Exclusive: Enjoy Three FREE 1-Month Tipster Trials This June

Wednesday saw the release of May’s Smart Betting Club Tipster Profit Report, which features the latest on several horse racing tipsters blitzing the bookies with their phenomenal tipping advice.

So to celebrate its release, we have secured THREE extra special deals whereby you can pick up a free month’s trial with 3 top racing tipsters for the whole of June.

This deal would cost you £193 if you were to join all 3 of these services yourself for 1 month – yet is available as a special FREE BONUS to anyone who signs up for either a Gold or Platinum SBC membership between now and the end of May. Sign-up for an SBC membership today!

And with all 3 tipsters having a record of outstanding profits and service behind them, this is quite a deal as they are each very much in demand!

Taking advantage of this special offer is really simple – join up with us at SBC before May is out and we will start your 3 free trials with each tipster from the 1st June. (Plus not forgetting that you will also enjoy all the many benefits available to you as a Smart Betting Club member on top!)

Either sign-up right away or read on for more details on this extra-special offer.

The 3 Top Tipsters Revealed…

So you might well be thinking…well just who are these 3 top tipsters and why should you be so interested in following each of them for free for a month?

Allow me to explain why with a rundown on each of them and the profits they have made…

TIPSTER 1: Northern Monkey Punter. Usually costs £50 for a 3 month subscription (no 1 month option).

This is a long-term SBC Hall of Fame rated service, very popular with many of our members.
The reason?  Long-term proven success based on over 3000 bets and a Return on Investment (ROI) of 11.3% dating back to February 2010. Supremely easy to follow with detailed daily email updates – Northern Monkey won the Gold award in our 2015 Tipster Awards as voted for by SBC members.

Results wise – to a £2000 or £4000 betting bank, your actual profit would be as big as £7908.25 or £15,816.50 to our recommended and sensible settings. Remember – you do not need a £2000 betting bank to follow this or other services, far from it – we simply use it as an easy figure you can use to compare and contrast with.

Northern Monkey Service


TIPSTER 2: Morning Value Service. £400 for a 3 month subscription. (no 1 month option).

This is another long-term Hall of Fame rated service, which once again is much in demand in the racing tipster world and it’s easy to see why. The profit figures are simply phenomenal, based as they are on over 22000 bets, dating back to July 2011 and a ROI of 11.6%.

Yet it is not the ROI that offers the most appeal for members of this service but the Return on Capital, or explained another way – the amount of money you can make from a starting betting bank.

A simple £2000 betting bank would have grown as much as £13,820.30 whilst at just £5 per point, you would be sitting on a very tidy profit of £12,956.50.



TIPSTER 3: James Boyle Racing. £130 for a 3 month subscription. (no 1 month option).

The 3rd and final tipster available for free during June is one we have been analysing recently as they are due to be reviewed in-depth in the very next SBC Magazine.

All the signs point to a very good service indeed and with a limit on the number of new members they will take on, the free trial on offer with us is an especially unique deal.

Performance wise, they tick a lot of boxes with a 23.3% ROI from over 1055 bets dating back to 2011.


In terms of actual money in the bank, the figures are once again impressive with upwards of £5,800 profit from a simple £4000 betting bank (excellent figures, especially when bearing in mind, this is only over 1055 bets.

Grab Your 3 Free 1 Month Trials

So there you have it – 3 fantastic racing tipster services, each of whom you can follow for free during the whole of June courtesy of this extra special SBC offer.

To sign-up with each of these tipsters for 1 month individually would cost the equivalent of nearly £200 so it really is a tremendous deal and one not to be repeated anytime soon. These are 3 bonafide, excellent and most of all supremely profitable tipsters that are a must for anyone keen to start making more money betting on horse-racing.

Remember – all you need to do to qualify for your 3 free trials is simply sign-up for either a Gold or Platinum Smart Betting Club membership and come the 1st June, we will kick-start your free trial with each of them.

There are no hidden costs or small-print to worry about – simply sign-up today for your SBC membership (Gold or Platinum) and we will do the rest.


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