More ‘Multiples’ Magic: The Punter Up 46.5K Betting On Trixies

Hot on the heels of the release of our Magic of Multiplesspecial report last month, there have been some notable ‘multiple betting’ successes that I want to share with you today – Starting with the serial ‘Trixie’ winner who made over 27k profit last year…

The Trixie Punter Up £46.5K Since 2015

Last month I revealed how my own personal multiple betting strategy on Trixies had made me over £1600 from just 3 bets – and following this article, one SBC member got in touch to share details on his own success placing his own Trixies and the fantastic sums he had racked up.

If you are not familiar with the idea of a Trixie – its where you take 3 tips and combine them to make 3 doubles and 1 treble. All bookmakers offer it and it can generate a serious payday when all 3 selections win, plus a decent return if just 2 of the 3 come in.

Here is what he had to say about his strategy:

“I have been doing this bet for around 5 years now and my [Trixie] stakes vary from £4 to £8. I also always put 3 win singles on for between £25 to 50 depending on prices. This year I have had 15 winning Trixies and a further 12 Trixies with 2 winners” 

He told me that his net profit so far this year stood at £19,400, whilst he made £27,100 last year using this methodology.

To prove his success, he shared with me screengrabs from 5 of his own recent winning Trixies – where all combined he had staked £144 and returned £2876.72. You can view each of these using the links below:

Trixie 1. 3 Winners at 11/4, 3/1 & 9/4
Staked £24 and Returned £472.20

Trixie 2. 3 Winners at 11/4, 3/1 & 3/1
Staked £28 and Returned £742

Trixie 3. 3 Winners at 5/2, 10/11 & 9/4
Staked £32 and Returned £585.45

Trixie 4. 3 Winners at 5/2, 6/4 & 5/2
Staked £28 and Returned: £466.27

Trixie 5. 3 Winners at 5/2, 3/1 & 2/1
Staked £32 and Returned £610.80


….And just after I wrote this email he also got in touch to share yet another winning Trixie yesterday where he scooped £671.12 from £28 staked in total. This was after Abingdon & Seventh Heaven won at York (9/4 & 4/1) and Pied Du Roi at 9/4 at Fontwell. Here is his betslip.

The Magic of Multiples cover

The Magic Of Multiples

Learn how you can increase your profits by utilising some very simple multiple betting strategies including:
  • The theory behind successful multiple betting
  • How betting in multiples can keep you under the bookies’ radar
  • The best multiple bet strategies to follow (how and why they work)
  • Real-life evidence of when multiple betting works

Tipsters Using Multiple Strategies

Understanding how multiple bet strategies can work for you is one thing, but how do you go about finding tipsters that can help you make the most of it?

Well one simple approach (and something that many people do) is to simply combine tips in various multiple bets as they come through. For example, if you receive 2 single tips from 2 different tipsters, you might want to place a simple double bet to a lower stake in case both win. If you get 3, you might like to consider a Trixie bet.

If you wanted more dedicated advice, then there are also a number of tipsters that advise multiple bets where they see value for you to follow.

Take one of SBC’s Premium Tipsters – Jason James as a case in point, because not only does he have a great record betting on singles, from time to time he also puts up a number of doubles when he sees value.

For example, on the 29th July – Jason put up 3 tips and as well as backing each horse as a single, he also felt there was value in adding a win double for 2 of the horses. All told it was a great day with all 3 horses winning and a 43.16 point profit from just 7 points staked. 
The win double itself featured two horses at 3/1 and 11/4 and for 2 points staked returned 28 points in total. Here is the email Jason sent that day.

A similar story unfolded on the 7th August where again he put up 3 single tips alongside a win double. All 3 horses won to generate 21.13 points profit from just 6.5 points staked. Again here is his email from that day.
The win double on this occasion featured two horses at just 2/1 and 5/4 and the 1 point win double here returned 8.63 points in total.

Jason doesn’t put up double tips all of the time, but instead advises them selectively when he feels there is value in taking the bet on. It’s a really simple but effective way of building up profits. Find out more on Jason and his very successful Quantum Racing service.

A Word To The Wise…

Before you rush off to place a whole host of multiple bets, I do have 2 words of advice to share:

Firstly – no double, triple or accumulator can help if your bets are poor value as singles. Combining bad value single bets into multiples will long-term simply increase your losses (its the same for staking plans – they cant turn a bad strategy into a good one!)

Secondly – multiple betting does take patience to wait for the big return to come in. With my own Trixie bets, I have plenty of occasions whereby none or perhaps just 1 of the bets come in and I take a loss. Yet, these are often made back and them some when all 3 come in. You also get a good return when 2 out of 3 bets win as well – enough to keep you ticking over usually.

The Magic of Multiples

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It should provide a number of example strategies and ideas on how you can start to implement your own Multiple Betting approach.

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