4 ‘Racing Tipster Freebies’ Available Now


If you are a horse racing fan, you might well feel a little bit left out lately with so much focus on the start of the new football season and the release of our ‘Essential Football Betting Compendium’.

Yet in actual fact, there is so much going on for Smart Betting Club members who like a bet on Horse Racing including some fantastic new free tipsters and our Britain’s Got Tipsters contest, that it is well worth a full update today.

In total there are 4 ‘Tipster Freebies’ now available to SBC members with some fantastic Return on Investment (ROI) figures indeed as follows…

1. Free Racing Tips Via Email From Jason James (16.14% ROI)
2. Free SBC Forum Tips From Cromwell Racing (58.52% ROI)
3. Free Tips From The ‘Britain’s Got Tipsters’ Contest (15.21% ROI)
4. Free 2 Week Trial From Northern Monkey (46.7% ROI)

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1. Free Racing Tips Via Email From Jason James

All Tips From Jason James Racing

Jason is an excellent racing tipster with fantastic pedigree as since October 2014 he has put up 1499 bets and made a 581 pt profit at a ROI of 16.14% (view more at the Racing Proofing website).

Since July 2015, Jason has been posting all his tips on the SBC forum and from today is also sending them via email to SBC members each morning. As an SBC member you can now follow all of his advice for free – an offer certainly not to be missed!

2. Free Racing Tips From Cromwell Racing

All Tips From Cromwell Racing Consultants

We regularly invite expert tipsters to prove themselves by posting their tips on the SBC Forum, which is exactly what the guys over at Cromwell Racing Consultants have agreed to do throughout August and hopefully beyond.

They come highly recommended with a year of profitable tipping behind them and are currently being tracked by us ahead of a full SBC review.

Since the 3rd August they have tipped up a string of winners via the SBC forum, culminating in the winner ‘Gworn’ yesterday which won at an advised 6/1. So far their stats read: 18 bets, £810 staked and £474 profit to a ROI of 58.52%.

As an SBC member you can follow each of their tips every day via the SBC Forum.

3. Free Tips From The ‘Britain’s Got Tipsters’ Contest

Top 4 up 15.21% ROI from 946 tips

Back in June we launched our unique Britain’s Got Tipsters contest to try and find the best as-yet-undiscovered racing tipster expert, with the prize of a contract to supply tips to SBC members for the eventual winner.

SBC members can follow each of the 10 contestants remaining in the contest and all of their daily tips via our forum and already a few of them are performing very well indeed.

Here are the current top 4 tipsters who between them have put up 946 tips, made 89.3 pts profit and all at a ROI of 15.21%.

Britains Got Tipsters Update

You can follow all the tips from each tipster in the contest until its conclusion at the end of September all via the SBC Forum. To help you keep track of the best tipsters, you can also find weekly updated spreadsheets and tables for each of the contestants.

Fink Tank Service

4. Free Two Week Trial From Northern Monkey

The Northern Monkey is without doubt one of the most popular racing tipsters amongst SBC members and it’s easy to see why.  It’s a supremely easy to follow service with first class customer service, all of which combined with the 12.1 ROI generated since February 2010 on their bets, makes it a firm SBC member favourite.

Best of all, SBC members can now sign-up at anytime to enjoy a free 2 week trial with them as part of the many Tipster Savings we negotiate on their behalf.

We highlighted this trial offer at the end of June, which was particularly good timing as the service enjoyed a fantastic July, with a 44 pt profit (46.7% ROI) from 107 bets advised in July.

With a profit banked in each of the last 4 months, the service is bang in form and certainly one to check-out!

All Available To You As An SBC Member

All of the above is now available to you as a Smart Betting Club member as part of our quest to help YOU make money from your betting.

There are a number of membership options now available to you, which also include the option to join with a full 30-day money back guarantee if for any reason not satisfied with our service.




‘Britain’s Got Tipsters’ – The Hunt For New Tipping Talent

The Smart Betting Club is on the hunt for new tipping talent! Read more on our special Britain’s Got Tipsters horse racing contest…


Introducing… Britain’s Got Tipsters!

Britain’s Got Tipsters is the name for our new contest, where we are on the hunt for quality tipsters as yet unknown to the general public. Here at the Smart Betting Club (SBC) we firmly believe there are many as-yet-undiscovered betting experts out there, who simply need a helping hand and the right platform to showcase their skills.

Already via the SBC private members forum, we have uncovered a number of outstanding tipsters such as ‘Badrinath‘, who between October 2014 and May 2015 made an 18% ROI from over 700 bets, all advised to SBC members for free. Although Badrinath has just started his own paid service, we have several more continually tipping everyday for SBC members such as Greeneye, Trickster, The Admiral & our Fink Tank System and we are keen to uncover many more yet! (Read more about these other free tipsters we offer)

Therefore to help root out as many top tipsters as possible – we have set up this special Britain’s Got Tipsters contest, where we are offering the winner the chance to win a paid contract to supply betting advice to SBC members. The winner will then join our existing network of expert tipsters.


How The Competition Works

Our Horse Racing Britain’s Got Tipsters competition will last approximately 3 months, running from June 29th to September 26th 2015. After inviting applications, we shortlisted 12 tipsters to take part, each of whom is proofing their bets live on the SBC private members forum.

Unlike other talent shows we won’t be having ‘eliminations’ or knock-out rounds as we are keen to allow each tipster the time to prove their ability. We feel that over a 3 month period, we will be able to get a very real flavour of just how each tipster works, their racing expertise & professionalism, attention to detail and of course – if able to showcase a profit.

As all of these bets will be posted live on the SBC forum each day so those of you who are active SBC members will be able to follow each competitor and their progress….Plus if you want to, the actual tips themselves.

To help keep track of performance, we are also posting regularly updated results spreadsheets for each tipster and blog posts to mark their progress.

The ultimate winner will also be decided by an SBC panel of experts, who will monitor and observe each participant over the full 3 month period.

What It Will Take To Win!

Whilst the ability to turn a profit will naturally be crucial in finding the eventual winner, our panel of experts will look at a whole range of factors, including:

  • A clear demonstration of racing expertise (i.e. a profitable record)
  • Consistency of approach to tipping
  • Professionalism of service
  • Proof the tipster knows where their edge lies
  • All other supporting evidence (for example, well written bet explanations for each tip)

The goal naturally is to find not just any old tipster, but the most serious, professional and reliable expert going – exactly the type of tipster you might feel confident about following with money.

The Racing Tipsters of the Apocalypse

The Rules Of Engagement

To ensure the competition is fair, we are only allowing tipsters to put forward single horse racing bets either to win or each way plus lay bets (meaning no pie-in-the-sky accas that might get lucky). We are not allowing Best Odds Guaranteed prices, nor the usage of any other special bookmaker offers. All lay bets are being settled at Betfair SP minus 5% commission.

Each tipster is only allowed to quote prices from a set group of ‘approved bookies’ (so definitely no Betfred or Stan James) and availability of any advised odds quoted is double-checked for accuracy. All tips at advised prices can only be quoted from 9am the day of racing.

The Prize For The Winner

After the 3 month period has elapsed, the SBC panel of experts will decide upon the ultimate winning tipster. He or she will then be offered a paid contract to supply their tips exclusively to SBC members.

Watch Out For Regular Updates

All SBC members can follow the tips from all 12 tipsters for the lifetime of the contest for free as part of their Smart Betting Club subscription.

We will also be updating on the progress of those taking part for those of you not available to follow their tips each day so keep an eye out of that.

All Part Of The Profitable Betting Quest

We very much hope that through this competition we will open the doors to finding a whole new wave of genuine betting experts, much like the 30+ professional racing tipsters we report back upon each month in our Tipster Profit Reports.

The goal as ever – whether via this competition or the Tipster Profit Reports is to help ordinary people make money betting, whether that is for the first time or as part of an ongoing quest.

Read more about how the Smart Betting Club can make you money betting, including how you can join us with the benefit of a risk-free money back guarantee.

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Exclusive: Enjoy Three FREE 1-Month Tipster Trials This June

Wednesday saw the release of May’s Smart Betting Club Tipster Profit Report, which features the latest on several horse racing tipsters blitzing the bookies with their phenomenal tipping advice.

So to celebrate its release, we have secured THREE extra special deals whereby you can pick up a free month’s trial with 3 top racing tipsters for the whole of June.

This deal would cost you £193 if you were to join all 3 of these services yourself for 1 month – yet is available as a special FREE BONUS to anyone who signs up for either a Gold or Platinum SBC membership between now and the end of May. Sign-up for an SBC membership today!

And with all 3 tipsters having a record of outstanding profits and service behind them, this is quite a deal as they are each very much in demand!

Taking advantage of this special offer is really simple – join up with us at SBC before May is out and we will start your 3 free trials with each tipster from the 1st June. (Plus not forgetting that you will also enjoy all the many benefits available to you as a Smart Betting Club member on top!)

Either sign-up right away or read on for more details on this extra-special offer.

The 3 Top Tipsters Revealed…

So you might well be thinking…well just who are these 3 top tipsters and why should you be so interested in following each of them for free for a month?

Allow me to explain why with a rundown on each of them and the profits they have made…

TIPSTER 1: Northern Monkey Punter. Usually costs £50 for a 3 month subscription (no 1 month option).

This is a long-term SBC Hall of Fame rated service, very popular with many of our members.
The reason?  Long-term proven success based on over 3000 bets and a Return on Investment (ROI) of 11.3% dating back to February 2010. Supremely easy to follow with detailed daily email updates – Northern Monkey won the Gold award in our 2015 Tipster Awards as voted for by SBC members.

Results wise – to a £2000 or £4000 betting bank, your actual profit would be as big as £7908.25 or £15,816.50 to our recommended and sensible settings. Remember – you do not need a £2000 betting bank to follow this or other services, far from it – we simply use it as an easy figure you can use to compare and contrast with.

Northern Monkey Service


TIPSTER 2: Morning Value Service. £400 for a 3 month subscription. (no 1 month option).

This is another long-term Hall of Fame rated service, which once again is much in demand in the racing tipster world and it’s easy to see why. The profit figures are simply phenomenal, based as they are on over 22000 bets, dating back to July 2011 and a ROI of 11.6%.

Yet it is not the ROI that offers the most appeal for members of this service but the Return on Capital, or explained another way – the amount of money you can make from a starting betting bank.

A simple £2000 betting bank would have grown as much as £13,820.30 whilst at just £5 per point, you would be sitting on a very tidy profit of £12,956.50.



TIPSTER 3: James Boyle Racing. £130 for a 3 month subscription. (no 1 month option).

The 3rd and final tipster available for free during June is one we have been analysing recently as they are due to be reviewed in-depth in the very next SBC Magazine.

All the signs point to a very good service indeed and with a limit on the number of new members they will take on, the free trial on offer with us is an especially unique deal.

Performance wise, they tick a lot of boxes with a 23.3% ROI from over 1055 bets dating back to 2011.


In terms of actual money in the bank, the figures are once again impressive with upwards of £5,800 profit from a simple £4000 betting bank (excellent figures, especially when bearing in mind, this is only over 1055 bets.

Grab Your 3 Free 1 Month Trials

So there you have it – 3 fantastic racing tipster services, each of whom you can follow for free during the whole of June courtesy of this extra special SBC offer.

To sign-up with each of these tipsters for 1 month individually would cost the equivalent of nearly £200 so it really is a tremendous deal and one not to be repeated anytime soon. These are 3 bonafide, excellent and most of all supremely profitable tipsters that are a must for anyone keen to start making more money betting on horse-racing.

Remember – all you need to do to qualify for your 3 free trials is simply sign-up for either a Gold or Platinum Smart Betting Club membership and come the 1st June, we will kick-start your free trial with each of them.

There are no hidden costs or small-print to worry about – simply sign-up today for your SBC membership (Gold or Platinum) and we will do the rest.


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A Big Race Meeting Tipster To Rival Pricewise?

These days there is a huge amount of racing for us punters to tackle thanks to the seemingly ever increasing number of race meetings now taking place. Whether its low grade evening fare at Wolverhampton or the Cheltenham Gold Cup – there has never been more chances for racing fans to have a bet.

Yet does this increase in racing actually benefit us punters?

Or are we simply better off focusing on the higher grade meetings and leaving the low grade stuff behind?  Effectively, operating like the Racing Post’s Pricewise tipping service.

They are the questions we recently posed as part of our analysis of a top racing tipster in our latest Tipster Profit Report, where our examination revealed a major profit boost simply by following his tips in the big meetings.

So startling where these findings that if following him in you could make nearly 3 times the percentage gain for around half the work, by betting only during the major racing Festivals and on Saturdays.

His record of a 25.5% ROI from 641 Festival bets alone would put him on a par with the lauded Pricewise service – and if following in, you might well stand a chance of getting the advised odds (something it’s almost impossible to do for Pricewise)

Interested? Thought so…Allow me to reveal more both on this theory of big meeting betting and the tipster in question. Continue reading

How To Win Betting On Horse Racing – For Dummies!

Today I have a confession to make that when it comes to horse racing – I must admit it, I am far from an expert on the sport of Kings.

It might be a strange thing for the Editor of the Smart Betting Club to share, but there you have it. I know enough to get by at a racecourse, but were I ever needed to discuss at length the chances of X horse or Y trainer, I would soon be stumped!

This lack of knowledge however has not stopped me making a regular income betting on horse racing, because it is my own belief (and personal experience) that as long as you follow the right racing tipsters and experts and know how to place a bet – it can be done. Let me show you how to win betting on horse racing..for dummies!

Finding The Right Racing Experts

The tricky part in the above statement though is finding the right tipsters in the first place – who exactly should you listen to when it comes to betting on sports you might know nothing about? Continue reading

Chase Racing: Why Not Every Horse Is Trying 100%!

Welcome to our first column from Peter Cousins and the team of chase racing experts from the Chasemaster tipster service.

For the past 3 years, Chasemaster have been making serious profits backing and laying in specialist chase races and each fortnight on the SBC Blog he will be sharing some of the secrets of his success.

Hi, Peter from Chasemaster here with the first of a hopefully fortnightly blog. Our expertise as the name suggests relates to chase racing and we’ll be looking back at a number of races, which will hopefully throw up some good priced winners.

It’s important to understand that this is not a “horses to follow” list to be blindly backed. We won’t know the circumstances of entries but we will try and indicate future required conditions to make the horse a value bet.

The headline will give you some idea of one of the methods we use and it is certainly true that not all horses are trying 100% to win each race. Let me explain why and how we can use this to good effect in the betting markets… Continue reading

Cheltenham Festival Preview: Paul Jones on the Fred Winter Handicap

With Cheltenham just around the corner, we’re keeping tabs on a number of festival previews. Paul Jones comes with a good reputation and we’ll be previewing his antepost service and Cheltenham Festival Betting Guide in our February edition.

Paul has kindly sent us an extract from his Cheltenham Festival guide, focusing on the Fred Winter Novices’ handicap. The full book is available at www.bettrends.co.uk and costs £12.95 + £2 post and packaging. We hope to preview the full book in the February edition. Here’s the excerpt with analysis of the Fred Winter taking place on Wednesday the 16th.




Although the ‘Fred Winter’ is developing a number of very strong patterns so early in its existence (remarkably I’ve found as many as 12 worthy of being listed in the Trends Summary), I am aware that this may come across as a blatantly obvious statement but, trying to finding the handicap blot is key here and, boy, was there one last season as Sanctuaire left his rivals stone motherless dead. Paul Nicholls knew it beforehand. All he would say when discussing the race at the Sandown Preview Evening was: “He’ll win” and not a word more. French-bred hurdlers have really come to the fore in this race but take note of the top-rated horses from the Flat too as they have won or finished second in three of the six runnings. No new trends to add this season, only a strengthening of existing ones which is what I like for winner-finding purposes and Sanctuaire ticked virtually every main box 12 months ago hitting the crucial ones square on the head.


Yet another 1-2 for last-time-out winners in last year’s race so that is three years in succession now, and the fifth consecutive year that the winner had also won its previous outing. In fact, the only ‘Fred Winter’ winner not to have been successful on its previous start was Dabiroun in the inaugural running (and he was beaten in a Grade 2 hurdle) but the race has now found its feet. On average, one-third of the field come into this race off the back of a win so it is not like the Weatherbys Champion Bumper, for example, where most contenders are coming off the back of a victory so I will be making this my number-one priority before I start looking at other factors. The success rate of last-time-out winners is also very much in-keeping with the Festival handicap hurdles in general since 1993 where almost half of such races (27-55) were won by last-time-out winners from under 20% representation.


Sanctuaire fitted the profile on so many factors last season, another being the curious stat that every ‘Fred Winter’ winner had been beaten on its first two starts over hurdles. In fact, the first three horses home last season had been beaten on their first two juvenile hurdle races. That’s some stat when we consider that five of those six winners then won on their final start before the Festival which is remarkably similar to the chasing equivalent race at this meeting, the Cententary Novices’ Handicap Chase (formerly the ‘Jewson’). Perhaps it is not so curious a stat given that well-handicapped horses tend Continue reading