ūüŹá Another Racing Service Beating Both Betfair SP & Bookmakers – The Latest SBC Review!

The latest SBC Tipster Review is out now featuring our deep-dive into the record of an Irish based racing expert with a profitable record with both bookmakers & Betfair SP.

The review explores how this tipster:

  • Provides simple & concise selections for Irish racing meetings
  • Requires a low workload to follow
  • Has a connected racing expert at the helm
  • Has made a 22.39% Return On Investment (ROI) to advised prices
  • Is also profitable on exchanges (with a 18.13% ROI on Betfair)

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Detailed SBC Review

With account restrictions becoming an issue for more and more bettors, we are placing a larger focus on service performance on exchanges alongside the more traditional ‘advised prices’ with bookmakers.

Inside this report you will find a detailed analysis of this tipsters performance using both key metrics.

Price availability at certain intervals after release, drawdown analysis, Monte Carlo simulations and a plethora of other tools are used to give you the full picture of what to expect following this tipster in.

Plus you can save on the cost of joining the tipster in question – all thanks to the unique discounts we offer SBC members.

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When exactly should you place your racing bets & why Betfair SP isn’t always the answer. New report reveals all.

As part of our recent focus on exchange betting, today we have published a special report exploring the Betfair racing market and exactly when you should bet to get the best value odds.

Examining the live market odds for 30,861 horses that have run so far in 2020, we have compared the best prices at several time points before the race starts and Betfair SP itself.

This analysis has identified several trends and patterns that can help you time the placement of your bets for the greatest possible profit. Ensuring you get the highest odds possible.

For example, one clear pattern was found at short prices, whereby a 9.3% increase in odds could be obtained simply by betting early.

Another trend came at larger odds where there is a clear edge simply by taking Betfair SP above a certain threshold. Yet it was also clear that Betfair SP is not always the optimal way to bet and knowing when and where can make a difference to your bet returns.

This report also threw up several other findings of note and if you bet on horse racing on the exchanges, whether it be at Betfair SP or in the pre-race Betfair market, this guide is for you

Part of our Exchange Betting Racing Special

This special report forms part of our recent focus on exchange betting, specifically surrounding horse racing tipsters who make a profit on Betfair or at Betfair SP.

Tipsters such as this extremely popular racing tipster with a 16.51% ROI on the betting exchanges or this Betfair SP tipster with a 10.10% ROI since 2012.

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Racing Not Your Thing??
If you are not interested in horse racing – don’t worry. In the next SBC Magazine, we are beginning a very special series focusing on golf betting including 2 fantastic tipsters we fully recommend! Keep your eyes peeled for information on this coming soon.

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Peter Ling
Smart Betting Club Editor

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Is this pound for pound the best racing tipster out there?

That is the question being posed in the latest tipster review published today by the Smart Betting Club team as we explored one of the very best racing experts we have come across in our 15 years exploring the tipster industry.

Pound for pound this expert stands out as one of the very best tipsters because he…

  • Has been in operation since the year 2000 with just one losing year in 20 so far.
  • Has hit a 25% ROI over the past 11 years of SBC proofed performance.
  • Has showcased a fine profit can also be made following his tips on the Betfair Exchange.
  • Operates a simple 1-bet-a-day strategy that takes just a couple of minutes to follow.
  • Is very affordable to follow from as little as ¬£17 per month (with a special limited time extra SBC savings deal also now available)

38.67% ROI Since 2017

We first began proofing this tipster in 2009 and welcomed his service into our Hall of Fame a year later Рwhere he has stayed ever since thanks to the 871 points profit made @ 24.6% ROI during this time.

In recent years, the performance levels have if anything improved since a tweak in strategy was applied at the start of 2017.

To bookmaker advised prices a 38.67% ROI has been made since 2017, whilst at Betfair SP it rises to 15.17% ROI.

Furthermore, when it comes to exchange betting, this service also ticks the right boxes with not only a profit at Betfair SP but also several other strategies to further maximise returns on Betfair both in the pre-race and in-play markets.

So if you are looking to get started with tipsters – this review is the right place to start as it showcases the very best of the tipping world.

Professional, profitable, affordable and with years of experience beating the bookmaker (or exchange!), many SBC members swear by this expert and for good reason too!

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You can read this tipster review in full the instant you join the Smart Betting Club, which also grants you access to our entire back catalogue of tipster reviews (over 15 years strong) including these 2 other recent reviews as released in the last 6 weeks:

Review 1¬†–¬†The extremely popular racing tipster¬†up more than 16.51% ROI at Betfair since March 2019. All automated through a simple bot.

Review 2¬†–¬†The Betfair SP and bookmaker profitable racing tipster¬†with a proven edge on the big races and meetings.

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Is this our most popular racing tipster review ever? ? ? ? Major Betfair SP edge

Monday saw the release of the very latest SBC Tipster Review and it’s safe to say it might well be one of the most popular pieces we have ever published!

Speaking to the tipster behind it all on Wednesday, he told me that already more than 60 SBC members had signed-up to be on the restart list for the service Рwhich is due to begin advising tips again on the 20th June.

This re-start delay is simply to ensure they only advise tips when they have enough solid recent racing form to go off, since the sport itself only began behind closed doors on the 1st June.

The reason for the popularity is easy to understand as this tipster ticks a lot of boxes such as…

  • Betfair & Betdaq Friendly¬†– It can only be followed on Betfair and/or Betdaq and so is ideal for those of you suffering from bookmaker restrictions.
  • Automated Bot Placement¬†– The service uses a simple betting bot to automatically place down all bets a few minutes before each race. Getting you the best odds & saving you lots of time!
  • Major Exchange Profits¬†– Perhaps the most important factor is the profits made as to betting exchange prices, the service has made a¬†16.51% ROI from 2661 bets¬†since March 2019.
  • Profitable at Betfair SP¬†– Not only this but if following at¬†Betfair SP,¬†the profits rise to¬†19.14% ROI¬†(and as always, this is after commission is deducted).
  • 10% Discount For SBC Members¬†– On top of the fact this tipster costs just ¬£29.99 per month, you can also save a further 10% as an SBC member as part of the¬†discounts¬†we negotiate on their behalf.
  • 5 Years in the making¬†– This is also a tipster service that is based on 5 years worth of development and uses 6 different AI prediction models to generate the advice supplied.

This review is also the first in our forthcoming special on Betting Exchange Profits with several other tipsters profitable on Betfair or at Betfair SP to be published in coming weeks and months.

You can read more on the existing Betfair Exchange assistance we provide here.

For those of you interested in finding out more – you can download this review and access the 10% discount the instant you become a¬†Smart Betting Club member. Once joined, simply visit the ‘Betting Magazine’ members section to find the review in question.


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