucky15 each-way with all the selections in races where the place terms are weighted in the punters favour.

For example, a Lucky 15 where all the selections are second favourites in non-handicap races of 8, 9 or 10 runners where the favourite is a very skinny price (6/4 or shorter). The shorter the price the favourite is in fact the more advantageous the place terms become for the punter in that type of event.

Place the bet as late as possible checking which horses are likely to go off second favourite by monitoring Betfair. Also, make sure none of your selections are non-runners because you will not get a consolation (double/treble odds one winner or placed selection) if one or more of the four selections fail to take their chance.

Another Way To Maximise Your Lucky 15 Returns

There is another way of using Lucky 15s that is pretty ingenious as well and it works on slips that pay double odds for a consolation as well as treble (but treble is much better). It goes like this…

When you pick your four selections out try to find one more horse as well but instead of doing a Lucky 31 (A Lucky31 is similar to a Lucky15 but with 5 selections consisting of 5 singles, 10 doubles, 10 trebles, 5 four-timers and an accumulator) do 5 Lucky 15s permed in the following way.

Ok, You have picked 5 horses A,B,C,D,E. Next take 5 Lucky15 slips and write them out the following way

Slip 1- 4 selections A,B,C,D that’s 15 bets

Slip 2- 4 selections A,B,C,E that’s 15 bets

Slip 3- 4 selections A,B,D,E that’s 15 bets

Slip 4- 4 selections A,C,D,E that’s 15 bets

Slip 5- 4 selections B,C,D,E that’s 15 bets

Ok, that is 75 bets so far.

Let us suppose we had done a £1 Lucky 31 instead. That is £31 total outlay obviously, and if only one selection wins which is probably the ‘average’ result for punters on a typical day then you get treble the odds for that selection. If your winner was only say 4/1 then you’d of got treble odds making it 12-1 and your return £13.

However you could instead divide your original outlay of £31 by 75 and have 5 lucky 15s with a unit stake of 41.333 pence permed in 5 slips.

Now look what happens if you only get one winner. The 5 slip permutation with one winner will have that one selection in four of the slips. For example, if A is your only winner it appears in slips 1,2,3 and 4.

If A was a 4-1 winner then if you got double the odds a winner in your Lucky 15 you would get back 41.333 pence at 8-1 on 4 slips or £14.88 which is more than £13 is it not?

If the shop you go in pays treble the odds (such as Betfred) then you would of received 41.333 pence at 12-1 on 4 slips and that is £21.49, which is getting towards double £13 is it not?

There you are ladies and gents all you need now are the right selections and you can start hammering those bookmakers!

Thomas Randall is a professional sports trader and betting consultant. For more information from Thomas on how to get the better of your bookie contact thomas.randall@hotmail.com