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Learn From Professional Punters On How They Make Money With Tipsters / Bet Diary Pro Access

As a Smart Betting Club member, you also gain access to advice and guidance from professional punters on just how they are making a profit betting using tipsters.

We do this via the members-only betting blog, entitled the ‘Bet Diary Pro’, which is penned by gambling professional Rowan Day.

Rowan has been punting for profit using tipsters for several years and is a shrewd and canny operator who knows how to make money betting.

Through the Bet Diary Pro, you can read all about Rowan and his betting quest including:

  • The tipsters he follows;
  • The profits (and occasional losses) he is making;
  • The bookmakers he uses;
  • How and when he increases his stakes;
  • How he deals with losing runs (and winning ones too);
  • How he built a winning betting portfolio.
  • The realities of betting for profit using tipsters!


Rowan’s Track Record of Success

Over the years, Rowan has consistently generated strong profits simply by following many of the tipsters that the Smart Betting Club recommends.

Between April 2015 and December 2019, following his portfolio of tipsters, Rowan has made a 203.81% Return on Capital (or as some call it Betting Bank Growth) in a little over 4 1/2 years.

This 203.81% ROC figure is of great interest as it indicates just how a betting bank will have grown in relation to these profits.

If for example, Rowan began with £2,000 in April 2015, then 203.81% ROC would have made him a £4,076 profit by the end of 2019.

Here are a few more examples of how the 203.81% ROC would have helped with different sums:

  • £5,000 Starting Bank in April 2015: Profit of £10,190.50
  • £15,000 Starting Bank in April 2015: Profit of £30,571.50
  • £25,000 Starting Bank in April 2015: Profit of £50,952.50
  • £50,000 Starting Bank in April 2015: Profit of £101,905.00

Betting can also be a lonely game sometimes – and the Bet Diary Pro is our way of trying to foster the most supporting ‘expert punter’ community possible.

Access to the Bet Diary Pro is available with a Smart Betting Club subscription.

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