Here at the Smart Betting Club, we believe that we can help anyone make their betting a success.

…And to help prove this point, why not read some of the following real-life experiences and genuine testimonials from current Smart Betting Club members.

Not only this, but you can read the opinions of many other trusted betting experts on just why the Smart Betting Club service can be trusted to help you out!

Genuine SBC Member Testimonials

First off here are just a few genuine testimonials from a cross-section of SBC members on their experiences with our service…

“I am writing to say that, since joining the SBC, I have benefited greatly from the wealth of helpful information on your website, particularly in relation to betting banks and betting strategies. Your tipster reviews are insightful and your monthly spreadsheet of their results is extremely useful, as tipsters seldom offer this level of detail on their own websites.”
J.C. SBC Member

“I have been an SBC subscriber for more than a year now.  Thanks to your SBC services, my betting profitability has gone to new levels!  I sincerely thank you for the services to which I have subscribed based upon your recommendations turning out to be winners after winners. Thanks for all your work in sorting the wheat out from the chaff to have enabled this to happen.

Trust me, I came across so much chaff in my earlier betting days that I knew there had to be a better way.  Coming across you guys as part of this improvement process has been the difference between losing as 98% of the betting population do (and I knew I just had to break out of this 98%, but as you know that isn’t easy), to making quite a handy second income as I have done over the last 12 months especially.

Thanks again for the range of services you provide, and this happy camper is very grateful to your club for totally turning my betting profitability around. Best of luck to you and your other members for a profitable future!
Darren. SBC Member

“Your magazine should receive a “Nobel prize”. People says that is hard to make money. Just following you guys I am earning a lot!”
N.I. SBC Member

“What was most impressive after joining the Smart Betting Club was that the whole operation seemed very professional. I likened it to a price comparison website full of betting services, with detailed reviews of each one, telling members what to expect before signing up and ultimately what SBC thinks of the service, assessing all the pros and cons. Best of all, I know that Mike and Dan pride themselves upon being independent and saying it as it is. This is great to know and means that you can trust that their views are as honest and helpful as possible.”
T.S. SBC Member

“I am a punter of almost 20 years and for the last five I have taken it more seriously, my stakes gradually got bigger but unfortunately so did my losses. My two favourite sports to bet on are racing and football and because I follow them closely I thought that I would eventually get that big win. About a year ago I decided to try out some tipsters who looked very attractive that I came across on the internet. I fell for their guaranteed profits lines and selective betting etc but I ended up losing money on their bets and also their subscription fees cost me a lot of money.

I had often heard of SBC but after my experience with tipsters I was very sceptical. Eventually after mulling over it for a few months I decided to subscribe. Now some months later I have to admit it has been the best decision I have ever made from a punting point of view.

First of all you get an insight into how pro gamblers work and more importantly how you should not punt. The big benefit of SBC however is their Tipster reviews and recommendations.SBC offer an excellent tipster league table of the top tipsters around and they constantly scrutinise these tipsters as well as always looking out for existing tipsters who are providing an honest service. You are taught how to manage your betting bank and from my experience these tipsters offer excellent services and customer service. I started by joining one recommended service and have gradually built up a small portfolio of tipsters. I am now achieving profits that are very pleasing, I realise that there are bad days which I have had but in the long term their selective approach is definitely worth following. I now only bet what I am told to and thanks to the SBC I feel I am a much better punter.”
L.P. SBC Member

“I joined SBC sometime in 2010 although I didn’t start to properly use it until January 2011. I started to use the less expensive tipsters in the  Hall of Fame, which was the first time that I discovered that you could make money from betting. After two years I now I make a good living as a semi professional bettor.

I cant think of any other online magazine out there that is as above board  and transparent as the Smart Betting Club. The tipster report keep an active eye on the tipsters performances. Its volatile game so if a tipster goes off the boil it can be spotted straight away.

The magazine uncovers any new and upcoming tipsters. It’s always exciting to pick up a new “kid on the block” and I would not join any tipster service without the recommendation of SBC.

Also the magazine highlight filters that can be applied to maximise the ROC that can be achieved with a tipster. This is a great value added feature for an article.

The forums are good for pinpointing any shortcomings with new tipsters. There is robust debate on all issues relating to betting.”
P.M. SBC Member

“When setting up my portfolio the SBC played a key role in identifying tipsters which I may wish to consider and they continue to do so keeping the portfolio fresh with new ideas. With the explosion of social networking sites there is a lot of readily available info for the new age gambler, this is highly useful but also throws up a lot of garbage and it can be very time consuming to sift through all this, the SBC essentially does this job for us and centres in on the real players in the industry.

With a vast number of tipsters independently proofed they give information not only on how the selections preformed but also how the service works, whether it is manageable and if it offers long term stability.  The overall ratings of each tipster and the hall of fame table show all the worthwhile tipsters in the business.  Forget about these advertisements in the Racing Post promising an income of 50 grand a month, this is the real deal with long term figures and results laid out right before your eyes.  I pick out tipsters which I feel will fit into my model and then do some real time proofing of my own and the SBC are yet to give me a bad lead.”
T.W. SBC Member

“Made all the usual mistakes when starting out, came across SBC, now all my tipsters have been sourced using SBC mag or forum, learned about portfolios, record keeping, bank management and countless snippets of valuable information to make me a successful and profitable punter”
B.H. SBC Member

“I joined the Smart Betting Club a couple of years ago when my experience of following tipsters had brought only disappointment.  I had fallen for the sales spiel of the rogues out there in Tipping World, often putting £50 on a horse for the tipster in addition to my own stake and watching the nag lose.  When I initially saw an advert for SBC, I was initially suspicious and agonised for a couple of months over whether or not to join.  In the end, a policy of ‘in for a penny’ led me subscribe.

Two years later, thanks to SBC, I am now running a portfolio of 16 services using properly structured banks, which in turn allows each service to be staked properly, and my gambling is now more calculated investment than speculative chaos.  Service reviews are comprehensive and informative and articles by the infamous Mr Gekko have transformed my mentality and approach.  Quite simply, I can thank SBC for the profits I have made so far and I find the service as useful now as I did when I first subscribed.  I’m hoping that the SBC stay around for a long time to come.”
R.D. – Smart Betting Club member and blogger

“Of the SBC I would say it is well run, by individuals with their hearts in the right places. Nothing is affiliate driven and this ensures top quality information and reviews of services. The community adds value and the forum is remarkable. This is a publication and community to join, read, enjoy and participate in – you will develop better betting skills and learn of new investment opportunities.”
D.S. from Manchester. Professional gambler and SBC member




It’s not just everyday punters who like our service but the tipsters as well as SBC has brought a new standard of professionalism to the industry. Thus meaning the genuinely good tipsters are rewarded and the bad ones revealed and laid bare.

Here are just a few testimonials from a number of professional expert tipsters…

“Excellent site and service, my advice to all punters thinking of using an advisory service is to research the tipsters thoroughly first and make sure they proof to a reputable service such as SBC”
Mark Littlewood – Professional tipster

“In the often murky world of betting, where many will sell their grandmother if they thought there was something in it for them, Smart Betting Club stand out from the rest for all the right reasons. Trust and honesty are words I associate with them.

I’m a full-time betting professional and have made my living from it for the last seven years. I’ve come across most of the good, the bad, and the ugly at some point. You should certainly put SBC in the first of those categories.

I very rarely endorse products but have no hesitation in recommending SBC to you.”
Mike Lindley – Professional tipster

“Working in a largely unpoliced and unregulated area of the betting industry, The Smart Betting Club are at the forefront of a drive to create a recognised universal standard of evaluating tipsters’ performance and customer service. Their work is exhaustive, scrupulously fair and insightful and because SBC are funded by subscribers, rather than through advertising or affiliate commission, they can be relied upon as a 100% independent arbiter with the objectivity and experience to see behind all the hype and bluster, favoured by the crooks and conmen. Sadly, most people trying betting tipsters for the first time fall prey to this industry’s unscrupulous elements with their compelling sales pitches. Thankfully there is an alternative to unfulfilled expectations and costly and painful hard-won experience.

If you value your time and money, you should set aside the cost of a Smart Betting Club subscription before you part with a single penny for a tipster’s fees. I’d consider joining SBC as an essential first step for anyone looking to take the gamble out of betting and treat it as a serious money-making proposition.”
Greg Gordon – Creator of The Observer Tipster Experiment, and Scottish Football Tipster

“SBC provides an unrivalled resource for punters seeking the truth about tipping services. SBC’s impartial and in depth reviews of tipsters is an invaluable aid when deciding which service to join.”
Laurence Lambourn – Professional tipster

“For a genuine betting analyst like myself the Smart Betting Club has been a godsend with their transparency and being able to highlight among the sapphire sea of tipsters that there are occasional diamonds. Without the SBC proofing my results I could simply have been bracketed as another “chancer” such as those we see advertising everyday in certain betting publications. Any service which doesn’t proof to the SBC simply can’t be trusted”.
Scott Armstrong – Professional tipster

“An excellent publication which gives a real valuable education to anybody considering betting as a profitable means. Uncovers the gems and exposes the charlatans.

If you are going to start betting, start here!”
PCB – Professional gambler and author of the 4 Pronged Attack System

“The Smart Betting Club literally changed my life twice – first when they recommended my service to their members and then when I realised there are more services out there that know what they’re doing, thanx to their monthly newsletter. An amazing service!”
Skeeve – Professional tipster & gambler

“In a business that sadly attracts more than its fair share of scammers, SBC provide a vital service. If you plan to follow any tipping service, membership of SBC is a must”
Matt Love – Professional tipster

“Having had my own service reviewed by the SBC I’ve seen firsthand the depth they go into their reviews I am more than happy to follow their judgement – so have followed football services on their recommendation. With sports tipping being an unregulated area, the work the SBC do in sorting the wheat from the chaff is very useful to those looking to make a second income from gambling.”
Wayne – Professional tipster

“I think Smart Betting Club is one of the few genuine sites dedicated to helping punters move forward with their betting. It is also the best site for genuine tipping services to be viewed on their performance in both the short and long term”.
Paul Ash – Professional tipster

“It is always a great pleasure to have Smart Betting Club members join our subscription base. We know they will be informed investors, with the patience and commitment required to succeed.

In an industry which unfortunately has its fair share of individuals trying to attract people with desperately unrealistic promises, the SBC provides an unrivalled service offering terrific independent, impartial advice whether you’re new to sports investing or have years of experience. We cannot recommend it highly enough.”
Sam – Professional tipster

“I refer to the Smart Betting Club as the “Betting Police” and god our industry needs it!  By providing a monthly e-magazine they flag the best and the worst systems out there helping you find the real gems and avoid the common scams. They provide great honest reviews but they are much more than this with an interactive website full of back catalogues, forums and advice. Great reading all round and a must for any one serious about making money through betting.”
James – Professional tipster