10 Racing Tipsters averaging £4,918.20 profit between them

Last week saw the release of the very latest SBC Tipster Profit Report, featuring the lowdown on a collection of horse racing tipsters making huge profits and giving bookmakers up and down the land a major headache.

We are calling it a ‘bookie apocalypse’…but don’t just take my word for it as today I have put together some special tipster tables (based on the stats featured in the latest Tipster Profit Report) on just how much money they are making

I have picked out just 10 out of the 32 racing tipsters we track and listed their performance if following at just £10 or £20 per point size advised and how much money they have made.

(Sorry but as the full details of this report is so potent I have had to protect the tipster names and details for SBC members only  – hence why they are Tipster A through J below).


At just these simple £10 or £20 stakes, each of the above tipsters has made a fine profit and is maintaining a very strong Return on Investment (ROI), which is always a key way to analyse a tipster.

Take for example ‘Tipster G’ who has maintained a phenomenal 30.73% ROI dating back several years and 4668 bets. Or even more recently, ‘Tipster B’ who costs just £10 a month, yet has made a 10.88% ROI and £5,719 per year at just simple £10 stakes. £10 a month for that kind of performance is fairly ridiculous!

This is no flash in the pan either as the ‘Proofed By SBC Since’ column shows – as many of these tipsters have been proofing to us for several years over thousands of bets.

The Real Measure Of A Good Tipster – Betting Bank Growth

Yet as good as the above table is – it isn’t the most scientific way of comparing tipsters. Instead we prefer to judge tipsters based on what we term ‘Betting Bank Growth’, which is effectively showcasing the tipster providing the biggest return, based on our sensible and realistic betting bank suggestions (something we explain in the 100-page ‘Pro Gambler Blueprint we supply to all members for free).

We reveal the betting bank growth by comparing each tipster if following from a £2000 starting point, although in the example below we have also included a £1000 starting point to help underline the fact that you don’t need a huge initial amount of money to profit here.


Once again, whichever way you look at this, each of the tipsters has made a tremendous profit and all to sensible betting banks and amounts.

For example, Tipster I has made as much as £6,910 to just a £1,000 starting point, nearly 7 times your initial investment. A great return however you look at it.

All told, to 10 X £1000 starting banks you would be sitting on as much as £44,918.20 if you followed all these racing tipsters – an average of £4,918.20 profit per tipster.

There is no betting at silly figures such as £200 per bet or higher, like some tipsters advocate you do. Instead, the approach is about making regular and consistent profits.

The Racing Tipsters of the Apocalypse

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