How To Win Betting On Horse Racing – For Dummies!

Today I have a confession to make that when it comes to horse racing – I must admit it, I am far from an expert on the sport of Kings.

It might be a strange thing for the Editor of the Smart Betting Club to share, but there you have it. I know enough to get by at a racecourse, but were I ever needed to discuss at length the chances of X horse or Y trainer, I would soon be stumped!

This lack of knowledge however has not stopped me making a regular income betting on horse racing, because it is my own belief (and personal experience) that as long as you follow the right racing tipsters and experts and know how to place a bet – it can be done. Let me show you how to win betting on horse racing..for dummies!

Finding The Right Racing Experts

The tricky part in the above statement though is finding the right tipsters in the first place – who exactly should you listen to when it comes to betting on sports you might know nothing about? Continue reading