Member Experience: How SBC Has Helped My Betting | Clive Jones

To best illustrate how a Smart Betting Club membership can help improve your betting, I have been conducting a series of interviews with real-life SBC subscribers on the difference our service has made to them.

Kick-starting this series today is Clive, who shares in his own words exactly how SBC has helped his betting and the success he has enjoyed since becoming a member.

What’s your name?

Clive Jones

When did you join the Smart Betting Club?

6th March 2015

What sports do you bet on?

Horse Racing, Football and Golf

How many tipsters do you follow?


Why did you join the Smart Betting Club?

I decided in 2014 that I wanted to have a go at second income level Sports Investment (I have always refused to call it betting) with £5k I had built up from a starting pot of just £100 following sporting life’s free tipsters over the previous three years. Once I mentally committed to doing so and knowing that I was risking my three years hard graft on the next step, in March 2015, my very first act was to join SBC. You are showing as the first ever expenditure on my daily records sheet!

Having initially read about you and followed up my interest looking for independent reviews I found nothing at all that ever questioned your integrity. Trust is critical to me and I had found someone that I could trust. You have to remember I didn’t even know if my aims could be met at this point. I knew of no-one earning money regularly this way and needed all the help I could get. And here it was, staring at me from my screen at about a tenth of what I had expected to have to pay!

How has the Smart Betting Club helped you?

My strength has always been analysis so I began my membership by looking at all the tipster reviews you have ever done, recording my notes copiously. How many selections a day? When would I need to be available? Could I get on at the prices quoted? What did they all cost? How good are they? I cannot begin to guess how long this would have taken me unaided.I wouldn’t even have known what questions to have asked let alone found the people to ask and I wouldn’t have trusted a single answer.

That was my starting point with SBC but things quickly evolved into much much more. Betting Banks, points, ROI, ROC all of this was new to me but once I had read everything I could get my hands on through SBC, I felt like an expert!

My confidence grew to new levels and my natural and inevitable self doubts about the whole venture vanished. It could be done and others were doing it and I knew that if I listened to the sound advice in SBC, it was mine for the taking too. Of course, as time has passed my needs have changed and I now pay much more heed to articles on account closures, Bet Brokers and VPNs than I do to my initial stopping points but that just goes to prove how SBC is here for all levels of investor.

What do you like most about the Smart Betting Club service?

Your integrity, your honesty and your tables – I love a good table, me.

How much have you made betting since you joined the Smart Betting Club?

Following a fantastic start to 2017 (awaiting some corrections!) so far its £35210 in 23 months. Thanks guys!!! Whilst things have moved on fantastically since Day One, SBC was undoubtedly the biggest single factor in setting me up for success at the outset. You gave me the confidence to get through a horrendous start where I lost £3776 of my opening £5k in the first 82 days. Without you, I would have lost my bottle completely.

What are your betting plans for the future?

On the profit front, I take it calendar year by calendar year but am at a stage where some stability is required. By the end of 2015 I had made a further £11498 and by the end of 2016 another £19363. I am aiming for £24000 in 2017 a round £2k per month.

On a wider scale, I would like to run set up courses for would be sports investors at beginners affordable prices, no more than £150 per day absolute maximum, I am developing my own micro system based selections that I hope will one day turn into a tipping service and would also like to start earning small sums from a weekly writing blog just recording the week’s unusual events e.g. This week your idea of backing successful tipsters in multiples hit off with a Bet Alchemist 73.75/1 double, last week my new golf tipster hit a 66/1 winner in week one, the week before I experienced a day of 15 selections, 15 losers – all things that I think people new to the game like to hear as it gives them the opportunity to empathise with the ups and downs of this game and enjoy realising that these things don’t just happen to them!

And finally, I am enjoying taking a member of my staff (I am self employed) on a roller coaster ride trying to turn £300 into a £15000 bank in two calendar years. All of this would have remained nothing but a pipe dream without SBC.

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