Racing Profit Alert: The racing service with an edge with bookmakers, Betfair SP & on the exchanges

Today has seen the release of the very latest SBC Magazine, Issue 127, featuring a major review of the Racing Tool that has generated a significant profit in our real-life tracking and usage of it over the past 18 months.

This unique product is not so much a tipster service, but a simple to use tool that highlights where value can be found each minute of the racing day.

In our investigations and judged over 20,000 bets, we discovered a profit with bookmakers, Betfair SP and if betting in the exchange live markets.

All told, there is an angle for everyone to enjoy and profit from!

You can read our extensive 30 page review in SBC 127, which is available to download now as a Smart Betting Club member.


Our massive review of this service leaves no stone unturned in how to best profit from its usage and includes details such as:

  • The 10.84% ROI and 2164 points profit made with bookmakers by backing the value bets it highlights.
  • Simple filters that can boost this to 29% ROI by focusing on the best performing bets.
  • The edge at Betfair SP showcasing a 6.94% ROI after 2% commission
  • How to use it to make a profit betting into the live Betfair or other Exchange markets away from Betfair SP
  • The amazing Algorithm introduced in 2021 which has only served to further boost profits.
  • Why we use it day-in, day-out as a crucial weapon in our betting armoury.


Best of all, we have negotiated a £66.75 discount on the cost of joining the service reviewed in SBC 127 if you are a Smart Betting Club member

When you consider you can join SBC for as little as £37.99 per quarter, you can effectively SAVE money if joining both services for a 3 month period!

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And don’t forget about our money back guarantee which guarantees you your money back up to 90 days (dependent on subscription) if you are not satisfied.

So why not join today and see what a difference an SBC membership can make to your betting.

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