More golf winners – this time the free-to-all tipster who hit a 80/1 winner!

He has been knocking on the door of a big win in recent months and finally on Saturday Evening it all came together for FREE SBC Tipster ‘The Rainmaker’ when his headline tip, Luke List won at 80/1.

Advised alongside 5 other tips for the Farmers Insurance golf tournament (he also put up the 6th placed Justin Rose at 80/1), it’s taken his free record since March 2021 to a 10.3% ROI and 90.48 points profit.

Its fair to say this profit tally could easily be more after a string of 2nds and 3rds including TWO last week! Both Rafa Cabrero Bello (110/1) and Tom Hoge (140/1) lost by just 1 shot the week prior, so it was just reward to see the Rainmaker get one over the line on Saturday.

He has had a LOT of 2nds and 3rd at big odds that have just missed out by the odd shot here and there since he began.

Follow The Rainmaker for FREE (no SBC membership required)

The Rainmaker’s tips are currently available to everyone totally free of charge with each tip supplied via direct email.

Making it a great time to sign-up to his mailing list and get insight from a top notch golf bettor.

We have made The Rainmaker free to follow as a way to sample the quality of the free tipsters we now offer as a part of SBC membership.

You can sign-up to follow him free of charge (catch free) via his SBC Free Tipster page.

SBC 126 Out Now – 3 New Betting Exchange Friendly Tipsters Reviewed

The latest SBC Magazine – Issue 126 is out now and available for immediate download to all Smart Betting Club members.

It’s a ‘Betting Exchange Tipster’ special with 3 services you can follow on Betfair or other exchanges – ideal if you have been stake restricted/closed or are worried about it in the future

Review 1:
 The Free PGA Golf Tipster Up 44% ROI since 2019. Best of all – the tips can easily be followed and backed on the betting exchange as our review outlines the better performance achieved when backing these in real-life on Betfair.SBC 126 contains detailed reviews on three very profitable, yet very different tipsters as follows:

Review 2: The fantastic Golf Betting Club service and the profits made both from their pre-tour and in-play bets. The ‘Odds Movement’ section of our in-depth review outlines the better odds available on their tips if using betting exchanges. Note – SBC members can save £50 on the cost of joining GBC.

Review 3: The winning football tipster advising bets to obtainable Betfair exchange odds only! He has turned a steady profit over the course of 3 years and more than 1400 bets betting in major European Leagues and cups. Bets are only advised when markets are liquid on Betfair and thus ensuring everyone can get on and at least match, if not beat the quoted odds.


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New Tipster Review: The Free Golf Site Up 44% ROI Since 2019

The latest SBC Tipster Review is out now and explores a golf service run by 2 anonymous experts with a fantastic track record on the PGA Tour.

The tipsters behind the site tell us they need to remain nameless because if their true identities were known, then they would be very familiar names to golf betting enthusiasts in the bookmaking world!

Their golf expertise is backed up by the performance we have tracked, which include a 102% ROI since March this year, when we started backing the tips with our own money.

Better still, we managed a 120% ROI placing them mostly at the Betfair Exchange!

Not to mention that…THESE TIPS ARE 100% FREE.

That’s right..a hugely profitable golf tipping service that gives out their tips for free.

In this detailed review we take a deep dive into the service and cover all you’ll need to know, including…

  • The betting record dating back to 2019 which showcases a 44% ROI and 321 point profit to date.
  • The betting record at betfair which shows a 120% ROI since March! That beats the bookmaker ROI of 102% and our thoughts on how easy it is to match the quoted odds.
  • Staking and bankroll management recommendations with a focus on the exchange – including SBC Editor, Pete’s top tip for the each-way markets at Betfair.
  • The progressive re-investment strategy that compounds your profits meaning bigger returns.

For a free service this is certainly worthy of our attention…

Discover More On What It Takes To Win Betting With SBC….

You can access this review in full with a Smart Betting Club membership, available currently at super low prices starting from as little as £32.99 + VAT.

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Golf tipster review #2. Up 30.65% ROI over 7 years & suitable to follow on Betfair.

The 2nd tipster review from our new special golf betting report is out now and we have yet another extremely profitable golf tipster to share details on.

Over the course of this 4300 word review, we explore all aspects of just why we rate this tipster so highly and the profitable difference it can make.

This is a service that…

  • Has a track record of profit dating back 7 years with a 30.65% ROI from 2143 bets
  • Advises tips that can be easily placed with both bookmakers and/or with betting exchanges. Yes he is suitable to follow on Betfair.
  • Has enjoyed unbelievably good form recently with a 51.51% ROI in 2019 and 57.13% ROI so far in 2020!
  • Offers exclusive discounts to SBC members including 33% off the cost of joining for a full 12 months

Access to this new review and all parts of our forthcoming special golf report, including the new Hall of Fame golf tipster we also reviewed just 2 weeks ago is available NOW with a Smart Betting Club membership.

Sign-up now to gain instant access

See you on the inside!

Peter Ling
Smart Betting Club Editor

If you have any questions on this post or a Smart Betting Club membership in general, you can contact me directly via I respond to all emails as quickly as I can!

Why you should be betting on golf if restricted to the exchanges (and 2 tipsters to follow)

Prior to Christmas, I penned an email to the SBC mailing list, highlighting just how Golf betting was a sport to be focusing on in 2020 and discussed the extra strong-form shown by one such golf tipster who bagged winners at 175/1, 200/1 and 150/1 during 2019.

Alongside this tipsters amazing run of form, my email also explained why betting on golf ticks a heck of a lot of boxes as….

1) It’s easy to get your bets on either with exchanges or bookmakers


2) golf betting can make you a very strong ROI if patient enough to reap the rewards.

Evidence of this came once again for SBC members just last week when another golf expert – the free SBC tipster – PGA Profit made a superb profit backing a couple of big priced golfers in the form of Lanto Griffin and Kevin Kisner during the Sony Open.

Griffin was tipped in 3 markets – each-way at 100/1, to finish in the top ten at 15/2 (won) and in the top twenty at 4/1 (won).

Going one better – Kevin Kisner was also tipped in the same 3 markets and made a profit in all 3. Each-way at 50/1 (placed), top ten at 9/2 (won) and top twenty at 2/1 (won)

Best of all the bets on both Griffin and Kisner could also have been placed on the betting exchanges, where better prices could often be found.

For example, you could have got 110/1 on Lanto Griffin on Betfair rather than the 100/1 that PGA Profit quoted – which was available with 3 different bookmakers.

All of which highlights just how a tipster like PGA Profit and sport like golf is is one to consider adding to your portfolio for 2020.

Especially if you are fed up with bookmaker restrictions betting on other sports!

Follow PGA Profit With A SBC Membership

If you want to follow PGA Profit and gain access to their regular golf betting tips each week, then you can currently do exactly that with a Smart Betting Club membership.

Not only are these tips ‘betting exchange friendly’ but they come with a tremendous record as PGA Profit has made a 606 point profit @ 29.36% ROI from over 700 bets since 2018.

You can see a rundown on each bet by viewing the ‘PGA Profit’ results sheet here.

The reason we supply free access to tipsters like PGA Profit to SBC members is to provide you with several, ready to follow experts with a proven record of making profits to get you going.

Removing the need or worry that you have to stump up large sums of money in tipster subscription fees.

And for those of you that missed my email from the 12th December, I have copied it for you below. It also includes details on another exchange friendly golf tipster who fared extremely well in 2019.

Best regards,

Peter Ling
Smart Betting Club Editor


My Original Email: Why so many punters are missing out on this outstanding betting angle

Let me ask you a simple question about your betting

Are you doing it for fun and to make watching what you bet on more interesting?


Are you betting to make money?

Because whilst there is absolutely nothing wrong with the former (if betting sensibly of course) it is only if you are interested in the latter – betting to make money, that SBC can actually really start to help you.

Because when you are betting to win, to a certain extent it matters not what you are actually betting on.

Ultimately it is the profits in your betting account that determine everything and not whether you like watching the sport itself. After all – a winning bet on Arbroath at 3/1 still pays the same as a winner on Man Utd at 3/1.

Which is why today I want to talk about the sport everyone should be betting on, yet many people keep criminally overlooking!

It’s a sport that allows big winners, has several high quality tipsters available and best of all – most, if not all bets can be placed on betting exchanges and often at great odds.

Providing access to quality tipsters you can follow without restrictions at a stroke.

Winners at 200/1, 175/1 and 150/1

One high quality tipster from this sport continues to prove evidence of its worth by firing in regular big priced winners and a consistent profit for the past 6 years.

On Sunday he picked up a 200/1 winner – to add to others at big prices such as 175/1 and 150/1 this year alone.

More than that – since 2014, this tipster has made some stunning profits long-term, with a 643.40 point profit (at 1 pt level stakes) as made over 2355 bets and all at a ROI of 27.32%.

At simple £25 stakes, that equates to a profit of £16,085.00 since 2014.

Many, if not all of these bets can also be placed on the betting exchanges, with usually some very competitive odds available too. You can usually beat the odds he quotes.

The Sport…Revealed!

OK so enough of the teasing – what exactly is the sport?

It’s Golf.

Some label golf as a ‘good walk spoilt’ or a sport only worth watching during the Majors or the Ryder Cup.

The reality is for shrewd punters, the enjoyment factor of the sport matters not a jot.

Because as a betting proposition – it really ticks all the boxes.

So why do so few people bet on Golf especially in comparison to other sports?

Well there are a few reasons, but it seems one of the biggest is the low strike-rate of success for your bets.

Take the aforementioned high quality golf tipster for example – as the average odds of the outright tournament winner tips he puts forward are a shade under 80/1.

With the very best will in the world, you aren’t realistically going to back 80/1 winners every week or even every month and it is this low strike-rate that puts off many punters.

Even when betting each-way and getting a strong payout when your golfer places, this for some isn’t enough and the need to see winners on a regular basis finds them bailing out when things get tough.

Which of course is the worst thing you can do – like anyone who bailed out before the 200/1 winner, Rasmus Hojgaard struck last weekend for this golf tipster at the Mauritius Open will testify.

Make Golf Betting Great Again

SBC’s goal is to help as many people make money betting and with that in mind, I want to challenge you today to consider betting on golf next year.

As I mentioned earlier, you can bet on the exchanges and there are several quality tipsters including the aforementioned expert up 643 points at 27% ROI since 2014.

In fact, this golf tipster has also just agreed to a very special 2020 membership deal for SBC members interested in following him in – which saves 33% on the cost of joining him for a full year.

Savings you can put in your back pocket and help you commit towards following this proven golf tipster during 2020 and beyond and to see what all the fuss is about!

At simple £25 stakes, this golf tipster made a profit of £4,600 in 2019 alone. The cost of this discounted annual subscription comes to less than 7% of that figure.

This special saving of 33% is available exclusively via the Smart Betting Club as part of the discounts we negotiate on our members behalf.

So if interested in betting on golf, sign-up for SBC today to discover more on this very special offer and take advantage of one of the very best sports to bet on and tipsters to follow in 2020.

Once you have signed-up, drop me an email ( and I will send you details on how to sign-up to this fantastic Golf tipster with the 33% discount.

Subscribe NOW to the Smart Betting Club



New Ways To Win – Major NFL, Golf & Horse Racing Tipsters

2019 might still have a few days left in it, yet we have already turned our attention to helping your betting in 2020 with a focus on 2 new tipsters making excellent profits in the NFL & Golf betting markets.

The Golf tipster reviewed inside SBC 115 has a superb track record since 2017 having made 264 points profit @ 13.62% ROI via some very shrewd betting picks. Available to follow for just €50 Euros for the entirety of 2020 via a special SBC member only discount, his is a service attracting a lot of attention for all the right reasons.

Also inside SBC 115, you can also read our detailed review of the very popular NFL (American Football) tipster we have uncovered, who has a a superb track record dating all the way back to 2013. He has made over 115 points profit at 9.45% ROI from 677 bets across the ‘Handicap’, ‘Moneyline’ and ‘Outright’ NFL markets. Although the current NFL season is entering the last few weeks of its season, you can also take advantage of a special SBC membership deal and get the rest of this and all of next season’s advice for just £99. A saving of £196

Rounding things off, we also have a detailed review of a very profitable racing tipster averaging 210 points profit a year @ 10% ROI since 2011. Although this is certainly a more ‘traditional’ betting market, the profits from this expert lately have been absolutely phenomenal with upwards of 250 points profit in 2019 alone.

If SBC 115 interests you, then it is available to download immediately with a Smart Betting Club membership. Sign-up now to gain your instant access

Save, Save, Save With SBC

As well as exploring in detail each of the 3 tipsters reviewed inside SBC 115, you can also save big time on the cost of joining each of them with some exclusive SBC-member-only discounts including…

  1. Save €50 on the cost of joining the featured Golf tipster for all of 2020.
  2. Save £196 on the cost of joining the featured NFL tipster until the end of the 2020/2021 season.
  3. Save 10% on the cost of joining the featured Racing tipster for a year OR save 5% on the cost of joining monthly.

All told, these savings come to more than the simple cost of joining SBC via our very affordable membership plans, which come with a no-quibble money back guarantee as standard.

Enabling you to try SBC out in 2020 and see if we can help you make money betting next year. I am 100% sure we can!

Best Regards,

Peter Ling

Smart Betting Club Owner and Founder