Why this golf tipster ticks so many boxes. Bookmaker Edge ✔️ Betfair Edge ✔️Affordably Priced ✔️

The latest SBC Tipster Review has just been published, featuring our detailed examination of a very interesting golf tipster with 2 winning strategies of note!

Strategy 1 is based on betting with bookmakers each-way on golf and we have identified an edge hitting a 15.53% ROI from 3042 bets since Jan 2021

Strategy 2 is based on betting win-only at Betfair on golfers and again its got a great record with a 28.46% ROI from 1358 bets to date.

Best of all, both strategies are supplied as part of the one service, available from 30 Euros a month, with a 20% SBC member discount also available!


This is a brand new service to SBC and one we have been tracking since early 2021 and the review is the culmination of a lot of work analysing and exploring what they do.

Here are some other key facts you can read in this 5000+ word review:

  • Full overview of the service and its operation and suitability
  • Detailed breakdown of performance by year, golf tour, stake, odds range and even bookmakers.
  • Betfair win only results include a 2% commission deduction to ensure fully accurate
  • Odds availability study on how the quoted prices for betting with bookmakers hold up after being advised.
  • Betting bank, drawdown and staking analysis to ensure optimal usage
  • Monte-carlo simulation results and what they tell us about following the service in real life
  • Exclusive 20% SBC member discount on the cost of joining (save up to 50 Euros!)
  • Honest SBC opinion and thoughts on who the service is suitable for.

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